The Reluctant Psychic Ch. 09


I couldn't help but let out a snort myself. "Magda, as much as I love you, I'm not exactly in the mood for making love."

Gwen whispered something else to Magda, then paused and added something else. "Where do you come up with these things?" she asked Gwen. Gwen just smiled blankly and gave Magda a wink. Magda leaned in close to me, and whispered in my ear, "Even knowing that my twin sister is sitting not a hundred feet from here? We are so identical that if we stood naked in front of you, you would only be able to tell us apart because she has a neat triangle of golden blonde pubic hair, and I am absolutely bare down there just for you." With the final words she started nibbling on my ear. The nibbling was merely the coup de grace.

I knew this wasn't going to be making love, so much as two people who loved each other fucking, but neither of us cared. There was too much emotion involved right now, and too much need. At least I was now filled with need. Gwen whispered something else into Magda's ear and I saw Magda's eyes roll back for a moment before she shuddered with need.

Magda was soon clawing at the zipper of my trousers. She was also busy trying to stick her tongue down my throat. Her kisses tasted salty from the tears that had fallen between us, but they were also needy and stirred the same need within me. Eventually Magda freed my cock from my pants so that all that remained was lifting her dress. Gwen was already there to lend a hand and held the skirt of Magda's dress up as Magda lowered herself onto me.

She sat up straight for a moment as her bare pussy swallowed me whole. Gwen took the opportunity to give me a kiss of her own, even though I was gasping too much to make it a good kiss. Gwen then gave Magda a kiss and spent a couple of seconds smoothing Magda dress around us before turning to leave.

I was going to say goodbye to Gwen, but Magda suddenly raised up, causing me to gasp back what I had been about to say. Gwen blew me a kiss and gave her little girl wave and sauntered out. I didn't have long to enjoy the look of the saunter before Magda lowered herself again. Magda was an amazing masseuse, but the massage she was currently giving my cock put her hands to shame.

It didn't take her long to move from individual strokes to a steady rhythm of movements. She lowered her head back to me and kissed me. The kisses weren't as needy as they had been, but they were just as passionate. She turned her head to bring her lips to my ear, but I needed more kisses. I kissed her again, but she grew insistent, finally grabbing my head with her hands and turning it to the side. Her lips latched on to my ear and sucked my lobe into her hot mouth.

Her hips moved slightly faster and she squeezed me harder. She groaned into my ear before saying, "My sister wants to have sex with you too. She probably knows that we are having sex right now. Twins know things like that, she is probably sitting there talking to Betsy while making her seat all wet."

I throbbed inside her, all the more from the dirty things she was saying. This was a side of Magda I had never guessed existed. I grabbed her hips and thrust hard into her, driving the breath from her. I heard her gasp in my ear, encouraging me to thrust into her again. Between gasps she added, "She isn't even wearing panties tonight, I made sure when I helped her get dressed tonight."

The world suddenly dimmed as her last statement put me over the edge. I was so thrilled by what she had said that I came mid-stroke. My body jerked as it tried to finish the stroke and crush Magda to me at the same time. I felt a similar spasm wrack Magda as she jerked in my arms and tried to push her hips down on mine. The orgasm that tore through us was almost painful in its awkwardness, but it was also a catharsis.

I felt free of my guilt for having been a participant in Magda's father's death. I also felt a renewal of my love for Magda. "I love you too," she said as she wrapped her arms around me.

We held each other for a long time before there was a tentative knock at the door. Claire peeked her head in and said, "If you two are almost done, some of us would like to have dinner." I never understood how the girl's could seem so nonchalant about walking in while I'm having sex or just basking in the afterglow. Claire picked up a box of tissues from the desk, came over and said, "You might also need these."

Claire lifted Magda's dress while Magda gathered a few tissues to contain our fluids. It only took a couple of minutes for us to become presentable, and with no obvious stains.

As I walked Claire and Magda back to the dining room, with one on each arm, Magda said, "I hope you know I was only kidding about Katia not wearing panties, and that she would know we were having sex. Twins aren't really as psychic as people think."

Claire said, "I don't know about your real sister, but the rest of us know that you had sex, and not just because Gwen can't keep a secret."

Magda gasped and said, "She didn't tell my sister, did she?"

"She didn't tell anyone. But you know the grin she gets when she catches someone having sex. It's actually quite charming, since she doesn't quite understand that sex and love aren't the same thing." I didn't have the heart to tell Claire how wrong she really was on that point. Gwen's father might have been impotent, but... I blanked the thought from my mind as quickly as I could. I must have startled her, because Magda clenched my arm and gave me a strange look.

I said, "Every time Gwen sees us having sex, she is seeing two people who love each other having sex."

Magda added, "Or three of us."

Claire, "Or four."

"Yeah, yeah, or more. But that doesn't happen much anymore," I said.

"That you know of," they said in unison. Before bursting into giggles.

I stopped before we made it to the entrance to the dining room. I hoped the murmurs of conversation masked our footsteps to this point, since I had a serious question to ask. "Why didn't you tell me about your sister?" There were so many things she and the girls hadn't told me about Magda's sister.

"You've gotten so weird lately about having anyone else join us," Magda started.

Claire added, "We all love her already, first through Magda and now each of us on our own."

They said in unison, "We were afraid you'd say no." Magda seemed a bit startled by the stereo plea, but Claire just smiled.

"Like I could tell any of you no." I might try, but I really couldn't say no to any of them, they meant too much to me.

"We love you too, daddy," they said in unison and pulled me down so they could both kiss a cheek.

"First Gwendolyn, and now you two!"

"Don't forget Betsy."

I shook my head and pulled the two giggling girls back into the dining room. This time a waiter was standing by to pull out their chairs. I was soon back with Katia, hoping I didn't reek of sex. Worse yet, reek of her sister's sex.

I didn't need to worry too much, since Katia had been making good use of the time drinking champagne and gossiping with my girls. They had served salad while Magda and I were gone, but nothing substantial enough to dull the effects of a number of glasses of bubbly.

Katia was a bit flushed and her accent became a bit more pronounced. She placed a hand on my arm and said, "I'm so glad that you're back. I hope my sister was able to massage away your migraine. Betsy was telling me how much my sister is able to help your headaches."

"Yes, at least those she doesn't cause herself."

Katia laughed and said, "Gwendolyn explained all about their little joke. I can't seem to remember exactly what the point of the joke is right now, but it was very funny, and it seems like they fooled us both."

From that point on, dinner was filled with inconsequential chit-chat and a lot of laughter. At least until dessert when Katia said, "By the way, just because you are having sex with my sister and I'm living with you now, doesn't mean you should make a mistake in the dark, if you know what I mean."

"I think I can tell the difference, even in the dark."

"She told you that, did she? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret: Seeing as how I'm her lady doctor, I've seen her much more recently than she's seen me. Just make sure it's not a mistake."

I wondered if she meant that the way it sounded. I wished, again, that I had my powers so what she meant. I looked down at Magda and caught her looking back at me, laughing.

* * *

I hope you've enjoyed the latest chapter. I appreciate your votes and I especially appreciate comments and questions, as they help motivate my writing.

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