The Rescue Pt. 06


"Think I should close the windows?" I ask as she snuggles up to me.

"You would ask me that once I get comfortable, wouldn't you?"

"Sorry, I was a little distracted watching you get back in bed."

"Just a little distracted?"

"Okay, a lot distracted. I'll close them, you just stay naked."


After closing the windows, shutting off the television and the lights I hop back into bed and cuddle up beside her. She lays her head on my chest and lays there several minutes before she whispers to me. "You know I love you right?"

"I love you too," I tell her.

She sighs and says. "Okay," then falls asleep in my arms looking contented.

The next morning I awake alone in the bed and for a very brief moment, I question if last night was all just a very vivid dream. Getting up however I can see all our clothes still lying in a heap on the floor save for my button up shirt. I locate my pajama bottoms and tug them on before heading out to find Michelle. I go into the living area and notice her wearing my shirt out on the balcony while looking out over the Adriatic. It looks much better on her. I step through the open door and join her.

"Morning, sorry I took your shirt," She says as I come up behind her and wrap her up in my arms.

"It looks much better on you, but I think that I'd like it back... like immediately," I tell her.

She turns her head and gives me a radiant smile.

"I'll just bet that you do Mr. Grayson but not yet," She says then gives me a playful elbow to my ribs.

"All right, no need to rough me up. Did you sleep all right last night?"

"I slept great," She answers leaning her head back onto my chest. "I didn't want to leave the bed this morning I was sleeping so well but when I realized I could see the sunrise over the Adriatic, I forced myself up. God, I missed this, seeing the sunrise over the ocean, the smell of the salt air along with the feel of the breeze in my skin. I was going to wake you up too but you looked so peaceful that I let you sleep in."

"Have you been out here long? I didn't feel you get up last night."

"I've only been up maybe fifteen minutes. Guess someone wore me out," She says.

"I'm not apologizing for that. Last night was incredible," I tell her and kiss her cheek.

She turns in my arms and we share a lingering kiss.

"It was for me too," She says as our lips part. "I am kind of worried about what happens now though."

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"With us? Was last night just a one-night thing for you? I know that we said we'd do it again but things said in the heat of passion can't really be trusted."

I shake my head. "No, I told you last night that I love you and I meant it. I still mean it."

Her face registers shock. "I thought maybe I just dreamt us saying that."

"No you didn't. You said you loved me and I said it back. No mistake," I tell her emphasizing mistake a little too much maybe.

She shakes her head. "No it wasn't a mistake Kenny. I... I do love you but don't feel obligated to tell me that you love me because of last night. Big girl remember, I can take it."

"Honey, I'd still love you if last night didn't happen like it did. I love that it did and I love you, okay?"

She nods her head and swallows the lump of emotion in her throat. "Thank you and I'm sorry about before when we kissed back at Addison's that night, it... it wasn't a mistake and I shouldn't have said that it was."

"You don't owe me an explanation on that."

"Yes, I do but how about I do it over breakfast. I'm really hungry right now."

"Okay. I saw a little place when we came in last night that's about two blocks from here. Looked like a good place to get something to eat."

"We should shower first though," She says extracting herself from my arms and heading back inside the room.

"All right, I'll wait out here until the shower's free."

She smiles at me and then starts undoing the buttons of my shirt she's wearing very seductively.

"Kenny, when I said that we should shower... I meant together," She says letting my shirt fall to the floor revealing her perfect body to me.

I can tell she's a little self-conscious by the way she's standing but she's trying her best to let me take her in without covering up.

"God I love you," I tell her as I step over to her I notice this strange look on her face. "What?"

"Hearing that from you is just going to take some getting used to is all," She says.

I lean up and kiss her gently at first but when she returns the kiss with more passion we're nearly about to go at it again while in the den area of the hotel room but Michelle pulls back.

"Shower first," she says catching her breath.

I nod and follow her into the bathroom discarding my pants in the bedroom as we pass through. When the water is sufficiently warm, we climb in the shower together and slowly wash each other. While we linger on the naughty bits of one another we don't have sex in the shower, we just enjoy exploring each other's bodies. I find that she has this cute little dolphin tattoo on her left hip just above her butt cheek.

"Like that do you?" She asks as I give it a small kiss. "It's Lissa's fault. She wanted to get a panther tattoo, the animal not the football team, but she didn't want to do it alone..."

"So you volunteered?" I ask kissing my way up her back.

"My dad had a few, so I just thought that I'd get one to kind of honor his memory I guess."

"That's really sweet," I tell her. "What about Lissa? Did she get her panther?"

Michelle shakes her head. "She watched the guy while he was doing mine and chickened out!"

"You didn't cry did you?" I ask.

She elbows me in my stomach playfully. "No. There may have been some tears shed but I didn't scream out. How about you tough guy?"

"No screaming," I answer.

"I bet you whimpered," she jokes.

"I told you that I don't whimper," I tell her spinning her around in my arms so that she faces me, "but I bet I can get you to."

I kiss her under the shower spray as my hand slides down her sleek wet tummy, through her soft mound before I slip my finger down her slit. I push my finger inside her wetness rubbing her hooded clit causing her to grab my arm tightly.

"No bet!" She calls out seconds before moaning aloud as I tease her.

To say that we both aren't nearly out of control horny when we finally exit the shower and begin to towel each other off would be an understatement but I reach for a fresh pair of jeans from my duffle anyway figuring Michelle is ready to eat. She stops me by pushing me backwards onto the bed and taking the jeans from my hands.

"I still owe my friend a thank you for last night," She tells me tossing them over her shoulder. Reaching down she yanks my towel open and drops to her knees beside the bed.

"Michelle, you don't have to..." I begin to argue but when her hot mouth engulfs me, I lose my ability to create coherent thoughts.

Slowly she lowers her mouth taking about half my length in before slurping her way back up. She looks up at me, smiles then plunges her head down again. I watch her golden hair bobbing up in down in my lap as her mouth and tongue drive me to the heights of pleasure. The sheets are knotted in my hands as she pumps me closer and closer to climax. She can feel my impending eruption so she pulls her mouth off my member and lazily jerks it up and down.

"I think he likes me," She says with a giggle.

I breathe out a sigh of relief now that's allowing me to cool down a little.

"I'm pretty sure he's in love with you," I tell her.

"Only pretty sure," She asks as she seductively lowers her head back to my lap.

"Ok... Damn... He definitely loves you. Oh god!" I groan as she works me right back up to the same fevered state I was just in a moment ago.

"That's better. I want you to hold out as long as you can for me," she orders me.

I don't trust that I can speak so I nod and try to think of anything other than the beautiful woman that's driving me crazy with desire. I try counting backwards from a thousand by seven's but I just can't focus on anything but the intense pleasure she's giving me.

"Oh God Michelle," I grunt as she works me repeatedly to the brink of climax before backing off.

When I'm about as hard as I have ever been in my life she climbs onto the bed and straddle me.

"Sorry to tease you so long, I wanted to make sure that I properly thanked my friend here," She says as she slides me into her soaking wetness.

"You did that... and then some," I say through gritted teeth as I'm fighting a losing battle with my orgasm.

She sees the concentration on my face then leaning down she kisses me.

"That was just the beginning of me showing my gratitude. Now go ahead and give it to me. You earned it," She whispers as she tightens her herself around me, rolls her hips forward causing me to climax with a loud groan.

With the build up that she did I honestly see fireworks going off in my head when I close my eyes. I hear Michelle let out a loud sigh and her lower body contracts around me.

"Did you just...?" I ask.

"Uh huh," She answers her own eyes closed.

I start to wonder if she's seeing the same fireworks I saw.

"So getting me so worked up, got you worked up?"

"It was a little one but god was it satisfying."

"Sorry, I couldn't hold out longer. I never popped that quick except for when I lost my virginity," I tell her with a laugh.

She smiles down and says. "Don't apologize, I'm surprised I wasn't having you for breakfast with the way I got you all worked up. That losing your virginity line sounds like a story that you need to tell me though."

"Nope, that is not going to happen. It was embarrassing enough living through it once, no way am I telling you about it," I tell her.

She giggles and bounces on my lap causing her breasts to jiggle deliciously.

"Bet I can get you to tell me." She says in a singsong voice.

"Are you going to tell me about your first time?" I ask.

The bouncing ceases to my regret.

"Good point," She tells me. "Let's get dressed and eat, then we'll see if you've recovered enough to go again."

I look up at her naked body and feel myself stirring. "I think I'm already recovering just from looking at you," She smiles as she feels me begin growing hard again inside her.

"Wow, that's a first too. I could really get used to this but we both need to eat, see some of this beautiful city, then if you're good dessert," She says rolling off me.

"I thought that I was good already?" I ask.

"You're great but I'm starving," She says kissing me.

She climbs off my lap and sighs as I slip out of her. "There's definitely going to be dessert later. I miss him already."

"He misses you too but let's get some food in you so you'll have energy for later," I say reaching for my jeans.

As I'm pulling them up Michelle leans over and while kissing my ear whispers.

"You're the one that's going to need energy Kenny. I plan to make the most out of this room when we get back to it," She scampers out of the bedroom before I can grab her and throw her on the bed.

"Sir, I got them," Micah states into his hidden earpiece.

His team had taken turns hanging out in front of the hotel they had tracked them waiting for them to show. Jay who's sitting in the driver's seat of their stake out van wakes up and peers over.

"Damn she's got a nice ass. Are you seeing this ass boss?" He asks as he watches the pair head off in the opposite direction.

"It'd be even nicer if you were to, oh I don't know, follow them," Micah suggests.

"What? Oh right," Jay states starting the van and slowly pulling into traffic.

"Problem Mr. Washington," Trent asks as he begins making his way to the lobby of his hotel with the others from Micah's team.

"Jay's just enjoying the scenery this morning sir. Grayson doesn't have his bag with him so it looks like they intend on coming back here at least one more time before they check out."

"Good, you two follow them and keep your distance so he doesn't catch on to you. Inform me where they stop and I'll meet you there."

"Copy that. Okay Jay, stay on that ass until they stop."

"Trust me, you don't have to tell me twice on that."

Trent points to Darrell. "You, with me. You two go back and sit on the hotel in case they somehow elude your comrades."

Martin nods as Trent and Darrell head off in the direction of where Micah is tailing Grayson. "Guess we should head to the hotel?" Jeff asks after a moment.

"Yeah, guess so. Hey Jeff, does something seem... I don't know, off about this guy?"

"Grayson or the CIA guy?"

"The CIA guy. He seems kind of like..."

"He'd eat his own family if the opportunity presented itself," Jeff states.

Martin nods. "Something like that. I'm starting to feel bad for this Grayson guy and the girl too for that matter. Grayson, he lived the life, I'm sure he'll know that his numbers up once we catch him but the girl? Come on man, she had to put with god knows what from Ballo and now this CIA prick is going to get his hands on her? It doesn't seem right."

"Maybe when you cash his check it will compensate for any bad feelings that you might have after this job. Hell from what Jay said about her ass, maybe we'll all get a turn before Trent sells her or whatever the fuck his twisted mind comes up with," Jeff states with a chuckle.

Martin answers with a "Yeah," but he's seriously reconsidering his current employee status. Gang rape was not part of the brochure but hell, neither was half the stuff Micah had them doing these days. Back when they were in the service, the Spooks used them for untoward stuff sure but nothing like this.

"This feels more like a personal vendetta than a sanctioned operation," He'd expressed to Micah as they were in the air on their way back from Dakar.

"So what? The money's still green and we get to off a genuine SEAL in the process. I've heard that Grayson is supposedly some sort of legend too how great will that be?"

"Great," Martin had answered not really feeling it.

"You okay man, you look a little green?" Jeff asks snapping him back to the present.

"What? Yeah, sorry. I don't think the food last night agreed with me."

"I thought you had a salad? Whatever man, let's get to the hotel and recon the room in case we get to put it to use later," Jeff states and almost gleefully. He trundles ahead of Martin who contemplates pulling his forty five and put a hole in the back of this sick fuckers head but he pauses and reminds himself "There's a time and a place for everything" suddenly it feels like that time might be upon him.

"When I talked to Addison she said last night was going to happen," Michelle states as we sit at the table of the tiny café I saw last night.

The place is a hole in the wall, which means fewer tourists but the smells emanating from the kitchen, tells me that they're missing out.

"She did huh? What has she got, some sort of perverted psychic vision thing going on or what?" I ask.

"You know, I didn't think of it like that, but it makes sense," She answers as we look over the menu. "You're gonna have to order for me. Or teach me Italian in the span of about three minutes."

I smile. "I think I'll order for you and then we'll work on Italian later. I have no doubt that you're a quick study."

She smiles and I order us some lunch. As the waitress departs, Michelle begins to talk..

"Guess it's time to explain myself huh?"

"You keep insisting that you need to so I guess so. It's not like me telling you "No" is working."

"It's not but I do appreciate that you are willing to just let it drop but you came all this way, got shot. I kind of owe you."

"After what you did to me this morning you don't," I tell her giving her a grin.

She blushes and kicks me under the table.


"Okay first of all, ouch and secondly I'm serious."

"I know you're serious, why do you think I kicked you?"

"I was just trying to let you off this imaginary hook you think you're hanging on."

"Thank you," She says but before she can begin, the food arrives. "This looks and smells wonderful. I'm not even gonna ask what it is, I'm just going to enjoy it."

She turns the server and says, "Grazie."

"I knew you were a quick study," I say with a smile.

"I'm learning a lot it seems. Like that I can truly trust you, just like I did before. I never had that with anyone else."

"I find that hard to believe Michelle. There's Addison, Lissa, Karly and I'm sure a few boyfriends out there that you trust or trusted."

She shakes her head. "I never really trusted any of the boyfriends I've had in the past. That's a major reason you'll never see photos of me half-naked on the internet. I guess I trust Addison and Lissa to a certain point but funny as it sounds I relate the most to Karly out of all of them."

"I can see that. You two certainly are a forced to be reckoned with when you team up that's for sure."

She laughs. "We can be I guess. Anyway, while Addison and Lissa are my friends I never really could connect with them that much. I didn't come from money like they did, we just sort happened into it in the worst way possible," She says.

"Losing your Dad," I state.

She nods. "Do you think that's why you and I hit it off so quickly, both of us sharing the loss of a parent, in your case both of your parents at an early age?"

"I don't know about you but I felt our connection well before I knew that you'd lost your dad. Did you know about me losing my parents on the day we met or something?"

She shakes her head. "That day on the beach, no, you were just some stranger swimming in my spot. I was so close to just heading back to the house before you saw me but for some reason I felt... I dunno... compelled to stay. Next thing I know my mouth is open and words are coming out. I'm talking to this stranger like he's someone I know and I have no idea what I'm saying."

"You had me fooled," I tell her.

"Then we started hanging out and I found myself telling you everything. It was just so easy to talk to you. We were open with each other and having fun, becoming really good friends."

"I think I see where this is going," I tell her.

"Yeah, but let me tell it. I'll feel better," She says and I nod for her to continue. "That night at the party, when we kissed on the balcony I felt something happen."

"Maybe like that wall that we'd each erected to keep our feelings in check had suddenly been destroyed?"

"No because the wall I kept trying to put up, you kept picking away at with a gesture here or a smile there so I just gave up. To me it was more like a floodgate had been opened when you kissed me. I knew that I wanted us to be more than friends but I didn't want to destroy the friendship that we'd created if that makes any sense."

"I'm sorry but it doesn't make sense. Michelle, we were good friends by then how would us taking the next step ruin what we'd already built?"

"I would have found a way, believe me."

"Like running away to Australia?"

"I didn't run, well not really. The Australia thing really was a wonderful opportunity for me, you said so yourself. Maybe since I knew that I would be leaving so soon afterwards... I just said that what we had done was a mistake. I didn't want you to have to wait on me to come back."

"Don't you think that maybe I should have had some sort of say in that?"

"Now that I'm a little older and lot wiser, yes. Back then I was just confused."

"And scared," I supply.

She nods. "Kind of like I am now but I've got nowhere to run to this time. I don't want to run this time; I'm determined to see what the future has in store for us."

I raise my glass. "To our future then."

She smiles and clinks her glass to mine. "To our future."

"I guess since you opened yourself up like that I should tell you my story too huh?"

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