The Retirement Years


Caitlin nodded a little apprehensively and Frank took that as a sign she wanted to be sodomized. Taking her by the hand, he led her to the bathroom.

"Let's get everything squeaky clean," Frank said, warming the disposable oil enema under the running water and then quickly inserting the slim nozzle to its maximum depth.

Caitlin gasped while the warm fluid filled her bowels. She found the fluid invasion oddly arousing; so that's why people get into enemas, she mused.

"Hold it in there as long as you can. The toilet's right over there. If you're bashful, feel free to close the door."

Caitlin felt the overwhelming urge and dashed to the toilet. She started to close the door, but decided against it. He's going to fuck me in the first anal...he put his tongue in there...he isn't going to be grossed out watching me shit.

When Caitlin had completed her evacuation, Frank gently cleaned her delectable little rear with a warm rag, then picked the nubile young beauty up and carried her back to the bedroom.

First he inserted the nozzle of the special anal lube up Caitlin's delightful little rump and squeezed an ample amount inside her. She giggled as the cool viscous fluid invaded her warmth.

Laying Caitlin out on her front side, Frank started out with the smallest anal probe, one barely larger than his own index finger. Working up in progression, Frank soon was actively diddling her outrageously stretched anal muscle with a probe that was easily the size of his own hard cock. By that time, Caitlin was seriously getting into it, fucking back and attempting to pull the probe deep into her ass hole.

Turning the young woman over, he had her pull her legs up so that she too could witness the lewd stretching of her once tight hole. Still working the butt plug in and out of its designated orifice, Frank leaned in and nibbled her turgid little clit. She came almost instantly. Frank removed the probe and marveled at how her gaping hole quivered in anticipation. Propping her full young ass with a foam wedge specifically designed for this particular sexual activity, Frank moved in and slowly inserted his painfully erect organ into her little brown eye. Taking an attractive young woman's ass for the first time...what a rush!

"Caitlin, I could fuck your ass like this for an hour but since this is your first time; you need to tell me when you think you've had enough so that I can cum...okay?"

Caitlin spoke for the first time since they had been on the sofa. "Are you shitting me? From what I've been told no man can last very long inside a girl's butt. I'm a big girl...I can take whatever you've got."

Frank loved a challenge and this virgin ass was excruciatingly hot, smooth and velvety but Caitlin was not the first woman to challenge or question Frank's staying power and stamina; Bonnie had made that same error when they had been dating. He had fucked her little cunt for a very long time, then sensing that she might be getting sore had switched to her ass. Finally Bonnie had cried uncle.

"Enough, you bastard, you've made your point. Cum in my ass, God dammit!" Frank had done so within a matter of seconds.

After ten minutes, Frank read the signs that said that Caitlin's no-longer-virgin little butt had taken about as much cock as it could. Ignoring her stubbornness, he whispered in her ear.

"That's enough for your first time, baby. I'm going to shoot my load in your ass now."

Caitlin's eyes grew wide in wonder as she felt the first splash of Frank's sticky hot fluid bathe her rectum. She could not believe she had avoided this special activity for so long. Her husband would be very happy when he got home to his newly christened anal slut. Oh! This old man is amazing, she thought to herself as he held her in his arms and softly nuzzled her big tits.

Frank went to the bathroom and got a soft cloth and cleaned her tender little hole lovingly, even kissing it one more time. When Frank went back to the bathroom, she heard the sink faucet and assumed that Frank was cleaning her ass funk off his cock. Next time she would do that for him with her mouth. When he returned to the bedroom, Caitlin was amazed to see that the big organ, while no longer standing up proud at a forty-five degree angle like a typical young cock, was still semi-erect and easily two inches longer than her husband's little dick. Her husband's small cock had been the reason the subject of anal sex had ever come up. Fortunately her husband was a damned fine pussy eater because his little dick didn't really fill her little hole since she had given birth to her first child. Frank's cock, she thought to herself...would he be able to do her little cunt before she went home? Hell, yes. Even in its semi-flaccid state, that damned thing would be quite adequate...and if he get rock hard again... oh, my!

As if reading her mind, Frank came over to her, kissed her softly on the lips and probed her still wet little slot with his talented fingers. Without thinking, she began moving her hips in response.

"You want my cock in there too, don't you, little girl? I know you do. You're a very hot little bitch, aren't you, Red? You like a man's cock in all of your precious holes, don't you?"

Frank was talking to her like a little slut...a whore. It turned her on. Of course she was a little whore...she'd just let a man old enough to be her father, whom she had just met, take her anal virginity. She'd sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. And now she was anxiously awaiting the feeling of that fat tool in her underused little cunt.

Frank loved sexual foreplay and diligently spent the next half hour bringing Caitlin to a series of extremely satisfying orgasms with his hands and mouth. Somehow in her orgasmic bliss, she had missed the fact that Frank's cock was again ready for duty.

Before she knew it, Frank had pushed her freckled young thighs up against her ample tits and plunged his big stick in her little cunt. It was absolutely perfect; the old man's cock filled her completely. She was sure he grazed her cervix on more than one occasion. He fucked her with long strokes until she knew she was on the verge of getting numb...and then he came with a howl and a growl. It was the best pussy fuck of her young life. God, his wife was a lucky woman...hell, she was pretty hot too...I wonder if she likes girls? Why would she need them with this fucking dick sitting at home to greet her each day? Frank cuddled her in his arms, his fine cock ensconced between her fleshy butt cheeks as the two lovers drifted off to sleep together for half an hour. When they awoke, Caitlin's curiosity got the best of her.

"So, Frank, now that you've had your way with me---three different ways---are you still going to help me with my deck?"

"Absolutely, Caitlin. I love that kind of stuff...almost as much as I love this kind of stuff."

"How did you know?"

"Know what?"

"That I came over here to get fucked. I heard a couple of the other girls talking about how hot you were at the party."

"Well, first, you were dressed to fuck. You kept unbuttoning your blouse. I could tell you had forgotten your underwear. I saw the wet spot on your crotch. You had beads of sweat on your forehead. You were nervous, crossing and uncrossing your legs and flipping the hair. You gave me several great shots at that astounding ass of yours. And then, of course, I could smell your little cunt and that scent always means 'fuck me'."

"I have never, ever cheated on my husband...before today. Hell, it took me three weeks to get in his pants the first time and I'm sure I was sending all the right signs. You had your tongue in my cunt fifteen minutes after I opened the door. You could smell my cunt? What's that scent say to you right now?"

"It says freshly fucked, damned well fucked and might just want to be fucked again."

"It does, Frank, but it's damned sore. . . and Christ, you're hard again. Would you settle for a nice little mouth fuck?"

Wordlessly, Frank placed his cock at the entrance to her pouty little lips and slowly inserted it to the depths of her throat. There was something so nasty about fucking a woman's mouth, particularly when she wants it in spite of the fact that she can't help gagging, gurgling and drooling. Caitlin's mouth was not as tight as her ass, tighter than her cunt and in all, completely satisfying. After he came and she blew snot and cum from her nostrils, she was an absolute mess. . . but an adorable mess. He gently cleaned her face with his tongue and lips to her complete delight.

"I've always wanted to try that. . . it's so nasty and submissive."

"If that was your first time, I never would have guessed it. You take a cock in your throat like a fucking pro."

"I love the way you talk to me...nasty...dirty...I feel like such a slut. I love it when you treat me like a me a cunt. Tell me, Frank, is your wife a nasty little slut?"

"Absolutely! Nothing personal, but as delightful a little fuck toy as you are, I've never met---or fucked---any woman who gets me off the way Bonnie does."

"Fuck toy...oh, yeah, I like being a fuck toy. You should set up classes for the damned men in this neighborhood. They could use it."

"Well, it appears that I'm beginning to set up classes for a few of the women in the neighborhood. The men wouldn't listen and I really wouldn't feel comfortable trying to teach them. Look, hon, with 99% of the men in the world, you girls call the shots. I'm a bit of an aberration, although as I think back I was obviously once sexually naïve and inexperienced, and more than one helpful and horny older woman showed me the ropes. Babe, I've been fucking for probably thirty years longer than you've been alive. I've learned a little along the way.

"Control is all mental; stamina is about staying healthy. Most of you girls don't realize that your young husbands are just dying for you to become the aggressor. You have to feed it to them in small doses, stroke their egos, but young men---fuck, old men---need pussy---and that's what you have between your legs. They want a lady to be proud of in public, a friend who cares about them and who they enjoy spending time with---but in the bedroom, they really want a slut. If they're not getting blown at home or you're not willing to part your butt cheeks---they'll go find it someplace else. You have the power---use it. End of lesson."

"You should write a book."

"Funny you should say that, I'm doing exactly that. And the more I learn about sexually frustrated young couples in this neighborhood, the more I think I need to get it done. Until we moved here after fifteen years of marriage, I never cheated on her. My first wife was a different story. Now I'm getting more young cunt on a daily basis than these old bones can handle---starting a few weeks ago. I feel guilty, but I'm becoming addicted.

"Look, I'm fifty-eight; Bonnie is forty seven. We fuck constantly---never miss a day. Sometimes on a Sunday it's all day. I have yet to meet a woman in this neighborhood who isn't hot! Nor have I met any men that don't seem reasonably attractive, healthy and athletic. I love fucking! If you were my wife, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off of you. I'd drill your cunt, pussy and ass every day and twice on Sunday. I hate to sound like an old fart but the younger generation confuses me."

"Careers, children, money issues, social activities...they all take time."

"I know that. Bonnie and I are somewhat past that. We're not very social; we don't have money issues. The kids are grown. Caitlin, do me a favor. Make time! Sit down with your husband tonight and tell him you don't think you're fucking enough. Commit to each other's needs. Suck his cock as he's getting ready to fall asleep---but make it clear that you don't want him to do a damned thing but lie there and get a first class blow job. Drag him outside and fuck him on the deck...screw the neighbors, it might help their sex lives to watch. When you want that fine little butt reamed, don't expect him to guess---tell him! I'm sorry, I'm preaching and if I'm too successful at it, I probably won't get to tap your hot little ass again because hubby will be servicing your little butt at home to your satisfaction. Now get that sweet little rump out of here. I need a nap and then I need a nap...and then another nap."

Caitlin dressed, enjoyed one last special kiss and embrace from Frank and trotted off to her SUV. Frank took a nap.

Following his nap, Frank noted that he had an email from the freight company; Buffy's generator would be available for delivery or pickup on Thursday. He contacted the freight carrier and made plans to pick it up the following morning. Frank wrote for most of the rest of the day trying to put the finishing touches on his book but still struggling with a title.

Frank fell asleep early after an energetic play session outside with the pups. He spoke to Bonnie a couple of times that evening on the phone before closing his eyes for good.

Chapter Eight, Amy and Megan, Two Young Lovers.

Thursday morning Frank knew he'd need to keep busy to keep his promise to Buffy; he awoke with a boner and it stayed with him most of the day. He worked out in his home gym; he played with the dogs. He edited another chapter of his book. Around nine in the morning, he left for the half hour ride to the truck depot. On arrival, he inspected the generator and everything appeared to be in order. Unstrapping it from the pallet, he found a helpful fork lift operator to set it in the back of his truck. After tying it down, he headed back to the neighborhood unsure what he would do with the damned thing. He wanted to unload it at Buffy's; he had ramps to slide it down but knew he would not be able to position it over the lag bolts alone. The monster weighed over five hundred pounds.

Opening the gate at Buffy's house, he backed in as close as he could get to the prepared site, wishing he had some strong muscled help. He figured he'd slide it to the edge of the truck bed then slide it down the ramp while easing its decent with a rope from behind. Just as he was about to begin he looked up to see two young women strolling up the driveway. One was a tall and definitely sturdy dirty blond; the second was a more petite bleached blond.

"Need some help?" the smaller of the two women yelled out with a grin.

"You're a sight for sore eyes, ladies!" Frank replied with a smile.

The taller of the two, easily six feet tall, was Megan; the shorter woman, still easily five six or seven was Amy. Introductions were made. Amy and Megan had just moved into a new house across the street from Buffy. They were both very attractive and quite muscular; they were athletes of some sort, Frank assumed. He judged Amy to be the older, probably early thirties and Megan to be in her late twenties. Amy obviously wore the pants in the family. Frank had no doubt that Amy and Megan were a couple and not simply good friends.

Both young women were every bit as strong as they looked; the generator was off the truck and lifted over the lag bolts in short order. As Frank attached the nuts to provide security, the three neighbors chatted. Amy was an attorney; Megan had played college volleyball and softball and was a coach at the state university in town. They had several big projects contemplated for their new home and Frank, of course, offered his assistance, explaining his situation and unofficial role in the community. Amy, who did most of the talking, invited Frank back to their house to get the tour. He accepted.

The girls wanted to finish the basement, add a bigger deck, put in a Koi pond and, now that they had learned about the frequent winter storm power outages, add a backup generator.

The home was tastefully and expensively decorated. Only one of the four bedrooms had neither furniture nor decorating; Frank gave Amy a quizzical look.

"It's going to be a nursery; we want to start a family." Amy said, gripping Megan's hand tightly as the two young women exchanged glances that clearly defined their relationship.

"If it's not too intrusive---who's going to be the Mommy?"

"I am." Megan replied quickly, again smiling lovingly at her partner. "We just need to work out the details...ah. . . you know...a surrogate...a donor."

"I see." Frank replied. "Are you working with a sperm bank or are you thinking of going in a more traditional way?"

"Sperm banks are notoriously unreliable. No, we plan to find a man who has good genes and ask him for his contribution," Amy replied, impressed that Frank showed neither shock nor disapproval at their plans. She also took a new interest in Frank's demeanor and carriage.

"Frank, it's a real delight to meet a man, particularly one of your..."


"Exactly! Anyway, thank you for not being judgmental. Even among men---and women---our age, disapproval of our life style and our plans for a family often results in a certain number of icy stares. In any event, we're going to do it the old fashioned way; Megan is a virgin in that respect and deserves to know how the other half lives. I was decidedly bi until I met Megan and fell in love." Amy paused. "You're very easy to talk to Frank; we've been far more open with you than would be the norm for someone we just met. I hope we can be friends and you'll find time to help us with our numerous projects."

"Which one do you want to begin with? Although your basement meets the modern code for habitation we get a lot of water here and almost everyone battles with at least the threat of minor basement flooding. You might want to wait a year to tackle that and see what happens. The Koi pond---I have one---needs to follow the deck and probably a patio...stone or concrete...stone is readily available around here. Most folks who don't have backup power keep a second fridge, in the garage.

"Even if the power goes out---unless it's for several days---food will stay cold enough in the winter which is the only time we lose power due to the ice storms. A battery backup on the sump pump is a mandate; it's a small project requiring less than a couple of hours and probably two hundred bucks---I'd do that quickly.

"A fireplace insert to provide heat will at least keep the main room comfortable. A small camping generator---three or four hundred bucks--- and extension cords can give you enough electricity for lights, TV and a computer. You can always cook on the grill outside for a day or two---and our power problems seldom last much longer than that. After you cover the emergency issues, I'd recommend tackling the deck."

"Frank, Megan and I are pretty handy with tools and would like to do as much of the work as possible ourselves; we just need some expert guidance. It's not a money issue; we've both got good cash flow. We'd also like to fence the backyard so we can get a dog."

"This is horse country so there are several excellent fence contractors in the area who can get the job done in a couple of days. It's not a project worth doing yourself; they have it down to a science, have special equipment and the labor is a small part of the cost." Frank reached for his wallet.

"Amy, Megan, here's who I recommend; they did my fence and most of the other fences around here. If you call them they'll send someone out today or first thing in the morning. If you decide to use them, they'll drop off the materials Friday or Saturday and probably have a tractor mounted post driver and crew out here to work on Sunday. They'll have it boarded up in less than a day and then come back and paint it after a couple of months. Depending on the style and the number of gates, and assuming cedar not vinyl---which I would recommend---figure on seven to ten dollars a foot for a four foot split rail fence."

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