tagErotic CouplingsThe Resort Ch. 06B

The Resort Ch. 06B


Continued from The Resort Ch. 06A

06.18 John, Mary, Two Virgin Hermaphrodites:

06.19 Mary, John, Shower:

06.20 Mary, John, Oil Massage:

06.21 Mary, John, First Mating:

06.22 John, Mary, Mirror, Deepthroat:

06.23 John, Mary, Second Mating:

06.18 John, Mary, Two Virgin Hermaphrodites:

Sara led the two Hermaphrodites to the Executive Suite, opened the door and handed the key card to Mary. She smiled when she saw that their arousals hadn't dissipated and hugged them both. She then left, knowing that neither would get much sleep this night.

A hush of anticipation settled over the audience when the giant IMAX screen was raised at the front of the stage. All saw the larger than life scene of Mary and John entering the Executive Suite.

Once inside, they looked at each other, both saw the answer to their deepest needs and desires standing in front of them. Mary, the aggressive partner, broke free of the 'time' freeze and smiled John.

John finally got his tongue and said,

"Oh Mary, you are .. you are .. I mean .. I mean .."

Mary had moved in close to John and drew him into her arms. Their lips touched and John felt her tongue slipping between his parted lips. He sighed as their tongues found each other and they kissed deeply and passionately.

Sara and Ruth were watching from the theater's observing room. Mary and John were indeed 'made for each other'.

They broke the kiss gasping and panting. As their eyes roamed up and down each other's aroused bodies, both saw,

firm breasts,

erect, perky nipples,

curvaceous thighs,

perfect labia and a magnificent erection.

They wrapped their arms around each other and again kissed as their passions for each other soared. Their breasts and nipples pressed and caressed each other and their throbbing erections ground against each other. Their mutual moans filled the air.

Mary broke the kiss and took John by the hand and whispered,

"Come with me."

06.19 Mary, John, Shower:

She led him into the bedroom, turned off the lights except for the ones over the bed and those she dimmed to a soft glow. She then adjusted the sound system so it played soft romantic mood music.

They stood together and looked in the mirrored wall at their naked bodies. The sight of their erections standing tall and hard between their thighs excited both of them.

Mary smiled whispered,

"I will take care of that for you.

Come with me, lets have quick shower."

When the flowing waters were warm and soothing they stepped into the shower. Their magic hands spread the silky soft soap over each other's aroused body. After the waters had swept away the liquid soap, Mary snuggled up closely behind John's wet body.

She brought her arms under his arms and reached around and gently lifted the underside of his breasts. She started a slow kneading and massaging action and John closed his eyes, savoring the sensations. She planted small butterfly kisses along John's neck and shoulders and he leaned back and sighed as he savored the exquisite touches of Mary's soft hands.

The massaging hands slipped up onto John's nipples and tantalizingly played with the stiff buds. Her fingers slipped deliciously around the rubbery nipples, pushing and pressing and then back to kneading the firm mounds. She smiled when she felt John's nipples twitching as her finger tips teased and tantalized them. John felt Mary's bullet nipples press into his back and her pulsing hardness press against the right cheek of his buttocks.

Both of Mary's hands started a massaging action down John's body toward the apex of his thighs. John's member jumped and throbbed and his labia swelled in anticipation as her hands approached his inner thighs. Her hands stopped at but not touching his labia. Her wrists grazed against his erection on its downward trek.

Mary then started back up toward John's breasts. She found the fully erect nipples eagerly waiting for the return of her caressing finger tips. She again massaged her way down John's body. This time her hands went further down and formed over his swollen labia with a delicious kneading action. John gasped out loud and pushed his sex forward into the massaging hands, his dancing erection jumped and jerked between Mary's wrists. Mary deliberately didn't touch it and let it pulse in the air.

Mary's exploring fingers slipped downward and ecstatically traced the inner lips to John's vaginal opening. John's hips bucked at the ecstatic contact and a loud gasp escaped his open mouth as he ground the entrance to his 'womanhood' around the loving fingers. Mary smiled at John's reaction and slipped three fingers inward, twisting and turning.

Mary quickly removed her fingers and John wailed in disappointment.

Mary repeated the massaging process over and over, again and again. Each time her hands came closer and closer to touching John's raging erection. Her kisses flowed from neck to both shoulders as her fingers slipped and tantalized John's engorged nipples. She felt John's breathing become rapid and gasping. Mary smiled as John's head pushed back onto her shoulder and felt him push his breasts into her hands. A whispering plea was heard,

"Oh Mary .. please .."

Mary moved John out of the waters toward the back of the shower and whispered,

"John, honey, lean over and grasp the rail on the wall."

John quickly did so and Mary knelt down in front of him, her face was aligned perfectly with John's enflamed sex and his breasts swayed just above her forehead. She saw his engorged nipples and leaned upward and continued her massaging and suckling of his aching mounds and nipples. John squirmed and panted as Mary drove his arousal higher and higher. Mary now concentrated on John's enflamed sex. She brought both hands to his swollen folds and John quickly spread his legs and thrust his hips forward in pure excitement. As the fingers of her left hand began exploring the slick, pink furrow, her right hand reached out and gently wrapped themselves around his straining erection.

Mary's exploring fingers now traced teasingly around John's clasping inner lips and slowly nudged three fingers inward with a delicious twisting and turning motion. At the same time her mouth moved to the thick throbbing gland of his erection. Her open mouth opened as it descended onto it and her tongue and lips suckled and swirled around the sensitive crown. She curled her tongue and slipped it into the oozing opening and sucked up John's precum as though it were a straw.

Ruth smiled at Sara and said,

"This won't take very long.

The first one is always quick"

John's excitement soared and his body bucked with joy as his hips thrust his straining hardness deeper into Mary's mouth and throat. His hands reached down and grasped Mary's head as his thick load of semen rushed up his enflamed, jerking erection. The liquid joy caused his aching head to mushroom with joy and then the spewing thick stream of semen gushed past the puckering slit into Mary's welcoming mouth.

The force and quantity of John's ejaculation was too much for Mary to swallow and it overflowed past her lips and drooled down John's erupting member. His vaginal muscles clamped and clenched around Mary's lunging fingers and his bullet-like nipples felt as though they were going to explode.

While her mouth deep suctioned on his exploding erection, she felt John's thick vaginal fluids gush past her twisting fingers as his dual orgasms exploded throughout his body. John's eyes and mind became detached from his body as the intense orgasmic sensations saturated his body. Mary felt John's erection begin a second series of wild jerks and knew he was about to ejaculate again. Her fingers closed in on his hyper-excited 'G' spot and John's orgasmic wail echoed around the bathroom.

John slumped down on knees in front of Mary with his head resting on her shoulder. His still spurting hardness slipped from her mouth and Mary held his quaking body close to her to her body. In a few seconds, John's aftershocks subsided he smiled at Mary.

"I never dreamed it would be like that."

They stepped back into the flowing waters reapplied the silky soap to each other's bodies. Her hands made sure that the remnants of his orgasms were washed and he moaned as his arousal came flooding back.

They stepped out of the shower and dried each other off with soft towels.

An aroused Mary whispered,

"I want to feel what it's like to slip my erection into your vagina!"

The words caused delicious tremors to ripple in his vagina and his erection twitched in front of his abdomen.

06.20 Mary, John, First Mating:

Mary took John's hand and led him out of the bathroom and to the bed. She had him sit down and lay back with his feet resting on the floor. She smiled at him and knelt down in front of his bent legs. Her hands reached out grasped the straining hardness that throbbed above his abdomen. John gasped as her warm hands once again wrapped around it with gentle massages and squeezes. Mary stood up and leaned over John's body, resting on her elbows on either side of John's body. Her massive erection rested lengthways between the folds of his swelling labia and started a slow, ecstatic sawing motion. John gasp loudly as Mary's erection pushed through his folds and forward onto the excited surface of his erection.

Mary slipped back down over John's body onto her knees and whispered,

"John, honey, lift your feet up onto the edge of the bed."

John quickly did so. Mary now had full unrestricted access to his enflamed sex. She brought her face within inches of his swollen labia and he felt her hands pushing his bent legs further apart. As his thighs parted so did the folds of his labia and Mary looked intently as his aroused sex. Mary leaned inward and John felt a warm, moist breath as her lips and tongue made contact with his swollen labia. He cried out, his body convulsing as Mary's mouth closed over the flared folds at the apex to his thighs. Her face disappeared from John's view as she planted wet suckling kisses on the swollen furrow, her long tongue stoking inside the quivering pink opening.

John's groans drove her lapping tongue faster and faster within the moist, pink crease of his flared folds. She felt his hands grasp her head, pulling her loving mouth into the trembling lips of his labia. Mary's long tongue darted into the soft furrow of flesh, then quickly withdrew it to tease again around the clasping pink edges. She thrust her tongue again deep down into it, bringing a low guttural groan from John, whose thighs were opening and closing on either side of her moving head. John could feel his swollen folds being spread apart by Mary's probing tongue and his excited inner lips opened and closed in a hungry sucking motion, attempting to pull the delicious appendage deeper and deeper into it.

Mary rose up and grabbed John's flailing legs behind the knees and positioned them back against his shoulders, pushing his swollen sex higher above the bed. At the same time, she slithered her body up and over John's highly aroused body. Her rigid erection pressed into wet, pink crease, pushing the flared folds further apart. John's mind was awash with waves of joy and his enflamed sex pleaded for penetration. He felt Mary's engorged gland slipping up and down the slick furrow and he shifted his hungry vaginal lips in a desperate search for the head of Mary's engorged 'manhood'.

Mary was as desperate as John was. Her body and mind were demanding that she penetrate her lover's vagina and she began a series of frustrating pokes and probes.

In desperation, Mary pleaded,

"John .. help me .."

John reached his hands down between their bodies and grasped the full-length of Mary's huge, throbbing shaft. He could feel the deep throbbing and the clear fluid that drooled from the engorged head. He guided it so it slid up and down his flared labia, not letting it lose contact with his excited flesh until it was nestled between the clasping flanges of his inner lips. Both moaned as Mary's engorged gland nudged further into John's eager entrance. Both felt the elastic opening being stretched and both gasped as the pulsing thickness 'popped' into John's virgin vaginal passage.

As Mary's excited erection slipped into John's vagina, she moaned with joy as new and ecstatic sensations exploded throughout her sex. John wasn't prepared for sensations that flooded his sex as Mary's 'manhood' slipped further into his 'womanhood'. She nudged further inward and her erection throbbed and ached as John's vaginal muscles eagerly kissed and caressed the more than welcome virgin erection. Mary continued to slowly slip inward and was rewarded with a deeper groan from John's open mouth. John instinctively clenched his vaginal muscles around Mary's pulsing erection and she squealed in joy.

With one determined thrust, Mary plunged all the way into John's sexual being. With one determined thrust, Mary and John lost their Hermaphrodite virginities.

John's legs jerked out wide on either side of Mary's body, kicking into the air. He could feel every fleshy ridge of Mary's massive organ inside her, the hard rubbery tip pressing hard into his cervix. John's vaginal muscles expanded and started to clench around Mary's throbbing erection. Mary felt the clenching pressures exerted against her buried erection and she flexed gently, expanding her hardness deep inside of John, but still not moving her body. She waited a moment, flexed again, watching John's face light up with joy. Again she moved forward, again and again, setting a slow teasing rhythm to her lunges. Mary smiled as mewling chanting sounds of pleasure rolled from John's lips.

A maddening electric tingle that began deep within John's cervix began to build and seeped relentlessly through the raw nerve ends of his flesh. It rippled throughout his spasming vaginal passage, past his swollen flared folds, into his engorged hardness, up across his rippling abdomen to the tips of his bullet like nipples. He rotated his hips from side to side around Mary's magnificent penetrator as his mind was filled with sensations that he had never felt before. Nothing mattered to him except the orgasmic waves that were cascading across his loins. The juices of John's milking vagina were beginning to flow and both could hear the wet sucking sounds of her plunging shaft.

Mary withdrew her straining erection until the crown just rested within John's clasping inner lips, then she thrust forward, impaling herself deeply within a swirling vortex of joy. She began long hard strokes into John's slick passage. Her body was moving on instinct, full in, full out, part way in, part way out, fast then slow. John responded with his own counter thrusts and mutual moans and gasps filled the bedroom as their bodies became locked in the throes of their rising passions. John suddenly thrust his hips upward to skewer himself impossibly deep on Mary's magnificent boring erection.

Mary could feel her raging erection jump and throb. The sensitive gland was now flexing with a sense of urgency as John's vaginal muscles clenched and spasmed around her enflamed member. Mary, for the first time, felt a new and intense sensation fill her 'manhood' and its hyper-sensitive gland. She gasped and moaned as her erection throbbed, jumped and jerked. The base of her erection felt like a volcano that was about to erupt. The orgasmic sensations mixed with her spasming vagina and Mary's whole body went on hold as her hot thick load of semen entered the base of her now straining hardness. Then ecstatic pressure surged its way up her erection and seemed to stall and play with the most sensitive of male glands, the crown of her penis. It thickened and pulsed as her liquid joy played with the tingling head and then it exploded out the wide open slit of her urethra. She gasped deeply for air as her vagina orgasmed in sync with her ejaculating 'manhood' and plunged all the way into John's sexual being as her convulsing unleashed her dual orgasms. John felt the first of Mary's monumental eruptions flood into his spasming sheath and his back arched and froze as his dual orgasms exploded across his body.

Mary's jerking erection continued to spurt massive, heaving torrents of semen and John could feel the delicious liquid shooting into him like burning lava, ricocheting around inside his frenzied 'womanhood'. His legs kicked out in a wide 'V', kicking franticly in the air as his contracting vaginal muscles forced Mary's foaming essence out past the stretched lips of his flared labia, soaking and drenching his thighs and drooling onto the sheet below.

Mary's body was spasming from head to toe. The twitching and intense tingling explosions that were gripping her sensitive gland caused her mind to blank out everything except the orgasmic sensations that was gripping her enraged sex. Another massive ejaculation exploded up her thick throbbing shaft. Her hands fisted and her toes curled as her ejaculating erection and orgasming vagina convulsed throughout her body.

John's eye's opened wide as a different ecstatic sensation gripped his loins. His raging erection jumped jerked and spasmed as his liquid joy pulsed up his enflamed organ and exploded past the puckering slit drenching his entire upper body with massive pools of warm, thick semen.

Both squealed with joy as their orgasms saturated their minds and bodies.

Mary collapsed across John's body. Both of their unconscious bodies continued to jerk with ecstatic aftershocks. In a few seconds they recovered and held on to each other as their vaginas and erections continue to clench and spurt.

"Oh Mary, I have never felt anything like that before."

Mary cooed into John's ear,

"Jesus John, no wonder men ejaculate so quickly."

Mary pulled out of John's reluctant vagina with a loud slurping sound and John moaned as the wonderful fullness left his body. Gushes of semen and vaginal juices followed it.

She laid her slick, deflating member on John's abdomen. Her right hand palmed both penises and swirled them around in the warm pools of semen.

Both moaned from the exquisite sensations.

John looked up in Mary's face and whispered,

"Let's take another shower, have some refreshments, and then it will be my turn to find out what an erection feels like when it slips into a vagina."

Mary shivered with excitement and helped John off the bed. They made their to the bathroom and relaxed under the soothing, warm waters.

After they showered they wondered into the suite's kitchen and found an assortment of sandwiches and drinks. Each picked out what they wanted and sat on the sectional watching the HDTV. Soon their attention turned to each other and in a few minutes their bodies were locked in an aroused embrace. John broke the kiss and said,

"I think it is time we headed to the bedroom."

06.21 John, Mary, Mirror, Deepthroat:

This time it was John that led Mary back to bedroom. He stopped in front of the mirrored wall by the bed. Both reached down and grasped each other's straining erections and moans were heard as they kissed.

They broke the kiss gasping and panting and John snuggled closely behind Mary, his erection pushed tantalizingly against the cheeks of her buttocks and lower back. Mary's excitement escalated when she saw aroused nakedness in the mirror. John put his hands on Mary's shoulders and started a slow soothing, massaging action. He started to plant small butterfly kisses along Mary's neck and shoulders and Mary closed her eyes and leaned back, sighing softly as John's kisses and gentle hands adorned her body.

His hands slowly worked their way in front of Mary's body toward her breasts and his hands cupped and lifted both breasts in a gentle massaging and kneading action. Soon, his fingers slipped onto her nipples with an exquisite caressing and fondling action. Mary's stiffening nipples quickly became erect and she excitedly pushed them into John's loving hands.

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