The Retirement Years


"Well, that was a pleasant and unexpected surprise!" Buffy exclaimed.

"It's that hot little ass of yours again, babe; I just can't resist it."

Frank was still hard, a combination of the vestiges of the Cialis and the incredibly arousing specter of fucking this young woman over and over again for the rest of the day.

"Let's fuck all day. You're going to cut me off tomorrow and two days without fucking is not something I'm used to."

"Sounds like a plan, Frank. I want you to really treat me like your dirty girl. Fuck my mouth...tie me up, spank me, jam that big cock up my ass. Hell, you can even piss on me if that floats your boat!"

Frank's stamina over the next few hours surprised even him and completely astounded his new fuck toy. They had gotten very nasty...nastier than even Bonnie was into. They pissed on each other in the shower. As she had requested, he tied her spread eagle on the bed and ravished her tender little ass hole. He spanked her until her fine little globes were beet red. Finally, as he thought he had one more cum left inside him, she ordered him to fuck her mouth, plunging his long cock to the deepest recesses of her lovely little mouth, finally cumming as she choked, gagged and sputtered...but she loved every minute of it.

"Frank, I feel like a complete slut. I mean I'm highly sexed and I love cock but I have to tell you that we did some things I've only read about. I'm not sure I'd want a steady diet of it but there is something terribly satisfying about being a complete and total fuck slut---not to mention draining every single drop of juice out of your old nuts. Admit it! You're fucked out, aren't you?"

"Absolutely, completely and delightfully," Frank responded.

Buffy changed the subject. "So, Frank, did you feel out Bonnie?" Buffy already knew the answer but had made an agreement to play along.

"She wants to fuck you, little long as it's all three of us...much to my surprise! By the way, you and Jack are invited over for dinner Saturday evening. From what Bonnie told me I don't think you need to beat around the bush."

"Great news, Frank! Now I have some bad news; I've got to go to the home office tomorrow, Wednesday, one day out and back home, so you're actually cut off a day early---at least as far as I'm concerned. Try to keep that fine cock in your pants while I'm gone."

"Damn! I really am cut off! Bonnie has got to leave tonight rather than in the morning; actually she was going to have to leave the house at 4:00 AM, so this is better. No pussy for Frank tonight, or tomorrow, or Thursday..."

"There's always Belinda...but you've got to promise me no fucking or beating off on Thursday! I need maximum sperm on Friday, so you can only fuck her tomorrow."

"I haven't seen much of her. I thought maybe she was avoiding me."

"She'll be home tomorrow and the hubby is out of town, so go see her. She's been dreaming about the ass fuck you promised can't let her down."

Chapter Six, Act II with Belinda.

Frank and Buffy parted affectionately as Frank drove the short distance home almost relieved that he would not be expected to perform until the next day. After a quick dinner, he and his pups were dead asleep, waking once to say goodnight to Bonnie on the phone. He woke later than usual the next morning, refreshed and glad that he had slept so well. That's what good fucking will do for you, he thought to himself. He showered and shaved, donned a pair of shorts and sat down at his computer to add to a short story he had been working on.

Shortly after eight, there was a tapping at the back door. It was Belinda, fresh from her own shower with her short blonde hair still damp. She was wearing those damned shorts she so often wore...translucent nylon running bra...tight tee...bare feet. She was in his arms without a word. She smelled young cunt is supposed to smell.

"Thanks," she whispered in his ear.

"For what?"

"My baby...our baby...Buffy told you...are you okay with it?"

"As long as I don't have to pay child support," he said, with a grin.

"Fuck, we should be paying you for 'sperm support.' We'd been trying a really long time. Both of us are so's like a dream come true." Belinda said, lowering her hand to Frank's cock.

"Being pregnant makes me so damned husband's out of said you wanted to..."

"Fuck you in the ass? Is that what you're here for, Belinda?" Frank replied, teasingly.

"Do I have to beg?"


"Fuck me up the ass, Frank. Plant that big fat cock deep in my little shitter. I need some cock...your!"

"I was just getting ready to get in the Jacuzzi; it's all warmed up. Would you care to join me?"

Frank and Belinda were quickly naked and fondling each other urgently in the warm, fragrant water. She wanted to blow him. He sat on the edge of the hot tub as she took his fuck stick deep in her mouth. What the fuck, Frank thought; God, she's got a beautiful little mouth...the hint of freckles...a cute little turned-up nose...astounding little cock sucker. Belinda was whimpering, urgently wanting a thick load in her mouth. Can't disappoint the little bitch...yesss! As she had done the previous occasion, Belinda slurped up every drop of Frank's male essence, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled up at him like a little girl with a special Christmas present.

Frank switched places with Belinda and went down on her delightfully soft little blond pussy while working a lubed finger up her tight little hole. He and Bonnie often fucked in the Jacuzzi; a variety of lubricants and anal toys were readily available. Belinda propped her legs on the side of the tub, splaying her legs lewdly to give Frank optimum access to her cunt...and her other orifice. Frank lubed a relatively modest anal plug and gently inserted it into Belinda's quivering little hole. It went in very easily.

He moved up to the next largest size, slowly preparing her little ring for the ultimate insertion. Belinda gasped at the new invasion. As her little hole quickly accommodated the plug, Frank reached for the biggest was as big around as Frank's cock and contained a special surprise. He worked the big silicone implement slowly inside the aroused young woman allowing her to comfortably accommodate the fullness.

When he hit the button on the vibrator, Belinda almost came unglued, feverishly fucking the long toy with her perfect little hips in an attempt to draw it completely into her ass hole. She succeeded. Frank returned to her love button with his experienced tongue and brought Belinda to a crashing screaming orgasm in seconds.

Standing up in the hot tub, Frank stroked his hard cock in anticipation, amply coating it in the thick water resistant lube that had been specifically designed for this purpose. Standing inches from her face and stroking his meat, Frank spoke.

"Are you ready for this cock, young lady...are you ready to take this big cock up your ass?"

Belinda nodded vigorously, "yessss!" she croaked.

With no real need to allow Belinda to accommodate the anal invasion, Frank quickly jammed his rock hard prick to the depths of her sweet little rectum. Normally he would have tongued her little shitter for a while but he needed to get off and the young ass in front of him was irresistible. To his delight, Belinda gently rotated her fine young ass in perfect harmony with his balls-deep thrusts. Her rectum was insanely hot and butter.

She used her well toned young muscles to clamp down on the invading organ as if to trap it inside her body. Belinda's gaze never left his as she grinned from ear to ear and panted softly with each deep stroke. The woman loved it...the perfect anal slut...not taking a dick in her ass to "please a man" but simply because she craved it and needed it. Belinda rested her long legs on his strong shoulders as he caressing her face with his mouth. Frank got into a steady rhythm which he knew from experience that he could maintain for as long as, or even longer than, Belinda might need.

Unlike Buffy, Belinda was content to remain silent; her eyes closed dreamily as she focused on the fat cock invaded her most private hole...a place her husband had shown no interest in. It had been too long since she had last done this. And now a man her father's age---a magnificent man---was fucking her in the ass like she had never been fucked before. Bonnie was very lucky but right this instant Belinda was the lucky one.

Before she realized it, she had cum twice. She felt Frank harden and increase his pace. She gasped and screamed in a third orgasm as he bathed her insides with his wonderful cream. As Frank's cock plopped from her gaping little hole and he kissed her tenderly, Belinda was in absolute bliss. Jesus...she thought to herself...the damned old man is still pretty hard and he's already cum twice. Exiting the hot tub and drying each other off, the two retreated to the master bedroom. Frank cuddled affectionately with Belinda and held her lovingly. This man should start a training school for all of the young husbands in the neighborhood; he was an astounding lover in every regard.

"Frank, is Bonnie by any chance bi?"

"Why do you ask, sweet thing?"

"Well...I am...was...I used to enjoy fucking girls but I haven't since I got married. Your wife is almost twenty years older than I am, but, God, she's hot! She's got an amazing body, those eyes...great tits... Look, Frank, I'm not remotely submissive with's not my nature and I have to deal with macho shit heads every day in my job. But when I did it with girls I was a classic was like an alter ego for me. She's so damned nice but a girl who has done girls before can read the signs. It's not overt but the last time we talked I swear to God she was checking me out...even flirting. At the party, she definitely moved in to my space, not in a threatening way, and then, before you guys left, she gave me a big hug in the kitchen...nothing odd about that...but then she slipped me just a little hint of tongue...she kissed me."

"Belinda, Bonnie was distinctly bi before we got married...probably preferred pussy to cock. I'm proud to say I changed her perspective. It's funny that you should ask but very recently we discussed her desire to try a little girl-on-girl encounter...actually a three way sort of thing."

"With Buffy? Don't answer, I'm sure I'm right. Buffy and I have fucked a couple of times...God, she's smoking hot! She's got the sweetest little pussy. I'm easily eight inches taller than she is but she's got distinctly dom tendencies. Look, Frank, I love fucking you, I love fucking Buff but I'd really enjoy fucking your you think we could make it happen? Think about it, Frank; you, me, Bonnie and Buffy all in this big bed, fucking and sucking our brains out."

"The image is almost more than this old brain can handle, Belinda. She told me she thinks you're very attractive but we didn't get much farther than that. Look, when she gets back, I can probe a little---but you're going to have to close the deal on your own."

"I'm okay with that. Damn! That monster is hard again. You're ready to fuck, aren't you, old man?"

With no further conversation, Frank rolled Belinda over and inserted his highly serviceable implement into her wet little cunt. And then he made love to her...long, hot, wet but incredible love. He stroked her precious little slot for over half an hour as he made love to her face and tits with his talented lips and tongue. They came together; afterwards Frank cradled his new fuck mate in his arms and stroked her runner's thighs lovingly. This guy is so much more than just a stud with a big hard cock, Belinda thought to herself. He understood a woman's needs so absolutely divinely; he had found all her special spots. No man had ever made such perfect, tender and passionate love to her in her life.

Belinda slipped out the back door an hour or so later after the two had fallen asleep in each other's arms. It was very hard for Belinda to leave Frank's arms; he held her so perfectly lovingly in his strong embrace.

Chapter Seven, An unexpected Visit from Caitlin.

Frank made a cup of tea and contemplated his expanding sexual horizons and thought about how to broach the subject of getting Belinda into bed with Bonnie. After an hour playing with his pups and another hour writing, Frank napped on the sofa in the family room almost relieved that his old bones would receive a day of rest on Thursday.

Frank awoke after a nice nap and decided on a second shower; he would miss the smell of young cunt and recent sex on his body but, groggy after an unplanned nap, he needed to refresh. As he finished brushing his teeth and examined his still lean body, the door bell rang. Assuming it was just the Parcel Delivery Service girl delivering something he ordered, he went to the door naked and peaked out through the edge of the curtain expecting to see a package on the door mat. To his surprise, the package was a nubile young red head with alarmingly large breasts and the smattering of freckles of an Irish colleen. Slightly embarrassed that the young woman had certainly gotten a glimpse at his nakedness, he yelled, "just a sec" and scrambled back to the bedroom to grab his terry robe.

Opening the door he was very pleased at the attractive young vision before him. She was about five foot four, broader in the hip than he usually found attractive and with serious tits barely contained in a gingham shirt; he was sure he had met her but couldn't put the name with the face...or the titties.

"Frank?" She extended her hand. "I'm Caitlin. I'm, ah, we're almost neighbors. We live in the big red house on the other side of the street from Belinda. I'm sorry to bother you. Did I interrupt your shower? I'm really sorry."

"No, that's quite alright. I'd already finished, please...come in...pardon my attire."

Caitlin entered and Frank gestured toward the sofa. Breeder hips, a little broad---they'd go down hill with age---but right now they were splendid. Tiny little shorts...tiny waist...oh, yeah, very fuckable. Frank was rested; he could feel his cock moving. Yeah, he could do her. . . hell, he would do When she turned and perched on the sofa he noted that she had surreptitiously undone another button on the too-small cotton blouse. No damned bra...those tits were just standing up there with no artificial support. He wanted to fuck those tits. Generally he preferred small breasted women...but this pair was absolutely scrumptious. He offered her a cup of tea; she accepted. Popping another tear dropped pill in the kitchen, Frank knew he was on a mission.

Caitlin, it seemed, wanted to build a new deck, not unlike the one Frank had added right after he and Bonnie had moved in. Caitlin worked part time as an editor from home. She had some experience with power tools but felt lost when it came to design and putting together a materials list. Her husband could help with the heavy work---a little---on the weekends but basically it was to be Caitlin's project. When Frank returned from the kitchen, Caitlin had undone another button. Her stiff little nipples were now clearly visible as she twisted her body from the waist and lingered in that pose long enough to give Frank a clear view. Frank told her he could stop by later to get a quick look at the site but that he would be tied up with other things until the middle of the next week.

The little cunt was flipping that natural red hair and crossing and uncrossing her legs. There were beads of sweat on her forehead. There was a tiny but growing moist spot between her panties...that was for sure. Frank covertly loosened the tie on his terry robe, allowing a large expanse of his broad chest to be exposed. The robe had fallen away from his thighs and the edge was now barely an inch from his growing cock.

She stood up, bent over from the waist and picked up her tea cup to carry it to the kitchen. She wiggled that full firm butt in obvious invitation. When she returned, the big tits and their erect nipples were quite clearly revealed. Frank had adjusted his robe so that the bulging head of his prick was just visible through the gap. Caitlin sat right next to him, her face now clearly flushed. Frank pulled the edges of the robe apart, clearly displaying his equipment which was now standing up at its typically erect forty-five degree angle. Caitlin put a freckled hand on Frank's tanned thigh and whimpered.

"Go ahead, Caitlin...touch won't bite."

Caitlin did so with two hands, marveling had how hard and big this man's cock much bigger...

"Do you like sucking cock, Caitlin? Do you enjoy a big smooth dick in that pretty little pouting mouth? Do you want me to cum in your mouth?"

Wordlessly, Caitlin leaned over and engulfed Frank's fat prick in her hot little mouth. She was indeed an accomplished little dick sucker. Reaching under her, Frank quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, pulling them down to her ankles; she kicked them off without missing a stroke. Using one hand to caress the cleavage between her big tits, Frank quickly worked the other hand into the fleshy fold of her plump ass cheeks.

Wetting a finger quickly with his mouth, he gently massaged her little anal ring with his index finger. Caitlin flinched, but then accepted the digit and, as Frank gently probed her little hole, she moaned and moved her hips. Sooner than he would have liked, Frank filled Caitlin's mouth with cum; she gagged, but recovered, slurping it down like a kitten with a bowl of cream.

Repositioning Caitlin on the sofa, Frank went down on his knees; Caitlin removed her blouse and exposed her magnificent tits in all of their glory. As Frank probed her drenched little cunt with his lips and tongue he grew bolder with his finger, inserting it to the first knuckle, and gently fingered her ass.

"Do you mind if I finger fuck your cute little ass while I eat your pussy?"

Caitlin simply nodded. Frank brought the young woman to three orgasms over a number of minutes. Frank was a great pussy licker because he loved eating pussy almost as much as fucking and this one was particularly sweet with its hint of red down contrasted by the young colleen's pale white skin. By the time Caitlin came the third time, Frank was finger fucking her back door with two fingers to their maximum length and she was exuberantly fucking him back.

Finishing his oral adventure, Frank effortlessly lifted the young red head and carried her to bed, lavishing special attention on her soft young mouth as he continued to stroke her little cunt with his experienced fingers. He explored her delightful young body for almost thirty minutes, finding special spots that excited her that she had not even known existed. As his hardness regained its normal form, he rolled her over and began a serious but tender assault on her little shitter with his tongue. She gasped and squirmed. Gentling fingering her steamy little muff, Frank brought her off again...both had lost track of how many times.

"Caitlin, I'm sensing that you've never had a man's cock in that little back door of yours...but you've thought about it. You're very anally sensitive and I absolutely love to do your butt but if you've never done it before..."

"I haven' husband wants to, but I'm will hurt."

"Well, Caitlin, I have experience in this area; it burns a little at first. It's better if you practice with increasing sized objects before you try a cock. The right lubrication is essential. The fullness can be unpleasant at first but then can become very satisfying. Of course cleanliness is you want me to help you? Don't feel obligated; you have a delightfully little pussy and I love to fuck you there---too."

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