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The Replacement


My Mothers impressed upon me the importance of keeping up standards when I took up my birthright as Lady Parkwood. One was to always have a pleasure slave for overnight guests. Since I gave Tina to the Admiral as a cabin boy, the search was on for a replacement.

I went to the government 'Age of Submission' auction, and several private auctions but had no luck. I believe a pleasure slave should first and foremost be pleasing to the eye. Most of the offerings were plain looking at best. I did bid on a chubby little thing with a beautiful face, but was outbid.

A dealer I'd done business with before drew me aside. "I don't have a picture with me, and it's not on my web site yet, but keep an open mind and come see her. I think you'll be interested."

Well, if she were an angler and I was a trout, the hook was set.

That night I took the willowy maid Vivian to bed. Rather than punish bad behavior I prefer to reward good. Vivian has been very good so I'll reward her.

I wait on the couch in my suite for her. I wear the sheer long sleeve ankle length gown that was to be worn over a black teddy. It's see through material so soft and light. It flows when I move. Forget the teddy.

A gentle tap on my door and there's my sweet bed warmer. Vivian is slim and pale. I have her light brown hair cut to just touch her shoulders. She's wearing the nightie we gave her for Christmas. Pale pink, short sleeves, mid thigh length. It has medium pink ribbons that tie in bows all down the front. The satin like material is so liquid, her little nipples are poking at it. I knew the nightie would be perfect for her. She's just like a special present to open.

She stands in front of me looking down. Her arms at her side, her hands clasped in front. Her feet bare. I just love how she always starts off so shy.

I pat the couch beside me. "Come sit with me Sweetheart." I stroke her long silken hair, then gently hold her shoulder. I lift her chin with a finger and turn her face to me. I give her a warm smile. She looks inquiringly back. Those pretty big brown eyes. Then she gives me that heart melting shy smile. I kiss her lips. Vivian is a yummy kisser. We kiss some more. Soon her lips part and her tongue is poking my lips apart. I love how her kisses go from shy, to exploring, to desperately needy.

Soon her hands were no longer folded on her lap. I feel little fingers walking under the material of my robe and tracing around my nipples. I spread the gossamer material away.

"Please Sweetheart."

Vivian kissed down my neck and began kissing fondling and suckling. Her other hand was stroking my pussy lips.

I stroked her hair aside and kissed her neck. I stroked down her satin covered back. Her lips were on my nipples. Her fingers were in my cunt.

"Good girl, good baby, yes, that's my sweetie, yes. Mm yes."

Vivian slips to the carpet between my legs. She looks up at me. her smile is no longer shy, it's lustful.

Wow, what a kisser. I'm leaning back, eyes closed, luxuriating in Vivian's talent. A finger on my G spot, a kiss on my clit and she begins a low growling hum.

That's it! All I can do is hang on and gasp.

The east wall of my bedroom is all glass. The full moon is just rising across the valley. When I'm calm enough to speak I say, "Turn out the lights Baby, lets go to bed."

Whoever did the housework in my suite today made the bed with the royal blue satin sheets. In the moonlight they look black, contrasting with my cutie's pale skin and light pink nightie. She seems to almost glow.

I dropped my robe on the couch while she was turning out the lights. I gently laid her back on the bed and kissed her. I straddled her and began undoing the pink bows. Starting at her collar. She looked up at me, biting her lower lip. Her mouth opened and the tip of her tongue traced along her upper lip as I untied each pretty pink bow.. Down down, slowly, gently, bow to bow.

Last one. I fold the right side of her nightie open. Then the left side. What a trim little body. Small boobs, little pink nipples. I don't have her shave because her pubes are such a silky little patch.

One nipple between the thumb and fore finger of each hand, I roll them until they are hard little nubs. Vivian moans. I increase pressure then pull them. She squeals. I kiss each one.

I kiss down. I stick my tongue into her belly button. She squeals and giggles. I tickle my nose in her silky patch. I kiss her cunt lips, then scoop her legs onto my shoulders.

I push my tongue into her. I spread her open with my fingers. She's very wet. Her juices are flowing. I kiss and lap her sweet treat. I lightly touch the tip of a finger to her clit. Vivian gasps, but her conditioning is powerful. I push three fingers deep inside her. Vivian is mewing, but she doesn't cum.

I look up at her pretty eyes. She looks back, so desperate.

"Baby, you may cum for me." I kiss her clit.

Vivian gasps then giggles. Her heels beat my back as she thrashes. Her hands hold my face down.

So satisfying. 'Yes Baby, you deserve this,' I think.

When she lands I kiss my way up and pull the satin sheet over us as I cuddle her. She snuggles closer and whispers in my ear. "I love you."

"I know sweetheart. I love you too."

After I've fallen asleep she will quietly go to her room, of course.


Rebeca my hostess, picks the maid's uniforms each day. When Kate, with the curly red hair brings my tea to my room I see it's a 'naughty school girl' day. They'll all be wearing shiny black flats, white ankle socks, blue micro mini skirts white cotton panties, white cotton shirts and blue neckties. The ones with long enough hair will have it in pony tails held with blue ribbons.

I worked in my office until Sharon came to say lunch was ready. I phoned the dealer to make sure she's be there then asked Rebeca to have a car and driver ready after lunch.

The dealer, Marian, has her showroom on the third floor of a downtown office/retail building. We sat on a red velvet couch. Her assistant brought coffee.

"Darling, bring in number seven please."

Number seven was quite the item.

A little taller than me. Big brown eyes, long lashes, high cheek bones, straight thin nose and beautiful teeth. Her long straight brown hair was cut in a 'V" that ended half way down her slender back. Her breasts were high and plump with big aureola and inch long nipples the diameter of my thumb. She had a thin waist and generous hips, and long long legs. Her perfect skin was a beautiful tan. Her pubes were trimmed to a little arrowhead pointing at her cunt.

She stood tall and proud, glancing contemptuously down at us.

"Turn around Girl." I tried to sound like a mistress. Wow what a piece. Absolutely flawless.

"Take it away."

"What? Didn't you like it? Have you ever seen a more beautiful one?"

"No, very beautiful. The problem is it knows it too. It's never been broken. That's why it's here. Right?"

"Well, er, the previous owner had some issues with it."

"So, what are you asking?"

She quoted a price.

I wrote a figure on the back of one of my calling cards

"Oh no, Lady Parkwood, I have to make a living here."

"Well, I'll keep looking. Keep my card, if you change your mind call me."

After days later Marian called with a counter offer. We dickered, and settled on a price. I went to my toy box and got restraints to take along.

"By the way, does it have a name?"



Even packaged to travel with a ball gag and drool running down it's chin, Marlene's elbows cuffed behind it's back, and ankles hobbled, it still managed to look imperial.

I'd left instructions that only Rebeca should meet me when I returned. We took it into the French parlour to the left of the entrance, and I instructed for Rebeca to bring the maids and two bottles of wine at four. I stood my new purchase by the window and read my book.

At exactly four the rest arrived. Murmurs but no surprised gasps. Word travels fast in my little home.

"Tammy, Jill, will you serve the wine, please. Robin, there should be a deck of playing cards in the drawer over there. Will you bring it please."

I waited until everyone (Except the new one) had a glass.

"True Love Darlings." We toasted.

"Now, sweethearts as you know Tina is now the Admiral's cabin boy. Anyone of you is beautiful and talented enough to replace her, but the Captain and I just love you all too much to share you with guests, so, that is Wanda, our new pleasure slave." Changing her name is the first step in breaking her. "Now, we're all going to have fun working together training her. Now, lets unwrap her and see what she looks like.

"Kate. be a dear and lead Wanda to the center of the room.

"Good, Vivian, take off her blindfold.

"Robin, her ball gag.

"Jill, her ankle cuffs.

"Good, Tammy, the cuffs at her elbows.

"Sharon, unbutton and remove her frock.

"Oh dear, nothing for Kate. I'll think of something later honey."

I shuffled the cards. "Now, everyone draw a card. Aces high, high card wins."

Sharon drew the high card. "Sharon is the winner. Dear, Wanda is yours for the night.

Tammy, open another bottle of wine and give a glass to Wanda. Robin, go tell Chef we'll all eat in the blue dining room. That's a good girl."

What a lovely evening surrounded by my beautiful girls, laughing and talking. About eight Sharon asked to be excused, and led Wanda by the hand. Wanda tried to remain aloof but the others were having none of that, asking her questions and talking about life here on the estate. As they began to file out I put my hand on Kate's shoulder. "Why don't you come with me sweetie. You look very beautiful tonight." She smiled. Her green eyes twinkled.

"Draw a bubble bath while I select some nighties."

Curly red hair, white freckled skin, green eyes. She has round handful size breasts and a plump tush. I keep her pussy shaved.

So smooth soapy and slippery. We have a long fun bath. We thoroughly scrub each other.

" Mm, my little water nymph likes having her ass hole cleaned doesn't she?"

"Yes. Yes please, Mam."

We dry each other off. I give her a pale green satin nightie. Calf length, sleeveless ,backless. I wore my red baby doll. The music was low and soft. We danced close.

I slid a finger down her smooth freckled back. I slid it under her satin nightie and rubbed her sphincter. She moaned and kissed my neck.

"You know where I keep it. Bring the lube too, Love."

She's down on her knees practically licking her lips as I adjust the strap on. She kisses the big purple knob. She licks then swallows before putting a glop of lube on the palm of her hand and spreading it along the nine inch shaft.

"On the bed Baby, you know the position."

Her cheek on a pillow, her elbows on the mattress, her behind up in the air. I lift the hem of her nightie. What a beautiful tush.

As I finger her wet cunt I slide the purple treat into her ass. She rocks back towards it as I stroke and finger fuck her. She's very vocal.

"Yes, yes , fuck me hard. I'm a bad bitch."

"What are you?"

"I'm a bad worthless cunt."

"Who's cunt?"

"Yours Mistress. Yours."

"Whose ass hole?"

"Yours. I'm your no good slut Mistress."

I know she's ready. "You may come for me now."

"Aaah! Yes, yes, oh oh."

Kate begins crying. Big full body shaking sobs. I pull out and throw the strap on aside and pull her to me. I cuddle and sooth her. "You're alright baby. I love you I'll protect you. Calm down. It's OK sweetheart. I've got you. Hush. Hush."

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Sorry. Sorry. I'm no good. Sorry."

Kate's sobs become smaller, then sniffles, then slow steady breathing. As I cuddle her, sleeping in my arms I wonder what happened before I got her.


When Jill brought my morning tea it was a 'little grey dress with extreme spike heels' day. Sexy! Her legs displayed so nicely. The dress that hugs her from four inches above her knees to her bare shoulders. The half sleeves to her elbows. With her short straight black hair and perfect make up, well, what away to start the day.

After breakfast I ask Rebeca to bring Wanda to my office.

Even naked and barefoot she stood proud and straight, smirking at me.

"Wanda, down."

She started to sit on a chair.

"No. Bad girl. On your knees." I pointed at the floor in front of my desk. She obeyed but looked defiantly at me.

"Lets get this straight. I, OWN, YOU! I make the rules. Your pretty face, your mouth, your cunt, your asshole and your mind belong to me. Your feelings are of no importance. My pleasure, and that of whoever I give you to, is all that matters."

She continued to smirk. Probably heard this lecture before. I stood and walked around my desk. I stroked her cheek, then ran by fingers through her long straight hair. She smiled.

SMACK! She didn't see the full swing flat palm slap on her cheek coming.

"Now Wanda, my little fuck toy, lets talk about the rules."

"One, you will never look anyone in the eyes without permission.

"Two, anyone gives you an order, you will say "Yes Mam." and do it.

"Three, you will not speak unless asked to.

"Four, you will pleasure everyone who asks you, In any way they want, from guest to stable girl, during your training."

Here's Rebeca, good timing.

"Stand up."

She got to her feet and kept looking at the floor. She thought this training wouldn't last and she'd be in charge as with her previous owners, no doubt.

"Spread your legs so Rebeca can dress you."

She looked at Rebeca. Rebeca slapped Wanda's face. "Lady Jennifer did not give you permission to look." She moved behind Wanda and reached between Wanda's long smooth legs. She stroked and fingered Wanda's cunt until she started to moan, then pulled back. "Remember this Cunt, because it'll be a long time before you feel it again." Rebeca then strapped the chastity device around and between Wanda's hips and legs. She snapped the lock in place and gave me the key on it's fine golden chain.

"Bring in the others Rebeca."

She opened the office door. "Ladies, come in please."

The maids all filed in.

My turn to speak. "Ladies, Wanda is now in training. She's yours to use for your pleasure any time. She will help you with your chores. If her actions are not completely satisfactory, if she refuses an order, or is slow to comply, please let Rebeca know. Rebeca."

"Tammy, take her to the dressing room and give her a sack dress, she will be yours today, enjoy her and make her work. Bring her back here at four. Right, everyone, no questions... Good, off to work then, Darlings."

Rebeca lingered, then gently closed the door.

"What is it Sweetheart?"

"Well, Jen, well, I miss you. It's been over two weeks since, you know?" She looked down and blushed. A tear ran down her cheek. My mothers gave me Rebeca as a graduation present. She's about five years older than me. We're much more than owner and slave. She's like my big sister and best friend and lover. Of course I never had her 'conditioned'. She taught me so much.

I fold her into my arms. "Oh Darling, I never meant to hurt you. I'm sorry. Oh. Love. May I come to your room tonight?"

She nods. I dry her tears with a tissue, and kiss her cheek.

When Jill and Wanda come to my office at four they are surprised to see a security guard as well as Rebeca and I waiting.

"Wanda, down."

She kept her eyes down and knelt on the carpet where I pointed. Good start.

"Jill, did Wanda behave?"

"Yes, My Lady."

"Did she ,Dear? Don't try to protect her."

'Well, she didn't want to clean the toilets in the bathroom, but she did clean the shower stalls. Did a very good job of it too."

"Thank you Jill. You may go and join the others. That's a good girl."

I nodded to Rebeca who scooped Wanda's long hair up. "Hold your hair out of the way, Bitch." She then locked a wide leather collar around Wanda's throat.

"Stand. Pick up that bag."

The four of us went in the elevator then to the dormitory floor. Each maid has her own bedroom. There is a common lounge. We went to the bathroom area with toilets, showers, a long counter with sinks and a mirrored wall.

"Set the bag on the counter and take the chain out of it."

Rebeca took the chain. It had padlocks at each end. She said, "wrap the chain snug around that middle toilet and lock it."

Wanda looked at the guard, then got down and did as told.

"Stay down." There was about a meter of tail to the chain. Rebeca locked it to Wanda's collar. She couldn't get standing, or even sit on the seat. She was on her hands and knees on the hard tile floor in the small stall. I thanked the guard and sent her back to her regular duties.

"Now, Wanda, I expect this will be the last time you refuse an order. Sweet dreams, someone will come for you in the morning."

Rebeca has her own suite, next to mine. She took my hand and led me to it. There was a bucket with a bottle of Champagne, (Dom) and two glasses waiting. We sat on the love seat and toasted. We sipped and kissed.

Don't get me wrong. I love my Susan to the end of time, but Becky and I will always be together. Actually Captain Sue loves Becky too and is glad she's here with me when she's at sea. The threesomes have been amazing too, I might add.

Robin and Tammy came in with a trolley. They set a table for two, lit candles, curtsied, dimmed the lights and left.

Rebeca held my chair.

"Why, Miss Rebeca, are you trying to seduce me?" I giggled.

"Now, just relax. Don't you worry about a thing Little Princess." Becky swept my hair aside and kissed my neck. I just melt whenever she calls me her 'Little Princess'.

Such a slow romantic dinner. Hands touching hands. Fingers stroking. Smooth feet sliding up legs. Finger feeding each other, soft words.

Arm in arm, she led me to the bedroom. We undressed each other. Becky sat upright, her back to the padded headboard, her legs spread. "Come, sit with me."

I sat between her legs and leaned back to her embrace. One hand traced up and down from my chin to my pussy. The other hand gently cupped my left boob. She nuzzled my neck.

"That's right Sweetheart. Just relax. Let me guide you." Her gentle touch combined with her soothing voice. "Yes my beautiful Princess, you're safe with me. Remember what I taught you. Let everything go. Center your being. Becky will guide you. Be a gentle beautiful flower. You are swaying in a warm breeze. That's it."

Conscious thought drifted away. Fingers were inside me. I floated to their calling. It was beautiful, satisfying, warm and cuddly all mixed together. There were colors I couldn't describe, and music I couldn't identify. There was love and happiness beyond naming.

I was tucked under her arm, she was stroking my hair and gently kissing my face.

"Feel better now, Little Princess?"

"How did you know I needed this?"

"Hush, hush, Baby. Sleep now. You're safe with me."


It was a 'sexy maid' day when Vivian brought our tea, wearing extreme red spike heels, and a red velvet little number with white lace trim at the hem, cuffs and plunging collar. Her makeup was very slutty. Rebeca licked her lips. I know who she'll have tonight. She gave Vivian the key to the padlocks.

"Go get Wanda. Breakfast and bathroom, but no shower. You may have her today. Don't be shy about using her mouth to pleasure yourself. Touch her all you want. Make her work too. Bring her to the office at three thirty, Dear."

Little or no sleep, no shower, her hair tangled, no makeup, no orgasm. Wanda looked like crap. Vivian looked absolutely fuckable in her little red dress and 'whore' makeup.

Wanda stood looking down. Nice.

"Three thirty already? Well, has Wanda been a good girl?"

"Yes Lady Jennifer. She did exactly as told, and right away."

"Did she pleasure you? Was her mouth good?"

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