tagLoving WivesThe Reno Story Ch. 5

The Reno Story Ch. 5


Saturday rolled up way too soon to suit me. I would just as soon have stayed in Reno for another week or two.

But life calls, so Lee and I bagged up our stuff and headed for the airport.

By this time I had long since lost the $10,000 in cash the Casino had given me, but I still had $18,000 of the big win on the $5 slot machine. I asked Lee how she was doing, she had the whole $10,000 left and a couple of hundred extra.

Cool! Combine that with the check I had in my wallet and we were fat city, a cool 1.6 Million plus. Sure, it was going to get spread out over 25 years, I could deal with that....

Lee and I walked along hand in hand, we got to the area where they check the bags and things. It really is a little unnerving to see big people standing there with machine guns slung over their shoulders...This is America, but I understand..

I went right through, Lee got a buzzer. Dang, that is always a pain in the butt. now they would check out everything she had. Nothing for me to do but step forward and stand there and wait.

They took Lee into a little booth, and checked her over. The lady checking her was probably surprised to lift her dress and find nothing underneath, Lee no longer owns or wears underwear..

She was in there a good 10 minutes, as the lady poked and probed and checked her out. I had to concede Lee looked hot, hell, she is 45 and as nasty looking as a 45 year old woman in shape can look!

I just stood there, finally, they let her through. I asked her what set off the machine, she told me the clips in her shoes. They had gone right through in Portland on the way down, I thought that was odd.

We finally got our boarding passes, she was #4, I was #5, that was cool, it meant we got our pick of seats. We always choose the emergency row, I sit facing backwards, she sits across from me. That works good, I have long legs, she has short legs, we end up with lots of room!

We sat down and waited while the Southwest Airlines plane filled up.

I started to doze, lord knows I had it coming. I was short of sleep, no doubt at all! To top it off, my butt hurt, I had stuffed the cash partly in my wallet, and partly in another little folder we bought and put it in my other hip pocket. There wasn't room even them, and I had more cash stuffed in my two front pockets, and even more in my shirt pocket, buttoned down solidly. The last thing I noticed was a young man sitting down beside me on the left, and another one sitting down by him. *I always grab the window seat, this gives me room and first shot at the emergency window, (and also means I get to be the last person off the plane in an emergency.)

Soon a lady took one of the seats by Lee, then another older man.

I was tired, I really planned on sleeping the trip away, when I happened to glance at Lee and noticed she had one knee pulled back, the other stretched out. She was wearing that same flimsy skirt, and one of those modern blouses that look like underwear to me.

I was just starting to doze off anyway when the guy next to me elbowed me and said, "Hey man! Check this out!"

I opened my eyes, Lee was sitting there with her right leg pulled back, her left leg stretched out, dang, this gave us a view nearly all the way up her dress.

Now since I knew for a fact that she had no underwear on, all she had to do was relax and let her leg slide sideways, and she would pop right out into view!

I did a little internal struggle, I was thinking about just dozing off for the whole damned trip, but if Lee was in the mood to flash I sure didn't want to miss anything.

I responded to the guy with a mutter, he seemed satisfied, I guess he just felt guilty watching by himself or something. He tried to scoot down in the seat some to improve his angle as Lee just sat there pretending not to notice.

I looked at Lee's top. It was one of those see through types we see on the 16 year olds today, best suited for underwear. She had on a sports bra underneath that didn't do a lot to hide anything..it hit me then that I didn't even know she owned one, she must have bought it in Reno.

Lee put her leg down as we got airborne, soon we were all working our jaws to get the pressure equalized. I watched Lee reach down and lean forward, when she leaned back, her left leg came up and she opened her legs a few inches. She sat there and fiddled with her shoe, fiddled with her feet, getting wider and wider, and then...she was open!

I could see her pussy plain as day from my vantage point, and was sure the guy beside me could miss nothing, either. The poor guy in the row seat was just a little too far to get a peek, but he had picked up on the show. He was trying to lean over to get a better view.

This went on for maybe 20 minutes or so, then Lee got up to stretch her legs. A few minutes later she sat back down, and hooked up her lap belt. As she did, she carelessly caught the hem of her skirt in the belt, clipped it and pulled it up snug. This slid her dress all the way up to her crotch, hell, there was only about two inches sticking out below the buckle.

Then she reached down and tripped the seat back, reclining it, turned her head to the side, and pretended to doze.

She was being blatant enough that I wanted to reach out and pull her skirt down, but I know her well enough to know she was having fun.

Even with this going on, I found myself dozing off.

Hell, he nudged me again...I told him, "I ain't blind"..I glanced over at Lee, she seemed asleep. But her knees were about as far apart as she could get them and not crowd the person next to her. I looked down between her legs, as she sat there almost completely exposed. She knows me, knows I get a kick out of her doing things like this. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that the guy next to me had a fairly large bulge in the front of his pants. I sized him up, good looking, in shape, probably late 30's. I wondered for a minute if Lee's little display wasn't as much because of him as it was because of me.

At my age, getting it up 2 times in a week is pretty good, 3 times is pressing things, I had just laid Lee once when we first got to Reno. Then I had gotten Caroline up to the room for two rounds, a rare thing for me, then Carlene, my foreskin felt like someone had been working on it with a cheese grater, I was sore and swollen. But Lee had me pretty much up and ready again anyway.

We were just a few minutes from landing, I knew that as soon as we did, it was Lee and I again...back to normal...

That's not such a bad thing! I patted the check, folded up in my shirt pocket, and thought, "Nope, not a bad thing at all...."

As we made the long walk from the plane to get our bags, Lee and I reached out and held hands. "Are you two together?" a voice asked. I looked over my shoulder at the guy who had just been sitting next to me. "Well, yea," I answered. He smiled, and said, "Thanks for the show!" Lee giggled, and gave him a big smile.

So just to be mean, I reached in my pocket, and grabbed one of my cards. I handed it to the guy, I didn't even know his name. "You don't ask, you don't get," I told him....

I looked at Lee, she just grinned.....Hell, I guess it was her turn...

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