tagLesbian SexThe Reluctant Lesbian Ch. 02

The Reluctant Lesbian Ch. 02


It was Saturday morning when Meagan and I woke up, my arms wrapped tightly around my little sister. It had been years since we slept together as teens, usually on a family vacation, but nothing like the evening the two of us shared the prior evening. Meagan is my step-sister and a committed lesbian. When I agreed to allow her to stay at my apartment for the summer, I had no idea how it would change my life.

What began as an act of blackmail on her part, finding out I had been arrested on a possession of marijuana charge, turned into an evening of consensual sex. Perhaps more than consensual – I was absolutely hooked on pussy.

I lay in bed looking at her angelic face wondering what she might be dreaming. I lost count of how many minutes went by until slowly she opened her brown eyes as a bright smile widened across her face. She leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. It was a kiss that didn't press, yet lingered, as we shared a moment. She pulled back, looked at me, and then quickly kissed me again as she moved back the sheet and stepped from our bed informing me she was going to put on the coffee.

I watched as she walked from the room, her beautiful ass swaying back and forth. Meagan was always so pretty but I can't describe how gorgeous she looked at just that minute as her naked body turned out the bedroom door.

As I rose out of bed, I saw the small bruises on my neck and breasts, evidently from her oral onslaught as she sucked on my body the prior evening. I couldn't recall when I had someone lick, suck, and kiss me as thoroughly as Meagan until we both seemed to pass out from exhaustion.

I stepped into the master bedroom shower, as the warm water cascaded over my body, my hair plastered to my neck and upper body as I lathered in some shampoo. I heard the sound of a cup as it was set on the counter. Expecting Meagan to announce she had brought my coffee, she instead opened the shower door. My eyes closed tight keeping out the suds, I heard the door open and felt rather than saw my sister as she joined me.

"Here, let me do that," she urged as I felt Meagan's hands on my scalp as her delicate fingers ran through my hair. Meagan turned me so that my back was to her as she rubbed the shampoo in, gently stroking her fingers through. She guided my head under the warm water as it rinsed the soap out and I felt her reach over for the soap and then begin rubbing it across my chest, my breasts, and then below to my stomach.

I gasped slightly as she rubbed just above my smooth hairless pussy and spread my legs as she dipped in and then through my crack. She rubbed the soap on my shoulders and across my back before I felt her own naked breasts rubbing across my back, sliding back and forth.

Meagan turned me again, taking my arms and planting my hands against the tiled wall of the shower. Her knees pressing the inside of my thigh and spreading my legs as she took total control, positioning me to her liking. She reached around and firmly grasped a breast which she squeezed, taking her finger and pulling, twisting my hardening nipple. Her left hand ventured to my box, still soapy as she ran her fingers between the lips of my vagina, plunging in occasionally as she stopped to run circles around my clit.

Her hand grasped a cheek of my ass, squeezing before it dipped into my crack and then ever so lightly settled on my asshole. Her touch made me gasp which drew her response.

"Oh, I think you like that. I think you like me playing with your little ass don't you baby?" she purred as she dipped a finger ever so lightly into my tight opening. The soap and the running water allowed it to slide in easily as she pushed slowly, just one finger, a little bit at the time as I became more accustomed to her probing.

"You and Steve do this baby? Did Steve like to play back here?" she asked softly in my ear as her chin rested on my shoulder.

"No," I groaned back as she was pushing the finger deeper, all the way to her knuckle before she withdrew it only to replace it again.

"You didn't? He didn't want a piece of this?" she acted surprised.

"He wanted it," I moaned back. "I just didn't do that and he never pushed it," I strained to get out as she kept up.

Meagan was now twisting two fingers in me. Two of her fingers pushing into my ass as I felt myself pushing back to meet her. I had denied Steve when he asked to fuck my ass but here I was letting my little sister fuck my behind with her fingers and enjoying it with abandon.

"Ummm," I moaned as I pushed against the wall and stuck my ass out further. At that moment I wished she had a cock, I wanted her to fuck me. Fuck me hard.

"Oh fuck Meagan, Do me. Fuck me there, fuck my ass," I groaned as I felt her lightly bite the back of my shoulder, her tongue on my skin as she now used three fingers, twisting, pushing into my hole. Her fingers left my breast and traveled down to my pussy where she rubbed my clit with two fingers, back and forth, as I felt my orgasm building.

Her body pressed against mine, her nipples sliding into my back as I came and came hard. She withdrew her fingers and flipped me around. Her mouth searching out mine as the water ran over our bodies. Her tongue pushing into my mouth as I sucked on it. I wanted her. I wanted all of her. At that moment I would have swallowed her if I could.

Our lips sliding across each other, as our breasts mashed together. At that instant, she was my world and I would have given her anything she wanted.

We toweled each other off as she dabbed the cloth at my wet hair and dried the water from my body. Doing the same to her, I eased the towel down before my eyes rested on the shaved jewel between her legs. I sank to my knees and placed kisses on her damp pussy which drew sighs of approval as I took up where I had left off last night.

I licked her folds, running my tongue between them as I ground my face into her warm flesh. Her familiar juices filled my mouth as I sucked, licked and nibbled on her sensitive lips. While I had only licked my first pussy the night before, I already felt an expert when it came to pleasuring my new lover. Her fingers ran through my hair before resting on my shoulder. She raised and rested a foot on the toilet giving me better access between her legs.

I ran my tongue up and down her wet slit, from her opening to her ass as she groaned. Impulsively, I licked at her little anal opening, and when she moaned, I dabbed more forcefully with my tongue. Maybe it was the naughty nature or perhaps because she had just fingered me there, but I began licking with passion at her little pink flower.

"Oh shit. Yeah, baby. Lick my ass. Fuck that feels good," Meagan chanted encouraging me on. As she had done me, I replaced my tongue with my fingers as I probed her backside, moving them in and out, before returning with my tongue. Her ass tasted slightly tart but delicious as I pushed my tongue up her little hole.

"Yea, you little dirty bitch. Damn I didn't know how kinky you could get. I love it. I love you eating my ass," she groaned as I worked my tongue in. I liked being dirty. I wanted to be dirty for her. I had always been the good girl. Always staying out of trouble. But now I was reveling in being bad.

I positioned myself behind her, holding her cheeks apart as I feasted on her ass as she leaned forward, her cheeks sliding against my face.

"Yea, do me baby. Lick that ass. Lick me good. You like being my little lesbian slut. Now you're just like me. You can't get enough pussy. You like lezzing out with your little sister don't cha?" she kept on.

"Yea. I like it. I like eating your pussy. I love your pussy... your ass," I added.

"My little ass eating lesbian. That's what you are now aren't you?" she smirked. "My straight sister Cheryl is gone. Gone for good. Because you're a lesbian now. A lesbian like me. Aren't you baby,?" she moaned as her ass ground into my face.

I knew she was right. I knew I wasn't the same person. I couldn't get enough of her. I was totally hooked on her. I had never felt this way ever. I had thought sex with my ex-boyfriend had been great but it didn't compare to what I had felt in the last 24-hours. Yea, I was changed. I was a different person.

"You made me," I said softly back in between my licks of her delicious ass. "You made me a lesbian. A lesbian like you."

Meagan shifted around thrusting her juicy pussy in my face.

"Fuck, lick my pussy you little dyke. Suck on my clit," she commanded.

Her words sent me into a frenzy. Calling me a dyke! I had known girls at school we had considered dykes. Girls who seemed more masculine than feminine. Some of the female athletes who always shot you a look like they would love to rip your clothes off and take you right there.

I would have never put myself in that category – ever. But now, being called that as I feasted between my sister's legs drove me over the edge.

Meagan ground into my face as her legs shook violently. I wrapped my hands around them as I licked and sucked her juices which leaked down my chin until her grinding slowed and her wet box came to rest on my drenched face.

"She reached down and pulled me up, placing her warm trembling lips to mine as we kissed.

"I love you. I love you so much Cheryl," she said softly, the words escaping between our lips.

"I love you too," I replied.

We had both slipped on t-shirts as we sat down later in the kitchen and drank the coffee warming in the machine. I made us French toast in the hopes of refueling ourselves from the sexual frenzy of the morning and prior evening.

We had no sooner begun eating when Meagan's cell phone rang, and looking over at it, she snatched it up and walked to the sink. She listened more than talked as she stared out the window. I gathered from the initial exchange it was her girlfriend Whitney. I didn't know a great deal about Whitney other than her name and the two had been an item for about five months or so.

She talked softly and I felt a tinge of jealousy. I know that shouldn't be the case but I had all these new feelings that I just couldn't explain as I watched Meagan walking around the kitchen as she talked to her lover.

Almost as quickly as the conversation began it ended with, "I love you too."

"That was Whitney," Meagan confirmed. "She's with her family and couldn't talk but she's coming up Wednesday. I'm so excited and you two can finally meet," Meagan gushed.

"Tell me about her. You really haven't told me much at all about her," I inquired.

"Well, she's very pretty. You know the actress Gabrielle Union? She was in that Will Smith cop movie Bad Boys?" Meagan inquired.

"I don't watch many cop movies," I shot back as Meagan went on.

"Well she resembles her. Whitney's got long brown hairs, about your length and she's a tad taller than me and gorgeous. You'll really like her. You guys remind me of each other!" she exclaimed.

"How's that?" I asked back

"Both of you playing so hard to get! Little straight girls that had to go kicking and screaming but now can't seem to get enough," she scoffed.

"Whitney was straight?" I inquired,

"That's not the word for it," Meagan countered, "She was a major project. She had a boyfriend when we first started hanging out. They'd been seeing each other for a while... and I was her first woman. So, it took a little while to get in her pants."

Meagan's matter of fact response was something. She took a few sips of her coffee and seeing I was dying to hear more continued.

"Whitney was in one of my classes. A psych class which met in the morning. She sat a couple of rows over and I think I noticed her the first day. She was so cute. It was one day when I was playing tennis though that did it for me. I was getting ready for a match and was in the dressing room when Whitney came around the corner from the showers.

"She had a big fluffy towel wrapped around her body and tucked just over her beautiful breasts. She stopped at a locker on my row, opened it, and pulled out the garments inside. She didn't look to see I was staring at her every move as she dropped the towel exposing her bronzed body to me. Her skin is a dark caramel and just sent me over the edge," Meagan almost cooed as she told her story.

"Nice tan huh?" I responded.

"No silly. Whitney's black," she responded.

The statement shook me a bit. I've never been the least bit prejudice but I had always envisioned Meagan's lesbian lover as white. The thoughts were swirling in my head as Meagan continued.

"I couldn't take my eyes off her. She has caramel color skin and the bottom of her feet and the tips of her fingers were a contrasting pink. When she turned just a little, I saw her breasts capped off with two dark nipples. They're big, much bigger than mine, yours too," she added looking at my breast concealed under my t-shirt. As I looked down, I saw that my nipples had hardened under the top revealing my excitement.

"I watched as she slid a pair of black bikini panties on and fastened a matching bra, covering her lovely breasts. I'm not sure she ever noticed me looking but I couldn't get the images out of my head. In fact, I lost that match, in big part because of my concentration. All I could think about was getting between her thighs and sucking on that pretty little clit of hers. I wanted her. It was like I was possessed."

"In the days after that, I couldn't help but stare across the room at her when she came in class. I would see her on campus, sometimes with her boyfriend as they walked to class or lay out on the grounds reading and studying together," Meagan continued.

"I went out of my way to try to bump into her. Not literally mind you, but always exchanging smiles and small talk when we passed in the hall or leaving class. Then one night I noticed her in the library. She tended to be there a couple of nights each week just after dinner. Sitting on a sofa in the reading area. So I casually walked up one night and asked to join her. That became a common occurrence as we would meet there and I began to find out more about her."

"She's from Alabama, with a couple of older sisters and a brother and the boyfriend's name was Ranard. They had been dating off and on since high school. We spent a handful of evenings at the library together, exchanging small talk, when one night I got up the nerve to try to make a move."

"Whitney had slipped off her shoes and was seated on the couch with her feet propped up on the table. Her little toes were painted a dark burgundy and I was entranced at the soft pink color of the souls of her feet. She has gorgeous legs that she keeps in shape by running and tennis. Anyway, I got up to get a book and when I came back, I plopped down beside her, moving just a little closer and set my own legs up on the table. I had kicked off my flip flops as well and inched my feet closer and closer to hers until they touched."

"I can't describe the electricity I felt but it was short lived as she adjusted and moved them away. Not to be deterred from my prize, I casually dropped my arm around her, resting on the top of the couch. I was careful not to be too sudden or actually touch her as I let her become accustomed to my presence. She was wearing a brown sleeveless top and when my fingers actually touched her shoulder, I felt her stiffen. She didn't react at first, pausing actually, but then looked over and said she needed to get back to the dorm, packed up her books and made a retreat. I was so disheartened."

"For a second, I almost felt as if she was willing to accept my subtle advances. There seemed to be just a moment but then, in an instant, she was gone. For the next several weeks it seemed as if Whitney was intentionally avoiding me as she hurried to make a hasty retreat from class and she was nowhere near the library when I'd stop by. Then one night it happened."

"She and her boyfriend were at the student center listening to a guitarist and having a few beers. I was there with some friends of my own but was totally into the scene unfolding just a few tables away. On a couple of occasions our eyes met, and she knew I was there. It appeared as if Whitney and her boyfriend Ranard were having a tiff. I couldn't hear what was said but the look on Whitney's face said volumes as Ranard slammed down a beer and setting his beer firmly on the table, walked off, leaving her alone."

"At the break, some of the students, including Whitney, went on the outside veranda looking over a scenic view of our campus. Some were getting a smoke and when the musician began his next set, most returned, but I noticed Whitney was not among them."

"Actually I went outside to see if I couldn't mend the riff between us. As I walked outside, the moon and stars standing in contrast to the dark sky, I noticed we were the only ones out there."

"Hey, you okay," I asked softly announcing myself as I walked over slowly.

"Yea, just trying to get over a fight with Ranard. Sometimes he can be such a jerk," she sighed.

"You need to be alone?" I inquired. When she didn't immediately respond I added, "Hey, I want to apologize about a few nights ago. I know I made you uncomfortable. I didn't mean too. It's just... well, I find you so attractive ... and I guess I was hoping, you know, you might feel the same way."

Whitney gave a half turn looking back at me but only for a second as her attention seemed to be fixed on the horizon.

"Anyway, I'm sorry. I hope we can still be friends," I concluded.

There was a long pause before Whitney responded back, "So, you're attracted to me?" she asked softly.

"Yea, a lot," I smiled back.

"So you're like into girls and stuff?" she inquired.

"Yes, and stuff!" I laughed.

We both laughed at the awkwardness of her question breaking the tension as I moved closer.

"And I take it you've never done that?" I added.

"Been with a girl," she shot back.

"Yea," I replied.

"No, never," she trailed off.

"But have you ever thought about it?" I asked continuing to close the distance between us. Her hands rested on the rail but her upper body was slightly twisted back to me.

There seemed to be a long pause, an eternity, as she pondered carefully her thoughts. I decided now was the time if ever as I cut in, "I think you have. I think you've wondered. Maybe even wondered about us. Is that why you've avoided me?" I asked. "Is that why you've gone out of your way to stay away?" I asked as I slid up behind her.

I knew it was a huge gamble but what did I have to lose now as my body came to rest directly behind her pinning her to the rail. I could smell her perfume now as my face touched the back of her head, her hair tickling my face as I looked down at her exposed neck. She wore a black strapless dress, held up by her firm breasts, and contrasting with her lighter brown skin.

"You have haven't you?" I enquired as I let my lips fall to her neck, nibbling softly. She didn't say anything back as her held tilted back and to the left exposing more of her neck to my wandering lips.

I sucked and kissed it lightly, moving up and down its length. I pressed my advantage and let my right hand graze her thigh which drew a gasp but she didn't stop me as I let my hand settle on her leg, lightly tracing little patterns as it ventured higher. I moved my lips up and closed on her ear, sticking my tongue in ever so slightly, "You have. You have been thinking about it. That night in the library. Wondering what it would have been like. What it was like to be with a woman. You have haven't you Whitney?" I pressed.

"Oh gawd," was her response, "What am I doing? I can't believe this is happening," she moaned.

I moved my hand up further, under her dress, coming to rest on her panties. She grabbed my arm, holding it in place, but she didn't move it away. It was a silent response to my advance. Perhaps slow down but don't stop. I knew I had her on the edge and I wanted to push her over the edge. Finally claim the prize I wanted so bad.

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