tagLoving WivesThe Reno Story Ch. 2

The Reno Story Ch. 2


I almost ran to the elevators, flashing my keycard to the security guard as I went by.

I was feeling pretty good! I had just knocked off 1.6 million on a $2 slot machine for god's sakes! Now that sounds like a PILE of money, but by the time they spread it out over 25 years, and took out the taxes it shrank that first $670,000 some odd check down to about half, and I knew our wonderful John Kitzhaber, our "tax & spend" Governor of the State or Oregon would be wanting to talk to me when I got home. Since Oregon has a 9% tax rate, there went another 50 grand!

Still, I was on a roll!

I had gorgeous cocktail waitresses flashing their titties at me all morning, (well perhaps the $5 token every time they brought me a drink helped with that...

Topping it all, my wonderful wife Lee realized the situation, and I had her complete permission to just go nuts with the females for the rest of the week.

Of course, she expected the same courtesy, but I am not the jealous type.

I grabbed a quick shower in the room, and wrapped myself up in one of the big terrycloth robes the Hotel supplied with the fancy suite.

Just 15 minutes after I was in the room, the phone rang. "There is a young lady named Caroline who has requested to come up to your room, sir." The security guard said, a questioning tone in his voice.

"Yes, please send her up," I replied. "Yes, SIR!", he responded. I could almost hear the grin in his voice.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. "A doorbell on a hotel room?" I thought, laughing out loud.

I opened the door and there stood Caroline, a nervous smile on her face. I stepped aside, and let her in. "WOW!", she said, as she looked around the room.

Then she turned and looked at me. I was suddenly aware of the fact that all I had on was the robe. and I was suddenly uncomfortable.

"Just a moment, I will go get dressed" I told her.

"Don't bother on my account", she answered, stepping into the living room. "Would you like a drink?" I asked. "Sure, what do you have?" I walked over and opened the double doors to the booze cabinet, there was about everything one could imagine in there.

"Bailey's will be nice", she said. I poured a glass of Bailey's, and a shot of R & R for me. Old habits die hard, there were some bourbons in there that I knew cost 10 times the R & R, but hell, I LIKE R & R.

It suddenly hit me that she might be a working girl. I had no idea of what to say or how to ask, I have never in my life ever hired one. It also hit me that here is was in a fancy hotel room, with a beautiful woman, and I didn't even know her last name. To top it off, I knew absolutely nothing about the situation, other than the fact we were here.

Caroline picked up on my hesitation, and smiled at me. "I am not for sale," she told me simply. "I am here because I want to be!"

I suddenly felt nervous as a teenager, she stepped up to me and slipped her fingers inside the top of my robe, letting the back of her hand brush my chest. I almost instantly was erect! Her hands slid down, inside the opening of my robe. She lifted my balls, then let her hand come up around my shaft, just fondling. "Mmmmmm" escaped her lips. She took a sip of her Bailey's, and opened the top of my robe and began to press her lips against my chest.

We were standing in the middle of this huge living room, and here was this beautiful woman fondling me and kissing my chest! Her lips surrounded one of my nipples, she rolled the very tip between her lips. I felt waves of pleasure shoot through my body.

From instinct, my hands came down to her shoulders, and I began to knead the muscles alongside her neck. It obviously felt good to her, she reached down with both hands, and rolled my foreskin back. Then she dropped to her knees, and pulled me into her mouth. She licked and caressed for several minutes, then suddenly stood up. Grabbing the remote, she punched a couple of buttons, music started, a soft Manilow tune. I didn't even know the controller would do that yet.

"Sit" she said forcefully, pressing me back in the chair. She stood quietly for just a few seconds, then began to move to the music. Slowly, one button at a time, she undid her blouse, then turned her back and slipped it off. Turning back to me, she stood for a moment with both hands over her breasts, then she turned and let her hands fall. Her nipples were a rosy color, some kind of rouge, I guessed. Both breasts swung out and then turned up, the nipples stood high and firm.

Slipping the zipper on the side of her skirt, she quickly removed that, and stood nude before me. Caroline was a natural blonde with just a wisp of pubic hair, all natural, no need to shave. I sat quietly and looked at her, beautiful in the afternoon light streaming in the window. She took my hand and led me to the bed in the other room, again pressing me back on it. Then she climbed on me in the 69 position, presenting that beautiful pussy right in my face! I looked at her, her lips swelling with her excitement. Taking me in her mouth again, she began to lick and tease me.

I let my tongue reach out to touch her, using it to separate her folds. She tasted sweet, the flesh of her outer lips actually moved and squirmed in reaction to the touch of my tongue. In no time at all, we were going at it frantically! I felt her clench her thigh muscles, as she orgasmed firmly in a half dozen sweet waves. Then with a little shudder, she relaxed, as I used my hands to stroke her fanny and upper legs.

Swapping ends, she sat on my chest. I could reach those marvelous small titties, they were firm, no hint of a sag. I suspected that since she had gone right for my nipples, that hers would respond in kind. I leaned forwards to suck one in my mouth, her head went back and a low groan escaped her. I reached over with my free hand, and rolled the tip of the other nipple in my fingertips, while my left hand reached down and fondled the cleft between her cheeks. I could just feel her pussy lips brushing the palm of my hand.

Caroline started sliding down my body, until the end of my penis just touched her. She took a deep breath, looked me right in the eyes, and then lowered onto me. Neither of us used our hands, we just fit together just like that.

Finally she was pressed firmly pubic bone to pubic bone, she paused there, just feeling me. Then she started long easy strokes, I could feel every inch of her wrapped around me.

This went on and on. Finally, she began to go slower and slower, until her movement was almost imperceptible. I felt the beginnings of an eruption, I would reach the edge and hang, then fade back slightly, then reach the edge again. Caroline grabbed both of my nipples and squeezed, I took the hint and did the same to her. Then she pressed down, and clamped her vagina down on me and I was gone. Together we ground against each other, she had my nipples pinched so hard it was pleasure pain, I was doing the same to her as we climaxed exactly in unison.

Finally we began the long sweet slide down from orgasm, still enjoying being pressed together.

I had long since forgotten everything but her, and the moment, it was one of those special times. No furious fast fuck here, this was two people trying hard to give pleasure, while taking in return.

Caroline slipped up and off me, and went and got some towels to wipe down with.

"That was as close to the most perfect sex I have ever had", she told me. I had to admit, I couldn't agree more. I have had massive orgasms, but this was not only that, but something about being perfectly in unison added to it.

As we sat on the couch later, quietly sipping our drinks and just basking, I asked her, "Why me"?

She giggled, "I think my husband is with your wife!"

"Husband?" I answered, a bit startled. "You mean the announcer guy?"

"Yes, that is Brad, he was flirting with her all morning," she said. "So I decided to try for you!"

"Well, I hope she has fun" I said.

"I think your wife might be needing you later, if I know Brad", she said with a giggle. "I hope we can do this again before you guys leave!"

Reaching for her, I said "Sure! How about right now!"

Caroline looked down at my erection sticking out of the front of my robe. Reaching for me, she said with a giggle, "You are sure lucky, but your wife is even luckier!"

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