tagErotic CouplingsThe Resort Ch. 03

The Resort Ch. 03


03.01 Megan and Jamie, Introduction:

03.02 Jamie, Fantasy Center, Preparation:

03.03 Jamie, Fantasy Center, Entity:

03.04 Megan, Fantasy Center, Plant Lover:


03.01 Megan and Jamie, Introduction:

Jamie was an impulsive boy as he was growing up and wouldn't think twice about trying out something new, no matter what the consequences might be. When he turned sixteen, his internet exploring showed him that males could grow breasts and become as shapely as girls. This excited him and decided to try it out by finding out what drugs he needed, where to get them and how to use them. His immature mind convinced him that if he didn't like it, he could just stop taking the drugs and everything would return to normal. Megan didn't find out what he was doing until Jamie was almost eighteen and was too late to stop it.

As Jamie's body became more feminine, he decided that this was not such a good idea and stopped taking the drugs. To his dismay, the breast growth and the curvaceousness of his body remained as they were and he began wearing loose fitting clothes to hide femininity. Megan suspected that something was really wrong when Jamie quit his after school activities with the swimming and football teams and after a heated discussion, Jamie told her what he had done. She wouldn't believe it and was shocked when her son showed her his breasts.

Jamie refused to see a doctor so Megan talked to her doctor. She was told that there was little that could be done to reverse the effects and it would probably be best if Jamie continued taking the medications and allow his body to mature into a transsexual. The doctor informed her that another word for a male transsexual is a Shemale.

Jamie went back on his drug regimen and as his body matured, his mother arranged for them to move to another city where no one knew them and he would be accepted as a female. Jamie never recovered and became a social loner.

Megan had become close friends with her next door neighbour, Robin. Finally, one evening, Megan broke down and confided in Robin what their lives had been like for the past two years. Robin and her husband are members of The Resort and knew a solution to both their lives would be found there. She described in detail the services and options that the Resort and GenTech could offer her son. This raised Megan's hopes especially when she was told that a number of guests at the resort were transsexual and lot of them are in Jamie's age group.

At first Jamie wasn't open to the idea of joining a 'nudist' colony. The thought of being naked in front of his mother and others made him nervous. He finally came around when Megan threatened to go by herself and leave him alone for 4-6 weeks. Megan filled out the online forms for herself and Jamie. She blushed as she filled in her sexual preferences and fantasies. She smiled when she listed her son as a reluctant, virginal transsexual. A week later the Resort sent an email confirming that their temporary membership and free reservations had been confirmed.

A qualifying condition statement was at the bottom of the form.

'All guests with temporary memberships will be participants in the Resort's public performances. By clicking on the confirmation link, you agree to take part in one or more sexual performance.'

Megan was so elated at having a free, all expense vacation that she missed seeing the qualifier and clicked on the confirmation link.

When they arrived, the check in desk had a complete biography of each of them. The girl at the desk suggested that they read the brochures describing all of services offered by the Resort and review the conditions relating to their free stay at the Resort. She handed reservation cards to both of them which were for the Fantasy Center.

"All you have to do is call the extension to make a morning or afternoon appointment. As they were being driven to their Bungalow, Megan saw Jamie look at his reservation card and nervous blush spread across his girlish face. He showed it to his mother and Megan saw 'Entity Transsexual'. Megan looked at her card and it said, 'Entity Male'. There was silence for the rest of the ride.

They arrived at the Bungalow at 1:15pm and both were amazed at the luxuriousness of all the rooms. Both were a little embarrassed when they entered the Fitness room. It took them two days before they had the courage to undress in front of each other and venture outside. The Monitoring Center was getting a little concerned and was in the process of formulating an alternate plan.

Megan saw her son's curvaceous body for the first time and something in her mind made her smile when she saw his breasts, hairless thighs and his penis laying between them. Both had complied with the rules and had removed all the hair from their bodies below the shoulders.

They cautiously walked out of their Bungalow and made their way to the crowded beach and, as is usually the case, no one paid much attention to them. It wasn't long before Jamie saw his first Shemale. The sight of his naked body both scared and excited him. Their eyes met and he was greeted with a nod and a smile. Jamie wasn't ready for that and he looked down as his nervousness grew. When they got back to the Bungalow, Megan suggested that he contact the Fantasy Center and find out what a transsexual is all about. At least he would know one way or the other if this life style was for him.

Jamie reluctantly called the Center and gave the girl the number on his card. The girl was openly friendly and seem genuinely happy that Jamie had called. She told him that a 10:30am opening was available and Jamie said he would take it. She then told him that a transportation cart would pick him up at 10:15:am, The room number is 402. She also told him that he could give himself the enema at his Bungalow or have it done in the Fantasy Center. Jamie said he would do it in the Bungalow. He didn't get much sleep during the night wondering what was going to happen to him in the morning.

When Jamie went to his bedroom, Megan read the brochure on the Resort's 'Plant Lover'. She hadn't had sexual contact with a man since Jamie was born and her body was suddenly flooded with needs and desires that had laid dormant within her body for years. With trembling hands she picked up the phone and called the Fantasy Center. The woman at the desk saw that Megan's son was slated for his session at 10:30am and made Megan's appointment for the same time. Unlike her son, Megan's restless night was filled with expectancy and anticipation.

When Jamie awoke, his mother greeted him with the Fleet enema in her hand and he walked back into the bathroom. For Megan, the fifteen minute trip to the Fantasy center felt like hours, for Jamie it was far too quick. When they arrived, Jamie got off on the fourth floor and Megan went up to the sixth floor.

03.02 Jamie, Fantasy Center, Preparation:

Jamie stood in front of the door of room 402, took a deep breath and walked in. The girl checked with the Monitoring Center to confirm that Jamie had administered the enema to himself. She then introduced him to Dan who had just entered the reception area. Jamie didn't expect this and fought the urge to hide his genitals with his hands. Dan smiled and led him down the hall to a room marked 'SESSION PREP'. It was like a bathroom with a small couch and a strange chair. The room had a door marked 'SESSION'. Dan opened a cabinet and took out two bottles and dropped four large gelatin pills onto his hand. He handed them to Jamie along with a glass of water which he drank down without any questions. He saw Dan put a wash cloth and a hand towel on the rack beside the sink and wondered why.

Dan said,

"The Fantasy Center wants your first sexual encounter to be something that you will remember for a long time and the preparation of your body is a necessity."

He told Jamie to sit on the strange chair that was against the wall. The seat was 'U' shaped and opened in the center. Two flexible hoses were attached to the wall beside the chair. At the end of one hose was a small shower head and an auto adjusting sheath was at the end of the other hose. Jamie sat down on the 'U' shaped seat and squirmed a little as the contours forced his legs and the cheeks of buttocks to spread apart. He blushed as his testicles and penis swayed in the opening.

Dan stood in front of Jamie and waited for the pills to take effect. It was an awkward minute or two for Jamie as all he could see was Dan's penis and balls in front of his nervous eyes. It began as pleasant warm, tingling sensations that spread across genital area and up to his breasts and nipples. Jamie tried to suppress the feelings by shifting his buttocks and thighs but the seat limited his movements. The sensations intensified and Jamie felt the tingling sensation flow onto the head of his penis and felt his nipples stiffen. His embarrassment caused a deep flush to wash across his face knowing that Dan was watching his penis grow to full erection. His balls began to feel heavier as they swayed into the opening of the seat.

Suddenly, Jamie felt a warm, slick thickness pushing up between the cheeks of his spread buttocks. He frantically tried to shift his hips in a futile attempt to stop the advancing probe and shut his eyes, moaning in dismay, as the head of the probe nestled against his rectal opening.

Somewhere in front of him, he heard a voice saying,

"Relax Jamie, it is not going to hurt. The probe is going to give your rectal sheath the sexual properties of a female vagina. You will enjoy anal sex as much as woman enjoys vaginal sex."

Jamie opened his eyes and looked at Dan with pleading eyes,

"No .. No .. I don't want to do this .. stop ....."

Jamie was caught in the middle of his plea when the probe released a chemical that caused the tight sphincter muscle to relax and an incredible tingling warmth spread onto his anal opening and flowed into his rectal sheath. Jamie had never felt anything like it and a his plea turned into a long sigh. The head of the probe nudged into his anal lips, spreading them further apart, as it pushed inward. The pills and the chemicals from the anal probe were now in full effect and Jamie's mind was awash with new found pleasure as his anus and rectal sheath caressed the long thickness that was slipping up into his sacred rear passage. Jamie suddenly flinched and his hands fisted as a deep need flooded his erection testicles. He looked at Dan with panic in his eyes.

Dan just smiled and whispered,

"Its ok Jamie your allowed to have an erection in this room."

Jamie moaned as his hardness jerked between his spread thighs.

"Ohhhhhh .. Noooooooo!!"

The probe slipped deeper into Jamie's rectal sheath.


The moan turned to a gasp at the soft, slick head reached his prostate and began massage the sensitive mound. Jamie didn't know what the probe was doing and didn't want it to stop.


In a few seconds Jamie felt the long, warm, thickness fill his rectal sheath. His mind became saturated with sensations that he had never felt before as it purred, throbbed and pulsed. His erection strained into the air, his balls felt bloated and his nipples felt like bullets.

A smiling Dan knelt down in front of Jamie and waited.

Jamie was not prepared for the ecstatic sensations that gripped his rectal area and he moaned as his the probe began preparing his 'womanhood'. It began secreting more of its chemicals and a thick nest of sexual nerve endings were created along the lining of his rectal sheath and anal lips. Both were connected to his sexual sensory system. His prostate and seminal vesicle were enhanced to produce six times the normal production of semen. His enhanced rectum or 'womanhood' would become active only if anal stimulations was applied. The effects of the feminization drugs on his testosterone levels were reversed and Jamie's straining erection felt like a granite bat.

Jamie openly gasped as the ecstatic sensations flooded his loins.

Dan reached for the hose that had the sheath and fitted the open end over Jamie's thick gland. That's all that Dan had to do. The sheath slithered downward over the engorged erection with ecstatic squeezes and massages. Jamie squealed with joy as his excited organ was encased within a clenching vagina-like sheath.

Dan whispered,

"Let it happen Jamie .. let the sensations flow across your body! Give us your semen .. give us that thick nectar that shoots from your penis."

Jamie couldn't control the reactions of his body and he didn't want to. The probe began a series of ecstatic strokes and his hips began thrusting his erection up into the milking sheath. His rectal muscles clenched and spasmed as the probed stroked into his body. The probe withdrew then slipped inward and nestled over Jamie's excited prostate. Jamie arched up and wailed at the incredible contact. His erection jerked wildly within the clasping sheath.

The soft, caressing head began a slow, stroking action and within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted throughout Jamie's body. His preseminal fluid spurted out of the open slit on the head of his erection into the sheath's feasting mouth. Within a minute the small explosions intensified and Jamie was moaning and squirming on the 'U' shape seat. As his body quaked with minor orgasms, he desperately flexed his straining hardness in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

The probe's head picked up momentum and Jamie's ecstatic explosions intensified. His hyper-sensitive gland felt as though it was going to explode and his mind was becoming saturated with sexual sensations that he had never felt before as his ecstatic explosions rumbled throughout his body like a series of freight trains.

Jamie gasped and wailed, his hips thrust desperately, plunging his enraged manhood up into the squeezing sheath and grinding his enflamed anal passage in ecstatic circles around the thrusting probe. Dan reached out and lifted Jamie's heavy, bloated balls and Jamie gurgled in joy as he was catapulted toward his orgasmic edge.

Jamie thrust forcefully upward, the stroking probe followed his twisting body. His orgasmic denied body was finally allowed to unleash its reservoirs of ejaculant. Jamie's first stream of thick semen entered the base of erection and shot up his straining erection. The churning liquid of joy reached the engorged head of his erection and stalled as it swirled around excited gland. The long, thick streams jettisoned into the sucking 'mouth' of the sheath.


Jamie slumped onto the chair gasping and panting. The Monitoring Center began analyzing Jamie's semen and sent a tweaking chemical the anal probe. The vagina- like sheath encasing his still spurting erection released its chemicals. One of the secreted chemicals was an ejaculation controller. The surface of his erection would be able to sense the orgasmic contractions of his partner's vaginal or rectal muscles. If they were present, his ejaculation would be permitted, if not, he would be kept at his orgasmic edge until the contractions were sensed or his erection was removed. The sheath slipped away from softening penis and it lay over his balls, glistening in the light. The probe withdrew from Jamie's anus with an audible slurping sound and his swollen, pink anal lips slowly returned to normal.

Dan lifted the small shower head and directed the warm spray Jamie's anal area, penis and balls. Jamie moaned softly as the waters massaged and caressed his genitals. He never thought a flow of pulsing water could feel so nice. His thoughts quickly changed when his arousal crept back into his tingling penis. Dan used the shower head to tease and caress the rising hardness and Jamie moaned reluctantly as the his penis quickly stood hard and tall between his thighs. Jamie cringed as Dan used the soft hand towel to dry his genitals, and another moan was heard as Dan used the soft surface to glide up and down his throbbing erection. Dan leaned back and starred at his handy work. Slowly Jamie's penis softened and a look of relief spread across his face.

Dan said,

"Now you're ready for your session with the Entity. The safe word is 'MONUMENT'. If you say it, your session will end immediately, no questions asked. When you're ready, go through the door marked 'SESSION' Don't forget to put on a robe".

Dan returned to the reception area and joined the girl at the desk.

Jamie waited on the seat for a minute a two thinking about what had just taken place. His mind wasn't sure if he should continue or not. The sensations of his first ejaculation were still fresh in his memory and he wanted to feel more of them.

Dan, the girl and the monitory Center were watching Jamie make up his mind. All saw him stand up, put a robe and walk toward the door marked 'SESSION'.

03.03 Jamie, Fantasy Center, Entity:

Jamie opened the door and entered the room. It was completely dark except for a large bed in the center of the room that was bathed in the warm glow of the ceiling lights. He hesitated for a moment or two, took a deep breath and walked toward the bed. His nervousness mounted when he saw a rail at the foot of the bed rising upward. At the same time a circle of light appeared on the floor in front of the bed.

He hesitated for a moment or two and walked toward the circle. As soon as he stepped into the light, it went 'out' and he heard the door close behind him. His fears escalated and he was about to scream out the 'safe word' and run back in the direction that he came from when he sensed movement in front of him.

A large bluish Gel-like mass rose up from the floor. The mass was about his height and less than three feet away from him. His eyes flew wide open when the mass slowly formed into the shape of a male. The shape was transparent and light bluish in color. The shape's bodily contours were highlighted by a lighter shade of blue. As the facial and body features became more defined, his heart raced and his breathing quickened when saw the bluish penis and testicles forming between its spread thighs. Then something took his breath away. Breasts formed on the Entity's chest and Jamie was looking a Shemale.

As the face became more defined, a sense of attraction swept across Jamie's mind and he breathlessly looked at the handsome face, the tight rippling abs and the muscular arms and legs. His eyes travelled downward and gasped when saw its flaccid 5.50 inch flaccid penis resting over its heavy, swaying balls. He looked back up into its face and his heart melted when he saw that loving smile that had seeped into the core of his femininity and his anus and rectal sheath spasmed as his 'womanhood' became active. All Jamie could do was sigh as a strange need to hold this bluish Entity coursed throughout his body.

After a brief pause, his Lover drew closer and reached out with its hands and began a slow massaging of Jamie's shoulders. Jamie sighed again and his breathing came in quick pants. He closed his eyes savoring the wonderful feelings that were building within him, hoping it wasn't a dream. He gasped when it leaned in close to his head and he felt an electric sensation run from his left ear and down his spine as his Lover began to lick his earlobe. Its right hand left his shoulder and the fingers lightly traced his robe downward. The hand and fingers delicately caressed the outside of his right breast then trailed downward to wrap around his hip, the fingers gently pressing into the soft fabric of his robe on his lower abdomen. Jamie's left hand reached down and covered the wrist of his Lover's exploring hand.

Everything that had been touched tingled, the sensations were spreading outward to warm his body. He inhaled and exhaled deeply. He trembled slightly as he felt the lips and tongue move from his ear to touch his neck on his right side, just above his shoulder line. He shivered as streams of pleasure flowed across his shoulders. Through closed eyes he envisioned what his Lover was doing to him.

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