tagLoving WivesThe Reno Story Ch. 4

The Reno Story Ch. 4


One little pull on a handle, actually, it was a button, but you know what I mean! It changed my life.

$1.6 MILLION, yes, with an "M" in the front! Suddenly I was important, it seemed. Everywhere I turned, there were beautiful women smiling at me. Now I am still to this day absolutely sure that it is my natural good looks, but the truth is, I am now in my middle 50's. The head has a bit less hair than it used to, there is a bit of a pot belly and the usual effects of being in one's 50's.

Lee, my lovely wife, picked up on the change. She explained to me that I get to do this just one time, it would never happen again. For just a few days, I would get to do anything I wanted, have any lady I wanted (almost) and just go crazy!

So I picked up Caroline, took her up to my room, and we more or less got it on from one side of the huge room to the other. With her, I soon found out it wasn't the money, me, or anything other than her hubby was messing around with MY wife, she was getting revenge!

Dang, I will take a shot of revenge like that anyday, to be honest!

Lee and I sort of molested a couple of maids, I threw enough money on the table that they couldn't turn it down, they both stripped and cleaned the room totally nude while we sat and watched. I felt a little guilty afterwards, it's really not like me to take advantage of someone, but at the same time, it was fun!

There was this slender redheaded cocktail waitress that spent a lot of time showing me her titties. I concede that I love that, it would be nice to say that she did it because she liked me. But the truth is, the 2 $5 tokens I threw on her tray each round was probably the cause of that...

No matter, I was having fun!

Then I popped a $5 machine for $20,000!! Actually, that was no big deal, compared to the day before, it was peanuts...But the REAL problem when something like this happens is one no longer gets to be normal!

To give you an example, Lee wanted a Bailey's and coffee, we had Bailey's, no coffee, so I called room service. Up came a pot of coffee, the skinny kid with spiked hair all blonde on the ends held out his hand, I tipped him $5 and he looked at me like I had just stiffed him, and stuck his hand out for more! I looked at him and told him to get his ass out, $5 to deliver a fucking pot of coffee was enough!

Lee laughed at that, and told me I was being a prick. I told her that with the kind of money we had right now, we could be as big of pricks as we wanted to be and nobody was going to say one word! *I was right, too!

Anyway, Lee had grinned at me after the maids left, and told me she had bought me a present. When I found out it was the little redhead I found so cute, I just have to admit to being tickled. But I WAS concerned about one thing....I even went into the bathroom, grabbed my dick and stroked it a bit, just to see if there was anything left! (TOLD you I am in my 50's...*LOL*) Well, there was a quiver, but that was about it...

I sat down on the huge couch, and clicked on the big screen TV, The Winston was on! I love to watch car racing, those guys are crazy! So I sat there for awhile, and watched them run over each other at around 180 MPH, great fun.

Then there was a knock on the door. Lee got up, and sure enough, it was the redhead...She introduced herself as Carlene, pretty name, one I can't say I ever heard before. She came into the room, smiled at me and Lee, and asked for a drink.

I served her a Bailey's and coffee, just like Lee drinks. She settled in on the couch by me with a smile, kicked off her shoes, and said, "It's been a long day!"

I was thinking that I had already seen her titties, and I mean a clear view. Carlene was small busted, she could just lean her shoulders forward and pop her nipples and freckles right into view with no effort. I do admit to being a total pervert in that respect, there is nothing I like more than a lady who will deliberately show off her assets, no matter the reason.

So we were all just sitting there, doing some small talk, I was sipping on a whisky. Carlene got up, and said something about time to get to work, and took off her blouse! I sat there awestruck, he had those kinds of soft peaky nipples common to redheads, a full run of freckles all over the upper part of her breasts, and she looked good! I love a sleek, trim woman, small in the bust and slim in the hips. I was feeling just the beginnings of a boner, I thought that this would be amazing if I had one good shot left!

Lee knows me well, she just smiled, got up and walked over to Carlene, and slipped a nipple in her mouth. That was a surprise, I had never seen any tendencies toward the ladies in Lee before, but what the hell!

I just leaned back to watch. In short order, Lee's blouse was off, too, and soon they were both nude. Neither one was wearing panties, I knew Lee wasn't, she doesn't own any. But Carlene was a surprise.

Beautiful, she was as red between her legs as she was on her head.

One thing I do love about redheads, they usually have little if any pubic hair to speak of, so one gets a good look at real flesh, and Carlene was no exception in this respect. She was bulging outwards, in obvious excitement. Carlene got Lee down on her back, and soon was lapping away for all she was worth, Lee' was returning the favor from underneath, I just sat there amazed.

Finally I got up, and walked up behind Carlene. I reached out and stroked the muscles of her back, down over her butt, and let my fingers slip between her legs. I was greeted there by Lee's tongue, lapping away, I could feel Charlene's wetness.

"Do it!" Lee gasped. I reached up and flicked the catch on my jeans, letting them fall to the floor. I stepped out of them about 3/4 hard, and stroked Charlene's bottom some more. I watched Lee flick Charlene's clit with her tongue, then she reached up with both hand and spread her open! "Do it!" she gasped again.

I stepped forwards, and leaned up against Charlene. Lee reached up and grasped my dick, now as hard as it was going to get, considering I had gotten off no less than 4 times in the last day! I leaned forwards, Lee' s hands supported me as I began to slide in, more and more, until finally I was all the way. I started a furious pounding, as Charlene raised her butt to meet my thrusts. I must have maintained that pace for 5 minutes, before I finally felt a building in my balls.

Charlene pulled away suddenly, rolled over, and opened her legs. I reinserted, and started hammering away at her like a madman, she was tight as a woman can be.

Soon I was building again, and let loose a blast close to as strong as earlier with Caroline. She was right behind me,gasping and shuddering.

Finally, we finished up, and I lay there, exhausted. Charlene grinned at me, and said "Pretty good", I will come back before you guys leave if you like!"

I looked at her, she smiled and got dressed, leaving Lee and I alone.

We snuggled up, just enjoying our skin against each other, like we do so often.

I looked at her and asked, "What did that set us back?"

"One thousand dollars, I negotiated 2nds for free just in case," She laughed.

"Just in case of what?" I asked her.

"Well, just in case you had run out of gas," she giggled. "But it Looks like you are running on premium... and I bet you get seconds...

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