tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Renaissance Faire

The Renaissance Faire

byCharles Petersunn©

This story is based on a suggestion of Ingen Ingetson, a Literotica reader. I hope it at least approaches Ingen's original intent. The predominant theme is one of reluctance and submission. If such stories are of little interest to you, and especially if they are troubling to you, then you most definitely should avoid this story. It also includes a bit of exhibitionism and first time innocence. Please note that the significant reluctance and submission is only mild at first, disappears for a moment into a mature and first time theme, and then becomes significant again at about the halfway mark.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Omega Theta Pi was no Delta Nu (see "Five steps to Delta Nu"). Omega Theta Pi was by far the most conservative sorority on campus. The girls of Omega Theta Pi prided themselves on their high moral compass, a devotion to the good life, to purity and wholesomeness in all matters of womanhood. The girls were not necessarily virgins, but there was nothing promiscuous about an Omega girl; far from it. She was a clean and virtuous "girl next door." Joining Omega Theta Pi was a commitment to purity, modesty, and self-discipline. Some of the girls even wore purity rings. It took a very special young lady to be an Omega girl.

The girls of Omega Theta Pi were very much like the Tri Pi girls of Faber College, although they did share one key similarity with the boys of Delta Tau Chi. Of course, they were not irresponsible, scurrilous, defamatory, academic sloths, like the boys of Delta Tau Chi. They were naturally very, very responsible, hard-working, upright, and polite young ladies.

What they did have in common with the boys of Delta Tau Chi was a dire financial condition. In fact, they were at risk of going under. Omega Theta Pi, like many other campus associations, had been hit hard by the financial crisis and unlike Delta Nu they did not have the connections to get a bailout from the US government (see "A field trip for Delta Nu").

It also didn't help that their membership was falling, due in part perhaps to their devotion to purity and wholesomeness. The Omega Theta Pi sorority was by far the most disciplined sorority on the Livingston campus, a fact of great pride to Miss Wormer, the Housemother. However, once a prospective pledge witnessed the requirements of and discipline provided by Miss Wormer, it was not unusual for her not to pursue membership any further.

The girls recognized that they would have to earn money the hard way, they would have to have a bake sale. Well, clearly a bake sale would not be enough but the girls did expand considerably their participation in the Livingston Renaissance Faire, a city event embraced by the college as a means to help develop positive relationships with the local community surrounding the Livingston campus. The college encouraged all campus groups to become involved in the fair, from simply serving as volunteers to participating in the many games, activities, and events scattered throughout the fair. The girls of Omega Theta Pi joined quite a number of them, as most included fees, prizes, and/or charitable donations.

The Livingston Renaissance Faire was not entirely authentic. Few of the attendees kept to the guidelines of dialect and dialogue, but many were at least in the appropriate garb of the Elizabethan period. Plus, there were plenty of jugglers, magicians, wizards, elves, and musicians wandering about, the sound of bells, lutes, and ocarinas floating in the air. And many of the activities bore a resemblance to those of a traditional Renaissance Faire.

Kathy Emerson of Omega Theta Pi in fact won the blue ribbon for the best fare: bourbelier of wild pig. There were many things at which an Omega girl excelled, and one of them was most definitely cooking. Alas, however, the prize for first place was not that much. They did make a bit more money selling hot bowls of the tasty dish.

Shelley Darlington entered the beauty contest. The sisters all agreed that she was the fairest lass of them all. She had wavy blonde hair that hung just past her shoulders, a very perky pointy nose, twinkling brown eyes beneath full fluttering lashes, rosy red cheeks and the cutest little dimples. She really was a cutie pie. But, not surprisingly she lost to a sister of Delta Nu, Lexi Belle, and Shelley felt that Lexi had not played fair at the faire.

The Omega girls were in general struck by how immodest were the dresses of this period of time. It was said by some to be a period of modesty and restraint, but that was confusing the Elizabethan period with the Victorian, which would not occur for another two hundred years. In any case, the dresses that many of the faire participants wore were really low cut. The skirts did go all the way to one's ankles, but the women of this period did not appear to be at all immodest when it came to their bosoms, and Lexi Belle of Delta Nu pushed the envelope of decency. Her bodice appeared to provide only a supportive platform upon which to display her prominent and full breasts for all to see. It was as if they were resting on a form-fitting serving tray, offered for one's thirsty pallet the young lady's ripe juicy melons. Well, they may have been shaped like melons, but their consistency was more like pudding, as they so wiggled and jiggled at every little movement, which seemed for Lexi to be rather perpetual. She was always gaily waving to the crowd and, for some odd reason, repeatedly finding it necessary to lean over the stage to greet someone in the first couple of rows (paying particular attention to the judges). So many times it appeared that her young luscious breasts would just spill out of her bodice like two heavy water balloons, suddenly released from their precarious staging.

Shelley felt that her own outfit had been bold enough. She was wearing a pink and white peasant dress with half sleeves, maroon bodice, pink apron, and matching garland. All that held it up was a thin strap tied around her neck. Most importantly, at least for her, she wasn't wearing a brassiere. It was so much out of character for her but she felt to do so would not have been in the spirit of Renaissance attire.

Shelley could not help but frown in dismay and disgust at Lexi's shameless display, which probably cost her the Miss Congeniality Award, something for which Miss Wormer, the Omega Housemother, would be most displeased, probably earning Shelley a couple of demerits.

Shelley left the contest feeling rather dismayed and discouraged. She had so hoped to do better for Omega Theta Pi, yet she hadn't even come in third place. She had fallen entirely out of the money.

As she made her way back through the faire Penny, her best friend and roommate at Omega Theta Pi, caught up with her.

"Shelley, I'm so sorry! I missed the beauty contest. Miss Wormer asked me to help set up the kissing booth for Stacie. I'm really so sorry. How did you do? Did you win?"

Shelley shamefully replied, "No, no I did not. I didn't even come in third place."

"Well, you won Miss Congeniality, didn't you?"

Shelley stopped to face Penny as she admitted, "No, I didn't even do that."

"Oh," Penny replied. They hadn't really thought that Shelley would win the beauty contest, but they did at least feel that she would win Miss Congeniality.

"I'm so disappointed. I wanted to at least come in third place, at least make some money for Omega. Kathy won the cooking contest. I haven't contributed anything."

Penny felt very sorry for her. "Well, heck, you can take my place in the dunking booth!" It was a very generous offer as quite a bit of money could be made there.

In Dunk-a-Wench a contestant is allowed to throw three softballs at a small round target about 20 yards away. It wasn't that easy of a task, and each set of balls cost 25 dollars, twenty of which would go to the association she represented.

"Penny, that's so sweet of you, but I know how much you were looking forward to that."

Penny laughed. "Yeah, right, I was looking forward to sitting on some swing while guys try to knock me into a tub of water. C'mon, just take my place. You're so much prettier than me. You'll get a lot more contestants."

"Penny, now that's just not true."

"Hush now, Shelley, don't be so modest. It was no accident you were selected to represent us in the beauty contest. Now, c'mon. Miss Wormer in fact needs me to help finish setting up the kissing booth for Stacie."

Shelley though did have one rather serious concern. "Yes, well, I'm clearly not dressed for a swim."

Penny laughed. "Don't be silly. No girl ever falls in. The target is real small and the catch spring is pretty stiff. Even if some guy hits the target it won't drop you in. And, if you fall in then it's over. They don't want that to happen."

"Oh." Those were good points, and Penny ought to know. She had looked into it. "Well, alright then, I'll do it!"

"Oh that's so wonderful! I know you'll make us lots of money! Now, I've got to get back to Miss Wormer. You have fun now!"

Shelley was feeling better and strode off to the Dunk-a-Wench booths.

There were three booths, which consisted of three large clear plastic tubs of water, set inside a cage, above which three "wenches" sat on a swing. The target was outside the cage, sticking out from its left side. Much to Shelley's disappointment there was again her nemesis, Lexi Belle and, not surprisingly, Lexi already had a very, very long line of contestants. Shelley felt that Lexi really should have excused herself from the dunking contest, having already won the beauty contest. But, it did always seem like the girls of Delta Nu never lost an opportunity to demonstrate their community spirit, their popularity, and, it seems as well, their bosoms, the thought of that alone made Shelley's face redden. How could this girl be so shameful, so wanton?

She introduced herself to Bradley, explaining to him that she was taking Penny's place. She took off her socks and shoes and got onto her swing seat, above the water.

Once in position she again looked over at Lexi, who seemed to be even shaking her boobs at prospective customers, teasing them, daring them to give her, and them, a dunking. Thank goodness, Shelley thought, that the girls had to be at least eighteen, and so did the guys throwing the balls. The way Lexi was behaving it would not be appropriate to have a minor at her cage.

Much to the disappointment of the gathering crowd, though, none of the guys seemed able to hit the target. And, as Penny had suggested, even when they did they didn't seem to hit it hard enough. Lexi gaily laughed, bending forward in her swing, her breasts almost falling from her bodice, begging to be loved, squeezed, groped and, of course, drenched.

Still, it wasn't like there weren't any guys interested in dunking Shelley. She might not be Delta Nu material but she was still awfully pretty, and a few guys took their turn with her as well. It was perhaps much better to have a shot at Shelley than to wait forever to get a shot at Lexi.

Shelley though did get into the fun and spirit of the event. She eventually began to tease and taunt her contestants as well. She wouldn't go so far as to shake her boobies at them, particularly as she was not wearing a brassiere, but she did giggle and laugh at their repeated failures at hitting the target. After a couple of hours she really got into it.

"Pox and pestilence on thee lad!" She would yell, smiling broadly, her little dimples appearing. "What wayward dizzy-eyed pignut be thee?"

She wasn't really that skilled at the dialect but she was at least much better at it than Lexi.

"Thou art an artless, doghearted, mold-warp thee be!"


Shelley looked over in shock at the booth to her left to see Lexi falling ignominiously into the deep cold tub of water. Did they adjust the spring on her target? How did she fall in? The crowd roared with approval and all eyes turned to the sight of the coed swimming, or more like floundering, in the deep vat of water.

The audience was in fact treated to quite a delightful sight as Lexi labored in the tub, her arms, hands, legs, and breasts wriggling around as she attempted to make her escape up the ladder. As she climbed out from the tub the wet bodice clung very tightly to every little inch of her full, luscious, round breasts. It turned out that loose bodices of the Renaissance rivaled the tight cotton t-shirts of a modern spring break coed, or at least they certainly performed that way on a girl of Delta Nu. It was as if the wet material was more like a thin coating of pale coloring than actual cloth. Every curve, every inch, of Lexi's breasts were clearly discernible, and her nipples had distended to maximum length with the chill of the water.

The sight was perhaps even more enticing than a coed's wet t-shirt given the otherwise modest nature of the attire. It was unlikely that Lexi Belle was terribly embarrassed by the exposure but she knew what the audience preferred to believe, and when she crawled from the tank she squealed with shock and dismay as her soaked boobs came into view through her thin dress, trying desperately to hide them with one hand as she used the other to clumsily extricate herself from the tub.

"Nooooooo! Please!" Lexi protested her exposure with apparent dismay, acting like the mortified maiden, albeit all the while giggling as she grasped tightly onto one boob, giving it a good squeeze, while letting the other breast bobble free for the delightful pleasure of her viewing audience.

Although Lexi was not in fact embarrassed, Shelley certainly was embarrassed for her, if not vicariously for herself. She could even see the outline of Lexi's panties beneath her skirt, as she was apparently not wearing any crinolines or even a chemise. She could not imagine being so shamefully exposed.

Shelley was also surprised to see another girl climbing in to replace her. Penny had been wrong on many accounts. The persons running the booths didn't really care if you fell in as they had another girl ready to take her place. Shelley shook her head. Penny had been so terribly misinformed, perhaps as a ruse to get her to sign up. Miss Wormer will not be pleased to hear about this! She will probably have a very serious discussion with whomever was running this event.

Shelley's eyes widened as she suddenly realized that she was, of course, just as much at risk as Lexi. She wasn't even wearing a brassiere! "Wait! No! Please!" She exclaimed in fright, waving her hands at the guy who was aiming at her target. "No, please, sir, sir, please, you don't understand!"

The man though just smiled, taking her pleas as just another way to tease him.

Thwap! Fortunately the ball missed its target, hitting harmlessly against the background netting.

Shelley turned to Bradley, the student who ran her cage. "Bradley, Bradley! Wait, I've changed my mind!"

"Please, fair maiden, of what dialect dost thee spake?" Sometimes at Renaissance Faires persons pretend not to understand what someone is saying if they were not at least attempting to use the correct dialect.

"No, no! You don't understand!"

Thwap! Another ball landed safely against the net.

Shelley struggled to think of the correct way to speak. "Me change thine mind!"


Clang! And the seat upon which Shelley was sitting gave out and she fell down into the deep, cold water.

The immediate shock of the cold wetness was terribly unnerving as Shelley dropped to the bottom of the tank then pushed hard with her feet to force herself back up as quickly as possible, reaching out with her hands for the ladder bolted to the side.

It wasn't that easy climbing up a ladder with many layers of loose clothing completely soaked through with water, but Shelley's motivation was strong and it did not take long for her to clear the surface of the water and pull herself out.

But, as she did so the weight of the water-soaked cotton pulled her top down off her breasts, all the way to her waist, bringing entirely into view her pure, virginal lily white breasts. "Oh my gracious!" Shelley exclaimed, letting go of the ladder with her right hand to try to hide them both. The thin strap around her neck had apparently come undone, perhaps it got caught on the chain or swing seat as she fell into the water. Whatever the reason, what mattered now was that her naked boobs were entirely open to view, much to the pleasure of the screaming audience.

"Please, don't look!" Shelley pleaded, as she grasped her left breast in her right hand, but her hand could cover not much more than the nipple, aureola, and the immediately surrounding area, the rest of her breast was squishing out from beneath her hand. Her forearm was even less concealing of her right breast. Shelley did not have the largest breasts in the world but they could hardly be called small. Shelley had always been quietly rather proud of their size but now bemoaned the full cost of her developed womanliness.

She was faced with a considerable dilemma which did not appear to have any clear solution. She could continue to climb the rest of the way up the ladder and then out of the tub, her water soaked dress hanging precariously around her waist, risking that it might fall down even further, perhaps even bringing with it her crinoline and slip. However, her most immediate concern was to get out of the tub to cover her upper body, and she could not reach down to pull her dress back up without either letting go of the ladder or exposing her breasts.

The difficulty of this decision was not helped by the loud roar and applause of the crowd. Shelley felt like a shameless slut at some gentleman's club, a thought that was really quite mortifying. She supposed that they had such events at one of those clubs. Girls jumping into tubs of water just so their clothes would cling to their bodies and perhaps even fall away from them, just as it had happened to Shelley.

She so hoped that Miss Wormer was not witnessing this. She would be in so much trouble! Miss Wormer was a very strict disciplinarian, and becoming this shamefully exposed in public would be grounds for quite a few demerits, leading in turn to a public spanking Sunday evening. Well, not really public, as only the sisters of Omega Theta Pi were allowed to attend the Sunday meetings. But it was always a very shameful humiliation to be spanked on one's bare bottom before one's Omega sisters.

Of course, though, even if Miss Wormer didn't see her many other persons might. Goodness, imagine if one of her teachers could see her now! Or one of the boys from her classes! She wanted to look around her to check if she recognized anyone in the laughing and applauding crowd but realized that making any eye contact would only further heighten her sense of shame. It was best probably not to know.

She continued up the ladder, which was really quite a struggle with a fully soaked dress, upon which she kept stepping as she struggled to move up each rung.

Just when she reached the top and was about to climb over, with the help of Bradley who was reaching out a hand, the lower part of her dress and slip became entangled on the rung of the ladder beneath her left foot. The rest of her dress gave way and fell off her waist and down to her ankles. With the thin straps now long gone the silk sheath that was serving as her belt proved to be wholly inadequate in holding up the heavily soaked cotton. She was now wearing only her soaked panties.

"Oh my goodness!" Shelley exclaimed in horror and did the only thing she felt she could do. She let go of the ladder to cover her now exposed cunnie as well as her breasts, and fell back into the tub with a big splash.

The crowd was hysterical with joy. It was such a great show. They would probably feel bad, or at least some of them would, if they knew how embarrassing it was for Shelley, but they figured that she was probably just playing along, as Lexi had. In any case, Shelley was clearly putting on a much better show than Lexi.

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