tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Reluctant Journey Ch. 04

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 04


Tristan walked into Cain's suite. He was predictably sitting on a couch starring at a table full of various crystal bottles. The flames from the fireplace shone through and caused the clear and amber liquids to create reflections that danced across the walls. Tristan didn't understand why Cain insisted the bottles to remain in his room. No, he understood completely, another way for his brother to viciously torture himself.

"Pour me a drink brother?" Tristan asked.

"If that's what you want." Cain said, a hint of solemnness in his tone. Cain walked over to the bottles.

"On second thought, that was what got us into this mess in the first place, is it not?" Tristan interrupted before Cain could complete the task.

"What are you talking about?" Cain looked drained which made Tristan begin to feel like a bully. He walked over to his big brother and lovingly patted his shoulder twice. Tristan sat in a chair across from the couch where Cain had been sitting. Cain looked warily at his brother as he took his seat again.

"Cain, I do remember our conversation. I hope you don't think me so much of a drunk as to completely loose all control of myself. " Cain looked instantly desolate and Tristan interpreted his words as his brother would have.

"Cain, that isn't what I meant." He instantly apologized. "That was a stupid thing to say, I—"

"No, you're right. You have no reason to feel bad. Just because the truth hurts, makes it no less true." Cain said dejectedly leaning on his knees as his head hung towards the floor.

"You need to stop punishing yourself. What happened is not your fault." Tristan insisted. Cain looked up at him suddenly.

"Tristan we've had this conversation too many times. What happened is completely my fault. Whatever you choose to believe does not change that. I deserve so much more than I could ever do to punish myself. " Tristan hated this guilt that had taken his brother away. Cain sensed Tristan's impending interruption and stopped him with a simple hand raised. "I know you don't agree with that. You are much too good to ever wish any harm on anyone, so we will have to continue to agree to disagree." Tristan felt pain for his brother, but didn't know how to stop the self-inflicted suffering.

"If you wont listen to reason I guess there is nothing I can do." Cain nodded and Tristan continued. "Anyway, back to my point. It seems I was a little loose-lipped during one of our previous encounters. You seemed to take advantage of my inebriation though, did you not?"

"You told me you wanted a wife. You said you want a family Tristan."

"I was drunk Cain."

"I know you. You never say what you don't mean, especially when you're drunk. You're too honest for your own good." Cain laughed sardonically.

"Whatever I want is my own responsibility to acquire for myself." Tristan gently scolded.

"Tristan, you never leave. You never talk to anyone anymore." Tristan stood angrily, and therefore clumsily, but Cain didn't move to help him. He hated the hurt look he'd seen in his brother's eyes in the library when he'd tried to catch him. Tristan inwardly winced at the memory and loss of temper on his part.

"I'm done having this argument," Tristan said with finality. "What's done is done. Your girl is here." Tristan smiled, all anger vanished from his features. "The two of you seem to have hit it off quite well." Tristan teased.

"It doesn't matter if I get along with the girl, as long as she is well behaved and obedient. She is here for you."

"You speak so highly of your chosen sister-in-law." Tristan laughed. Cain glared at his teasing brother.

"Maggie chose her, I simply gave the stipulations."

"You let our old nanny choose my future wife. Ironic, as she told me consistently that my abominable table manners would prevent me from ever marrying." Tristan laughed.

"She meant well at the time, and you eat much better for it." Cain laughed. "Anyway, she didn't actually choose her; she simply picked a name off of a list."

"Well I'm sorry for any trouble you may have gone through to bring her here, but I don't believe we will be hearing wedding bells anytime soon." Tristan looked slightly accusingly towards Cain.

"Tristan please just give her a chance, you said you would talk to her. Clearly one dinner doesn't sway you one way or another?" Cain argued.

"I said I would talk to her, and I will. However, know that I don't believe your plan is going to work." His brother looked borderline desperate, which was so uncharacteristic that it pained Tristan. "Cain, that girl in there is little more than a child. Looking for the safety of her parents. "

"You want someone older?" Cain asked sadly, looking so eager for approval from Tristan.

"No, that isn't what I meant. The circumstances that brought her here are what I wish were different, but I imagine what has been done can't be undone?" Tristan looked into Cain's eyes and saw that he completely understood Tristan's disapproval.

"No. She can not be returned." He said slowly. Tristan nodded, already knowing the answer, knowing that it was completely intentional on his brother's part. However, he was done being angry with Cain.

"Then we move forward and let the chips fall where they may."


Tristan had left half an hour ago and still Cain couldn't find the will to go to bed. He was exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally. He had been for months, since he started looking for a wife for his brother. No, longer still, Cain had been exhausted for seven long tortuous years. He stared at the bottles longingly. They offered a blissful release he hadn't known for the past seven years. However, they didn't control him anymore, simply reminded him. They were his daily dose of acid on his wound of guilt. A wound he wouldn't let close; a wound that didn't deserve to, ever.

Cain rose from the suede couch and paced the room. He wanted to sleep, but sleep had been so rare a commodity for the past few months. Even when he did manage to fall asleep, it wasn't satisfying. Cain was so on edge recently. He knew he would regret it in the morning, but he walked over to the phone anyway. It only rang once; she had been waiting for his call.

"Who could it be at this hour?" her voice softly taunted in Cain's ear. "Clearly someone as rude as to refuse to acknowledge me earlier in the day wouldn't have the gall to call at such a late hour. What's a girl to think?" He didn't have time for her games.

"Come up to my room when you arrive." Cain ordered and placed the phone back on the receiver. He made another call to the security staff to inform them of her impending arrival, and he paced again. He didn't have to wait long. She walked into the suite smiling. She wore a black trench coat over a red gauzy dress that barely covered the essentials. Her golden hair shone in the firelight.

"Milly," He looked her over lustfully. She smiled at him provocatively.

"Pour me a drink stud?" She grinned walking over to the table of crystal bottles near the fireplace.

"You know I don't drink." Cain nearly growled. He was too on edge for Milly's teasing nature.

"Ah, but I do." She giggled pouring a small glass for herself.

He felt aggressive; he needed the loss of control her experienced body provided. She was facing the small table with her back to him. He walked up behind her and grabbed the glass away from her small hands and set it on the table. She made a small squeaking sound as he hoisted her petite body over his shoulder. He carried her effortlessly through the large archway to the bedroom of his suite. The bed was very large to accommodate his six-foot-four-inched muscular frame. He dropped her unceremoniously on the white down comforter. She bounced slightly from the force while smiling wickedly up at him.

"Well, aren't we in a mood tonight." She taunted.

"Shut up." He ordered. He nearly pounced down on her, pinning her to the bed with his weight. He crushed her mouth with his own to ensure her continued silence. Her tongue darted out playfully to meet his own, and she turned his assault into an actual kiss. He relaxed infinitesimally.

He moved his hand down to her leg and inched it upward towards the high hemline. He reached her silkily covered mound and she moaned at the contact. He pushed the dress upwards until it was bunched around her waist and pulled the sleeveless top down with his other hand. She had small breasts, but they were well shaped and very responsive. Cain moved down her body to envelop a nipple in his mouth. He lightly bit and she hissed through her teeth in response. He continued his assault, keeping his sucking and biting just on the edge of pleasure and pain. He was loosing his patience as his erection pressed insistently against his pants. He sat up above Milly, looking down at her predatorily.

Cain pulled at her black silky panties and immediately brought his fingers down on her. She hissed and moaned as she closed her eyes in ecstasy. He circled her clit with his finger, slowly torturing her before he reached his target, causing more moans. He reached down to her dripping opening and pushed two fingers inside forcefully. He watched her face as he moved his fingers quickly. Her long blond hair fanned around her face. She moved her head from side to side with frown lines forming between her brows. She opened her blue eyes and looked directly at him. Her hand moved to his dick and rubbed through his pants.

"Fuck me Cain." Milly begged. He quickly removed his soaking fingers and brought them to her lips where she engulfed them immediately, mimicking her dick-sucking skills that he knew were first-class. He removed his pants as quickly as possible and fluidly moved back over her. He entered her with a nearly vicious thrust. Milly yelled out and arched her back. She grabbed his shoulders as he continued to thrust quickly and deeply. It had been too long and he was on the edge of violence. She was arching and thrashing about the bed in response. Cain pinned her lithe body to the mattress as he dominated her completely. She bit his neck along the tensed tendon and he groaned. He increased his speed as he felt an all-encompassing climax approach. He reached down and rubbed Milly's clit with the pad of his thumb. Almost immediately, she came violently underneath him, her walls contracting sporadically around him. He grunted and gave a final thrust as he came inside her. As he rolled off of her, he finally had the feeling of complete relaxation that he'd been craving for a long time.

"Wow," Milly panted from beside him. He looked over at her smiling face and sighed. He wasn't supposed to be getting involved with Milly again. She was part of his old life. Before he let it ruin his state of relaxation, he fell asleep, a deep restful sleep that lasted until the morning.

The early morning sun shining through the windows woke Cain. He usually rose before the sun and felt a moment of well being at the anomaly of sleeping in. He wasn't surprised to find a note on the pillow next to him instead of a blond head.

The note read, 'Glad we could catch up. After last night, feel free to call anytime stud.' with Milly's script signature at the bottom, a heart dotting the 'I". Cain rolled his eyes. He now had to live with the repercussions of inviting Milly back into his life once again. Cain let out a breath of frustration as he got up and walked to the shower.


Malia had been dreaming about her family. She didn't recall the exact memory responsible for her tear-stained face when she woke, but she remembered it was about them. It was still very early; the room was just beginning to fill with the purplish light of early dawn. She walked over to the window. Her room faced the middle courtyard. She looked at the topiary maze and could understand Finn's point of view; there was something distinctly formidable about it in the dark.

She wished this place wasn't such a giant fortress. She pictured a simple house where she would have tied sheets together and repelled out the window in the middle of the night. Malia felt anxious and needed to get out of the confines of her lavish room. She grabbed a robe out of the bathroom and quietly walked out into the hallway. All of the floors she'd seen were wood so she walked slowly on her bare feet, though she wasn't certain if anyone occupied the countless rooms she passed.

Once she found a stairway and walked downstairs to the first floor she didn't have to keep her sounds down. There were people walking around. Some were cleaning and a few were carrying trays of food. Malia wondered how many people actually lived here; she only knew of the general, Tristan, and now herself. She was so entranced in the actions of the staff that she didn't realize someone on the stairs until they were nearly upon her.

"Oh, excuse me." A woman laughed, catching herself with a well-manicured hand on Malia's shoulder.

Malia turned, surprised. The woman had golden blond hair that reached her waist. She was slightly taller than Malia and athletically built. She had an interesting face that made her attractive, if not beautiful.

"I haven't seen you around here before, you're not staff are you?" The woman asked.

"Um, no. I'm, uh Olivia." She really needed to get used to saying that. The woman looked at Malia as if she were a particularly interesting artifact.

"Hmm, I'm Milly." She replied, extending her hand. Malia shook hands with her. So this was the woman Tristan had teased the general over. Malia took in Milly's slightly messy hair and red dress and put the dots together.

"You're friends with the general?" Malia asked.

Milly grinned. "Yeah, sure. You could say that. We've known each other our whole lives, ran in the same circles and such. How do you know Cain?"

Malia was at a loss. She didn't want to say she was his little brother's soon to be sex slave, or companion, or girlfriend. She didn't know what she was supposed to be to Tristan. "I'm a cousin." She blurted out.

"You're Cain's cousin?" She looked highly skeptical, as she should having known the family her entire life. However, the lie was out there, time to sell it.

"Yes, a second or third cousin, or something. The general, I mean, Cain, said I could stay here for a while. My parents are on an extended leave for their jobs and I wanted to stay here, rather than go with them."

Milly looked skeptical still. "Is that right? Hmm, Cain didn't say anything, but, nice to meet you. The Malcolm's don't have very much extended family left, none that I knew of, but of course there is you." She gave a small smile. "I have to go, but I'm sure we'll see each other again. Good luck." She laughed and left.

Malia tried to find the kitchen to appease her growling stomach, but this place truly was a fortress. She nearly ran into Gwen in a hallway.

"What are you doing up? I was going to come get you in an hour." Gwen asked.

"I woke up." Malia replied, annoyed at being treated like a toddler.

Gwen blushed. "Of course. Are you hungry?" She asked kindly.

Malia smiled and nodded.

She had a wonderful breakfast of a little bit of every breakfast food imaginable. Mrs. Smith and her staff were preparing trays with various types of breakfasts.

"Who is all of this food for? Do more people live here?" Malia asked Mrs. Smith as she worked.

She answered without looking up. "Two trays are for the Masters of the house. Everything else is for staff or guests. Currently the general is taking a small leave of absence, but it isn't unusual for some colleague or subordinate to be invited to stay if Master Cain requires it. He should be getting back to work in about a week. Until then we don't have any guests to entertain, only staff. For breakfast and lunch we send trays out to various areas of the manor for staff. However, we all gather for dinner when we can." Mrs. Smith was friendly, but clearly busy. Luckily Gwen returned to escort her back to her room.

Malia showered and was allowed to pick a dress from an extravagant walk-in closest. There was a large variety of dresses, everything from evening wear to summer dresses.

"Why only dresses?" Malia asked Gwen over her shoulder.

She smirked. "I think it's supposed to be more feminine. The master ordered only dresses."

"How did he order all of these without knowing my size?" Malia wondered.

"I'm not sure." Gwen answered. "They all came yesterday, in the evening. He didn't have you measured?"

"Not that I remember."

Nevertheless, Malia was elated. She ran her fingers over all of the different fabrics, grinning like an idiot. She chose a casual but flirty dress; it was white with black hearts printed all over it and came to just above her knees. She was then led to the general's study. Gwen smiled reassuringly before she left. Malia was not going to knock like his little puppet. If she was led here, he was expecting her. If he wanted the formality of someone to knock on his door to introduce her he should invest in a secretary. She confidently entered the room and sat in the chair she had taken the day before. The general sat behind his desk; upon her entrance he raised his eyebrows at her.

"Please, do sit down." He said moodily.

"Oh I will. My orders for the day General?" She replied snidely.

He ignored her blatant insolence. "Did you sleep well little girl?"

She absolutely would not demand he quit calling her that. It would most certainly have the opposite effect anyway.

"Fabulously, my quarters are much improved over my usual lice infested straw mattress of the unit. I had wondered how you slept at night, but your posturepedic bed must help." She spat sarcastically.

He stood slowly smiling down at her. Though she tried to keep her courage, it dissipated near instantaneously. Why was she goading him? She couldn't back it up, he could do anything he wanted and she didn't have any power to stop him. He smirked knowingly at her sudden fearful expression.

"Oh, please continue little girl." He goaded, walking around the desk to tower over her threateningly. "You are on a roll. Surely you can come up with bratty little comments all day?" His white dress shirt was rolled up at the sleeves, revealing powerfully muscled forearms that flexed as he crossed his arms over his built chest. She didn't provide him with an answer, simply glared at him, though she thought it had lost some of its effect. Her belief was confirmed when he grinned wider in response. "Apparently not. Little girl, I seem to have been a little too lenient on you the past two days. I will not tolerate any form of insubordination. This includes your snotty comments, are we understood?"

She hated that he could intimidate her so effortlessly. She nodded reluctantly. He smiled at his own effectiveness and sat on the edge of his desk. "Good. Tristan has been mostly keeping to his rooms, increasingly so these past years. I want you to get him out whenever possible. You should be able to get him out at least once today, think of it as a goal." He stood and motioned for her to follow him. The general led Malia to Tristan's door. It wasn't too far from her room; she was starting to recognize the layout of the manor. He didn't knock. He turned towards her. "You will report to me before dinner." With that he left her standing in front of the tall white door. She was suddenly nervous. She knocked before she could lose her nerve.

Unlike his brother, Tristan answered the door personally. He smiled when he saw her and motioned her to come inside. Tristan's 'rooms' more resembled a pent house; it was open and bright and airy. She entered into a library-like lounge. He walked over to a kitchen area through a large archway to the right of the room.

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