tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Rest Area Adventure

The Rest Area Adventure


I was going to be out of town all week and it would be a great time to dress up and look for adventure. I am twenty eight and have been dressing since I was in high school. I started with my sister's panties and bras and now have a closet full of clothes and underwear. My hair is down to my shoulders and when I am in makeup I look pretty sexy.

I stopped work a little early this day and got to the motel about four o:clock where I took a bath, shaved all over except my pubic hair which is neatly trimmed. I took my time putting on my white lace panties and garter belt and then matching bra with b cup gel forms. Next came my black hose and red 3 inch heels. I took my time with my makeup and hair then slipped into my black tight skirt that ends about four inches above my knee and a white sleeveless see through blouse.

It was not quite dark in Spartanburg but I couldn't wait any longer. I took a big breath and walked to my car in the parking lot. I passed two men who looked me over like the pretty girl I was. On the way to the interstate I went through a fast food drive through. When I picked up my food the guys eyes almost fell out because my skirt had ridden up above my hose tops. I parked and ate my hamburger then started up the interstate towards the rest area.

It was dark when I pulled into the rest stop. It is just a parking area with no rest rooms and a few tables away from the road. It is fenced in with woods behind the fence. of course the fence has been knocked down in places so people can get into the woods and play.

There were about ten cars and a couple of big trucks in the parking lot when I got there so I parked and waited to see what was happening. While I was waiting a pickup truck pulled up and a really good looking guy got out and walked towards the woods. It was time to move. I wont go in the woods when I am dressed for safety reasons but I walked up the path to a table that is hidden from the road by some small trees. I sat with my ass just on the table and my long legs went to the ground and again the tops of my hose were in view.

Quite a few men came by on their way to or from the woods but only a couple stopped to talk. I guess they were wondering why a woman was sitting there. Maybe a police sting. And then my guy came out of the woods. He walked right up and sat down next to me. Oh my god. We talked about the weather and then how busy the rest stop was. He asked if I knew what went on back in the woods and I said I thought I did. He then told me about some of the things he had seen. I was getting so hot that my little cock was hard and precum was filling my panties.

Jim said we better go back to the car because the highway patrol would be coming through in about fifteen minutes. He explained they had just pulled in on the other side of the road and it would take about that long to check it out and go to the next exit to come back here. As we were walking to the car Jim suggested I sit in the car with him as they would pay less attention to a couple than a woman in a car alone. That made sense so I climbed in with him.

I had just gotten settled when I saw him pull his jeans down to his knees. A great eight and a half inch cock jumped out. He told me to get my head in his lap and suck his cock till the police left. I almost cam when his dick slid across my tongue and into my throat. He held the back of my head and deep fucked my face until the patrol came through. They stayed in the car and just shined their spot light on the cars then drove on. I kept sucking while he called me a bitch and his cum slut. Then he pulled my head up and told me to get out. My heart stopped and my dick shrunk. He said I want you to get in your car, take everything but your bra, garter belt, hose and heels off and come stand on the sidewalk in front of my truck.

"If you can't do it bitch just drive away."

As I sat in my car wondering what to do I was already taking of my blouse and then came my skirt. It took a little while before I dropped my panties and got out of the car to walk in front of his truck. I posed as best I could and waited. Was he going to turn on his lights and expose me to everyone? The parking lights came on and I waited to be shown to the world. Instead the door opened and he got out in nothing but his T shirt. His cock looked very hard and was sticking straight out.

He walked around me feeling first my ass and then my tits. "On your knees cum slut and get my dick good and slick and then I am going to fuck your brains out." I went down fast and slobbered all over his hard dick. He pulled me to my feet and turned me around facing the truck then said "bend over the hood and hold on." As I was leaning over the hood I felt his large wet cock sliding up and down my crack. Then it was in! He pushed it all the way to his balls then started a rythem. In and out. I felt so full. It seemed like we fucked for an hour but it must have been about fifteen minutes. I came twice way up in my man pussy as he fucked me. Then I felt him swell as he came deep in my pussy and I dumped a big load on his hood. He got back in his truck and drove away without dressing and left me standing almost naked his cum running down my legs and a crowd standing around clapping.

I jumped in the car, drove to the next exit in my undies and went to the rest stop across the road where I sat for a while fingering my sloppy cunt. I came twice more before I got dressed and drove back to the motel.

I went back to the rest area twice that week with undies under my street clothes but he didn't come back. I did have some adventures but I will save them for another story.

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by cdCindy102/25/18

please tell more stories

This story was very hot. I love trucker stories, especially because I'm a slutty sissy cock-sucking CD bitch who gets fucked by trucker after trucker after trucker.
I loved this story. Please tell moremore...

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