The Resort Ch. 05


"Don't forget to wear a shower cap."

John entered his bungalow and immediately liked it. After unpacking, he drank down the pills from one of the packages and then remembered the rule regarding bodily hair. After putting on a shower cap he stepped into the shower and smiled as the jets from the floor, ceiling and sides flowed into every nook and cranny of his body. When he was thoroughly wet, he turned 'on' the faucet marked 'DEPILATORY' and let the warm liquid mix flow over his body. He lifted his arms and spread his legs. He shifted his body in all directions to make sure that no part went untouched. Soon John was sighing as delicious 'popping' sensations were felt all over body. His legs parted as the exquisite feelings spread onto his inner thighs and between the cheeks of his buttocks.

John saw all the hair on his body slowly dissolving and being washed away. The sensations of the exploding bubbles subsided and he turned the 'DEPILATORY' faucet 'off'. The multiple jets soon washed the remnants of the depilatory and hair from his body. John had never seen his genitals without hair and a sense of excitement spread across loins as he gazed at his nuded penis and testicles.

When he was sure that his body was clear of the liquid, he stepped out of the flowing waters and reached for the bottle of soft-soap. He began to liberally apply the liquid silkiness to his body. As his hands spread the silky soap to his chest and nipples, he felt a pleasant tinglyness spread across his upper body. The sensations intensified when his slippery fingers swirled around his stiffening nipples.

The pills were taking effect and his arousal building throughout his body. He sighed and thought, it must be the soap.

His hands acquired more of the sensuous liquid and did the same to his penis and testicles. His slick hands swirled around his stiffening penis and he moaned softly as it grew within his caressing and massaging hands. Soon his hands were gliding up and down his hardness as a whole new set of sensations rippled across his loins. He poured more of the silky soap on his hands and the fingers returned to his excited nipples. He stepped back into the flowing waters and gasped when the pulsing jets began caressing and massaging his engorged erection. As the sensations intensified he could feel his orgasm building. He didn't back away, he couldn't back away. His fingers continued to swirl around his erect nipples as he thrust his excited hardness into the shower's magic 'hands'. John closed his eyes, gasping loudly, as his ejaculation surged up his thrusting erection and jettisoned into the flowing waters.


He stood in the shower for several minutes basking in the glow of his orgasm and knew he was going to spend a lot of time in this shower. After drying himself off he walked naked back into the living room.

The hidden HD cameras had relayed John's love affair with the shower to GenTech's Control room and the smiling clients.

05.08 Sara, John, A Dream come true:

John tried to relax on the recliner as he watched his HDTV but his nervousness was growing knowing that that someone was going to visit him shortly. The pills were again causing a strange and wonderful warmth to spread across is loins. His thoughts returned to the shower and a tinglyness seeped into his penis. Suddenly, John heard a knock on the door and he jumped up from the recliner and his heart beat faster as walked to the door. He opened it and just stood there in awe as his eyes gazed upon the body that he had dreamed about for so long.

Sara smiled knowingly and said,

"Hi John, my name is Sara."

Her voice filtered into his dazed mind and John was at a loss for words.

"I .. I .. Oh God your beautiful .."

After a few awkward moments, John composed himself and said,

"Oh, please forgive me, come in .. come in."

Sara entered John's Bungalow and closed the door behind her.

They stood facing each other and John's breath caught in his throat as he looked at a Hermaphrodite for the first time. His eyes roamed up and down her curvaceous body, firm upraised breasts, nuded labia and her and .. and .. her swaying thick penis. It was as if all the research he had done was put together in one body and the result was standing in front of him. Sara smiled when she saw his intense gaze, they would talk about his transformation later.

"Relax John, I am here for you."

Despite his efforts, the ache in loins became too much and his penis stirred and grew. An embarrassed flush spread across his face and he reached down and covered his rising hardness with his hands. Sara smiled and snuggled closer to his body, gently pulling his hands away. John suppressed a moan as his erection jumped into the air.

She smiled and whispered in his ear,

"I like it, you don't have to hide it from me."

05.09 John, Sara, Bed, Oil Massage:

She reached out and her finger tips began to deliciously caress and fondle his small male nipples. Sara's finger swirled around them with an exquisite teasing action and John sighed as his nipples tingled and stiffened. She reached down and lifted his erect manhood with gentle squeezes and massages. John closed his eyes and moaned as Sara's hands did things that only his hands had done. She turned John toward the mirrored wall and walked behind him, putting her hands on his shoulders. The massaging hands were soon joined by light suckling kisses flowed over his neck and shoulders.

She whispered,

"Just close your eyes and relax John."

Sara's words, lips and hands were soft, gentle and persistent.

Her hands slowly worked around to front of his body and her palms pressed lightly against his areolas with a wonderful massaging action. The soft tips of her fingers slipped onto his rigid nipples and tantalizingly played with the erect buds. All the while, Sara continued to plant soft butterfly-like kisses along his neck and shoulders. Her fingers would slipped deliciously onto the erect nipples, pushing and pressing and then back to kneading the firm areolas. Soon Sara felt John pushing his chest against her massaging and kneading hands.

John moaned as the relentless hands and lips continued. Both of Sara's hands started a massaging action downward toward the apex of his thighs. His hardness throbbed in front of his abdomen and his heavy balls ached. Sara's hands stopped at but not touching John's erection and testicles, her wrists just grazed his throbbing member. She then started back up toward John's nipples. She found the excited tips were now fully erect and once again started to caress and fondle them. His straining hardness glistened in the light from his drooling preseminal fluids and his body moved whenever Sara's hands moved. He saw his aroused body in the mirror and it added to his excitement.

All that GenTech and the viewing clients could see was the front of John's body, his engorged manhood, stiff nipples and two hands making love to it. It was an expert display of foreplay. Sara repeated the massaging process over and over. Each time her hands came closer and closer to touching John's straining erection and swaying balls. Her kisses flowed from neck to both shoulders as her fingers slipped around and over the engorged bullet-like nipples. Sara felt John's breathing become more rapid and she smiled when John's head leaned back toward her shoulder and at the same time his hips thrust his manhood outward toward the mirror.

A low plea escaped his mouth,

"Ohhhhh .. Please .. Sara .."

Sara whispered in John's ear,

"John honey, sit down on the edge of the bed and lay back on it."

An aroused and dazed John quickly did what Sara told him to. His throbbing and drooling member jerked over his abdomen and his heavy balls swayed between his spread thighs

"Spread your legs apart John ... a little more ... that's good."

Sara picked up a bottle of personal massaging oil from the night table.

She smiled at him as she poured the contents all over his body. She started at John's left areola, over to his right areola, down to his abdomen and onto both thighs. She finished it off with a liberal portion to his erection and testicles. John gasped as the warm scented oil spread outward on contact with his body. Sara started spreading the oil all around her areolas and nipples. Small pants were heard as her slippery hands massaged and kneaded his aching breast areas. John arched upward when Sara dropped her head and sucked John's right nipple into her mouth. John's body rippled with pleasure and his erection throbbed as his precum dribbled onto his abdomen.


Sara started downward, spreading and kneading the warm oil over John's lower chest and abdomen. She worked both hands on either side of his body and again she deliberately bypassed his erection. Her slick hands met at John's bloated balls and lifted them with an exquisite massaging action. Sara's slick hands worked their way onto his engorged erection running the flat of her hand up and along the sensitive under-side spreading the lubricant over his straining manhood. The contact caused John's hardness to jerk and jump and the excited head of his erection glistened in the light. Sara closed both hands around John's member and with audible slurping sounds, spread the oil all around his thrusting manhood.

His whole body was screaming for release as he was catapulted toward his orgasmic edge. He felt as though his erection was about to explode and his erect nipples had never felt so hard or excited. He squealed and thrust his enflamed erection into Sara's slick, squeezing hands. Sara felt John's ejaculation start at the base of his erection and using her right hand, quickly pushed John's erection upward so it stood in a vertical position. John's first thick stream of semen exploded out of the flexing head and flew high into the air. The semen splattered back down drenching his abdomen and Sara's hands. Sara knew she could coax another stream from John's jerking hardness. Her left hand reached down and lifted his churning balls and the fingers of her right hand pressed and swirled against the straining gland at the head of his erection. John's hips began bucking with a sense of urgency. Again he wailed in ecstasy as a second longer stream shot out of his thick, pulsing gland and spewed into the air like a fire hose.


John slumped back onto the bed gasping and panting as delicious aftershocks rippled across his loins.

He looked at Sara and whispered,

"Oh, Sara, that was incredible ..."

Sara smiled and put a finger on John's lips and said,

"You stay right there .."

Sara went into the bathroom and returned with a warm, moist wash cloth and a towel. John squirmed and sighed as Sara washed and cleaned the remnants of his ejaculations.

When she finished Sara suggested that they return to the living room and they would discuss his scheduled transformation.

As they sat on the sectional Sara told John that his transformation would be done at the Transformation Center by GenTech's transforming Gel. Since he had requested the transformation, members of GenTech's transgendering team would be present to witness his transition into a Hermaphrodite. She would introduce him to Ruth, the head nurse that would be with him throughout the procedure.

Sara highlighted some of the changes that would occur in John's body.

1. Breasts, 36C.

2. Loss of testicles, replaced by a labia and vagina.

3. Prostate enhancement and increased semen production.

4. Erection enhancement to 8.00" length x 3.00" diameter.

5. Feminization.

She told him to take a 'Fleet' enema around 9:00am and transportation would be provided to take him to the Transformation Center. The pickup time will be at 8:45am and she and Ruth would meet him in the reception area in room 402.

NEXT: Mary and John, High Tech Matchmaking.


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