tagBDSMThe Research Facility Pt. 04

The Research Facility Pt. 04


Day 2.

Frank stared up at the florescent lights above him and he took in his surroundings. The red covered padded walls. The room being almost bare. The fact that the room had no windows. The floor and ceiling were not covered in padding but the walls and door were. It was a medium sized room but it felt small to him even though it wasn't that small. He guessed it was because of how long he had been in the room. Most of the room was covered in padding and it made the room feel like a padded Asylum cell and Frank guessed that was probably why the room felt so small to him and why he felt so uncomfortable in there. The only object in the room was a cabinet which was to one side of the room behind him. Frank tested his restraints again but there was no give to them and he could barely move, he was still cuffed down spread-eagled and he knew his chances of escape were zero.

Suddenly the door to the room opened and Kellie walked into the room with three other pretty women. The door closed and automatically locked behind them. The women wore white lab coats. All three women were blondes. Frank noticed that they wore skirts and blouses. Their white lab coats hung open over their blouses which allowed him to get a peek of their boobs pushing outward underneath. Frank guessed the women were slightly older than him. He guessed they were in their late twenties at least two of them were but the petite blonde looked slightly younger. He thought the three women looked almost the same age. They were definitely in their twenties he could tell by their young faces. The three girls looked down at Frank on the floor with excited looks on their faces. "So Kellie how is test subject B65 doing?" the tallest blonde asked.

"Not very well," Kellie replied with a smirk on her face, "he gets hard way too fast, unfortunately, it has been the same with me as it has been with Dr Sophia and her assistants."

"That's really too bad," the tall blonde replied. For some reason, she was smiling and her wide smile unnerved Frank. She looked very mischievous to him and it worried him. "I know he was sent here to receive some pain as a punishment for misbehaving but I wanted to have some fun with my subjects penis first to test his arousal to me," said Kellie. "On one hand it's a good thing he got so aroused around me because it shows he finds me attractive which is flattering, but on the other hand, it's a bad thing because he failed the test big time. After all, getting hard in ten seconds is pretty pathetic especially when the only thing touching his cock was my shoe."

The three girls got a good laugh out of that.

"It will be interesting to see if he lasts as long with us," the same tall blonde said.

Kellie grinned and rubbed her hands together. "It sure will," she replied.

Kellie looked down at the gagged test subject beneath her and she gazed right into his eyes. She saw him gazing back up at her fearfully, and she loved the fear she saw in his eyes, it aroused her greatly. She stepped forward and held her arm out at the women stood beside her. "I would like to introduce you to my three Assistants now," she said with a big smile on her face. She gestured toward the tall blonde first.

"This is Kate," she said. Then she gestured towards the next girl. "This is Holly." Then she gestured towards the third girl who looked the youngest and the most petite. "This is Yasmin," she said.

Frank studied the cute blonde and he instantly felt aroused. She was very pretty and cute looking. She looked young, Frank guessed she was about 23. She wore a white blouse and a black skirt just like her sisters did. She also wore black stockings. The three younger sisters were dressed the same, the only difference being the colour of their stockings. Yasmine's being black, Kates being brown and Hollys being white. The three girls wore white lab coats but Frank was still able to see their clothes underneath. All three girls had shoulder length blonde hair and wore makeup but not a lot, unlike Kellie their makeup was subtle. They wore makeup under their eyelids and on their lips, and on their cheeks but there was not much of it and it gave the girls a natural beauty kind of look. The three women had their fingernails painted light red too. When it came to body looks kate was slightly curvy and had a nice body. Yasmine and Holly were more petite girls and were not as curvy as Kate but they were very cute looking just as cute as Kate was despite their lack of curves. He felt aroused when he saw they all wore stockings. He had a thing for stockings as well as feet and legs, and every lovely girl in the room had a great pair of legs. Even Kellie who was the oldest had great legs, she was the only woman who wore no stockings. The three younger women wore black high heeled pumps which covered their feet, and Frank couldn't help wondering what their feet looked like in those shoes.

Kellie knelt down by Franks' head and she pulled the tape off his mouth then she pulled her knickers out of his mouth. Frank sucked in air through his mouth. It felt so good to breathe through his mouth again.

"Since it's morning I think it's only fair you get something to eat," said Kellie. She pulled a breakfast bar out of her pocket and held it in front of his face. "You don't really deserve any food after the way you behaved yesterday but I'm not evil so I will let you eat, after all, we don't want you dying on us not when we have an experiment to conduct," she said with a smirk on her face.

Frank looked up at Kellie with wide eyes. "Please let me go," he croaked.

Kellie nodded her head no. "Sorry, hun not gonna happen, now open your mouth," she said. Frank obeyed her and opened his mouth and Kellie opened the bar and put it in his mouth. He took a large bite and chewed and swallowed it hungrily. It felt so good finally being able to eat something after having no dinner yesterday. He took bite after bite of the bar and finished it in no time. When he was done Kellie pulled a bottle of water out and held it to his face. "Lift up you're head," she said. He obeyed her and lifted his head so he could reach the bottle. Kellie put a straw inside so he could drink more easily. Frank gulped the water down super fast because he was so thirsty, he had not drank anything since he arrived yesterday. He ended up finishing the entire small bottle. Kellie smiled at him then she pulled the bottle away and stood up. "We need you to keep your strength up subject B65 we can't have you dehydrating now, can we."

Frank looked at her thankfully and shook his head no. Kellie smirked. "Since you've eaten and had a drink now its time to gag you again," said Kellie. Frank shook his head no to which Kellie responded with a laugh. "You will be gagged whether you want it or not subject, I am going to put my knickers back in your mouth now and any attempt at bitting me will result in extreme pain to your balls is that understood?" she asked sternly.

Frank nodded his head yes and opened his mouth because he was afraid of the pain he would receive if he didn't. "Good boy," said Kellie in a mocking tone of voice then she shoved her knickers into his mouth then she asked Kate to get some fresh duct tape for her from the cabinet. "Sure no problem sis," she replied with a cute smile. Kellie put her hand over Franks' mouth to hold her knickers inside which made him gasp in surprise.

Frank looked up and he saw Kate walk across the room to the cabinet behind him, her sexy high heels clicking on the floor as she walked across the room. He knew she was walking slowly to tease him with her heels and it was working he felt aroused watching her but he was also afraid of being gagged again. He watched as Kate pulled the tape out of the cabinet then she came back over and stood next to Kellie, then she waved the tape around next to his face to taunt him. Frank looked up at her and he tried to beg her not to let Kellie gag him but his cries were very muffled by the knickers and Kellies handgag. Kate totally ignored him and while smiling she handed the tape to Kellie who took it and thanked her. Kellie placed the tape over his mouth to seal the knickers inside then she wrapped the tape around his head repeatedly to make sure there was no way he could free his mouth. When she had wrapped the tape around his head enough times she cut the tape end with some scissors and put the role of tape on the floor. Being effectively gagged as he was the girls could barely hear his screams of protest under the gag, his screams were very muffled which was exactly what Kellie wanted.

Frank looked up at the four women angrily and he struggled from side to side as hard as he could but was unable to move anything except his head stomach and legs a few inches. His arms would not move at all and the shaking of his head did nothing to help him escape. "Mmmmmmpppppppp!" he yelled under his gag.

The four women looked down at him as if he were some kind of pet. Yasmine wasted no time getting straight down to business, she walked over to him and stood next to his prone body then she looked down at him smiling with a twinkle in her eyes and she lifted her leg and pushed her high heeled foot down hard on his stomach.

Franks' eyes shot open wide in surprise and he moaned in pain under his gag. Yasmine looked down at him with a sly smile on her face. She didn't say a word she just giggled and dug her heel into his stomach. The pain intensified and Frank cried out in pain louder this time. He pulled at his cuffs with his hands which did not budge.

Kellie smiled down at him. "Feel free to scream as loud as you want subject B65 this room is fully soundproof and nobody but us will hear you, not that it matters because none of the women in this building would help you even if they could hear you," said Kellie.

Frank looked up at Kellie with angry eyes. She did not look the slightest bit worried she just stood there calmly with her hands clasped in front of her watching him squirm and moan in pain. "The more you struggle the harder Yasmin will dig her heel into your chest," said Kellie.

Frank looked up at Yasmine with pleading eyes and shook his head no hoping she would have pity on him but she just looked into his eyes with her beautiful eyes and smiled at him as if nothing she was doing was cruel at all then she lifted her foot and stomped hard on his stomach again. The stomp surprised him and he let out a muffled scream of pain.

The three other ladies laughed at his pain and looked down at him in amusement. Yasmine dug her heel roughly into his stomach and ground it back and forth. "This is all part of the experiment," she said casually.

Kate decided to get in on the action too. Frank watched as Kate stood between his legs and he watched in fascination as she slowly slid her foot out of her heel and raise it slightly. His eyes widened when he saw her wave her foot around teasingly. "My feet got pretty sweaty in my high heels today and I wonder what you'd think if I did this to you," she said with a mischievous grin on her face. She lifted her foot and slowly moved it forwards and placed it on his cock.

Franks eyes nearly exploded out of his head in excitement when she did this and his eyes went as wide as saucers and his cock hardened under her foot. She pushed his cock back so it rested on his stomach then she slowly ran her foot back and forth against his cock which brought muffled moans of pleasure from under his gagged mouth. Kate giggled. "I bet if our subject were not gagged right now he would be screaming in pleasure," she said with a smirk on her face. The other girls laughed and nodded agreeing with her.

Frank felt so humiliated and he wondered if he would ever get out of this place. He watched as Kate kept her sexy stockinged foot on his cock and slowly caressed it. He felt aroused at the site of it. Her pretty red toenails were visible through the brown stockings and the sight of them excited him. He wondered if there was something wrong with him for being aroused by having a girl's sweaty foot on his cock. The smell of her foot was strong he could smell it even though her foot was not near his face. He could also smell Yasmine's foot which was closer to him. She kept her high heeled foot on his stomach and ground her heel into him with a smirk on her face. The third sister Holly had not participated yet she was stood opposite him with her hands clasped in front of her and she was watching his torment with a blank look on her face. Frank wondered in that moment if she felt sorry for him or if she would maybe help him. He looked up at her with wide eyes and tried screamed under his gag for her to help him to make the heel digging stop.

She looked back at him with a thoughtful look on her face as if she were thinking hard about something then the biggest smile Frank had ever seen appeared on her face and she laughed at him in a mocking way. "I can't understand what you're screaming about subject but if you were trying to beg me to help you that's not going to happen," she said casually.

Her calm and cold demeanour chilled Frank to the bone and he realized she was enjoying seeing him suffer. What a cold-hearted bitch Frank thought to himself in surprise. He had been certain the girl had felt sorry for him but she was just as cold as the other girls were. He watched as Holly stood between his wide spread legs. She looked down at his body and smirked liking what she saw. Kate removed her foot from Franks cock and stepped aside so her sister could have a turn. Holly lifted her high heeled foot and placed it on his cock then she pushed it back against his stomach which caused Frank to let out muffled moans of pain which brought the biggest smile to Holly's lips. Frank had been hard when she had stood on his cock with her shoe and that was what had made the pain worse when it had been pushed back against his stomach. Her heel rested on his balls and the rest of her shoe rested on his cock and she slowly pushed down on it. "You're cock seems very resilient which is a nice surprise because us girls don't want to play with a weak little cock, and yours is a nice size," said Holly.

The other girls nodded in agreement. "We may not care about you but you're cock is a different matter," said Kellie. The other girls smiled and nodded. Frank looked up and noticed that Kellie was stood right behind him so she had a good view of what was happening to him. He noticed that she had put her reading glasses on and she was writing down some notes on an i pad. "Our test subject has very bad pain receptors and he can't seem to handle anything we dish out on him but at the same time he is also aroused by what we do to him and it has made us wonder if our test subject is submissive," said Kellie.

Frank realised she was writing down what she was saying out loud and that testing his pain receptors was part of their research. He also realised in that moment they were also testing out his sexuality. Frank thought these women seemed more like fetish researchers then they did real scientists. Frank looked down and he watched as Yasmine continued to grind her heel into his stomach, and while she did this Holly pushed down on his cock harder and harder with her high heel. She repeatedly increased the pressure then stopped then increased the pressure then stopped and she did this repeatedly to torment him. Kate decided to join in again and she lifted her stockinged foot and placed it on his stomach then she pushed down on him which made him wince in pain. She ran her pretty red toes over his abbs to tease him and it had the desired effect making him moan in pleasure. All three girls had their feet on him at once now and it turned Frank on big time despite the humiliation he felt. Holly's shoe was on his cock, Yasmine's shoe was on his stomach and Kates' foot was on his chest. Their teasing went on and on for many minutes and they giggled and smiled the whole time they teased him.

Yasmine eventually removed her heeled foot from his stomach then she stood by his head. She looked down at Frank with a cute smile on her face and he wondered what she was going to do to him. He watched as she leaned down and slowly pulled off her high heel shoe then place it on the floor next to him. Then she slowly pulled off her other shoe. She did it in a sexy teasing way which aroused Frank greatly. As soon as her shoes were off her feet he could smell the strong odour of her pretty feet. Her feet were small and cute looking and he noticed the pink nail polish through the dark stockings. She grinned down at him then she slowly lifted one foot and placed it right over his face!

Franks eyes nearly exploded out of his head when he saw her do this! Because he had a foot fetish. He watched her in wide-eyed fascination as she ran her cute foot all over his face. He breathed in the strong salty smell of her stockings as they rubbed over his nose and his cheeks and despite his humiliation, he was still turned on. He could not move his arms at all so he had no choice but to just lay there and let her run her pretty foot over his face. She laughed and smiled as she caressed his cheeks with her foot then she ran her toes over his nose to make the smell worse for him. Frank moaned in arousal and breathed her in which made every woman in the room laugh at him and mock him. They all called him a weirdo and a freak and their words hurt him but he couldn't help but be turned on by this, her feet just looked too nice. "What a pathetic little perv you are," said Yasmine, cruelly. She pinched his nose shut between her toes to cut off his air. Franks' eyes widened and he screamed under his gag for mercy. Yasmine ignored him and held his nose shut for thirty seconds, taking delight in his futile struggles. Then when she sensed he was about to pass out she removed her toes from his nose and stepped back. She smiled down at him triumphantly. "I will definitely be doing that to you again later," she said.

The four women looked down at Frank in amusement. Kellie looked the most amused of all. "It appears our test subject has a foot fetish and we will definitely delve more into that during the rest of his stay here," said Kellie. She wrote everything down in her i pad as she spoke and Frank knew she was writing about his foot fetish.

Once Kellie had finished writing she got down on her knees behind franks head and she cupped his face in her pretty hands. "Here's what's going to happen, Frank, since we obviously can't let you leave this room you are going to be eating your dinner in here today, we can't untie you so we will have to feed it to you, and furthermore if you need a drink we will be feeding that to you too. Also if you need to go to the bathroom we have other methods to deal with that. Maybe if you're well behaved and do everything we ask for the rest of you're stay here we will let you eat in another room, you will have to be restrained the whole time though because we don't want you trying to escape not until the experiment is over," said Kellie.

Kellie stood up so she was behind Fank's head again and she looked at Kate and nodded to her. "Why don't you try touching our subjects cock with your hand this time and see if it gets the same reaction that our feet and shoes gave it," said Kellie. Kate obeyed her and sat between Franks wide spread legs then she grabbed his cock in her big hand and gave it a few slow strokes. He grew slightly but not a lot. Kate smirked then she looked up at her sisters knowingly. "He got hard but not as hard as he got earlier when we had our feet on his dick."

Her three sisters giggled and nodded in agreement with her. "Our test subject definitely loves feet we now know that for sure," said Kellie in a professional voice. She looked at her youngest sister Yasmine and gave her a nood and a smirk. "You know what to do," she said.

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