tagLesbian SexThe Replacement Maid Ch. 05

The Replacement Maid Ch. 05


Life went on for some time at home with my two girls dutifully reporting for work every day as usual. They still presented themselves each morning for daily inspection before I sent them off with a list of work to be done. Jasmine had now taken over the organisation of all this and I was happy to leave her to it. She reported any problems back to me which was usually down to some mistake or negligence of maria at least according to jasmine. Maria by now was totally under jasmine's thumb and would never dream of arguing with her and took any punishment stoically. Indeed as time went on she seemed to come to enjoy it. Occasionally I would let them have a day off but insisted that they took separate ones so that I wouldn't be without a maid. This allowed me the opportunity to play with each of them on their own. I tried to make the most of every opportunity.

And so life went on and settled into a routine which for a while seemed unchanging. That is until one day I had a phone call from an old friend.

"Hi, Christine, it's Jane. How are you?"

"Jane, how lovely to hear from you. I'm fine apart from not hearing from you for ages."

"I know and I'm really sorry. What are you up to these days?"

"Not a lot, just leading a life of leisure."

Jane was one of my very oldest friends. Whereas I had gained my financial security through inheritance and careful investments she had gained hers by marriage. A marriage sadly cut short by his death but lasting long enough to ensure that she was the beneficiary in his will.

"I've been hearing good reports about your 'life of leisure' from various friends," she said somewhat enigmatically.

"Reports about what?"

"How you're living in luxury being waited on hand and foot by two young girls," she replied hardly suppressing a giggle.

"Ahhh my two little maids. They're making my life a little more bearable."

"Errr can I ask your advice? It a slightly delicate matter."

"That's what friends are for my dear Jane. What's the problem?"

"Well you know that David died ..."

"I had heard, I'm so sorry."

"Oh don't be. I might sound like a cold-hearted bitch but he served his purpose. He happily left me quite well off. The problem is that wasn't the only thing I inherited. I've also been lumbered with a step-daughter."

"That sounds like fun. So what is the problem?"

"It's more one of your specialities than mine, Christine. It's a matter of discipline. She's 18 and never done a day's work in her life and doesn't seem keen on doing any. Her father didn't leave her any money, that all came to me, so I've been lumbered with her upkeep."

"I can see you have a problem but I'm not sure what I can do to help."

"Well rumour has been doing the rounds about you and your two maids. It's just the sort of job that pippa would need. Along with the discipline that came with it."

"But my two are more than enough for me. I'm not sure I could find space for a third."

"What I thought was ... errrr ... maybe we could do some sort of swap? I could really do with a maid that knows what she's doing and doesn't give me lip all the time."

"But why do you think I want to swap a fully trained maid for some stroppy teenager?"

"We've known each other for years, Christine, and I know you love a challenge. Don't tell me your two were fully trained when you took them on. And I really need someone, my place is looking like a mess and pippa is worse than useless."

"Why would she listen to me and do as I tell her?"

"Oh Christine I know you. Not many deny you and live to tell the tale," she said and laughed a conspiratorial laugh. I must admit that the more I thought about it the more I became intrigued.

"Can I think about it for a couple of days?"

"Of course."

"OK I'll get back to you. Lovely to hear from you anyway."

I put the phone down and sat back in my chair already making plans. Maria had come to me asking to be trained as a maid and I had gone as far along that path as I could go with her. As much as I would miss her and her compliance and willingness to take a good spanking, if I played my cards right I might be able to demand a fairly high transfer fee for her and in return get another novice to train up. I was sure that jasmine would prove more than useful in that regard however difficult any new girl might be. I decided to discuss the project with her so I reached for the small bell I used to summon her and rang it. Very soon she appeared at the doorway and then walked in and knelt in front of me.

"You rang, Mistress?"

"I did jasmine. A situation has arisen that needs some discussion. But first get up and come sit on my lap."

A look of relief came over her face when she realised she was not in trouble and at the prospect of sitting on my lap which was a rare privilege. She was a small girl and felt quite comfortable sitting sideways as she moulded herself into me and laid her head on my shoulder.

"I want to discuss maria and her future."

"Oh, Mistress, has she upset you in some way?"

"Far from it jasmine my dear, she has worked hard and taken to her training well. But the opportunity has arisen for a more permanent position for her as a maid in another house."

"Oh, Mistress, she'll be so pleased and so will her mother."

As I spoke I idly stroked up and down jasmine's smooth, soft thigh.

"We will miss her of course, jasmine, but I feel she is ready to move on. You have done well in helping with her training and the skills you have acquired may now be put to good use."

"How so, Mistress?"

"If my plans work out we may be taking on a new trainee."

She suddenly perked up and a smile spread across her pretty face although that might have been partly down to the fact that I was now stroking her increasingly wet pussy.

"From the reports I have had this may not be an easy task. She is, apparently, something of a difficult young girl who may not take kindly to discipline. Your workload might increase."

She started squirming on my lap as my fingers explored her further. For a moment her eyes closed before opening again and looking up at me. I slid a finger deep inside her pussy. She moaned and tried to speak.

"Fffffff ... yes, Mistress, i'll ... oh fuck that's good ... look forward to it."

I slipped my finger out of her and pushed her off my lap and onto the carpet.

"Go and fetch maria so we can tell her the good news."

Despite the look of disappointment on her face she obediently stood up and left the room on legs that were a little shaky. Smiling to myself I absentmindedly licked my finger, savouring the girl's juices. A few minutes later jasmine reappeared pushing maria in front of her. Maria immediately dropped to her knees in front of me while jasmine stood just behind her. I frowned at jasmine and looking slightly disgruntled she, too, dropped to her knees. With a look of doubt and worry maria looked up at me.

"You are a very lucky girl, maria."

Her look of concern turned to one of puzzlement.

"You came to me wishing to be trained as a lady's maid did you not?"

"Errrr yes, Mistress," she muttered wondering where this was leading.

"The good news is that I have found you a permanent position with a good friend of mine. You will serve her in much the same way that you have served me. But why the sad look? This is the chance to work in service that many girls would give their right arm for. You will be paid a regular wage, which I am sure will please your mother, so you should be delighted."

"But, Mistress, I don't want to leave you."

"Don't be silly, girl, it's a great opportunity. Besides my mind is made up. You will meet your new Mistress tomorrow. Make sure you are well presented."

"Yes Mistress," she replied visibly choking back a sob. As she gazed up at me I could see a tear in the corner of her eye. I beckoned for her to come closer and she shuffled across the floor until I could reach out and stroke her hair.

"My dear maria you have pleased me in the short time you have been here but it is now time for you to move on. I hope you have enjoyed your training as much as I have."

"Oh, Mistress, I've loved working for you." Her head dropped as she tried to hide her blushes.

"I know that jasmine and I have been cruel to you at times ..."

"Only when I deserved it, Mistress."

"Be that as it may I think as a farewell you should have a reward." Her head lifted suddenly and she had a look of surprise on her face tinged with a little nervousness as she tried to work out what I meant. I patted my knee and said, "come and sit here maria." She looked at me hardly believing that I would invite her to sit in my lap. Slowly she stood up before folding herself into me and laying her head on my shoulder. "Is that nice?" I asked. Not daring to risk speaking she nodded silently. Gently I tugged at her neckline until her pretty little breasts showed themselves. With one hand I played with her already stiff nipples while the other hand pushed her legs and spread them wide. When I lifted the hem of her uniform he pussy glistened with arousal. When I touched her she gave off a barely audible moan. I spread her lips, showing her off to jasmine who still knelt watching. I could detect just the faintest hint of jealousy in her eyes. She had become used to the roles being reversed when she would be the one sat on my lap and maria would be kneeling before us waiting for the instruction to pleasure jasmine.

"See how pretty your friend is, jasmine. Come closer and give her a farewell kiss."

Jasmine appeared momentarily to be shocked at my command but eventually walked on her knees across the carpet before bending her head and kissing maria's wet pussy. She knelt back with an annoyed look.

"You can do better than that, slut, give her a proper kiss."

With anger flashing in her eyes she leant forward again and applied her lips once more. I put my hand on her head and held her in place and she knew better than to struggle against me. Old habits and old training soon came to the fore and I could see her tongue beginning to do its work. I heard maria moan and begin to squirm on my lap. Her hands came down to jasmine's head and her fingers tangled in her hair pulling her in. I let go of my hold on jasmine and used both my hands to concentrate on maria's breasts. I rolled her nipples between thumbs and fingers and they seemed to grow under my ministrations. Her moans were louder now and her breathing was erratic. I felt her stiffen as her orgasm was about to burst upon her and I pinched both her nipples as hard as I could. She gave a scream that was half pain and half pleasure as she came almost violently. With difficulty I held her on my lap and stopped her falling to the floor. Her body quaked violently before slowly settling down. Jasmine started to lean back.

"Did I say you could move, jasmine? Get back to your pleasuring."

I felt maria's surprise as jasmine once more applied her lips and tongue. Her slack body became stiff once more as a second wave of pleasure started to take over mind. Her fingers tightened in jasmine's hair as she thrust her hips forward.

"Oh, Mistress ..." she managed to say between her gulps of air.

"Shhhh, maria, just enjoy."

She was very close to the edge once more, her body writhing and wriggling on my lap. I saw jasmine's fingers slide inside maria's cunt and as she came for a second time I pinched her nipples again, this time hanging on as her back arched and she swore loudly. Again I had to hold on to her to keep her safe. Slowly she calmed down and her breathing became normal. This time jasmine stayed in place waiting for permission to kneel back and her tongue still gently licked at maria's lips taking in all her cum juices. Her fingers were unmoving although still buried deep inside. I waited until maria was once more relaxed in my arms and then spoke in a half-whisper.

"Once more, dear maria."

She was about to protest when jasmine, who had overheard my comment, started to slide her fingers in and out of maria's cunt and her lips and tongue began work on her clit. My hands massaged her breasts, kneading and squeezing them, my thumbs flicking at her nipples. She breathed in deeply as pleasure started to take over her body once again. Her body began to stiffen as her third orgasm built within her. At the point of release I squeezed her whole breast tightly as she screamed loudly and then suddenly slumped and went silent as she fainted. I reached down and softly pushed jasmine's head away and she knelt back on her heels. Her face was shining with maria's arousal and I watched as her tongue came out and licked her own lips. I turned my attention to maria. Her hair was damp and stuck to her forehead so I carefully brushed it away from her closed eyes. Her mouth was open and I was relieved to hear her breathing regularly. As I looked her eyes flickered and began to open and she looked around trying to work out where she was. I leant down and kissed her gently on the forehead.

"Welcome back, maria."

"Mistress? What happened?" she said after a long pause.

"Its ok, maria, you just fainted," I replied, stroking her hair. "Just rest quietly for a moment."

I turned to jasmine. "You had better go and clean up before you get back to work. I shall want this house sparkling before tomorrow. I will send maria to help when she has recovered."

A little grumpily jasmine stood up and walked out of the room and I returned my attention to maria.

"And you, young lady, can get back to the floor. You are heavier than you look."

She reluctantly slipped off my knees and resumed her proper position.

"I know you are sad to be leaving, maria, but I'm sure you will enjoy your new employer and probably be enjoyed by her as well. Make an extra effort in the morning and make sure you are well shaved, it felt a little of stubble just now."

"I'm so sorry, Mistress, I promise I won't let you down."

"I'm sure you won't but now run along and freshen up then find jasmine and between you make me proud of both of you."

Eager as always to please she stood up and almost ran from the room. I settled back in my chair and thought about a new beginning. I was sure maria would please my friend Jane but I wondered how much trouble young pippa would be. I picked up the phone and dialled Jane's number. We made plans for tomorrow, arranging for her to visit mid-morning and stay for lunch. This would allow me to put pippa to work serving lunch with jasmine and maria and observe how she behaved. We agreed terms for the transaction which I managed to make quite generous in my favour. It had cost little to train maria and I looked to make a healthy profit which was very pleasing. After putting down the phoned I allowed myself a quiet smile of satisfaction.

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Hallo Mistress Christine!

I already dislike Pippa because of Maria,,, so I hope Jasmine, has as much fun with her as I would have!

Maria's fainting during orgasm, the French, call it (La petite mort!),more...

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