tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Resort Ch. 04

The Resort Ch. 04


Continued from The Resort Ch. 03

04.01 Stage, Jamie, Megan, Preparation:

04.02 Stage, Jamie, Harness, A guided Fisting of his Mother:

04.03 Stage, Jamie, Harness, A Mother's loving throat:

04.04 Stage, Megan, Harness, A Sybian Love affair:

04.05 Stage, Jamie, Harness, An affair with an Aneros:

04.06 Stage, Jamie, Megan, A guided Mating:


04.01 Stage, Jamie, Megan, Preparation:

Cathy and Megan got off the elevator and walked to a room marked 'PERFORMANCE WAITING ROOM'. Megan looked at Cathy who just smiled back at her. When they entered, Jamie stood up and both could see the radiant look on each other's faces. Their fantasies had left a lasting impression in each of them.

Dan walked into the room with two male and two female attendants. Megan looked at them nervously and moved closer to her son.

Dan said,

"In accordance with your agreement, your public performance will take place now."

Megan immediately responded,

"What performance ..."

Cathy responded,

"You agreed to a public performance when you accepted the free reservations for the resort. There are a lot of people in the theater and online waiting for the both of you and we don't want to disappoint them."

A stunned Jamie looked at his mother and Megan began whimpering,

"I only glanced at it, I didn't think it meant anything. No .. No .. We won't do this ..."

Dan nodded his head at the attendants who approached Megan and Jamie. Before they knew what was happening, a patch was applied to their right buttock cheek. Megan and Jamie quickly tried to remove them but Cathy told them that a special solvent was needed.

The patches contained a number of skin absorbing, timed released chemicals ranging from arousal inducers to 'open to suggestion'. Within seconds Dan could see the tensions ebbing from their faces. Dan approached Jamie and handed him two gelatin pills, similar to the ones he had taken in the preparation room. Megan shook her head as if telling him not to take them but he drank them down without questioning why.

Internally, Megan and Jamie were trying to fight the effects of the drugs that were spreading throughout their bodies. They heard Cathy's words and a sense of dred filled their minds. Hands held their arms as they submissively walked toward the door marked 'THEATER'.

When Megan and Jamie made the appointments for their fantasy, the center sent out an 'alert' to its members that a performance between and a mother and son was scheduled for the following morning at 11:30am. The theater was filled to capacity and the online logging included the Resort's international members.

They were led onto the stage and their hearts raced when they saw the huge audience in front of them. A deafening hush filled the theater as they neared two Harness arrangements that lay on center of the stage. The arousal inducers were taking affect and Megan fought the wonderful, warm, tingling sensations that were spreading across her loins. Their breasts ached and their nipples quickly stiffened. Megan's rigid clitoris tingled as it extended itself outward from its protective hood.

She heard Jamie moan and saw a look of panic on her son's face. His hands fisted as if he was trying to prevent something from happening. She gasped when she saw his penis stirring and slowly rise up to full erection. Suddenly his eyes opened wide and quick pants escaped his open mouth as his hips began thrusting his hardness into the air. Dan snuggled up behind Jamie and turned him toward the audience. His hands reached around and lifted Jamie's breasts with an exquisite kneading action and whispered in his ear,

"Relax Jamie and embrace the sensations while your penis is being enhanced. You will become a perfect partner for females, males and Shemales. The audience smiled knowing what was going to happen. Megan couldn't believe what she was seeing, her son's erection was expanding with every jerk of his hips.

... 5.50" x 1.75" ... 6.00" x 2.00" ... 6.50" x 2.25"

... 7.00" x 2.50" ... 7.50" x 2.75" ... 8.00" x 3.00"

Megan was looking at a magnificent package that would be the envy of many males. Its size was definitely out of place with her son's body frame as it it stood out like a granite bat between his thighs. Appreciative sighs were heard from the audience.

The female attendants walked an aroused Megan to one of the Harnesses and she stood submissively as they inserted her arms and legs into the leather loops. They adjusted the loops around knees, thighs and shoulders then attached a leather band across her back for support. When she was ready, the control room raised her legs, bending them at her knees and spreading her thighs apart. The final adjustment put her into a slightly reclined position with her flared sex raised outward. A large HD monitor was tilted down from the stage's ceiling and Megan's arousal intensified when she saw the erotic positioning of her body.

She knew she was going to be sexually assaulted and looked around the stage for the man that was going to rape her. She saw no one except her son. She saw his new manhood glistening in the light and the fixed, glassy look from his eyes as he stared at his her enticing body.

A mix of conflicting emotions flooded her mind as her sex began rippling with need. She returned the look and gazed at his engorged manhood. Strange feelings crept into her mind when she saw his firm breasts and erect nipples. Something was compelling her to touch and massage them. She wondered what her son's stiff nipples would taste like in her mouth. She was broken out of her trance when she saw Cathy take Jamie's hand and lead him toward her. Reality came to the forefront of her mind and she whimpered,

"Oh God No, not Jamie, not her son."

04.02 Stage, Jamie, Harness, A guided Fisting of his Mother:

Cathy whispered in Jamie's ear,

"Snuggle in close between your mother's thighs and lean inward."

Jamie did so and both gasped as his thick erection pushed between the flared folds spreading them further apart. His throbbing hardness pressed against his mother's erect, pink organ and Megan's hands shot down to his hips and pulled him deeper into the junction of her thighs. As Megan ground her sex onto her son's erection, Cathy whispered something in Jamie's ear. He leaned inward and his lips touched Megan's lips. Megan felt Jamie's virgin tongue exploring her parted lips and she opened her mouth allowing it to slip inward. His first kiss was passionate and overwhelming, his erection jumped and his nipples tingled.

The sensations that gripped Jamie's mind and body were too much for him to handle and his erection jerked wildly as he ejaculated. His gushing semen spewed onto their abdomens and thighs. Cathy smiled at Jamie's inexperience and knew he would recover quickly and would not lose his hardness. A frustrated Megan saw Cathy pull her son back a step or so and watched with excited eyes as the attendants washed and cleaned her son's engorged member, abdomen and thighs. She moaned when their attention turned toward her and the warm, wet, cloths glided over her enflamed sex, clitoris, thighs and abdomen.

Mother and son were again ready for each other.

Megan saw Cathy whispering instructions to her son and knew she was going to be taken care of. She saw Cathy put a small padded stool on the floor in front her and Jamie sat down on it. Megan felt herself being lowered until her flared sex was aligned with her son's face. Her breathing quickened when she realized what was going to happen. She looked into the HD monitor and saw her son's open mouth just inches from her open sex and the granite-like hardness of his erection between his spread thighs. She watched with baited breath as Jamie leaned inward and his hands and mouth came closer and closer to her their target. She saw and felt her son's hands form around her swollen folds and then his thumbs pressed onto the rigid organ with ecstatic presses and swirls. Megan screeched at the contact and her hips pushed her spasming sex into her son's massaging hands. She looked down and saw his open lips nearing her excited clitoris. The thumbs moved away and Megan squealed with joy as her excited organ was enveloped within his suckling mouth. Jamie's tongue began teasing and caressing the hyper-sensitive tip of his mother's engorged clitoris and Megan's hands shot down and grasped his head firmly as her hips thrust her sex into the devouring mouth.

Cathy guided a learning Jamie and Megan moaned loudly as two fingers nestled into her clasping inner lips and then slithered into her enflamed vaginal passage with ecstatic twists and turns. Jamie's inserted a third finger and all three started a series of long strokes into and out of her mother's spasming vagina.

Again Cathy interrupted Jamie and Megan moaned in disappointment as her son's fingers slipped out of her body. She looked at Cathy with pleading eyes and was greeted with smile. Cathy held up a bottle of slick massaging oil and began pouring it over Megan's body. She started at Megan's left breast, over to her right breast, down over her abdomen and right thigh, then over to her left thigh. She finished it off with a liberal portion to the apex of Megan's labia and thighs.

Megan gasped as the warm scented oil spread outward on contact with her body.

Cathy looked at them both and said,

"Enjoy yourselves."

Jamie started spreading the oil all around Megan's breasts and nipples. She moaned in joy as Jamie's slippery hands massaged and kneaded her firm breasts and bullet-like nipples. Megan moaned when Jamie lowered his head and suckled on the engorged nipple of her right breast. The sensations flowed downward and melded with those radiating from her erect clitoris, swollen labia and clenching vagina.

Jamie started downward, spreading and kneading the warm oil over Megan's lower chest and abdomen. He worked both hands on either side of Megan's body which finally met at Megan's spread folds and his slippery hands kneaded the swollen lips. The thumbs slipped and pressed against her extended and engorged organ of joy. Megan's hips bucked outward and she gasped when Jamie slipped his fingers between the slick folds and played with the oozing opening to her womanhood.

Megan's arousal was soaring and her hands rubbed her son's head as he explored her open sex as cooing and mewing sounds flowed her mouth. Jamie leaned forward and sucked Megan's engorged organ of joy into his mouth. As his tongue swirled around rigid organ, he thrust three fingers into his mother's eager vaginal opening and Megan gasped and arched her hips upward, burying the fingers deep into her spasming passage. Megan squealed again and ground her enflamed sex against Jamie's sucking mouth and probing fingers. By sheer beginner's luck, Jamie's exploring fingers stumbled onto his mother's illusive 'G' spot and her body froze as shards of joy exploded across her loins.


Cathy told Jamie to remember where this special spot was.

Megan was only vaguely aware of Cathy whispering more instructions to her son.

Slowly, almost teasingly, Jamie withdrew his twisting fingers and Megan wailed with denial as her body was pulled back from the its orgasmic edge. Through aroused eyes she saw Jamie extend his right hand toward Cathy. She watched Cathy pour a liberal amount of the slick lubricant onto her son's right hand and lower wrist. Jamie smiled and looked at his mother, holding up his slick hand so she could see it.

Megan couldn't believe what Cathy was telling Jamie what to do. Her mind said 'NO' but her aroused body was saying 'YES' YES' 'YES'.

Jamie looked at his mother's body and smiled at her as he slowly slipped the tips of his grouped fingers between the swollen folds and pressed them against the eager opening. Jamie then nudged them inward twisting and turning.

Megan felt a great pressure as her vagina stretched and then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the hand and wrist slithered deep into her stretching vagina. Her excited entrance quickly stretched over the advancing wrist and Megan gasped at the ecstatic fullness. Slowly, Jamie's hand slipped further inward and Megan gurgled as the wrist, hand and fingers were soon twisting deep within her seething vagina.

Megan's hips ground hungrily as spasms of joy raced throughout her sex. She thrust upward and wailed as she impaled herself deeply onto Jamie's lower forearm. Jamie's wiggling fingers massaged and danced all along the length of Megan's spasming cavern causing Megan to lift her head and wail in ecstasy. Jamie waited a few seconds and then withdrew his wrist and squirmed it back inward. Megan had never experienced such joy.

Jamie now varied his thrusts from fast to slow, all in and all out, part way in and part way out. Megan's stretched vaginal muscles ecstatically clenched around her son's stroking wrist and arm as it bore into the depths of her sexual being. Her breath came in deep pants and her thick vaginal juices spurted out past widely stretched lips of her labia. Her rigid, pink organ of joy jerked wildly as jolts of joy exploded across her body.

Incoherent gurgling sounds were heard as Megan's body was flooded with sensations that she had never felt before. Cathy pointed to Megan's twitching clitoris and Jamie leaned inward and began suckling on his mother's clitoris. Megan's body bucked upward and jerked wildly as all the ecstatic sensations merged into each other. Megan's mind could no longer control her bodies actions. She lay in her harness and let the orgasmic pressure cooker build to the exploding point. Her whole universe was centered on her clenching and spasming vagina. Her eyes and mind became saturated with an ecstatic, euphoric fog. Her body trembled and convulsed. Her hands clenched into fists her toes curled up tightly. Small orgasmic waves rippled up and down her body from her head to her toes. They built up higher and higher as Jamie lunged relentlessly into the depths of her sexual being.

Her breathing became labored and she gasped and panted as she neared her orgasmic trip point ... and it came. Jamie felt Megan's vaginal muscles clench tightly around his twisting hand and wrist as flashes of orgasmic lights danced around her eyes. A loud hiss of ecstatic joy shot out of Megan's open mouth as her body arched upward impaling herself onto Jamie's long, thick, hand, wrist and lower forearm.


Megan's body went into sensory overload and slumped unconscious into the soft supports of the Harness. Her body continued to buck and jerk as her internal orgasms rumbled throughout her body. As she recovered, soft moans were heard as delicious aftershocks rippled across her body. Jamie slowly withdrew his wrist and lower forearm from his mother's clenching sheath with a loud slurping sound and Megan moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body.


Torrents of vaginal fluids gushed out past the gaping entrance as it slowly returned to normal.

Jamie stood up and leaned into his mother's body. She wrapped her arms tightly around her son and they kissed deeply and passionately

Cathy stood back and smiled at her achievement. The audience and viewers smiled approvingly at what they had just witnessed. Two attendants came forward with warm, moist wash cloths and cleaned Megan and her son.

04.03 Stage, Jamie, Harness, A Mother's loving throat:

Cathy took Jamie by the hand and led him toward the second Harness that was laying on the floor. One attendant helped him step into the knee and thigh loops and the other put his arms into the shoulder loops. Cathy adjusted the supporting strap across his back. When he was ready, the control room raised his legs, bending them at the knees and spread his thighs apart. A small adjustment was made to his 'sitting' position so his audience had a clearer view of his swaying balls and engorged hardness. Megan watched as her son was being positioned in the Harness. She saw his firm breasts and genitals as though they were being offered to her on a silver platter. The patches released another dose of their timed released chemicals and audible sighs were heard as their induced arousal flowed throughout their bodies. Megan felt herself being put into a standing position and the attendants removed the loops from her shoulders and legs.

Cathy led a flushed Megan toward her aroused son. Her breath quickened when she saw his magnificent manhood standing hard and tall between his spread thighs. The thick gland glistened in the light from its oozing precum. As if in a trance, Megan moved forward between her son's bent legs and leaned inward. She brought her hands up to his face and pressed her lips against his. Jamie closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around his mother as Megan slipped her tongue into his mouth. The audience could see mother and son kissing deeply and passionately. Megan pressed her body in further and sighs could be heard as their breasts and erect nipples snuggled close to each other. The sighs turned into gasps when Megan ground her abdomen against her son's throbbing member.

Megan began planting soft butterfly kisses on her son's neck and shoulders. Her hands reached in and her palms slowly massaged his firm breasts and erect nipples, a soft sigh escaped Jamie's lips. It changed to a moan when the soft fingers moved onto the excited, erect nipples with an exquisite twirling and caressing action. The suckling kisses continued from shoulder to shoulder and Jamie's breathing quickened. Megan's mouth and lips now trekked downward. Jamie knew where Megan's suckling mouth was headed and he held his breath as it neared his right breast. He felt a warm, moist breath bathe his erect nipple and then he felt it being sucked into his mother's warm mouth. He gasped as Megan's lips and tongue kissed and swirled around the excited stiff nipple.

In a few seconds the loving mouth kissed its way over to Jamie's left breast and again, the loving mouth devoured Jamie's left nipple. All the while Megan's hands continued to massage and knead both of Jamie's breasts. Megan divided her attention to both nipples and Jamie's breathing was now coming in quick pants and gasps. He reflexively pushed his breasts and nipples into Megan's wonderful hands and devouring mouth.

While Megan continued to suck and suckle on Jamie's excited nipples, her hands massaged their way down Jamie's abdomen. His pants deepened as the hands grazed his throbbing erection and moved onto his inner thighs and began massaging the soft skin. Jamie shifted his hips trying to get Megan to move her hands inward to his straining manhood and 'womanhood'.

Megan smiled at Jamie's torment and her slick hands retraced their way upward past Jamie's jerking and oozing erection and up to his aching breasts and nipples. Megan smiled and again her hands re-started their delicious downward trek. She again teased her son's hardness with her wrists feeling the hot, rubbery pulses of Jamie's thick penis. Her hands slipped further downward and neared Jamie's bloated balls. Jamie again shifted his hips in a desperate attempt get his mother's hands onto his enflamed sex. This time, Megan didn't disappoint him. She lifted Jamie's heavy testicles with a slow massaging motion. Jamie's hips jerked upward and his head lay back gasping as his jerking erection spurted its liquid warmth over his thick gland.

Megan's left hand slipped further downward and her fingers pressed onto his swollen anal opening. Jamie screeched and his hips bucked wildly as Megan caressed and massaged the opening to his enhanced rectal sheath. Her finger traced around the excited entrance and he held his breath when a felt the finger nudging inward, twisting and turning. A long moan was heard as ripples of pleasure filled his rectal sheath and his erection jumped wildly. A second and third finger wiggled their way inward and Jamie gurgled with joy.

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