tagIncest/TabooThe Reprieve Ch. 02

The Reprieve Ch. 02


"Valerie! Hi!" She greeted her friend with the usual enthusiastic hug. They had been friends forever, at least ever since their sons were at the same rec league soccer day camp when they were five. The vivacious redhead hugged her best friend tightly before escorting her to the patio for their regular late morning wine and lunch. They were dressed in casual summer wear of short skirts and button-up blouses. Valerie's green eyes sparkled in the sunlight and it was obvious she was bursting to talk to her best friend.

"What a beautiful day," she said, looking around the yard from the cushioned chair on the river stone patio. The grass here was always perfectly manicured and the flower beds mulched with a deep brown, accentuated in orderly rows and designs with low-growing flowers of deep purple, yellow, pink and pale blue. The hummingbirds rushed to and from the feeder that hung from an iron hook suspended above some blue rug juniper. The pool sparkled, crystal clear as always, creating the illusion of a pale blue lagoon amidst a stone grotto.

"Well, someone's chipper," she laughed. Valerie giggled and looked down at her glass of white wine, blushing as she took a sip. "Oh, my god, you got laid!"

Valerie shrugged and paid particular attention to flowering tree in a weathered ceramic pot in the nearest corner of the patio. "Is that a euryops?" she asked.

"No, no, no," her friend laughed, wagging her finger, "You don't get to change the subject when I asked a direct question. Did you or did you not get laid?"

"Okay, yes, Tracey, I got laid."

"Well, who's the lucky man?"

Valerie paused. "Well..." Another long pause.

"Woman?" she asked uncertainly.

The brunette laughed heartily, waving the suggestion away with her hand. "God, no!" she laughed.

"Well," Tracey laughed, "You never know! I mean..."

Valerie nodded. "I remember." She blushed again and looked at her friend over the glass before quickly looking away. "So, IS that a euryops?"

The redhead looked at the dark green ball of leaves atop a thin stalk, bright yellow flowers popping forth from the leaf ball. "Yes it is." She looked back at Valerie. "So, Val? Spill."

"It's complicated," Val said, taking another sip before setting her glass on the glass-top patio table. Tracey waited patiently for her friend to gather her thoughts. Or her courage, whichever it was she needed. She took another sip of her wine as she waited. "This coming weekend Adam was supposed to have the boys. He asked to switch weekends, but Jason was pissed off about it. I told Adam that Jason had work to do, so Tyler went without him." She paused and took a sip of her wine, looking out at the yard. "Long story short, I fucked my son."

Tracey burst into a fit of laughter. "You did not!" she laughed.

"I did." Valerie smiled at her best friend.

"Are you sore?" Tracey laughed.

"I was," she laughed, turning to face her. "Like you wouldn't believe," she said, shifting in her seat for comedic emphasis.

"Been there," laughed Tracey. "Ain't youth grand?" She raised her glass in salute and Valerie tapped her glass against her friends, bringing the sound a light chime before they both began laughing lightly again and sipping their wine.

"So, what happened?" asked Tracey as she reached for a piece of pineapple on the tray.

"Like I said, Adam switched weekends and Jason was mad about going..."


"Because she invited us both. That's why," she laughed.

"When has she ever invited us both over?" asked Jason.

"It doesn't matter," his mother laughed, continuing to form the burger patties. "She is this time." She turned to look at him. "I'm her best friend and Bax is your best friend. It makes sense."

"But, mom—"

"It's not complicated, Jason." She was smiling as she shook her head. "Our friends invited us to eat lunch and hang out."

"Okay," he shrugged. "Whatever."

She kissed him on the cheek and handed him the platter with raw patties on it. "Get these grilled up while I finish." She called to Tyler that dinner was about ready. He ran down the stairs to help set the table and pour the drinks.


"Jase! What's up?" Bax took his best friend's hand and brought him in for a quick hug.

"Hey, Bax." As much as Jason wanted to spend the day alone with his mother, she had promised to make it up to him if he would just come and enjoy himself today. They would have plenty of time for fun this weekend, she had said.

"Hi, Jason. Val!" Tracey greeted them at the door in a floral cover-up. She hugged them both and turned to lead them out to the patio. "Come on out. You can change in the pool house or back bathroom if you need to."

"I'm good," said Jason, already in his swimsuit and pulling his t-shirt over his head.

"I'll be right out," said Val, stepping into the bathroom that connects to the living room and the patio.

"It's a beautiful day," said Tracey, turning to look at Jason as he followed her out. "Just right for a swim. Help yourself. Bax should be right out with the drinks."

"Thanks, Mrs. G."

"Tracey. We're both adults, honey. It's Tracey now."

"Yes, ma'am," he smiled.

"The ma'am you can keep. Respect. I like that from a young man." She gave him a quick wink. "And by the way, I've already cleared the alcohol with your mother, so help yourself to whatever we have in the fridge."

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you." He reached into the refrigerator and pulled out one of the craft brews that a local brewery made. He'd only tried it once and really liked it. Just as he twisted the cap off, Bax came out with a cooler filled with ice, sodas and waters. Jason noticed how Bax's mother looked at him when he walked past. It's like she couldn't help scanning his shirtless body.

And Jason had to admit that Baxter was a lucky man if he really was fucking his own mother. She was absolutely gorgeous. Bright red hair, fair skin, deep blue eyes, trim figure, but with the mature curves that made her cover-up move just right as she walked around.

"Jason, honey, could you get the grill warmed up while Bax and I prepare the meat and corn?"


His friend and his mother went inside, closing the sliding glass door and Jason lifted the lid of the stainless steel grill. He got it lit and warming up and closed the lid.

"What do you think?" his mother asked. He looked up and was absolutely speechless. "It's brand new. I bought it for today." She lowered her voice. "But not ONLY for today."


"Is that a good damn or a bad damn?" she smiled.

"Definitely a good damn." He reached down to adjust himself in his shorts. She had chosen a bright orange tiny bikini with bright purple strings and trim. Plenty of tit was showing, but it didn't look like it was too small for her. The bottoms rode low and tied on the sides, just above the widest part of her hips. She giggled at his response.

"Down, boy," she whispered as she walked past him to get a bottle of water from the cooler. He cleared his throat and looked away so he wasn't too obvious about checking out his mother.

He needn't have worried. His eyes were drawn to the sound of the door opening on its tracks; he was immediately distracted by Bax's mom. Tracey had removed her cover-up and was wearing a deep blue bikini that made her eyes pop. Her fair skin and red hair were complemented by the almost indigo swimsuit with a narrow bottom in both front and back. It didn't have any ties, but instead stayed on with clear plastic s-clips on each hip and on the back strap.

"Wow, Val! You look incredible! Is that new?" Tracey asked as she walked out carrying a tray of un-shucked corn.

"It is. Do you like it?" she asked, twirling on her tiptoes.

"I love it," Tracey answered, setting down the tray and walking to her. She ran her fingers along the string holding up the top. "It's very flattering. Or should I say, you're very flattering to it," she laughed.

Valerie laughed and shook her head. "But look at you. As gorgeous as always."

"Why, thank you," Tracey said in her best southern belle manner, twirling in the same manner. They both laughed while Jason got an eyeful.

"It looks like you've got an admirer," Valerie said, nodding toward Jason.

Jason came back to reality. "Uh... sorry."

"Don't be sorry. It's very flattering. But you should probably wipe the drool off your chin before Baxter sees you."

Jason wiped his chin, finding nothing there, but he smiled as they laughed at his response. He laughed a little, only slightly embarrassed.

Baxter walked out with the tray of steaks and whistled at the two ladies in their swimsuits. "Now that's a view I can get used to," he said, winking at Valerie.

"Be careful flirting with your best friend's mother when he's right there to see it," Tracey laughed.

"No, he knows I'm a player, don't you, Jase?"

"Better not play my mom. I'll kick your ass."

"Like you could."

"Bring it." Jason walked over to him. They have always played around this way.

"Boys, boys," Tracey smiled. "That's enough."

"Tell you what," Valerie said. "I'd consider it flattering if you can't keep your eyes off me. I won't complain if I catch you staring."

"Well, if we're playing that way, help yourself to an eyeful," Tracey added, winking at Valerie.

They all laughed and Tracey and Valerie broke into a side conversation while Jason and Baxter laid the meat and corn on the grill.

"Hey, Jase, don't take this the wrong way, but your mom looks super hot today."

"Don't worry, I won't. Both our moms look great today," Jason answered.

"You can say that again."

"Both our—"


They both laughed and Jason looked past his friend to check out his own mother.

"I know I told you to pick up something sexy for today, but goddammit, Val, you're making me look like a nun over here," Tracey snickered.

"I wouldn't say that. You look incredible. No wonder neither one of them can keep their eyes off of you. I can hardly look away myself."

"No reason you shouldn't get a good look, too, if you want," Tracey winked.

"God, Trace, you're such a pervert."

"Said the mom who lets her son fuck her ass."

"Yeah, because I'm the only one here who does that," she said with a smile. Tracey just cleared her throat and looked back at the boys. Valerie's eyes went wide. "You haven't?"

"Well, it's just never come up. I've never done that before and Bax hasn't asked for it, so..." She just shrugged.

"Oh. Well, that's okay. I mean it's not like you have to do it. I just assumed."

"It's fine," she said. "I get it. I've been curious, but it's just never been a good time"

"Oh, it can definitely be a good time," Val laughed quietly. Tracey joined her in laughing.

"What's so funny over there?" called Baxter.

"Don't worry about it," answered Tracey with a laugh.

"I should throw you in the pool for disrespect."

"I'd like to see you try."

Baxter handed Jason the tongs. "Hold these, please."

Tracey squealed and ran off the patio and down to the pool deck. Baxter chased after her and his mother made it to the other side of the pool before he got there. Every time he would go one way, she would run the other, keeping the pool between them and laughing. Valerie joined Jason by the grill as he tended the lunch.

"Look at them," Valerie said quietly. "She's flirting with him."

"And he hates it," Jason smiled.

"She knows about us, you know."

Jason's eyes went wide. "What?!"

"Don't worry about it," she soothed. "She won't say anything. She promised me she wouldn't tell anyone, even Baxter."

"Are you sure?"

"Has he treated either of us any differently in the last few weeks, including today?"


"There you go."

Jason thought for a second and then nodded. "Okay. I guess you're right."

They heard a squeal and looked up to see Tracey in her son's arms, her feet kicking in mid-air. Valerie called out, "Lunch is about ready!"

"Oh, you're so lucky," Baxter laughed, setting her down.

"Us girls have to stick together," his mother answered before pulling him along by the hand.

They had a nice lunch and everything was about as perfect as it could be.

"You are so lucky to have the privacy up here, Trace," said Valerie. "It's so peaceful."

"We like it. The divorce was rough, but getting this house and full custody of Baxter were the two great benefits. I wouldn't trade it for the world." She squeezed his hand and he looked at her with genuine love in his eyes. She looked to Jason. "Your mom told me that your father is trying to rearrange weekends at the last minute sometimes. How do you feel about that?"

He looked at his mother, who nodded to him. "I don't really care either way. I'm old enough to see through it and to take care of myself. But I'm worried about Tyler. Dad and his girlfriend can buy him off and he doesn't see through it. It's kind of a shitty move, if you ask me."

Valerie took his hand. "Tyler and Jason have both been very good about everything and I know it's not easy on either one of them. They have both stepped in to take on some more responsibility and to make sure I'm okay." She smiled at her son, who smiled back.

"Well, we're glad you were both able to come over today. It's so rare that all four of us are together anymore. This is nice."

"Thank you for the invitation, Tracey. It's been very relaxing so far."

"It's still early, so you guys are welcome to stay as long as you want, even if you want to stay overnight. I mean, that is, if you don't have to pick up Tyler."

"Tyler's at his friend's house. He was invited to the water park and to spend the night for his best friend's birthday, so he's happy," Valerie answered.

"Oh, great!" exclaimed Tracey. "That means we can drink!"

Everyone laughed. "You mean we couldn't drink before? Who knew?" asked Baxter before tipping back his open beer and chugging it. Everyone laughed even more.

Tracey lifted her wine glass. "Then here's to a relaxing day with no plans."

"No plans!" They all repeated, clinking their glasses and bottles together.

"Everything was great, Tracey. Thank you," said Valerie, dropping her napkin on the table by her plate.

"Jason cooked, not me. And I agree, they were great."

"Thank you," said Jason.

"I'm going to clean up. You guys just relax," Tracey offered, standing and grabbing her and Bax's plates.

"I'll help," said Valerie, standing and picking up her own plate and the salad bowl. "Why don't you guys get in the pool? We'll be out when we finish up."

"We should set up the net," Bax suggested. "We can play volleyball later." Jason agreed and the two of them gathered the net and ball from the shed while their mothers cleaned everything up.

"I have to say, Val, if you don't mind, that your son has grown up to be quite the looker. I can see why you went after that."

"I've been able to see Bax's appeal for some time. He's so handsome."

"We both lucked out, then, haven't we?"

"It looks like it."

Valerie quietly put the leftovers into bags and containers while Tracey washed the dishes by hand. After a couple of minutes Tracey spoke again without looking up. "Are you nervous?"

Valerie stopped, but didn't look up. "A little."

"How do you think Jason will respond?"

"Hard to say. I told him that you knew about us, but that Baxter didn't. I don't know if that will put a damper on anything."

Tracey turned to look at her friend. "Val." Valerie looked up at her. "If I ask a favor, would you answer me honestly?"

"Of course," she answered, looking concerned.

"How do you feel about... borrowing... trading... I don't know the word I'm looking for... What would you say to both of us having access to both boys? Just for today? While we're together?"

"You mean, me and Baxter and you and Jason?" Tracey nodded quickly. "Wow," Valerie said, returning to her task. "That's kind of out of nowhere, Trace."

"I know," she said, stepping toward Valerie and resting a hand on her shoulder, "And that's why I'm talking to you alone. Today, before we go out there. Valerie, I'm okay if Baxter wants to be with you. And I'm okay if Jason doesn't want to be with me. But I want to know if you would be okay if Jason did, or if Baxter made a pass at you. I'm not telling you anything needs to happen like that, but I just want to set a clear boundary, and I don't want it to be anything that comes between us. I love you, Val, and I don't want our friendship to be messed up because of any unexpected possibilities today."

Valerie considered it for a minute. "I see where you're coming from. And you're right. Jason is a grown man, free to make his own choice. And Baxter IS a good-looking guy, and would be hard to resist," she laughed. "Okay," she nodded. "Just for today, or for as long as we're here, I'm okay with us... sharing. I guess that's the right word."

"Yay!" exclaimed Tracey, hugging Valerie tightly. Valerie returned her hug, both excited and nervous about the direction of the day. Jason didn't know why they were coming over here, but she did. She wanted to be able to let Jason and Baxter know each other's secrets so they wouldn't feel entirely alone about it. Just as Tracey and Valerie were able to share their excitement and concerns, the boys should be able to as well, without fear of repercussion or rejection.

"On one condition," Valerie said, pulling away far enough to look Tracey in the eye. "No matter what, Jason's cum is mine."

"Yeah, fine," Tracey agreed, nodding excitedly.

"I'm serious, Trace. Whatever's going on, when he's ready to blow, it goes to me. Don't hold him in, don't act surprised like you missed the signs, and don't demand him to give it to you. I need your help on this. You know you can't trust a man's judgment when he's about to blow," she smiled.

"You got that right," Tracey agreed with a laugh. "I promise. To make it fair, we'll make the same rule with Baxter."

"You want me to take Baxter's, too?" Valerie asked. "Gee, I don't know..." she said pensively, her finger on her chin as she looked at the ceiling.

"Oh, you know what I mean!" laughed Tracey, causing Valerie to laugh along with her.

Within a few minutes the kitchen was cleaned up and the ladies made their way out to the patio. The guys were hitting the ball back and forth over the net. "Mm," Tracey grunted. "Look at those two."

"Yeah," Valerie said quietly. "Two handsome young studs who don't have a clue what's coming."

"Soon enough," muttered her friend before calling out, "Margaritas!" She held the pitcher aloft and walked down the few stone steps to the pool deck as the guys cheered, the volleyball landing in the water close to Bax with a small splash. Valerie followed her friend down the stairs, carrying salted glasses. She noticed that Bax inspected his mother as she walked over to the table on the pool deck and when she looked at Jason, noticed that he was looking at her own body as she walked. Her stomach tingled in excitement and a sense of anticipation.

She set the glasses on the table and Tracey immediately poured margaritas in all four glasses. They laughed and talked for a few minutes in the sun. "I need to reapply my sunscreen," Tracey said. "I don't want to burn." She pulled the bottle out of the lime green canvas basket on the center of the table and flipped the cap open. "Val, can you give me a hand with the hard-to-reach places?"

"Of course." Jason could feel his mouth go dry and his crotch stir as he watched his mother rise and begin to rub a coat of oil on Tracey's shoulders, upper arms and back. The sun reflected off the gloss of her oiled skin and the boys appeared to be enamored by the touch of one mother upon the other. Valerie's tan hands smoothed over Tracey's body, stopping occasionally to gather more oil from the body, while Tracey covered her own legs and stomach. Valerie grazed over Tracey's shoulders and down her upper chest, feeling the beginnings of her breasts, the soft flesh giving under the pressure of her fingers.

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