The Rescue


Warning: starts with an attempted rape.

"Help! Mmpphf!"

Ben heard the cries for help as he jogged through a little-used part of the park. Rounding a bend, he saw two men assaulting a young woman. She was on the ground, with one man pulling her arms behind her head to hold her still. Her jeans had been pulled down by the second man who had dropped his own pants, and was getting ready to rape her. Her struggles were ineffectual against the two men, besides she looked pretty scrawny.

Without pausing to think Ben ran up to the man holding her hands, whose back was to him, and landed a swift powerful kick between his legs. With a screech he let go of her, dropping to the ground clutching his balls. The other man turned towards him, but was hampered by his pants around his ankles. Before he could react Ben had knocked him backwards with the palm of his hand, to land heavily on the ground. Before he could recover Ben dropped on top of him and kneed him hard in the balls.

Both men were now moaning on the ground, clutching themselves.

Ignoring them for a moment, Ben asked the girl, "Were these guys trying to rape you? Or was this some sort of game?"

With a look of horror she replied, "No game! I was taking a walk when they jumped me! I've never seen them before. Bastards!"

"Right, I'll fix them." Ben reached down to the nearest man, put strong hands around his throat and started throttling him.

Her eyes widened. "Stop! What they did was horrible but they don't deserve to die. Please."

"If you insist." Ben grabbed the man by the hair, smashed his fist into his nose, hearing it break. "If I ever see you again, I'll kill you, do you understand? Do you?" The man nodded weakly, grimacing in pain as blood ran down from his nose. Ben rammed his knee into the man's balls again.

The second would-be rapist got the same treatment. "Now, fuck off," Ben ordered them. They shambled away whimpering, clutching their faces and balls at the same time.

Ben turned to the girl, who had by this time pulled her jeans back up, and was looking at him with scared eyes. Would her rescuer try to rape her now they were alone? He certainly looked strong enough to manage it single-handed. But Ben smiled at her. "Come on, I'll walk you home. It's hardly safe out here for you today."

She nodded, smiled faintly. "Thanks. This way."

As they walked, Ben glanced at her. She seemed pretty in a fairly skinny way. He guessed she was in her early twenties. She had thin arms and legs, and not much in the way of tits. Oh well, he thought, everyone comes in a different size package, as he well knew.

They reached her apartment block. "I have an apartment upstairs," she said, "want to come up for a thank-you coffee?"

Ben looked doubtful. "Are you sure? You don't even know me."

"You could have had me in the park there, if you wanted to, so I may as well trust you. Come on up."

"OK then." They went inside.

In the apartment she offered him a chair, put the coffee on, and disappeared for a couple of minutes to clean up. Her clothes had been dirty and dishevelled from being thrown to the ground. She reappeared in fresh clothes, looking lovely, Ben thought.

She poured the coffee. "I'm Phoebe, thanks for what you did back there. I'll walk with a friend next time."

"I'm Ben. No problem, Phoebe. I don't like muggers and rapists. I did some martial arts training in the past."

They sipped in silence.

"I better go, you've had a rough day." Ben said, after a few minutes. He stood up, moved towards the door.

"You're a funny guy. You stand up for a strange girl, and then don't even try to make a pass at her."

He shrugged. "I'm not gay, if that's what you are hinting. This is hardly the time. Another time, maybe."

She raised an eyebrow. "I'd like that. Maybe see you again? Thanks once more for saving me."

Ben left.


A couple of weeks had passed. Phoebe was feeling despondent. Her rescuer hadn't contacted her. She thought maybe there had been a spark there. Oh well, she thought, it had been nice for a few minutes. Maybe he liked bigger girls. Ones with larger breasts. Most men did.

That evening the intercom buzzer rang.

"Yeah?" she said into the speaker.

"Ben here," said the tinny voice. She buzzed him in, feeling suddenly hopeful.

"Come in," she invited, once he was at the door. She had just had time to throw on a smarter looking top.

"Thanks!" Ben came in and leaned down to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Just to prove I'm not gay," he smiled wickedly.

"That's hardly proof," she responded, grinning mischievously. "Take a seat. Want a beer?"

He nodded.

She got one for each of them. "I thought I wouldn't hear from you again. I don't usually invite men up here alone unless I know them well, but somehow I feel safe with you. Is that strange?"

"No, it's sensible. As for me, I'm only interested if the girl is willing." He glanced for a moment at her tits.

She frowned, looking pained.

"Oh, sorry," Ben apologised. "Can't help myself. I just like looking at them. It's a bit immature I know."

Phoebe's eyes moistened. "Perhaps you better go."

"What? I won't do it again, I promise."

"It's not that. I don't mind you looking. It's just that ..."

"What is it, then?"

She reddened. "I'll be straight with you. I owe you that much. I've had a few boyfriends. But once I take off my top they usually laugh and make rude remarks. And then leave. A couple of them fucked me, and then laughed and made rude remarks afterwards. That hurt, a lot."

"But why? From what I've seen your tits are OK. I've seen larger, but so what?"

"Er," she went a deeper red. "I have implants in my bra. There isn't much of the real me. I'm 21 years old, I'm not going to get any larger."


"The first thing men do is stare at my tits, like they do to most women. That's the one part of me that is fake, that's what is infuriating. My face is real, my brain is real, my sense of humour is real. But my tits are fake, and I lose guys' interest before they find the real me." She started to cry quietly.

"OK, how about a movie? Then we can worry about what happens afterwards."

"No! I don't want to be taken out, have a wonderful evening, and then be dumped, like happens every other time. Sorry."

"Well, let's get things out in the open, so to speak. Let's take a look." He licked his lips.

She glared at him. "You'll be disappointed."

"I'll be the judge of that. Different guys have different tastes."

"OK, if you insist." She turned away from him, pulled her T-shirt over her head, slipped her bra off, and turned back. Her tits were indeed like small buds. She closed her eyes, couldn't meet his gaze.

"Closer," Ben requested from his chair. She moved forwards a step. "Closer. More."

She stood in front of him now, her tits just in front of his mouth. Gently he put his arm around her back, drew her against him, and kissed each one slowly. Her eyes opened at the unexpected pleasure of it.

"They're lovely," he told her. "Come sit on my lap." She sat. He kissed her tits again.

"But ..."

"Shhh." He moved up to her mouth. "Did my kisses feel nice?" She nodded quickly. "So that's all that counts. It felt nice to me too. Really nice." He kissed her mouth more deeply as she started to relax.

As he kissed her she felt his hand move gently over her little breasts, gently teasing them. She felt herself getting hot. No man had ever taken that much effort over them. She didn't know it could be so nice. The heat spread through her body, between her legs. Overcome with a greater passion than she could remember she twisted to face him properly, straddling his legs, kissing him harder, pushing her tongue in deeply. She ground her hips against his, hoping to feel his response against her. Nothing yet.

She started unbuttoning his shirt. He grabbed her hands. "Wait. I've got my own confession to make."

"This isn't the time to tell me you really are gay, Buster."

"No, I'm not. But, um, er, ah ..." It was Ben's turn to go red. "I started doing martial arts because I got sick of the other guys making fun of me. Especially in the locker room at college, when we got changed for sport. You see, I, er, am a bit small, er, too."

She looked sympathetically at him. Finally someone who understood what it was like to be smaller than average. "Perhaps if I took a look?" she suggested hopefully.

"No, I couldn't! I'm too ashamed."

"Don't be such a baby. Besides, I let you look at my tits didn't I? Fair's fair. Drop them." She hopped off his lap, dragged him to his feet, and started undoing his pants.

"No, no, Phoebe. You don't understand." She glared at him. "Well, OK, you understand sort-of, but it's different for a guy."

"How?!" She worked the fly down, and got a good grip of his pants. The jeans slid down his legs. "Come on," she said, reaching for his jocks. "Let Auntie Phoebe take a good look ..."

She gazed at his cock. It was indeed smaller than others she had known, but she knew enough to know that by the time she had seen other guys' cocks they had usually been erect. This one wasn't, because he was so embarrassed. She leaned forwards and gave it a kiss, like he had done to her breast.

"Just relax," she said, placing her hands on his bum, and steadying him. She licked his cock for a few seconds, and then gently coaxed it inside her mouth with her tongue, enjoying the taste of man-sweat. As her tongue darted around, it started thickening, lengthening, in a very satisfactory way. Eventually she withdrew it from her mouth with a loud "plop!"

"You'll be fine," she reassured him, planting another big kiss on his mouth. "Now that we have got our 'fear of small things' out of the way, both of us, let's go out to that movie. Then when we get back, we can have some real fun."

"Er, must we?" Ben asked dreamily, his cock now sticking out at right-angles to his body.

"Sure, think of how much more --- excited --- we'll both be if we wait for a few hours. Come on, pull up those pants, let's go!"

"OK, on one condition. You leave that padded bra off. You don't need it, and I'd like to admire the 'real' you during the evening."

"No more fake tits? If you insist, lover-boy." She slipped her T-shirt back on, her little breasts just poking out of it. "But I'm putting a pullover on top, it's cold out there." With the loose pullover on, it was hard to tell exactly how big her tits were, so she felt comfortable being out in public.


He drove her to the local cinema, where they found a nice chick-flick, and sat in the back row. The lights went down, the watched the movie for a while, nestling in each others' arms. Ben had his arm around her, dropped his hand down inside her top, and gently felt and teased the closest tit. Meanwhile her hand found itself inside his pants and was responding in kind. She felt his cock getting larger and larger as she worked her hand backwards and forwards, his own hand moving more urgently around her tit.

Halfway through the movie she whispered "let's get the fuck out of here!" He was glad to agree, and they slipped out of the cinema, found his car, and drove home snappily. She had her hand around his cock the whole way, not wanting it to go back down.

As soon as they shut the apartment door behind them, she dragged his shirt off and launched herself at him hungrily. She was light enough that she could wrap her legs right around him, and clung to him tightly. He stumbled down to the bedroom with her legs locked around him, his powerful arms holding her tightly. He dropped her onto the bed, and pulled her T-shirt over her head, pausing to admire her tiny tits. Dropping on top of her he kissed them, licked them, darted his tongue over and around them. His hips ground into her crotch as she clamped onto his bum, digging her fingers in as hard as she could.

She managed to work her hands under his jeans and found his bare bum, and gripped it, stroked it, caressed it.

"Let's get these bloody clothes off," he muttered, feeling his cock throbbing uncomfortably into his pants.

"With pleasure," she responded. They unclinched for the few seconds necessary to achieve this, and embraced closely. She felt his cock pushing up against her, seeking her opening urgently. She felt wet. Hot. Hot and wet. With her hands pulling hard on his bum she guided his cockhead to push, rub, slide over her clit. The compactness of his cock helped here. It pushed against her so wonderfully that she gripped him hard, yelled into his ear, and came very quickly.

Repositioning slightly he slid into her properly, deeper than he would have thought he could. Pushing hard, holding her tight in his strong arms, he felt her clenching against him as he spurted his cum deeply into her. They relaxed a bit, sweat mingling, the smell of sex in the air.

"That was nice," Ben said, holding her tightly. "You seem to bring out the best in me."

"You too," Phoebe responded, snuggling up into his arms. Their initial passion spent, they enjoyed the next half an hour gently touching, kissing, and feeling each others' bodies.

After doing this for a while, Phoebe could feel Ben's cock hardening up again as it pressed against her stomach. The first fuck had been so much fun she wanted to encourage another one. She squirmed around, rubbing herself against him, feeling his cock thickening even more.

Ben responded by gripping her bum cheeks, massaging them, slipping his hands around them to approach her warm, wet entrance. As he moved his hands around he felt her squirming increase in intensity, her breathing getting faster. Her eyes were shut. He paused for a moment.

"Keep going," she begged urgently, opening her eyes and looking into his imploringly.

He slipped down next to her so that he could use one hand for her cunt, one for one breast and his mouth for the other breast. Those breasts might be small but they were very sensitive. As his hand tweaked, and his mouth sucked, his other hand felt the wetness, and felt her pushing herself into it.

He pushed one finger in, felt her urgency increase. A second finger followed. He glanced up at her eyes. She seemed to be in a trance, mouth open, breathing quickly. He pushed in a third finger and was rewarded with a deep intake of breath. Finally he got all four fingers inside her, and used his thumb on her clit. She was so wet he could twist his hand around inside her, rubbing her clit at the same time.

"Ah, ah, ah!" she screamed, hips bucking up and down. It was all he could do to keep his mouth on her tit, and his tongue darting and flicking around. He concentrated hard on pleasing her, but at the same time felt his cock get painfully erect, pushing hard into her side as he clamped her against him with the arm that was around her.

Without conscious thought, he was rubbing himself up and down her thigh, his cock sandwiched between her leg and him. As she screamed into another intense orgasm he kept rubbing himself frantically against her, spurting his cum straight up her side. Like her, he was no longer thinking, just feeling. Just feeling the sex.

After their joint orgasm they felt wet and slippery. Sweat, cum, pussy juice, all mixed together and spread over them, over his hands, over her legs, everywhere. He collapsed onto his back, exhausted. After a minute she smiled, slid on top of him with legs astride. She sat with her cunt against his now limp cock, put her hands on his chest and smiled. Smiled as she wriggled around, putting pressure back on his cock. Very pleasurable pressure. It stayed fairly limp, but she could feel it pushing against her pussy lips, against her clit. She was happy to just stay there, moving her hips gently and enjoy the sensation.

With the attention his cock was getting Ben roused himself from his post-fuck nap, reached up and rubbed his hands over her small tits. She smiled with pleasure.

"We seem to make a good pair in bed," she grinned at him. "Stay the night, huh?"

"Love to," he replied. "Now maybe let's get some sleep before you wear me out." Running his hands up her side, he wrestled her off him, they lay side-by-side and drifted off to sleep companiably.


Next morning, over breakfast Phoebe asked, "So do you think I should get breast implants? I haven't wanted to so far."

"Fuck no! You are great as you are. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, the important thing is to be yourself. And your 'self' is great!"

"I was hoping you would say that. And I like you the way you are. I have to go to work soon. Want to drop around again tonight?"

"Love to."

And so started a beautiful friendship.

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