The Resort Ch. 05


Morning arrived and Mary with a deep breath, opened the door and stepped outside to a new life. She walked along the sandy beach and quickly realized that the people weren't paying much attention to her nudity and her fears slowly slipped away from her mind. GenTech's HD cameras were following her every step and informed Sara when Mary began to make her way back to her Bungalow. Sara's bungalow was between Mary and John. John was due to arrive within the hour. She waited patiently for Mary's return.

As Mary was walking up the path to her front door, she saw a woman walk out of her door. From the distance, Mary saw a beautiful, curvaceous woman. As is her custom, Mary smiled and waved at her, the woman smiled back and began walking toward her. It was then that Mary's eyes opened wide when she saw the penis swaying between the woman's thighs. As the woman got closer, Mary realized that she was still staring at the woman's genitals and an embarrassed flush spread across her face as she began apologizing for her rudeness.

The woman assured her that everything was Ok and not to worry herself about it.

"My name is Sara, your next door neighbour."

Mary, in almost a whisper, said,

"Its just that I have never seen a woman with a..a..a.."

Sara smiled and said,

"A penis?"

Mary blushed and nodded.

Sara immediately like Mary.

"We are called Hermaphrodites. Some of us, here at the Resort, are natural and some are transformed. Some say, from a sexual standpoint, we have the best of both worlds."

As Mary composed herself, she began to lose her shyness and looked at Sara with a sense of mounting friendship. Sara told Mary that she was about to make lunch and asked if she would join her. Mary followed Sara across the lawn and entered Sara's Bungalow.

Sara told Mary that she always wears a robe when she is inside and there is a spare one in the closet if she you wanted it. They both put on robes. While the robe made Mary feel more comfortable, there was something about a robe that added to the sexiness of their bodies and they smiled at each other. Sara made sandwiches and iced tea and for the next hour they sat on the sectional talking and getting to know each other. One of Sara's skills was drawing information out of people. Slowly, Mary began describing her life and the conflicts that she was having. As Mary talked, Sara refilled their glasses with iced tea. The imbedded HD cameras picked up Sara pouring powder from a packet into Mary's glass.

GenTech and the clients knew that Sara was going to make her move.

Soon Mary in a soft voice said,

"We just met and I hardly know you, but I feel more comfortable with you than most of my close friends."

In a few minutes Mary felt a strange warmth spread across her loins and her nipples tingled as they brushed against the soft fabric of her robe. Sara saw Mary's hips fidgeting on the cushion and knew that the drugs were taking effect.

Sara said,

"Let's take the dishes into the kitchen."

As they stood up, they 'accidently' bumped into each other. Sara smiled into Mary's face. Mary felt her tell-tale blush rising to the surface and her breath quickened as a sense of attraction filled her mind that she had never felt before. The feelings spread downward and mixed with the warmth that were intensifying between her thighs.

They looked into each other's eyes and after a few awkward moments Sara said,

"Mary, You are very beautiful woman, I wish we had made sooner."

Mary said,

"I have never felt like this before, I ..I ..

Perhaps I better leave now before .."

Sara wrapped her arms around Mary and whispered in her ear,

"Don't go, I want you stay ..."

Mary's blush intensified, she couldn't understand the needs that were coursing throughout her body nor the sense of attraction that she had no control of. Sara leaned inward and Mary closed her eyes. She felt Sara's lips touch her lips and she immediately parted them. She felt Sara's tongue slide against her tongue and she moaned softly into Sara's mouth as they kissed.

Sara broke the kiss and Mary just stood there with a dazed and confused look on her face. She wanted to run and she wanted to stay. She felt Sara's hands hold her face and then lips began planting soft kisses over her face. Mary's breath quickened as the kisses kindled a desire that she didn't know existed. Sara reached down and undid the sash to Mary's robe. Mary flinched slightly as the robe opened and her body trembled knowing that Sara was now looking at her nakedness.

Sara took Mary's hands and put them on the sash to her robe. After a few hesitant moments Mary pulled the sash and a small gasp escaped her mouth when she saw Sara's Hermaphrodite body in all of its glory. The firm breasts, perky nipples, her hairless labia and the thick, flaccid penis that lay over it. Sara saw where Mary's eye looking and she leaned in close and whispered,

"Go ahead Mary, you may touch it."

Mary couldn't understand what was happening to her. In a daze, she reached down and lifted Mary's penis, cradling the long, thick tube of flesh with her right hand. Another gasp was heard when she felt it stir and grow in the palm of her hand and her breath quickened as it lengthened and thickened. Her wide open eyes followed Sara's rising hardness until it grew to full erection and it throbbed and pulsed in her hand.

"Oh Sara .. It is so hard .. soft and .."

Mary wrapped her fingers around the 8.0" x 3.0" massive erection and gasped again when Sara flexed her hardness within her gripping hand.

GenTech and their clients were happy.

Each pushed the robes from the other's shoulders and then gazed at each other's nakedness. Sara smiled when she saw Mary's eyes return to the engorged hardness that was standing at an angle between their bodies. Sara took Mary by the hand and led the new submissive into the bedroom.

05.05 Sara, Mary, The Preparation:

They stood by the bed and while they kissed, Sara reached down palming Mary's swelling labia. Her thumb swirled over Mary's clitoral hood and her hips jerked forward as clitoris slowly edged its way outward.

Sara whispered,

"Sit down on the edge of the bed and lean back on it."

An anxious and nervous Mary did as Sara told her to do. Sara put her hands on Mary's thighs and slowly spread them apart. As her thighs parted so did the folds of her labia. Sara's mouth watered when she saw Mary's virgin womanhood come into her view and the pink tip of Mary's clitoris poking out of its protective hood. She knew her suckling mouth could get it fully extended.

Sara shuffled forward between Mary's spread legs and leaned over her body.

Her hands reached out and cupped Mary's firm breasts. They began massaging and kneading them and her fingers caressed and fondled the rising nipples. Sara's hands held Mary's right breast as she slowly lowered her mouth toward the tingling nipple. Mary felt a warm, moist breath bathe her nipple just as Sara's suckling mouth and lips descended on the rubbery tip. A soft moan escaped her lips and she unconsciously pushed her breast upwards into the loving mouth. At the same time Sara massaged her right hand downward over Mary's abdomen. Mary knew where it was headed and instinctively spread her thighs wider apart.

Sara whispered,

"Mary, honey, bring your feet up onto the edge of the bed."

As if in a trance, Mary did so and her excited sex was raised upward.

Sara's hand now slipped its way over her hairless mound and molded itself over the folds of Mary's labia. Mary gasped at the incredible contact and pushed her sex into Sara's kneading hand. While her mouth suckled their way between both nipples, Sara's fingers slipped between the flared folds and traced Mary's slick, pink furrow from clitoris to inner lips. Mary's mind was being flooded with new and incredible sensations. Her swelling sex now wanted Sara's full attention. Her breasts ached with arousal and her bullet-like nipples pushed deeper into the devouring mouth. Sara's slick thumb slipped onto Mary's engorged clitoris manipulating the rigid organ with ecstatic swirls and presses. Mary couldn't contain a loud gasp and ground her sex excitedly against Sara's exploring hand.

Mary felt Sara move away from her breasts and saw her kneel down between her spread thighs. She saw the intent stare from Sara's eyes as she gazed at her open and aroused sex. Something in Mary's mind told her that she was about to experience something that she had only read about. Sara's open mouth come nearer and nearer to her enflamed sex and then felt a warm, moist breath bathe her swollen folds. Sara closed her mouth over both lips and her tongue dipped into the wet crease and traced around the excited opening to Mary's vagina.

Mary squealed at the ecstatic contact.


Sara's mouth now targeted Mary's rigid clitoris. As the engorged organ slipped into the warm confines of the suckling mouth, Sara began to suck on Mary's excited organ as if it was a nipple. Mary's hips jerked ecstatically and loud gurgling sounds were heard from her drooling mouth. The loving lips and mouth began a deep suctioning action and the hot tongue teased and caressed the hyper-sensitive tip. As Mary ground her enflamed sex onto Sara's mouth, loud moans and gurgles of joy echoed around the room. Her hands shot down and grasped Sara's head, pulling her suckling mouth further into her enflamed sex.

Suddenly, Sara stopped and sat back on lower legs. Mary wailed in agony and looked at Sara's face with deep pleading eyes. Sara ran her hands along Mary's thighs and whispered,

"It is time Mary, for you to find out what an erection feels like when it is slipping into your vagina. I want you to get up on the bed and I will position a pillow under your hips."

05.06 Sara, Mary, The Mating:

Mary stood on wobbly legs as Sara prepared the bed and arranged the pillows, one for Mary's head and the other for her hips.

Sara whispered to Mary,

"Lay down on the bed and rest your head on the pillow."

Mary quickly did so. Sara adjusted the pillow under hips.

Sara whispered again,

"Mary, honey, bend her legs and pull them back to the pillow ... good!"

Mary did so and she knew her sex was raised upward, giving Sara open and easy access to her aroused treasures. Sara crawled onto the bed and positioned herself between Mary's wide spread thighs. Mary saw Sara's magnificent erection throbbing in the air in front of her wide open eyes. She was brought out of her daze and flinched slightly when Sara started to rub her hands along the soft skin of her inner thighs, close to but not touching her labia. Mary moved her thighs further apart to give Sara total access to her swollen sex. Sara saw Mary's rigid clitoris standing out like a bright pink beacon at the top of the moist folds. Mary's breath came in quick pants when she saw the intent stare from Sara's eyes and her labia quivered and she felt her wetness seeping into her swollen crease.

Sara's hands reached out and again molded themselves around Mary's swollen labia and began a delicious massaging and kneading action. Her fingers soon became slick with Mary's early vaginal juices and she pressed her fingers inward, spreading the slick folds apart. Her fingers began a delicious exploratory journey up and down wet the furrow and Mary's hips bucked and thrashed as Sara's fingers began caressing and manipulating her rigid clitoris.

Sara's suckling kisses had now reached the upper part of Mary's labia. She could feel the warm, wet, breath as Sara neared the excited organ and her breathing cane in quick pants knowing that Sara's open mouth was at that part of her body that only her fingers had been allowed to touch. Sara's lips and tongue suckled their way onto Mary's rippling clitoris and at the same time she nudged three fingers into Mary's eager and welcoming vagina with an ecstatic twisting and turning motion. Mary's hips bucked upward off the pillow and her hands shot downward pulling Sara's sucking mouth closer to her throbbing sex.

"Oh God! Oh God!"

Sara raised up and rested her throbbing erection lengthways along Mary's swollen, flared folds. Mary immediately started a desperate sawing motion with her hips. She gurgled as the thick head slipped ecstatically over her engorged clitoris then it drew back and nestled within her clasping inner lips.

Mary could feel the hugeness of Sara's hardness pressing into and spreading her swollen folds. The thick, flexing gland nestled between the flared lips edging further inward with each exquisite back and forth motion. Mary twisted her hips in a desperate attempt to get her enflamed entrance to slip onto the pulsing head of Sara's erection.

Mary reached down between their bodies and grasped the full-length of Sara's engorged 'manhood'. She could feel the throbbing thickness against her soft palms and the clear fluid that drooled from the pulsing head. She guided it so it slid up and down between her swollen folds, not letting it lose contact with her flesh until it was nestled into the clasping flanges of her vaginal opening. Sara nudged her erection inward and Mary felt the lips to her excited vagina being stretched open. The elastic entrance teasingly resisted for a moment and then a loud hiss of virginal joy was heard as Mary's enflamed sex slipped ecstatically around Sara's hyper-sensitive gland. Sara shut her eyes and gasped in ecstasy at the incredible tightness that encased the head of her erection. Mary's mind exploded with sensations that she had only dreamed of as her clasping vagina was stretched with an ecstatic fullness. Her vaginal sheath clenched around Sara's advancing erection as the massive 8.00" x 3.00" thickness slipped further inward, into her eager and spasming vagina.

Mary ground her hips in frantic circles as her cervix flared open and kissed the head of the thick penetrator. She could feel every throbbing ridge of Sara's massive organ inside her, the hard, rubbery gland pressing hard, nudging at the door to her womb. Her vaginal muscles spasmed and contracted as the ecstatic sensations washed across her loins

"Oh Sara! I feel so full!"

Sara waited a moment, flexed again, watching Mary's face light up with joy. She withdrew halfway and then slowly pushed back in. Again she moved forward, again and again, setting a slow teasing rhythm to her strokes. Sara smiled as Mary's mewling and gurgling sounds of pleasure that rolled unashamedly from her lips. Sara's body rippled with ecstasy as her thick hardness stretched Mary's elastic vaginal sheath, which in turn, massaged and milked her highly excited 'manhood'. Sara's body went into automatic and she began deep strokes into Mary's milking passage. Mary's body instinctively matched Sara's thrusts and the room echoed with moans and wails of mutual joy.

An ecstatic electric tingle began deep within Mary's womb and began to ripple outward through her labia, flooding into her jerking organ of joy and up to the tips of her erect, bullet-like nipples. Mary shifted her hips in tight circles grinding her enraged sex around Sara's impaling erection. She gasped deeply for breath as her body and mind became detached from her surroundings. Nothing mattered to her except the orgasmic waves that were building within her vagina. Both could hear the wet sucking sounds of Sara's plunging organ as it bored into Mary's clenching vaginal sheath. Suddenly Mary's back arched a foot off the pillow and froze and Sara thrust sharply inward burying her erection deep inside Mary's milking vagina. Mary squealed loudly as her first orgasm exploded throughout her body.


Sara began long hard strokes into the steaming passage that was now wet and slippery from Mary's first orgasm, withdrawing the swollen head until just the tip remained inside the slick opening and then thrusting forward with her hips. Mary could feel the giant organ sliding in and out of her warm, frothy passage like a stroking piston. Mary thrust her hips sharply upward, skewering herself impossibly deep on Sara's magnificent erection. Her body began to match Sara's pounding lunges with her own rhythmic thrashings.

Mary began to hear desperate moans coming from Sara as her strokes took on a sense of urgency. Sara's whole body went on hold as her thick load of semen entered the base of her erection. It pulsed its way up to her straining hardness and seemed to stall and play with the most sensitive of 'male' glands, the crown of her penis. It thickened and flexed as the liquid joy played with the excited head and then it exploded out the wide open slit.

Mary felt the first of Sara's eruptions flood into her womb. Her back arched and froze as her body started its second climatic orgasm. Sara's jerking and throbbing erection began jettisoning thick torrents of semen, and Mary could feel the warm essence shooting into her like a fire hose and her vaginal sheath unleashed her own thick spewing orgasmic juices. Her swollen folds and thighs glistened as her nectar gushed and spurted outward. Mary was going insane with the feel of it! She never wanted it to end. Her legs kicked out in a wide 'V' and cycled franticly in the air. Her toes curled and her hands gripped the sheet tightly. Her eyes opened wide and saw nothing, her mouth opened wide and no sound was heard. Suddenly Mary came out of her orgasmic freeze and her loud wail echoed around the room.


Mary's body became saturated with orgasmic explosions and her body shut down. She lost consciousness for about ten seconds and Sara lowered her down on the bed. When she regained consciousness, her body was still in the throes of rippling aftershocks. They hung onto each other tightly. The sheet was drenched with a mix of vaginal juices and semen. They came down from their orgasmic highs and soon their gasping and panting breaths became normal. Sara pulled her deflating penis out of Mary's vagina. A soft slurping sound was heard as the slick thickness slipped out and swayed between Sara's thighs.

Mary moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body.


Sara laid her oozing erection on Mary's abdomen and Mary gleefully played with the softening member as the occasional spurt drooled onto her abdomen. They smiled and kissed each other tenderly.

Mary whispered,

"Oh Sara, that was incredible .. thank you .. thank you."

I envy you, I wish I could be a Hermaphrodite."

Sara smiled to herself, everything is going as planned.

"If you really want that, I can arrange it for you, as early as this evening."

Mary smiled and nodded her head.

Sara suggested that they have a quick shower and then they would talk about her transformation. After they showered, they sat on the sectional and Sara told Mary that she would come to her Bungalow around 6:00pm. She would introduce her to a new 'Friend'. It is called a GelPod and it will not only transform her body but become a lover and a friend.

Sara highlighted some of the things that the GelPod would do,

1. Breasts, from 34D to 36C.

2. Loss of clitoris, replaced by a penis.

3. Male prostate enhancement and increased 'male' semen production.

4. Erect penis enhancement to 8.00" length x 3.00" diameter.

Finally, Sara told Mary that she had some Resort business to take of and would would return at 6:00pm. She told Mary that an enema was required and to use the Fleet enema in the top drawer of vanity. Soon Mary left Sara's Bungalow. Shortly after that, Sara walked out her door and made her way toward John's Bungalow.

05.07 John, Arrival and Preparation:

John arrived at the Resort and the girl at the desk assigned him a Bungalow beside Sara. She told him that someone would drop by in the afternoon to explain the process of his transformation which would take place at 10.00am tomorrow morning in the Transformation Center. She told him that two packages of pills were on the counter. He should take the pills from one package as soon as he settled into his Bungalow and the other package when awoke in the morning. She reminded him that no clothes could be worn on the 'outside' and no hair below his shoulders was permitted. A separate faucet will mix a depilatory with the flowing waters from the shower's nozzles.

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