tagBDSMThe Rest Area

The Rest Area


It's Halloween night on the dark and lonely highway with only the full moon as company.

I am tired and cranky as I pull into the rest area. It's now just before 3am... dead time as it is known in some circles but I don't give that any thought as I lock my car and head into the bathroom. As I look around the parking lot I notice only one other car, an old Mercedes that is so rusted out that I wonder if it is actually road worthy. I walk through the bathroom door... one florescent light dimly lighting my way.

It's a typical rest area bathroom... dirty. I step up to the sink and start to rinse my face with water, trying to get the sleep out of my eyes. As I'm splashing my face, the bathroom.... shimmers. I can't think of another word to describe it. I am almost thrown off balance and I use the sides of the sink to steady myself.

I grab a paper towel and wipe my face off and turn around. The bathroom is clean. Sparkling white... although the florescent light is still flickering. And all of a sudden I wonder how tired I really am? I'm positive that it was disgusting when I walked in... what the hell has happened? Did someone come in behind me and clean? I am so confused. And alone. I check all of the stalls, but there isn't anyone else in the bathroom with me.

I decide it's time to get the hell out of there. I don't know what's going on and I really don't want to know. I grab the handle to the door and pull it open and almost fall down the step that has now appeared. The parking lot is gone. My car is gone. In it's place is a dimly lit chamber... the one light bulb only giving off enough light so I can see the outlines of... well, I'm not sure what. They look like racks of some sort but I have no idea what they are or what they could possibly be used for... yet.

I take the step down and the door slams shut behind me. I turn and frantically grab the handle and try to open it back up but it disappears from my hands. Now there is just a smooth wall where once there was a door. The step is gone.

I turn back around and there he is. He is tall, dark and very good looking... in a sinister way. His dead eyes are roaming over me like he's feasting on my flesh. Without saying a word he glides up to me, pinning me against the wall with his body and then he grabs both of my hands and pins them behind me with only one of his. He is incredibly strong. I try to pry myself loose but his grip is like iron... His body is like iron. I can't budge my wrists from his grasp.

He puts his other hand on my shoulder and forces me to my knees. The floor is hard and cold. And it hurts. He doesn't care. He wraps a rope around my elbows tight behind my back and then ties it to a ring in the wall above my head that I hadn't noticed before. He hoists me up by my arms until I am on my tip-toes. Immediately my calves start to cramp. Leg irons go around each ankle but there is a solid bar in between that puts me in a severe spread eagle.

He walks up to me and starts cutting my clothes off like he's skinning an animal. I start to scream but he wads up my silk panties and stuffs them in my mouth and then uses one of the strips of my clothing to gag me. It's effective. I can't make a sound without choking on them.

With just a few slices of his knife I am naked before him. He reaches out and strokes my neck while he clamps an iron collar around it. It's very tight, cutting into the soft flesh of my neck. And with my mouth gagged and a tight collar around my neck I have to concentrate on breathing through my nose. Just breath, I tell myself. This is all a dream...

I close my eyes tight in the hopes that when I open them back up again this will all be gone and I'll be back at the rest stop. When I open my eyes back up the nightmare has gotten worse. Instead of hanging from a ring in the wall I am now in the center of the room suspended from the ceiling... my toes just barely brushing the 1 foot blocks beneath each foot. I close my eyes again, willing this to all go away. But my eyes snap open when I feel a sharp pain on my left nipple. I look down just in time to see him clamping a heavy weight to my soft nipple. It drags my breast down but the clamp is so tight that it stays put.

I then see him grab a small, stiff stick and walk back towards me. He very lightly starts whipping my right nipple. At first it's not very hard and I am more concerned with the weighted clamp. But soon he is flicking my other nipple with his stick, hard. With each strike I bite down on the gag and try not to cry out because every time I do it seems to encourage him... but I can't help the grunts he sometimes gets out of me. While he is whipping my nipple I can feel his fingers gently stroking my now wet clit. The contrast is hard to accept... pleasure being pulled from me in one area while in another the pain is almost overwhelming. Soon, his stroking has me on the verge of an orgasm but he holds me there for some time, taking his vengeance out on my right nipple. Just when I think I can't take any more he makes me cum, hard... and as I cum he clamps a weight to my red and swollen right nipple almost knocking the breath out of me. However, he continues to stroke my clit continuing the orgasm even through the pain... it is the best and the worst I have ever felt.

Soon I am coming down from the high and my eyes begin to focus again. I see him standing directly in front of me, eye to eye, drinking in my pleasure and my pain. His eyes are now afire rather than dead and I wonder if that will be enough to satisfy whatever thirst he has or if there is more to come.

I don't have to wait long. Pretty soon he begins the same procedure only with my left nipple this time. The time it takes me to reach the verge of orgasm is much shorter this time but he leaves me on the edge for much longer, making sure my nipple is very sore and very swollen before taking me over the edge. And again, just as I cum he clamps the heavy weight back onto that nipple. The ecstasy and the pain are almost too much and I am breathing too hard and unable to get enough air through just my nose. Slowly I start to descend into blackness, almost welcoming it.

As I slowly start to come to, I can see that I still have the heavy clamps on both nipples. I see him walk up to me and he ties a rope around my waist. He then ties that off to something behind me, although I can't quite see what it is. I will find out soon enough... He then positions a pole with a vibrating tip right below my clit. It's so close but not quite touching my clit. And then I feel him slide a hard mass into my pussy about an inch. It isn't vibrating and I am grateful. After all the stimulation my clit has endured I almost cum just having something inside me.

Then all of a sudden my wrist ropes loosen up and I land on my feet on the blocks with the vibrator hard against my clit and the hard mass all the way inside me... and it starts to vibrate as well. It is intense. My hands are still suspended above my head and there is tension on the rope but I'm not being held up by them anymore. I try to step down but the leg irons and rod are still in place holding my feet on the blocks. I try to move my hips and lean away, trying to remove the intense sensations of the clit and pussy vibrator but the thing I'm tied to will only let me move up and down... not side to side.

Almost instantly I cum hard by both my clit and my g-spot. There is no where to go to get away from the intensity of both vibrators pushed up to me. I am squirming in delight and pain now as I cum once again.... and then again. I am biting down on my gag hard trying to find any relief from the pleasure that is so intense that it is pain.

Instinctively I stand on my tip-toes. The thing that my waist is tied to lets me do that... and I am able to catch my breath for a moment, breathing hard through my nose. Then my calves start to cramp and I come down on the vibrators once again only to cum even harder. By this time I have sweat dripping all over my body from the pleasure and the pain. I close my eyes again and once again stand on my tip-toes. When I can't stand it anymore I drop back down fully expecting to experience the vibrators again...

Instead I collapse to the floor. I open up my eyes and I am back in the rest room lying on the dirty floor. I'm fully dressed except for one thing...

My silk panties are lying on the floor next to me...

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