tagLoving WivesThe Reno Story Ch. 1

The Reno Story Ch. 1


Lee and I decided the time had come to take a vacation.

My work as a Massage Therapist leaves me free to come and go pretty much as I please, and I can always get a substitute to take over my classes at the college I teach at.

Lee is a nurse, and she also doubles as a freelance accountant, so once tax time is over, it's time to go somewhere.

This year we picked Reno, no particular reason, I felt like pulling the handle on a few slots and sitting around some.

I let Lee handle the arrangements, she booked us into an "Executive Suite", it was nice! I couldn't believe it, she found a "friends fly free" ticket online, so we went for half price.

Then she somehow managed to get the room for $99.00 a night on another online special she found. Usually we ended up in some little corner hotel room with a bed and that would be about it.

Not this time, we were riding high for a change!

After settling in, we wandered off down to the casino, each of us with $500 in our pockets to lose.

I was sitting in front of one of those nice diamond $1 machines, playing $2 at a time slowly, trying to make the money last. I had just hit the button when I dropped one of the coins on the floor, and reached to pick it up when bells started ringing!

I looked around to see what the racket was, when I realized it was my machine! I looked up, all 3 double diamonds in a nice little row!

I was quickly surrounded by a group of very large guys, shaking my hand and patting me on the back.

I was beginning to wonder what the fuss was, after all, that was $1600.00, a big win, but not worth all of this activity!

Lee came running over and hugged me, so I asked her what the fuss was over a $1600.00 win.

"It's the progressive, put your glasses on!" she laughed.

I looked at the screen, and still didn't see what she meant. I reached in my pocket and got my glasses, (blind as a bat up close) and looked again. There sat the 3 TRIPLE diamonds, all in a row. I looked up at the flashing lights on the progressive screen, it read, $1,682,790.00!!!!

(This isn't a joke, read the Reno paper to see my smiling 55 year old face and my pretty wife, Lee)

I felt my knees give out a bit, and sat down on the stool and just stared at the screen. They took a bunch of pictures, I was thinking I wished I had on something other than blue jeans and a levi shirt. I saw the picture posted in the casino the next day, and thought the same thing.

After they had filled out the paperwork, (talk about mess up my tax bracket!) We headed off to the office for them to cut the first check, it seems one doesn't get all the money, it is paid out in 25 installments. We just got there, and Lee's name was called over the loudspeaker, she was drawn for some crazy cash whirl thing. She had just 3 minutes to get there, she looked at me and I said "Go!

"I have to watch this!" I told the guy who was doing the rest of the paperwork, and off I went after her!

Now you may think I was nuts but no way was I going to miss my wife standing in there trying to stuff money in that little slot with bills flying in the air all around her!

They put goggles on her, and locked her in this glass cage, and just before they hit the switch it struck me what she was wearing!

Her blouse and skirt were white, matching, and of soft material. The skirt came to just above her knees, the blouse was one of those cutoff styles popular today, it left her navel bare, and fit loosely.

"Uh oh!" I thought, just as they hit the switch.

Instantly, money was flying everywhere, Lee's skirt flew almost straight up over her waist, her blouse did the same!

Lee never wears underwear.....

I saw her hesitate for a second, and try to pull the skirt down, then it hit her she had just one minute! She only got to keep the cash that went through the slot. She just started stuffing it in there as fast as she could. There must have been 300 people standing around. I heard a gasp from the crowd as they realized what was happening, Lee's skirt was doing a better job of covering her breasts than the blouse was!

One solid minute, nothing she could do but stuff the money in the slot. To make matters worse, she had to kick at the money that kept piling up on the floor at her feet, to get it flying in the air again.

The one saving grace was the money flying around, all one could get was glimpses, but I got several, and so did the crowd. Finally, mercifully, the machine stopped. The announcer was at a loss for words for a few seconds, finally, he said, "Well, we didn't expect anything like that!"

The crowd erupted in a huge round of applause. Then they counted out the money, she had $118.00. Lee looked at me, reached under her skirt and pulled out a $100 bill that had stuck to her! The only $100 bill in the pile of cash, and guess where it stuck! The announcer looked at her as she went to hand it to him, laughed and said, "Honey, you get to keep that one!"

The crowd roared with laughter, and erupted in another round of applause.

We went back over to the office, they were all grinning ear to ear, it seems they had radios, everyone in the place knew what had happened.

I asked them if we could get some of the jackpot money in cash. They handed us $20,000, and a check for the rest of the first payment.

They also upgraded us to one of their "Executive" suites, 2100 Sq Ft, stocked bar, computor online and loaded, big screen TV, you name it. All on the house.

By the next day, my face was plastered all over the casino, it was a bit of a problem to be honest. Every time I would sit down to play a machine, someone would come up to me to shake my hand, or try to strike up a conversation. I also noticed that suddenly there were a LOT of very attractive women around me, acting like they were trying to catch my eye.

Usually one of the cocktail waitresses would come by about every 10 minutes or so, it now seemed like they were everywhere! I couldn't even order a drink, if mine got down a third, a new one would appear, the ladies would make a point to bend over and give me a peek down the front of the skimpy outfits they wore. I never saw so many nipples in such a short time in my whole life!

I did notice one young woman, she caught my eye for some reason. She was playing a quarter machine not too far away from me. She was blonde, slender and about 35 or so. I noticed her arms at first, the muscles were strong and well defined. As a Massage therapist, I see things like that if this makes sense. I glanced her direction, she caught the look and smiled. It was almost like the sun came out, I liked the way she looked.

Lee came by to ask me how I was doing, I was letting the Casino get some of their money back, to be truthful. The $5 machine I was playing seemed to be programmed to recover as much as possible.

She showed me a tax form for $1500, it seems she had hit a triple triple 3 bar machine. "Just great!" I told her. "More taxes!"

Lee laughed, and asked me what I was going to do about the lady sitting nearby. I guess she had noticed my interest. I just grinned, and told her, "Not much chance for an old coot like me with someone like that."

She just smiled, and told me to go for it! "Right now, Ted," she said, "You get your pick! You will never be in this position again." Then she looked me right in the eye, and told me, "So am I! Let's have some fun!"

I grinned at her, knowing her so well. "So who do you have YOUR eye on?" I asked her. "Brad, the announcer" she said, matter of factly. "He has been hitting on me all day."

I thought for just a second, we had just 3 days left. "Why not?" I grinned at her. "Let's tell each other the stories when we get home."

Lee smiled, that knowing look on her face, and headed off across the casino. I watched her go, the soft clothes she wore hugging her slim frame giving me that familiar twitch it always does.

Then I turned and smiled at the lady sitting a few feet away. She smiled back, I lifted my hand to test my newfound power, and said, "Hi!"

She got up and walked over to me slipping her soft hand into mine. "I am Caroline". I let my gaze wander bluntly up and down her slender frame, making my intentions obvious. She just basked in my gaze, then asked "What room number?" I told her, she said, "15 minutes". I nodded with a smile.

"Well, THAT was easy! This is going to be a fun 3 days", I thought, as I got up and headed to the room...

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