tagMind ControlThe Resort Ch. 05

The Resort Ch. 05


05.01 Prologue:

05.02 Sara, Herm, Morning erection:

05.03 Sara, Herm, GelPod Lover:

05.04 Sara, Mary, An Arranged Meeting:

05.05 Sara, Mary, Foreplay:

05.06 Sara, Mary, The Mating:

05.07 John, Arrival and Preparation:

05.08 Sara, John, A Dream come true:

05.09 Sara, John, Bed, Oil Massage:


05.01 Prologue:


Sara is a personal Concierge for the GenTech's transformation program. She had been transformed into a Hermaphrodite by GenTech's GelPod. Her assignment this week was to help a woman who was referred to GenTech by her physiatrist and a new male member who has requested a transformation into a Hermaphrodite. As Sara drew up her itinerary she smiled at the thought of creating two perfectly matched and bonded Hermaphrodites. Sara's Bungalow was conveniently located between Mary and John.


AGE: 19, virgin

Mary is diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. All her life she hated her gender and at the same time was confused with her attraction to both men and women. Her physiatrist feared she may become suicidal and, after conferring with GenTech, he convinced her to spend a couple of weeks at the island resort at no expense to herself.


AGE: 20, virgin

John, an historical student, has an obsession with Greek mythology. Over the past year he has spent most of his time researching every document and video relating to Hermaphrodites. His work soon turned into an addiction and he would lay awake at night wondering what he would feel like being dual gendered. He learned from a friend that the Resort had the capability to fulfill his dreams and submitted his request for membership. GenTech's personal biography on John raised some questions about why he wanted membership and in a rare move, GenTech required an interview prior to granting him membership.

05.02 Sara, Herm, Morning erection:

Sara slowly woke up around 07:00am and lay naked on her bed still hugging her pillow. She felt a wonderful hardness pulsing between her thighs and smiled when she saw her 'morning' erection. She rolled over on her back and looked up into the mirrored ceiling above the bed and saw it throbbing over her abdomen. Her breath quickened as she reached down with one hand and grasped her 'manhood', the other forming over her the folds of her labia. She hips arched upward as the hand glided up and down her erection and the fingers caressed and teased the opening to her womanhood.

"Oh God .. I love it!"

She slipped three twisting fingers into her excited vagina as her hand squeezed and massaged her straining member. Her breathing quickened and soft moans and gasps were heard as the ecstatic sensations built and merged together. The sight of seeing herself in the mirrors heightened the joy she was giving herself and the moans turned into squeals of pleasure. She ran the palm of her hand over the thick gland and the oozing precum made it slick which added to her ecstasy. The fingers with unerring accuracy found the excited tissues of her 'G' spot and her body vaulted up the arousal ladder.

Her dazed and aroused eyes saw her thrashing body in the mirror. She saw the drools of preseminal fluid ooze out of her engorged gland and pool on her abdomen. Sara bent her legs at the knees and drew them back to hips. Her lunging fingers now had easier access to her enflamed sex and she thrust four fingers into her seething vagina with abandonment. The hand on her jerking member squeezed and massaged its way up and down the throbbing shaft with a sense of urgency. Her vaginal muscles began clenching wildly around her stroking fingers and her erection felt incredibly hard as the thick gland tingled excitedly.

Sara arched upward over the bed and froze as her dual orgasms exploded across her body. Her vagina rippled with a series of intense orgasms. Her thick semen shot out of her enraged crown and flew high into the air and splattered back down on her abdomen, thighs and hands.


Sara slumped back onto the bed gasping and panting. Her fingers were drenched with her orgasmic fluids. She looked up in to mirror and saw her pools of semen on her abdomen and her orgasmic juices making her labia and thighs glisten in the light.

She smiled and thought to herself,

'What a great way to wake up!"

05.03 Sara, Herm, GelPod Lover:

Sara got up and went to the bathroom, her hands held the semen from dripping off of her body. As the warm waters cascaded over her body, Sara felt the flush of arousal spread across her loins but resisted the urges that were filling her mind. She put on her robe and went to the kitchen and made some coffee. Soon she was relaxing on the sectional watching her HDTV. She picked up the paper work on Mary and smiled. Today would be the day that Mary's life would change forever.

Sara sensed, then saw, a soft glow at the open doorway to her Fitness room. She smiled when she saw her round 'friend' stretching upward as though it was looking for her.

Her heart began beating faster and her breath quickened.

Sara quickly held her arms out to it and the bluish, transparent ball of Gel rolled toward her and bounced onto her lap. It felt heavier that normal but she didn't give it much thought. The GelPod nestled onto her lap and purred. Sara smiled, she leaned down and gently kissed it as her hands rubbed its warm pliable surface. Wonderful tingly sensations radiated through the robe onto her body. They stayed snuggled together enjoying each other's closeness. Sara was so engrossed with the paper work that she barely noticed or felt the GelPod begin to shift in lap. The GelPod saw that Sara's robe was parted slightly just below her breasts and it slowly began to edge itself toward the opening.

As Sara sat there, her 'friend' extended itself though the parted robe and gently touched the skin of her upper abdomen. Sara's sensory system brought her attention away from her work when a wonderful warmth spread across her chest. She looked down and saw that the GelPod was slowly flowing under her robe. The GelPod's soft, warm touches were now flowing onto her breasts and Sara sighed as her breasts and nipples became encased within two warm, massaging and kneading pouches.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! .. Yesssssss!"

Internal depressions formed within each pouch and descended onto the stiffening nipples with a delicious sucking and suckling action. Sara gasped at the contact and moaned as ripples of pleasure shot across her chest, her nipples became fully erect and tingled with excitement.

Sara closed her eyes as the sensations intensified and she reached down and undid the sash to robe. She felt the upper part of her robe being pushed away and she opened her eyes and looked downward. She gasped when she saw and felt the soft, clear Gel-like pouches kneading her breasts and caressing stiff nipples. She felt pressure on her abdomen as her Lover was attempting to push the remaining part of her robe that was tucked between her legs. Sara reached down and grasped both edges of the robe and, as her legs loosened their grip, she pulled her robe from her body and the GelPod slowly descended downward between her closed thighs. The delicious warmth spread nearer to her flaccid penis and the folds of her labia. A low gasping moan escaped Sara's lips as the Gel swirled around her thick penis with exquisite squeezes and massages. She moaned as it stirred and quickly soared to full erection and then gasped again when she felt it being manipulated into a rippling velvety sheath.

The Gel flowed further downward onto her labia and began to knead the swelling folds of and her hands shot downward and began to massage the wonderful mass that was purring between her spreading thighs. The purring sensations radiated onto her hands and upward into her thick, tingling gland.

Sara suddenly thought,

'Not here, not on the sectional'

She stood up on trembling legs. An ecstatic jolt raced across her loins as the Gel settled in closer to her sex. Looking down she saw and felt the warm Gel edging into her labia between the flared folds. Sara gasped loudly as a thickness nestled into her inner lips and teased the moist opening to her vagina. Her legs quickly parted and her hips hunched her sex downward.

"Ohhhh! God!! That feels so good!"

She started to move toward the bedroom but crumpled to her knees as the Gel nestled into her excited inner lips. Her body vaulted up the arousal ladder and she slumped down onto her knees. With pants and gasps, Sara crawled back to the sectional and her hands grasped the edge of the cushion and her straining hardness throbbed within the squeezing sheath. Another loud gasp escaped her mouth as the Gel mass 'purred' between her swollen folds. Her bullet-like nipples strained into the pouches suckling 'mouths'.

The GelPod moved further forward under her kneeling body covering her neck and shoulders. Sara felt delicious butterfly-like kisses flood her neck and cooed as her she submitted herself to her Lover. She pushed her labia against the massaging mass between her legs and shifted her breasts into and around the mass's loving pouches that her swaying breasts had snuggled so nicely into. Her erection throbbed as it was caressed and massaged within the GelPod's satiny sheath and its vaginal 'mouth' feasted on the oozing preseminal fluids that were drooling from the thick gland.

A thick Gel streamer moved from her neck and extended toward Sara's gasping mouth. The GelPod formed a mouth and its lips quickly found Sara's parted lips. Their tongues met and played deliciously with each other. A minty flavored taste was on the GelPod's tongue and Sara eagerly sucked on it as her arousal soared. Sara and the GelPod kissed deeply and passionately. A low guttural moan escaped her lips.

Another tongue formed within the Gel mass that was formed over her sex. It began sliding up and down, over and inside her slick, flared folds. Sara froze when she felt the lapping tongue nestle between her excited inner lips and nudge past the eager opening of her womanhood and slip deeply into her vagina. Her mind reeled with ecstatic sensations and grip her on the cushion tightened forcefully.

The GelPod's extended tongue drove Sara insane with ecstasy as it slipped in and out of her steamy vagina. It played havoc with her clasping entrance and then burrowed back inward to caress her spasming vaginal passage. Sara laid her head on the cushion gasping and panting as her hips rocked her exploding sex back and forth against her Lover.

Sara's ecstatic body told her she was going to orgasm and she lifted her head up from the cushion, her drooling mouth was wide open. She felt it start at her toes and move up to her labia, across her abdomen and then on to aching breasts and erect, tingling nipples. The GelPod's tongue lunged into her enraged vagina and the suckling 'mouths' intensified their ecstatic actions on her engorged nipples.

Her dual orgasm thundered throughout her loins like a freight train. She cried out as her hips ground in the air. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across her mind and eyes. Her nipples twitched and tingled and her straining erection jumped wildly as it spewed its thick nectar into the thirsty vaginal 'mouth'. The GelPod's relentless assault on her sex continued as her body rode her orgasmic waves.

As they subsided, Sara's pants and gasps slowly subsided.

A weak and gasping Sara knelt on the floor with her thighs spread wide. Her head returned to the cushion and she closed her eyes tightly, savoring the delicious aftershocks that were spasming and rippling throughout her body.

The GelPod's foreplay ended and it now concentrated on the main 'event'.

The entire mass now restarted its sexual assault. Sara's nipples felt as though they were going to explode. Again she felt the delicious tracing around the entrance to her womanhood and her hard member throbbed within the GelPod's clenching vagina.

Sara felt something forming against her inner thigh. It was warm, long and thick. She looked under her body toward her spread legs. Her eyes flew open and her breath came in a deep gasps when she saw the GelPod's massive, perfect 8.00" x 3.00" erection. She had seen it so many times before and the longer she gazed at it, the more intense the clenching became within her enflamed vaginal sheath. She tried to shift the opening of sex down toward it but the GelPod teasingly kept moving it away.

The GelPod slowly slipped its massive 'manhood' upward over Sara's left thigh toward her steamy folds. The purring head finally reached her swollen folds and pushed them wide apart as the thick head sunk between them. With agonizing slowness it traced Sara's swollen crease, her clasping inner lips kissed and caressed her Lover's thick crown each time it time it came in delicious contact with them. Sara didn't move, she couldn't move. Her hands gripped the cushion, her kneeling body tensed and her eyes were tightly shut as her mind tried to will her Lover's magnificent erection to penetrate her enflamed womanhood.

With an almost incoherent plea,

"Oh .. Please now .. now .. please .."

The GelPod obliged her frantic plea. In one fluid motion, the thick head nudged past the eager stretching lips and slid slowly inward. A loud hiss of ecstasy escaped Sara's wide open mouth as the full length of her Lover's pulsing hardness slipped deeply into the steamy, spasming passage. Sara felt the most incredible stretching of her vagina and a wonderful sense of fullness. She gurgled and drooled as her Lover's organ slipped inward, inch by glorious inch. In a few seconds, Sara felt the gates to her womb flare open to receive her long, thick penetrator.

Sara felt the GelPod slowly slide its long, member outward and then slip it all the way inward. Then it withdrew part way, flexed, wiggled and then again stroke deeply back into the depths of sexual being. The GelPod adjusted its position behind Sara's wide spread thighs. The angle of its penetration changed and the head now pressed against the upper lining of her vagina. It started a back and forth dragging motion until .. something electric bolted throughout Sara's body. An intense wave of pure pleasure and joy surged through her labia and across her loins. The GelPod had searched for and found Sara's ecstatic sweet spot. The Gel flexed again and again and Sara screeched in ecstasy.

Her Lover thrust inward and started a methodical rhythm to its ecstatic strokes. Sometimes sliding all the way in, filling Sara completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her sweet spot again and again. Sara gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. She lewdly thrust back and ground her hips in ecstatic circles. Her vaginal muscles desperately clenched around her Lover's thickness in a desperate attempt not to break the ecstatic connection. Her highly excited erection plunged with a sense urgency into the clenching vaginal sheath.

"OH God! .. Oh God!"

Sara was catapulted into an orgasmic frenzy. Her Gel Lover had now found the buttons of all her erogenous zones and was now manipulating each of them like a symphony conductor. Sara's body began lunging back onto the GelPod's thrusting hardness and her erection plunged forward into the clasping velvety sheath. Low guttural moans escaped from her mouth as she was pushed toward her orgasmic edge. Suddenly her Lover lunged inward and froze. Sara could feel the gigantic head enter her cervix and then thicken. Sara's eyes flew wide and she felt her vagina muscle clamp around the engorged 'erection' as it swelled and pulsed. The deep flexes within her spasming vagina were accompanied by an upward surge of the GelPod's mass between her wide spread legs. She felt an ecstatic flood of a warm, liquid pressure boil and gush into her enraged passage and cervix.

Her eyes snapped opened as her body started convulsing with her ecstatic orgasm. The sensations were mind ripping, she gasped and moaned, her hips swung madly around the GelPod's erupting, buried erection and her engorged erection began flexing wildly. The GelPod's ejaculating member unleashed another torrent of hot, thick ejaculant. The delicious sensations spread explosively throughout Sara's ecstatic body. Instinctively, her thighs shot out wider and she hunched down to give her Lover deeper access to her enflamed sex.

An ecstatic pressure built at the base of her erection. It surged upward and stalled deliciously at her hyper-sensitive gland. The liquid joy swirled around the thick crown and then exploded into the sucking 'mouth' of the GelPod's vaginal sheath. The first stream of thick semen gushed into the feasting sheath causing it to balloon with her thick essence.

A second, long, thick stream of semen pulsed its way up her straining erection. The churning liquid again swirled around the highly excited gland jettisoning outward into the waiting Gel 'mouth'. The orgasmic rush to her mind blended seamlessly with her convulsing vagina. She drew in deep heaving breaths which were matched by only by her Lover's massive pulses and throbs. A second total body orgasm was unleashed and Sara's ecstatic wail again echoed across the room.


The intense orgasmic sensations that saturated her mind and body overloaded her sensory systems and she lost consciousness. Sara hips slumped down onto her bent legs and her head rested on the edge of the cushion. She slowly recovered and her body continued to spasm and shake with delicious aftershocks.

Sara moaned again as the wonderful fullness slipped out of her reluctant and clenching vagina with a loud slurping sound. The Gel's ejaculant and her thick orgasmic juices gushed out of the gaping opening and was quickly absorbed into the purring Gel mass.

Sara slowly turned around so she sat on the floor with her back resting against the sectional. The GelPod now began cleaning her body. Her slick erection softened and as it slipped down over her thigh, the Gel lapped up the drooling semen that oozed from the sensitive gland.


When finished it returned to its normal round shape and curled across Sara's neck and shoulders with gentle purring sounds. Sara smiled at her friend and her hands lovingly massaged its soft, glowing surface. She leaned her head down and kissed it gently. It responded by nuzzling closer into Sara's neck. Her body was totally satisfied and fulfilled.

In a few minutes she whispered,

"Do you want to join me in the shower?"

Sara giggled as it quickly rolled along the floor into the bedroom and waited for her to catch up to it. In about ten minutes, a flushed and dazed Sara emerged with her 'friend' from the bathroom. Her hard nipples and erection poked into the soft fabric of her robe.

05.04 Sara, Mary, An Arranged Meeting:

To entice her to visit the resort, Mary received a certified letter stating that she had been selected to spend four weeks at the Resort's nudist Colony in the Bahamas', with all expenses paid. Mary couldn't believe it and went online to confirm the existence of the Resort and a quick telephone call to the Resort confirmed the letter. It was then that the word 'nudist' registered in her mind and she wasn't sure if this trip was for her or not. After much thought and consulting with her Psychiatrist, Mary decided to accept the invitation.

Mary arrived at the Resort and was much impressed with the main building and more so with the Bungalow that was assigned to her. She loved the large Jacuzzi and blushed a little when she saw the 'things' in the Fitness room. There was a door to a second bedroom which had a 'key card' lock on it. She tried using her key but was unable to open it.

She remembered the rules that she signed when she checked in and decided that she wouldn't venture outside until the following day. Walking around without clothes on was new to her and she would have to condition herself to do it.

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