tagMind ControlThe Reluctant Psychic Ch. 07

The Reluctant Psychic Ch. 07


I’d like to thank everyone that has taken the time to vote on my stories and send me comments. It really helps motivate me to write. I hope you enjoy the latest installment.

* * *

I looked down at Betsy and watched her post-coital bliss turn to lust. My cock, which had begun softening inside of her, quickly regained its turgor. The lust infected Stefani and Tiffany; their mouths latched onto my neck and they ground their sexes against Betsy and me.

Before I could begin thrusting into Betsy, the phone rang. All four of us knew it could only mean a change in Steven's condition. Stefani was the closest and reached to pick up the phone. Tiffany and I held Betsy close as we listened to Stefani reply to the voice on the other end.

Putting down the receiver, Stefani said, "Betsy, your father had another heart attack. He's still alive, but they don't give him a lot of time."

Hearing the phone ring, and half of the ensuing conversation caused my earlier excitement to wane. I awkwardly hugged Besty and gave her a brief kiss before climbing off of her. Tiffany and Stefani both hugged Betsy as well, before helping her sit up in bed. I caught Betsy saying something to Stefani, but couldn't make out what she said.

I tried to think nothing of it as I gathered my clothes together. I was about to put on my underwear from the day before when Stefani stopped me, "You need to take a shower. Betsy does too, but she has more reason to hurry off than you do, right Betsy?"

Betsy already had her panties on and I could see that my cum was already staining the gusset as it leaked out. She walked over to me as I stood with one foot in my underwear and gave me a hug. Her small breasts pressed into my stomach as she said, "You've been my father and lover and every other man in my life for so very long. But, I need to say goodbye to my real father and having you there..." Her words trailed off, but I knew what she meant. In fact, I knew what she meant more clearly than if she had used a thousand mere words.

I looked down at her and she looked up at me while still holding me about the waist. "Betsy..." I started, but the words failed me.

"I'll say goodbye for you. And don't forget, a part of you is going with me," she said, releasing me to pat her lower belly. I was shocked, but the other girls only giggled. Betsy continued her little joke, "If I can greet governors and judges with your cum dripping out of my naked pussy, then I can see my father with panties holding it in."

I didn't entirely understand the joke, but Tiffany and Stefani seemed to. Sometimes, I wish I didn't lose my powers when I came, this time more than ever. While I was struggling to understand, Tiffany started signing to Betsy and Stefani knowing I couldn't understand. They all giggled and then each girl nodded in turn.

Stefani said, "I get to drive you home, and Tiffany is going to go with Betsy. Tiffany thinks I'd make better company for you right now." The last part she said with a wink to Tiffany, that caused all three girls to giggle again. Although I thought that Betsy's giggle was a little more fragile than it had been.

She was fully dressed now, and I gave her a hug. I bent down to put my forehead to hers, trying to will her to know how much I loved her. She grinned and choked me with a hug around the neck. She finally released me and gave me a quick kiss.

The taste of Betsy's kiss still lingered on my lips as I watched her and Tiffany head out of the room. It was a bit of a shock to see that it was already daylight outside, it never occurred to me that bad news could come when the sun was shining. It was also a shock because I was standing in the middle of the room stark naked and was surprised to feel the warmth of the dawning sun on my penis.

An equally naked Stefani saw Betsy out, offering some soft words and a hug. She shut the door and walked towards me. She had a calculating look in her eye that made me wish, yet again, that I hadn't just come inside of Betsy. In an oddly unerotic motion, she reached out and grasped my cock that was still wet with a combination of Betsy's juices and my own.

Slowly she bent down and gave my cock a gentle lick and then she sucked me into her mouth. Straightening up, she said, "Betsy really does taste divine on you, but she said that you wouldn't want any fun just yet. So why don't you take the first shower while I pack up our stuff?"

* * *

Stefani was driving, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I wondered if Steven had already passed, if Betsy had made it in time to say goodbye. I really hadn't known Steven that long when he went into the coma, but outside of my girls I still considered him one of my truest friends.

Stefani suddenly poked me in the side. It was only then that I realized we weren't home, or even heading home. We had even gone in the wrong direction. I looked over as Stefani and she said, "Let's get something to eat, you're hungry."

It was only then I realized how hungry I really was. It took me a few moments to recall that those were the exact words I had said to Betsy when we first met. Of course, in that instance I had used my powers to know that she was hungry, now I wondered how Stefani knew.

She must have seen the thought forming in my face, because she said, "Yes, Betsy told me, actually she told all of us at one time or another. She was a little in awe of you back then, she was convinced you could read her mind or something." Stefani's laugh seemed a bit too forced, but without my powers I didn't know if it was just my imagination. "Anyway, now she knows it would have been obvious to anyone. A girl dodging the cops and social workers all day before passing out next to her father, anyone would know she'd be hungry!"

I laughed a bit with Stefani, but didn't feel entirely at ease. I said, "But, how did you know I was hungry now?"

Looking at me as if I'd grown a horn she said, "And all this time we thought you were clever?" She shook her head, but eventually relented, "You missed dinner last night, and Bambi said you hardly touched your lunch. It doesn't take a mind-reader to know you'd be hungry!"

Strangely, I felt relieved and even more anxious at the same time. But I didn't want to dwell on those thoughts so I said, "But why did you bring me here, instead of taking me home for breakfast?"

"Waking up in the city, instead of up on the hill, made me feel a bit nostalgic. I used to work here, remember?"

"How could I forget?" I had assumed control of the establishment after the previous owner had been sent to prison. I sold it a few years back, or at least I think Betsy told me I had sold it. Anyway, it was my first case and what brought Stefani into my life.

* * *

The first time I'd been to "The Painted Doe" was a month after I came home for good. Over the years since adopting her, I had returned to town frequently to visit Betsy. Well, at first it was to visit Betsy, but the other girls in my family started accumulating in town.

First it was Magda, who wanted to become a citizen, so she settled in town and Betsy helped her open a massage parlor. After Bambi graduated from Law School, she traveled with me for a while, but eventually decided she wanted to work and help others. So she started a law firm that specialized in defending disadvantaged youths. Each girl's story was slightly different, but they all felt a need to settle down and stop following me around the world.

When I am at my least cynical, I think they settled here because of Betsy, since she already had a home here, and she welcomed each new girl with open arms when they visited. Other times, I think it is because it was the one place they knew I would return, time and again. At my most melancholy, I think it is because I unconsciously used my powers on them and encouraged them to settle here, where Anna and my heart lay in a coma.

But, I was far from melancholy when we all got together to dine at the Doe. I had returned to town expecting to stay a week, maybe two. I was staying with Betsy and the other girls kept coming by for visits. That was nothing new, but the way the visits played out was different. No longer were the girls coming to visit only me, they were coming to visit each other as well. I watched as their faces and minds lit up upon seeing a girl they hadn't seen for an entire week. The patterns their minds made seemed to be in harmony. The sort of harmony I had only seen before in loving families.

At the end of the week, all the girls got together at Betsy's to say what they thought was another goodbye. They were standing together, and felt my heart swell at seeing the common aura binding them to each other. I stood before them and started to cry. I don't know where the tears came from, but they rolled down my cheeks as I stood before these women I loved and who inexplicably loved me.

"It seems like I am always saying goodbye," I began to say. I looked at them and could feel their sadness growing. Worse, I could see the familial aura begin to weaken, just as I had watched it grow all week. Before I even realized what I was doing, I said, "I'm staying."

Between the wave of emotion that the girls broadcast to me, and the tremendous group hug, I passed out. I woke up in bed with four of the girls under the covers with me. The others were sitting around the room, and they were all talking excitedly. There was so much chatter I couldn't understand the words, but from their minds I learned they were planning a home. Together.

It took three weeks to finalize the deal on the property at the top of the hill, where our mansion was to be built. Jill was working feverishly on the design, taking input from all of the girls. They also asked me for my input, but I watched as what I said went in one ear and out the other. In fact, the only thing I really got to decide was the location, and to get that much I really had to put my foot down.

Once the paperwork was finalized, we decided to go out and celebrate. Claire suggested we reserve the upper room at the Painted Doe, as she thought they had the best food in town. It just so happened that the owner of the Doe knew me from my gambling days, so it was a simple matter to get the room reserved, even on short notice.

When I arrived in the limousine with Betsy, I knew we were the last to arrive. The parking lot was full of exotic cars, most of which I had paid for in one fashion or another. This didn't even include the other limousines that I saw around the corner.

I asked Betsy if my tie was straight, for what she insisted was the fifth time, before escorting her to the front door. The doorman pulled open the door and bowed us in. That was when I first saw Stefani. She was dressed in a short black dress that clung to her waist and hips before flaring out around her tanned legs. Her hazel eye regarded us as she said, "Welcome to the Painted Doe."

Well, her smile seemed welcoming, but her thoughts seemed to be inexplicably hostile towards me. I was too stunned at the unexpected hostility to speak, luckily Betsy spoke up. On the outside Stefani didn't seem the least surprised that we were with the rest of the girls, on the inside she was completely confused, she evidently wasn't expecting a man to join them.

I could see her working through scenarios as she led us upstairs. "I guess it can't be a hen party, unless he's the stripper. No, who would pay to have him strip! Besides what bride-to-be would walk in on the strippers arm. Maybe they're junior leaguers? He's here to give a speech or something?"

I went from embarrassed to amused and back a number of times as we headed towards the private room. I settled on embarrassed when she thought, "I bet he's starring at my ass right now. Perv! Probably be ogling the other women all night too." The fact that I was starring at her ass is what made me particularly embarrassed.

I flushed so much, that Betsy said, "Are you alright, Uncle?"

Stefani overheard and her thoughts immediately changed, "So, that sweet young girl isn't off the market after all." I could feel her getting a little aroused by the thought. Finally, we made it to the room and a long table was laid out. The head spot was vacant, as was the spot to its right. I sat at the head of the table and I watched with amusement as Stefani helped Betsy into her chair.

The other girls were all seated already and they were a delight to see. They were all dressed in exquisite gowns and had their hair and makeup done to perfection. I looked at each girl in turn and was amazed at their beauty. I was doubly enraptured because I saw all of their inner beauty radiating out as well.

As Stefani left the room and a swarm of waiters took over, I could hear her departing thought, "lucky bastard." It wasn't hostile, but strangely sincere, with more than a hint of longing. As we celebrated our dinner, Stefani checked on our progress a number of times. In particular she came to talk to Betsy and me.

After one of the visits, Betsy leaned over to me with a giggle and said, "I think she likes you!"

I cast my thoughts towards the young hostess and realized that Betsy was a few feet off. "Actually, I believe she has a thing for you. But don't get your hopes up, she has a girlfriend."

"You're horrible!" Betsy exclaimed as she slapped my shoulder gently. But rather than being embarrassed, I realized she was curious.

Suddenly I heard Anna's voice in my head, "It's bad enough that you mind rape the hostess, but to pry into your daughter's mind."

"She isn't really my daughter," I thought back to the voice.

"You think of her as your daughter. But you violate her mind, and the minds of the other girls you claim to love."

"I do love them, just like..." I stopped as I realized I was arguing with a voice in my head. The voice of the first woman I truly loved. A voice that had been speaking with ever increasing frequency.

"Just like you used to love me? Is that what you were going to say? Are you going to mind rape these girls into a coma like you did to me!"

I put my hands to the sides of my head to try to block out her voice. My hands were shaking and I was on the verge of being sick. With Anna's last shout, I realized that the room was deathly quiet. All the girls sat mutely staring at me, more than a few were crying.

I realized that my mental anguish was leaching into the girls. Slowly, I pulled back in my powers, and withdrew from their minds. This left them confused but no longer distressed. I excused myself and hurried out in search of a bathroom.

* * *

Stefani and I climbed out of the car and made our way into the Painted Doe. It had been years since I walked through that doorway, the doorway where Stefani had been standing. My life had changed drastically since that day, but not nearly as much as hers had. But even as the course of our lives had altered radically, the Painted Doe was pretty much the same. Sure there were new servers, and I would assume new cooks, but the decor was identical and the menu had only subtle changes.

"I've been meaning to come back here for a while now," Stefani said after we had been seated. She held the menu in front of her, almost entirely blocking my view of her. I could just see her downcast eyes and the top of her head. I didn't need my powers to know she was using it to shield herself from me while she gathered her thoughts.

"Why come back now?" I asked before I thought better of it. I knew the painful memories that this restaurant must have for her, but I also knew she had many wonderful memories.

"It seemed like the time to face my past. Just like Betsy is doing with hers," she said. My power's hadn't returned yet, but I got the feeling that she was including Magda in her thoughts. I had a sudden sinking feeling about what Magda's mystery errand might have been.

"You haven't been back here since, well, since we were last here?"

"You can say it. I haven't been here since I walked through the crime scene with the detectives. It wasn't as bad as it should have been, I think that's because you were there. You were so calm, and powerful. Every time I glanced over at you the horror seemed to be pushed away."

I heard Anna's voice chime in, "You really shouldn't have pushed away the terror, it kept her from accepting the truth for so long." I bore the rebuke silently, and was surprised when Anna added, "but you did it for the right reasons.'' It almost sounded like she was proud of me.

Stefani had continued talking over Anna's voice in my head, "But this time it's different. You are just as calm and wonderful, but I feel like I'm standing on my own feet this time." She gave me a quick glance that made me uneasy. Could she know that I had been holding her up? That I had used my powers that day? If she did know that, did she also know my powers were gone now and she was standing on her own?

"Stop trying to read her mind. It won't work now anyway," Anna chimed in. She seemed a bit too smug about the last point.

"I'm glad to hear it," I responded to Stefani.

"I never did thank you for what you did. You helped send your friend to prison because of me, because of my word. You also saved my life, I just wish..."

I reached across the table and offered her my hand. She clutched it in hers and the tear, which had trembled in her eye, broke free and slid down her cheek.

"He wasn't my friend, not then. You had already shown me more kindness in the few hours I had known you, than he had in the years we ran in the same circles."

"Kindness? I checked on you in the bathroom when your girlfriends were too frightened to do it themselves." She laughed briefly at that thought. "I hated you, and envied you. You were dining with some of the most beautiful and elegant women I had ever seen, and I could see that they all loved you. Although, I had to admit that you weren't bad looking, for a man."

"The kindness you showed my family, our family now, was kindness to me. Did I ever tell you, that four of them asked me to give you my card after that night."

Stefani smiled, "Yes, the magic card. I still don't know why you were in the bathroom for an hour, but it was my salvation. If you weren't gone for so long, I never would have been able to mingle with the other girls so much."

"Mingle? Don't you mean flirt?"

"I was being friendly. Besides, I was..." She stopped and I saw her mood darken for a moment. "I was attached." She looked down towards her menu again. Then she looked back at me and gave me a little smile, "just like I'm attached to you now. My father would be so proud, that is if the homophobic redneck hadn't disowned me when I brought Jasmine home."

We had been over this before, or at least, I had heard her discuss the matter while I was present. She had brought her lover, Jasmine, home from college. Her father was upset that Stefani's roommate Jasmine, or Jaz, was black, but he threw the two of them out of the house when he found them making love. Apparently he didn't even give them time to get on their clothes. They stood naked on the front lawn while he threw their bags and clothes out the window. Stefani often added that her misogynistic father would probably be delighted that his daughter was one of a dozen women in a harem, just so long as it was a man's harem and the man wasn't black.

"You're emotionally attachment is more to the girl's than it is to me. One of the perks of living with so many lovely girl's is that occasionally lesbians will consent to having sex with me."

She gripped my hand a little harder and shook it slightly to emphasize her next point, "No. I am attached to you and through you to the other girls, not the other way around. I might be a lesbian, but whenever I am with you, I feel straight. I'd been with a couple of guys before I realized I couldn't fake being straight. Their cocks revolted me, and feeling their semen made my skin crawl."

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