tagMind ControlThe Resort Ch. 06A

The Resort Ch. 06A



06.01 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Introduction:

06.02 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Breast Enhancement:

06.03 Sara, Mary, GelPod, New Erection Growth:

06.04 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Male Prostate Growth:

06.05 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Erection Expansion:

06.06 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Vaginal Enhancement:

06.07 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Conditioning:

06.08 Sara, Mary, GelPod, A Loving GelPod:

06.09 Ruth, John, Gel, Preparation:

06.10 Ruth, John, Gel, First Ejaculation:

06.11 Ruth, John, Gel, Breast Growth:

06.12 Ruth, John, Gel, Prostate Enhancement:

06.13 Ruth, John, Gel, Urethra, Prostate:

06.14 Ruth, John, Gel, Urethra, Labia, Vagina:

06.15 Ruth, John, Gel, Urethra, Erection Enhancement:

06.16 Ruth, John, Gel, Feminization:

06.17 Ruth, John, Gel, Hermaphrodite Testing:

06.01 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Preparation, Introduction:

Sara arrived at Mary's Bungalow and was met by a slightly nervous Mary. Sara had been informed that the GelPod, unknown to Mary, had been delivered to the secured room in the Bungalow. Mary told Sara that she had given herself the enema and wondered why she needed it.

Sara smiled,

"It is necessary because you are going to get a 'male' prostate and you must be clean in 'there'."

She took Mary by the hand and led her toward the locked room. Using her key, she opened the door and led Mary into the room. This bedroom was different, its walls and ceiling were totally mirrored and a white, bed-like platform was in the center of the room. It had no sheets or covers just a large pillow. A HD monitor was angled downward from the ceiling toward the platform. Sensors imbedded within the platform would constantly relay information to GenTech's Control Center. Mary looked at the platform with nervousness as she touched the surface which seemed to have the consistency of thick foam rubber.

Sara helped Mary onto the platform with her head resting on a pillow. The HD monitor turned 'on' and Mary blushed when she saw her nakedness displayed in high definition. She then felt the surface under her back shoulders and head raising her up into a slightly reclined sitting position. A thickness pushed up under each knee and foot, bending her legs and bringing her feet back to her hips. At the same time, her hips and buttocks were raised upward six inches, exposing her flared sex to Sara's smiling face and to the viewing clients. Mary watched the HD monitor as her body was being positioned and blushed when she saw the graphic close-up of her open sex.

Sara said,

"Now you are ready for you special 'friend'."

Mary saw a mirrored panel open in front of her and then the bluish glow of a round Gel-like mass 'roll' into the room. The beach-like ball rolled directly to the platform and bounce onto it. Mary looked at it and then at Sara with anxiousness in her eyes.

Mary watched wide eyed as the GelPod rolled toward the junction of her spread thighs. She flinched when she felt the glowing and purring mass nestle into the junction of her thighs. She looked at it and then held out her arms to her 'friend'. It slipped onto her abdomen and up to her chest where it snuggled onto her shoulders and neck. Her hands tingled as they massaged the soft gel- like surface and closed her eyes sighing again as the GelPod glowed and purred as it pressed closer onto her upper body.

"Oh Sara, its adorable, I love it."

Sara leaned in close to Mary's head and whispered,

"It knows more about your body than you do."

The GelPod flowed onto her breasts encasing then within two silky pouches and began to gently massage and knead each of her breasts. Within each pouch, internal depressions formed into 'mouths' and descended onto each nipple with an exquisite sucking and suckling action. The sigh became quick pants as Mary felt her nipples stiffen and grow erect.

The GelPod's mass rippled down across her abdomen. The warm, purring Gel flowed over her clitoral hood and formed over the lips of her labia and began massaging the folds of her flared sex. The pants turned into a moan when the Gel slipped into the pink furrow, pushing the folds further apart. Mary felt as though dozens of tongues and mouths were suckling on her clitoris, labia, breasts and nipples. Suddenly Mary gasped loudly and bucked upward. The GelPod had extended a gel-like tube that had slipped over her protruding clitoris. The 'mouth' suckled its way into the clitoral hood and her excited organ quickly extended itself into the sucking 'throat'. Mary quickly reached down and began massaging the gel mass that was giving so much joy.

The Gel thickened over her labia and a portion of it extended itself further down between the cheeks of her spread buttocks. It pushed the cheeks apart and snuggled up close to the tight opening of her anus. Its purrs radiated inward and Mary's rectal area began to tingle with new and exquisite sensations.

GenTech analyzed the information that the GelPod and the platform were sending to the Center. The GelPod was now in place and ready to start its transformation of Mary into a Hermaphrodite.

06.02 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Breast Enhancement:

Mary was brought out of her delightful dream-like state when the pouches and 'mouths' intensified their actions on her aching breasts and excited nipples. The pouches began secreting their growth chemicals which were quickly absorbed by her breasts and nipples. Mary sighed as a delicious, tingling warmth radiated into her breasts and nipples.

The new sensations rippled across her chest and flowed downward toward her spread sex. Mary began pushing her aching breasts and engorged nipples into the GelPod's kneading and sucking pouches. Suddenly an exquisite firmness gripped each breast and her tingling nipples twitched with excitement. She looked at the monitor and gurgled with joy when she saw her breasts begin to expand within the clear gel-like pouches.


NIPPLES: 5/16" H x 5/16" D

It started as a rippling firmness that gripped each breast and flowed into her nipples.


NIPPLES: 3/8" H x 5/16" D

Mary couldn't believe how full and firm her breasts were beginning to feel. Her nipples had never felt so hard.


NIPPLES: 7/16" H x 3/8" D

Soon, the expanding pouches had more to work with and the kneading, massaging and suckling intensified.


NIPPLES: 1/2" H x 3/8" D

Mary's pants became quicker as her mind was filled with sensations that she had never felt before.


NIPPLES: 9/16" H x 1/2" D

Mary's breasts had now reached their targeted size.

She thrust her breasts excitedly into the Gel's kneading pouches and their suckling 'mouths'. The pouches slowed their assault to a low level 'purring' and Mary lay within the platform's soft supports, savoring the wonderful feelings.

06.03 Sara, Mary, GelPod, New Erection Growth:

The Gel 'throat' that was molded around her throbbing clitoris started to ripple and undulate over the sensitive surface. She felt an expanding firmness grip the organ and a whole new set of sensations flooded her sex. The pressure and sensations increased and Mary sensed that something was happening 'down there' but she could only think about the ripples of pleasure that were washing across her loins.

As Mary's clitoris lengthened and thickened, the HD monitor showed her urethra opening disappearing and reappearing as a small slit on the tip of her thickening clitoris. Her engorged organ of joy throbbed excitedly as it pushed further into the GelPod's suckling sheath. Again her eyes flew open when she felt ecstatic rippling sensations fill her clitoris as the sheath began to squeeze and massage the expanding organ. As the incredible sensations intensified, Mary began moaning as her hard 'erection' grew in spurts and her hips jerked ecstatically as the flexing tube had more and more to suck and suckle on.


ERECTION: 1.00" x 0.50" .. 1.50" x 0.50" .. 2.00" x 0.50"

Mary felt a wonderful, thick firmness filling her clitoris and looked at the monitor intently.

ERECTION: 2.50" x 0.75" .. 2.50" x 0.75" .. 3.00" x 1.00"

Her eyes opened wide with disbelief when she saw her clitoris extending and thickening. As it grew, new sensations gripped her sex and her hands intensified their massaging of the gel mass that was doing this to her. She moaned and bucked her hips as the image in the monitor showed her clitoris forming into an erect penis.

ERECTION: 3.50" X 1.00" .. 3.75" X 1.25" .. 4.00" x 1.25"

The GelPod suddenly stopped and Mary's small erection jerked wildly with the clenching sheath. The full length of Mary's erection would be completed by the GelPod's urethra tube. Her mind was a whirlwind of ecstatic sensations as she thrust her four inch hardness into the squeezing sheath of the GelPod. The Gel peeled the top of its sheath down over the tingling head until the gland of Mary's new 'manhood' glistened in the light.

06.04 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Male Prostate Growth:

The purring Gel mass that lay between the cheeks of buttocks, nestled against her anus, and formed into a 1/2" rounded phallic-like probe. Its head began to glisten as it secreted its chemicals. Mary saw, then felt the probe press against her tight sphincter muscle. A startled Mary instinctively began to shift her hips in an effort to stop the probing touch. The oozing lubricant loosened the tight opening and pleasant tingly sensations radiated around her anus and rippled into her rectum.

She tensed as the probe nudged inward.

It began secreting a bolstering aphrodisiac and a soft sigh escaped her lips and her erection continued to throb. The probe was now about two inches inside Mary's rectum and nestled against the lower lining of her rectal sheath near her urethra. It released its enhancement chemicals that were quickly absorbed into the lining of the sheath. Mary tensed when she felt a firmness building as her 'male', semen producing prostate and seminal vesicles were formed. A valve formed in her urethra and ducts were created which connected her urethra to her new prostate and seminal vesicles. The prostate nerve endings were then attached to her sexual sensory system and to her Skene's gland. Stimulation of one would trigger the other. The gel probe flattened and flowed over the newly formed sensitive tissues of her prostate with an ecstatic massaging action. The intense sensations surged into her vaginal sweet spot and Mary's hips bucked wildly as she squealed with joy.

The probe suddenly stopped its exquisite massaging of Mary's prostate. Mary moaned in disappointment and kept thrusting her erection into the GelPod's vaginal sheath. She pushed down and ground her excited rectal opening onto the loving probe trying to get more of it into her body. Within a few moments, Mary's 'male' sexual organ were complete. The probe secreted additional transforming chemicals that would react with those with those from the urethra probe. A dazed and panting Mary slumped onto the platform's soft supports.

06.05 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Erection Expansion:

Suddenly Mary felt a tightness grip her erection. She looked at the monitor and saw a thin clear, tube rise up from the Gel mass between her spread thighs and arch upward and then dipped downward so it was centered above the opening to her urethra. It was a 1/4 inch thick, flexible and hollow. A warm lubricant dripped onto the tingly head of her member and mixed with her slick preseminal fluids. Mary's eyes opened wide with apprehension and tried to move her hard penis away from the dripping end of the stem's tube but her 'manhood' was held firmly by the GelPod's sheath.

Slowly the tube descended into the slick urethra opening.

Mary watched with apprehensive eyes as the tube sank slowly into her hardness. Her fears were quickly erased as the tube slithered deeper into her urethra. As it slipped downward, ecstatic ripples of joy spread into her rock hard penis. Mary threw her back and gasped as the chemical laden tube reached the base of her erection. Her throbbing hardness pulsed and jerked with ecstatic sensations. The tube continued its journey deeper into Mary's urethra. Soon it reached the new valve that controlled the injection of her semen into the urethra. A chemical was released that opened the valve and a tube-like stem slithered outward and made its way toward the her 'male' prostate and burrowed into the fleshy tissues. The stem released its enhancing chemicals and Mary moaned as euphoric sensations washed across her loins.

Her semen production would be six times that of a normal male. The multiple ejaculant streams would be two to three seconds in duration and Mary's sexual recovery or rejuvenation would be rapid, immediate if stimulation was still present. As the stem withdrew, it oozed a chemical causing the seminal ducts and connecting valve to be enlarged, permitting larger volumes of semen to be discharged into the urethra.

The urethra tube now slowly slipped back down until it reached the base of her erection. Again Mary felt another flood of warmth, spread throughout her groin. The tube now started to secrete a chemical that would extend her new erection. She gasped and threw back her head as jolts of joy radiated outward from inside her hard, straining member.

Mary felt an incredible antsy feeling sweep the entire length of her erection. Her spurting precum gushed up the sides of the tube and spilled out onto her thick, pulsing gland. She moaned excitedly and her hips thrashed wildly trying to get more of the ecstatic feelings. Her throbbing organ now felt heavier and longer. The engorged and highly excited gland throbbed excitedly.


ERECTION: 4.50" x 1.50" .. 5.00" x 1.50" .. 5.50" x 1.75"

Mary moaned as ecstatic sensations flooded her body and mind that she had never felt before. Her breathing quickened and came in gasps and pants.

ERECTION: 6.00" x 2.00" .. 6.50" x 2.25" .. 7.00" x 2.50"

Mary's vagina rippled and clenched in harmony with her new throbbing hardness. Her bucking hips slowly changed to rhythmic thrusts.

ERECTION: 7.50" x 2.75" .. 8.00" x 3.00"

Mary screeched as her erection reached its targeted size. The GelPod's sheath began to match her thrusts with its own counter thrusts. She had never experienced such joy.

She saw 'it' in the close up view of the monitor. It felt like a large granite bat between her spread thighs. The GelPod stopped its ecstatic squeezes and massages causing Mary to wail with denial. She had a desperate need to sink her new throbbing 'manhood' into 'something' ... 'anything'.

Mary gasped as the tube slithered back up through her erection and slipped out of the puckering opening of her tingling gland. The Gel's rectal probe disengaged itself from Mary's prostate and withdrew from her body. A dazed Mary slumped back onto the platform's soft supports with her eyes locked onto the graphic close up of her magnificent 'manhood'.

06.06 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Vaginal Enhancement:

The GelPod's mass that was formed over on her labia now slipped between the flared folds and snuggled into the pink furrow, spreading the folds further apart. She felt a thickness forming and gasped as it nestled between her wet, clasping inner lips. The gasp turned into a moan as the head of GelPod's phallic nudged against the excited opening to her womanhood. Her highly aroused body ground her hips excitedly at the ecstatic contact and another hiss of joy escaped her mouth as the flexing head deliciously traced around the eager entrance to her sex.

Mary felt an exquisite pressure as her inner lips and vagina stretched to accommodate the flexing thickness of the Gel's phallic, then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the imbedded, twisting nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive flesh of her vaginal walls. The phallic slithered inward and began twisting and turning as though it was looking for something. Its circling head intensified as it neared its target. Suddenly, Mary arched up from the platform, her hips began franticly grinding her seething sex in the air. The GelPod had found her enhanced 'G' spot/prostate. Mary screeched ecstatically as both areas exploded with jolts of joy. Her erection strained in the air as drools of preseminal fluids caused her new gland to glisten in the light.

The GelPod started a methodic thrusting action, from inner lips to cervix. Full in, half in, fast, slow. It twisted and turned, it pulsed and throbbed. Mary was delirious with ecstasy. She couldn't keep up with her counter thrusts and just lay back and let the orgasmic waves wash over her. Her erect bullet- like nipples strained into the sucking 'mouths' and her engorged 'manhood' jerked wildly as a desperate need to ejaculate consumed her mind and body. She moaned and wailed as her body was catapulted toward her first dual orgasm.

The gel phallic, sensing that Mary was approaching her orgasmic trip point started deep, direct, in and out thrusts. The massaging sheath closed over her engorged gland and began feasting on her drooling precum. Her hips began grinding her enraged sex onto the magnificent penetrator that was giving her so much joy.

Suddenly the most ecstatic feelings that she had ever felt exploded across her body. She felt the GelPod jettisoning its thick essence into her spasming sheath and cervix with a force of a fire hose. The exquisite fullness and bloating, saturated her mind with bright shards of joy. Her hands fisted, her toes curled, her legs shot into the air, cycling desperately in the air as her milking vaginal muscles clenched around the GelPod's ejaculating phallic. At the same time, a new and intense pressure gripped her highly excited gland as her prostate unleashed its reservoirs of semen which surged up her erection. The liquid joy swirled around the highly excited head of her erection and then jettisoned into the waiting GelPod's 'mouth'. Her ecstatic wail echoed around the room as her body unleashed its first dual orgasms.

Mary's mind went into sensory overload and she slumped unconsciously onto the platform's soft supports.

06.07 Sara, Mary, GelPod, Conditioning:

The Gel's conditioning ejaculant raced throughout Mary's body. Her mind now completely accepted her Hermaphrodite sexuality. Bonding pheromones created a strong sense of sexual attraction to Sara and other Hermaphrodites. One of the secreted chemicals was an ejaculation controller. The surface of her erection would be able to sense the orgasmic contractions of her partner. If they were present, her ejaculation would be permitted, if not, Mary would be kept at her orgasmic edge until the contractions were sensed or her erection was removed.

As Mary slowly recovered, the GelPod withdrew from her body. The rippling vaginal sheath withdrew from her deflating penis and it slipped down over her thigh onto the folds of her labia, still drooling with spurts of semen. The GelPod's phallic withdrew from her stretched vagina with a loud slurping sound and Mary moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body. The silky pouches that encased her firm breasts slipped away and they sprung into the air. Again Mary moaned as the air flowed teasingly over her engorged and still excited nipples. Mary felt weak, her body still rippled with aftershocks and a satisfied smile spread across her face.

The GelPod changed back into its round purring and glowing shape and rested between the junction of her thighs. She reached down and massaged her loving 'friend' and a sense of rejuvenation filled her body.

06.08 Sara, Mary, GelPod, A Loving GelPod:

Sara smiled at Mary and said,

"Mary honey, Stand in front of the mirror and look at your new body and sexuality."

Mary got off the bed and Sara led her to the mirrored wall. Her breath quickened when she saw her Hermaphrodite body. Her gaze locked onto her long, thick penis and her excitement soared. She watched with wide open eyes as it stirred and rose up to full hardness. Her 8.00" x 3.00" 'manhood' matched Sara's erection and she gasped as it throbbed between her thighs. She was about to reach down to it when she felt her 'friend' roll onto her feet. Mary smiled and knelt down on her lower legs in front the GelPod and kissed its purring surface.

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