tagLesbian SexThe Report: After the Cop Leaves...

The Report: After the Cop Leaves...


Cherry watched Officer Leary leave. She had really just done that. Her friends had dared her and she took that dare and took it one step further and she felt VERY satisfied.

Annie and Gilda came running in and shut the door behind them. They were giggling as they sat on the floor in front of Cherry demanding she tell them EVERY detail.

"Annie and I didn't think you'd really do it," started Gilda. "He wasn't all that bad looking for a cop."

"I have to be honest, I think he was cute," Annie stated. "I've seen him around and hoped it was going to be him. I bet I'd have lost it and offered him a blow job!"

"You would not have, you're crazy!" proclaimed Gilda. "Plus, that would not have made the story believable and would have proven it was a set up." She then looked at Cherry and asked, "So, are you going to tell us everything?"

Cherry gave them each a bit of a 'look' as if to say, 'if you shut up...' And then proceeded to tell them everything she had told him, how Stew reacted and how funny it was seeing him sweat and then leave hunched over a bit. She then said how she modified things a little.

"I know the deal was that I'd just rub my pussy a bit in a way he couldn't really SEE anything, but I just got carried away."

"What did you do?" queried Annie.

Cherry turned around, bent over and put the fingers of one hand on her bum while the other rubber her still moist, hairless pussy. She said, "I did this and told him the guy wanted me to rub my asshole while I still rubbed my pussy. Demonstrating really got him bothered. I could hear his breathing quicken and honestly it made me very much want to finish for him."

She began to pick up on heavy breathing again and turned to see Annie and Gilda all flush and with their hands between their legs.

Cherry was no fool and began to see opportunity. She had indeed purposely tempted them. None considered themselves lesbian, yet they would from time to time masturbate with each other and did enjoy masturbating each other when horniness combined with a lack of a suitable male partner. But Cherry had begun to wonder what real sex with these two might be like. At the very least, she'd get to watch them take matters into their own hands after SHE turned THEM on.

She turned to face them and Annie blurted out, "No, keep going, this is getting interesting." Gilda agreed.

Cherry stepped towards them and allowed her scent to slip before their noses. She whispered how hot she had gotten doing this, and then, within a foot of their faces, turned again and began to rub letting them hear slight 'slooshing' sounds as she did. She spread her butt cheeks wide giving them a close, unobstructed view of her tight pink bumhole which she carefully shaved ever couple of days and washed vigorously each and every day, sometimes twice. It was her favorite place to wash and she grinned to herself as she bent fully to see the girls rubbing.

"You'd enjoy that far more if your clothes were off. I would too."

They both squirmed out of their pants and shirts. Their panties and bras came off even more quickly. They both stared at Cherry, each taking deep long breaths.

Annie was thin, not starving to death thin, but thin, and quite cute with small breasts. Cherry had admired the fact that, though small, they had a personality all their own and would NOT be ignored.

"I really have the need to touch you," sighed Annie. "Can I? I mean, I'm dying her watching you and not touching you."

"I would like that. We've done little of that," responded Cherry.

She no sooner got the words out when Annie began to caress Cherry's ass cheek. She was gentle and stroked the cheek lightly.

Gilda leaned toward plus size, but just a few well distributed pounds that gave her lovely curves and big tits that, even from 100 yards away would catch your attention. Her lips were full, but not obscenely. Her face wasn't as pretty as Annie's and no intelligent guy could ever say no to her pretty, gray expressive eyes. Cherry had loved her long dirty blond hair from the day she met her, but had decided that her own short hair was a way of expressing herself. Plus, it was fun to overhear speculation as to whether she was a punk, a dyke or a transgender. Rumors could be cruel, but if you're the one to fuel them, they can be fun and can make you mysterious.

"Screw that," suddenly interjected Gilda, "If we're going to touch, let's really touch."

With that, Gilda got up on her knees and planted her face between Cherry's cheeks, her tongue extended and gliding over Cherry's fingers. She backed off for a second and muttered, "Oh damn, I love giving rim jobs," and went back to her task for a few moments. Then she looked at Annie and added, "You want some of this?"

Annie didn't have to be asked again and the two began to share Cherry's exceptional tush. When Cherry started to move her fingers out of the way, Gilda stopped her and began to suck on those moist fingers.

Cherry had to extend her other arm and brace herself on the edge of the bed. She spread her legs just a tad more and begged Annie to slide a finger inside her pussy, which Annie immediately did. Annie also reached for Cherry's right breast which had been swaying back and forth almost like a pendulum. She grasped the nipple and Cherry let out a deep and resounding sigh.

That sigh encouraged Gilda to move Cherry's hand and shove her tongue as much into the bum as the tightness would allow. Her tongue was slender and sharp and actually penetrated by a fraction of an inch, but that fraction was enough to cause Cherry to shudder.

"Oh shit, you gotta finish me. Rub me, suck me, oh please," Cherry groaned, barely able to get the words out. She added, "I can't wait to repay you both." Then came the guttural, "OH DAMN, OH YEAH, OH SHIT, OH...OH...Oh...ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo's" that one would expect when someone is about to cum.

Annie had slipped a couple of extra fingers in and rubbed Cherry's clit with her thumb as the other hand continued the manipulation of her tit.

Gilda seemed to be oblivious to the world as she orally ravaged Cherry's booty, often running her tongue from the base of the soaking wet pussy that Annie was causing to spasm, up to the very top of the buttcrack.

The climax had been building for Cherry, but when it did arrive, it arrived VERY suddenly and she began to shake and her legs buckled. As she went down, Annie could not move her hand fast enough and felt for a second that her fingers would be crushed or broken as Cherry went down to her knees.

Gilda's face was squeezed by the cheeks and a "smuk" sound could be heard as she backed off.

As Cherry recovered, kneeling by the bed, her breasts resting on the mattress, Annie and Gilda wrapped their arms around her and kissed her neck and upon removing the robe began to kiss her back as well, rubbing and soothing her as she regained what little composure she could.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. The voice outside identified himself as Officer Leary who had just left but realized he forgot a few important questions.

The girls quietly whispered that she should let him in, it would be fun. Cherry chuckled and agreed. She half put her robe back on and opened the door. Stew could clearly see the other girls with a blanket around them. They didn't seem to have much more on and their faces were glistening. He ignored it as best he could and asked, "Did you get a phone number off your caller ID by chance? Also would you know the voice if you heard it again?"

She hadn't gotten a number, it was blocked. She might recall it, but could not guarantee it. The officer thanked her, apologized for bothering her and excused himself.

The girls broke into fits of laughter at the unease he clearly showed.

As the laughter subsided, Annie pulled a bottle of wine out from under the bed and said, "We need to toast this night."

Gilda agreed but added, "We really should have Cherry fulfill her promise first. I expect a nice orgasm and a glass of wine after would be just the thing.

"Gilda, Annie, I am a woman of my word. There happens to be a few bottles under there and some towels. If you would be so kind as to put the towels on the bed under you, I'll drink first." And Cherry grinned as she said it.

Annie got it right away. Gilda took a few seconds but grabbed under the bed for another bottle and the cork screw. Then she lay back with her legs spread wide.

Once the bottle was open and 'breathing' Cherry spilled a touch on each of her companions' mounds. As she did so, she spread their lips just a bit so the wine would enter them a bit. Annie had a landing strip. Gilda was far more imaginative. If her legs were together, it looked like she had a full bush, but as soon a she spread her legs, you could clearly see that the forest had been cleared for a few inches on each side, giving a bit more access. The hair also formed a bit of a heart.

Gilda smiled. She said, "You always forget that I'm an art major and always seem surprised by what I do for my personal projects. Hell, girlfriend, you just saw this two days ago."

Annie shot them both a look, "You got together two days ago without me?"

Gilda retorted, "You were visiting your grandmother, remember? We grabbed a shower and were drying each other off, that was it."

Annie simply sighed and said to Cherry, "Make it good." Then she lay back and smiled.

Cherry dove right in. The landing strip kind of tickled her nose. As much as the three had done, they had never really, truly considered oral sex. Well, each one had and often it was the subject of fantasy as they touched, but they didn't speak of it, each figuring it was going to eventually happen. Now it was.

Cherry's tongue was long and wide. She slid it into Annie and drank up the Chablis she had added to her ample juices. It tasted so good. The mixture was very interesting. Annie was known to douche frequently but had found one that was cherry scented (coincidence she had said) but it seemed to taste a bit like cherry as well, and mixed with the Chablis, it was just so, Cherry tried to think of a better word, but INTOXICATING was the best she could think of while licking wine from her friends labia.

Annie took the bottle and nudged Cherry away. She inserted the bottle into her own pussy, tipped it and added about a ¼ of a cup. Then she looked at Cherry, who had been watching this very closely, and said, "Drink up!"

Cherry did, sucking the wine out of Annie and then biting down lightly on her swollen clitoris as she swallowed.

In the meantime, she didn't want Gilda, who had been magnificent on her bum, to feel forgotten so Cherry reached over Gilda's thigh and began to rub the bush, sliding her fingertips up and down the lusciously wet laceration to her pelvis.

Cherry then stopped, kissed Annie's upper, inner thigh, right outside her soaking when hole and coo'd, "I'm not finished because YOU'RE not finished, but I have to share my time."

She smiled up and Annie was actually very much OK with this since she wanted to hold off a bit. She shifted up onto her side with some effort because she wanted to watch as Cherry started on Gilda.

Again, the bottle of Chablis was put in play but this time Cherry did the pouring. Seeing how Annie enjoyed this, she hoped Gilda, who hadn't seen this done (her eyes had been closed) would enjoy the 'drink'. She slipped the bottle in a bit and got a tad too carried away and almost a ½ cup entered Gilda.

Gilda was totally surprised by this. She had heard Annie say, "Drink up." But figured it was just what had been poured OVER her no imagining any had been poured INTO her.

Gilda's eyes flew open and she lifted her head and stared at Cherry who had just taken a swig off the bottle. It was difficult in NOT doing a 'spit take' when Cherry saw Gilda's stare. She managed to swallow the gulp down and said, giggling almost uncontrollably, "Sorry, too much?"

Gilda put her head back and simply uttered, "That really caught me off guard, but hell, it felt kinda good. Now drink ME!"

Annie was torn between amusement and sexual excitement and was getting a buzzed feeling from the wine entering her bloodstream via her vagina. She actually reached over and gently pushed Cherry's face into Gilda's pussy murmuring, "Get in there. You still have to finish me off."

Cherry did just as she was told and began to suck the Chablis from Gilda. Licking and sucking what was left after some had simply seeped out.

Cherry was the most sober in the room and both the other girls were experiencing a hormone and alcohol induced euphoria. Annie couldn't keep her eyes off Gilda. At one point, Cherry went to switch partners again and Annie just pushed her back. She said, "Finish her first. I want to watch you both."

The smile on Gilda's face was wider than anyone could imagine as she heard this. She reached over and stroked Annie's face, then took Annie's hand and put it on her pussy slurring, "Give her a hand, will you?"

Annie slid her finger down and immediately felt Gilda's wetness, the wine and Cherry's saliva. Cherry pulled back for a few seconds, smiling at what she was watching. She added more wine, EXTERNALLY and began to lap at both Gilda's privates and Annie's fingers.

It wasn't long before Gilda could no longer hold off. Her hips began to lift and sink on the bed and her breathing became shallow and rapid. Gilda's hands began to caress her breasts and tweek her nipples. She pushed herself into Cherry's face as wave after wave of orgasmic tremors ran the course of her body starting in the pelvis simply spreading out. Annie rubbed more vigorously and began to kiss Gilda's stomach, but always shifting her glance from pussy to Gilda's face.

Gilda let out a scream which was actually heard throughout the building. Fortunately everyone had heard that scream before and knew it was NOT due to anything bad going on. No one called the cops.

Cherry still had an obligation to take care of, and though her jaw was getting tired, she was a woman of her word, just as she had said.

"More wine?" She asked Annie, who simply smiled and nodded.

The bottle was reinserted and a bit more flowed into Annie, more than before, but not TOO much. Annie held her legs together for a few seconds, letting it ferment inside of her. When she spead herself before the waiting Cherry, some spurt out, but most, she managed to hold in for Cherry to quench her thirst. Cherry dove in and dipped her tongue in just a bit.

Annie shivered.

Then Cherry shoved that tongue of hers in as deeply as possible, and began to wiggle it around inside Annie, sucking out every drop of wine she could locate. There was that hint of cherry again and it seemed to enhance the wine AND the pussy.

Annie's orgasm was quicker in arriving, longer in duration and she muffled her groans. Her legs closed on Cherry's face to tightly that for a brief moment, Cherry was convinced her cheekbones would crack but she kept at it. She didn't have too much choice as she was caught in the vice Annie's thigh's created.

When Annie relaxed her death grip on Cherry's face, Cherry made her way to the bed and lay beside Annie. There was no favoritism, there was just more room there.

The three laid upon the bed, naked and spent, attempting to slow their breathing and heart rates before the inevitable discussion on what had just transpired. They each gently rubbed the thigh of the girl next to them as they regained strength; Annie sad up a bit first.

"Ladies, I have to say that was absolutely amazing," Annie said looking from side to side. She added, "I know we've done some rubbing and kissing, but as much as I thought how much fun this would be, I never really thought we'd do it. Until you two, I had only seen girls naked in the locker room in high school, well, other than my sister, but that doesn't count. My first time doing this, tasting a woman has made me a lesbian and proud of it." Then she dropped back down.

Cherry went next. She sat fully upright on the bed and crossed her legs, leaning back against the wall and, because the wall was a bit chilly, pulled a blanket up over her shoulders. She looked down at the girls and said, "I've played with myself loads of times in front of girls and watched a few. I had never touched one until the two of you and I NEVER expected this, though yeah, me too, I wondered." Then turning to Annie said, "THIS doesn't make you a lesbian. It's made you and I appreciate the feel and taste of a woman, but I still love cock. Give it time, if you ARE a lesbian, wonderful; but don't just to conclusions." She paused and added, "If you want to lick me every day for a month so test yourself, just let me know."

Gilda also sat up. As she too sat cross legged, she lightly played with Annie's breasts, running her fingers up and around and down and across her nipples, she said, "I hoped this would happen. I KNOW I'm not a lesbian, I KNOW I'm bi. This isn't the first time I did a rim job either..."

Annie and Cherry gave a knowing glance at each other with Annie saying, "We got that impression when you said that you 'love giving rim jobs'."

Gilda went on to say that as she was getting ready to leave for college, her boyfriend's older sister pulled her aside on afternoon and asked for a big favor. "This might sound really weird, but you're cute and I'm sick of my boyfriend. I'm also very horny and just want to do ONE thing to you. I really want this out of my system and will NOT call Henry."

Gilda said, "I asked what she wanted to do. When she told me, I got excited. I had let me dog lick me a couple of time and it felt fantastic, but I realized just how wrong this was and put it out of my mind as best I could. I mean, MY DOG, LICKING MY ASS! I thought I was sick and didn't want to have THAT haunting me forever, so I vowed I was done. I was, but when SHE almost begged me to let her do that, it got me so very wet. She undid my pants one other afternoon when Henry was a basketball practice and his folks were still at work. She slipped that tongue into and over me with such amazing skill, I came in about two minutes."

"Wow," both Annie and Cherry seemed to say simultaneously, with Annie asking, "I'm guessing she asked you to return the favor."

"No funny enough, the third time she did it, I asked if I could do it to her. She hesitated, which I figured was an act, but she did and then said, 'Yeah, I'd love that!' and I did. She gave me instructions on how to do it best and I went NUTS on her. It was fucking incredible how she got off on me doing that. I was still a virgin, actually I'll be really honest, I still am. I've given about a dozen blow jobs and hand jobs to guys and they've gone down on me, but no intercourse. I'm not sure if I like guys or girls better, but girls are NOT about to be turned away if they ask or, well, you two."

Annie asked if she and the boyfriend kept it up and continued dating.

Gilda said, "No, his sister told him what we had done, DON'T ask why, I couldn't figure it out and she wasn't sure why either. He said it was disgusting on a thousand levels..."

"Kind of an exaggeration, wouldn't you say?" asked Cherry.

"To say the least. He broke it off with me and I just winked at his sister who went back to HER school. I'm sure we'll get together at some point. If nothing else, I have to thank her for the introduction to this awesome sex act. It's fun for all sexes and no penetration involved."

"Anal," said Annie, matter of factly.

"Yup, same area, no pregnancy. Some stretching involved I guess," added Cherry.

Gilda leaned back against the headboard and lifted her knees, placing her feet on the bed and fully exposing herself. She pointed and proclaimed, "This area shall NOT be penetrated by a penis until I'm a fully married woman!" adding, "HOWEVER, fingers, tonges and the right toys will be welcomed. And since I will not lose my cherry until the correct time, I tip my cap to YOU my friend..." She added nodding to Cherry, "I shall have to rely on my friends in the female community! Oh, and any man who might find it interesting. I don't want to discriminate."

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