tagGroup SexThe Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 04

The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 04



Author's note: This chapter does a little literal wandering off the beaten path and then gets back to the fun stuff at the end. Hope you enjoy the journey.


As the week between trips to Sharon's house passed, Max tried not to count the minutes in the days. Back in Atlanta, he'd returned to working at one of the branches of the firm his father founded while Carla went to class and worked part time. They wasted no time in making haste to get back to Sharon's house the next weekend, racking up a couple speeding tickets on the way there. At Sharon's insistence, they took it easy the first night there, before the rest of the guests arrived.

It was mid-morning when the first of the new house guests arrived. Max had hopped out of bed that morning to make sure the pool was cleaned to Sharon's instructions and he was about to head upstairs to check on Carla when the bell rang. He opened the front door and there stood a small bookish woman wearing rectangular glasses and sporting short boyish hair parted to the left side and an elegant looking man who stood several inches taller than Max in a red golf shirt and khakis.

"Hello, you must be Max," the woman said, extending a firm handshake. "I'm yo... Sharon's friend Erica and this is my husband, Peter."

"Thanks for sharing the house with us, Max. Hope you don't mind all of Sharon's friends crashing your week here," Peter added.

"No worries. She loves bringing people together," Max replied. He winced a bit inside as the words came out of his mouth. He didn't want to sound too forward. It wouldn't be easy getting used to the open lifestyle Sharon had told him that her friends enjoy.

"Here they are," Sharon swooped into the entryway on a breeze and was soon directing traffic. She asked Max to take the bag Peter was carrying to the upstairs bedroom next to the one Carla and Max were staying in. Carla produced what looked like a tray of cookies from one of the bags and Sharon perked her eyes up at the sight of it and ushered Erica and Peter toward the back of the house. As Max finished dropping the guests' bags in their room, the door to his own room opened.

"Hello, handsome." Carla was wearing that tennis dress she'd worn the previous weekend and carrying a towel. "Thought I'd take a swim to wake me up. Want to join me?" Max thought Sharon could see to her own guests. He wanted to spend some time with his girlfriend.

Max changed into his trunks quickly and grabbed a towel from the bedroom closet. As he made his way down the back staircase, he glanced out the rear windows and caught a glimpse of Carla's tight athletic back framed between the two pieces of her bathing suit as she waded into the shallow end of the pool. Moments later, he was leaping into the three foot " deep" end to join her. He enjoyed the cool feel of the water as it broke open and covered his legs and abdomen. Carla was swimming laps between the deep and shallow ends of the pool and he reached under her as she swam by, lifting her in mid-stroke.

"Stop!" She shouted while laughing. She squirmed in his arms, wrestling herself free and then splashed down into the water, displaying almost none of the grace he'd observed as she danced in the night air the first eventful evening at Sharon's.

To Max's surprise, she sprung up out of the water and leapt onto him, wrapping her arms and legs around his back and using the leverage to pull him face down into the pool and on top of her. Using the only defensive mechanism he could find, Max tugged at one of the strings on her bikini bottom, unlacing it in one motion. He watched the blue flap covering Carla's bottom and pubic area begin to float away from her body. Carla had to abandon her assault while she addressed her unraveling bathing suit.

Max lifted his upper torso out of the water and, as his eyes flushed out the pool water and adjusted to the air again, he saw a blurry image of two adults approaching. It seemed like Erica and Peter had decided to join them at the pool. Peter raised a hand to his side, a small wave to acknowledge the young couple in the pool.

"Don't mind her, she just loves attention," Max explained.

"I'm just here to give you all as much attention as you want. Is ok if we join you out here?" Erica asked as she pulled off the towel wrapped around her chest and waist and dropped it on the lounge chair next to her. She was wearing a small black bikini bottom but wore no top piece under her towel. Pointy dark nipples poked out of the small shining globes of flesh that distinguished her small breasts from the rest of her chest.

"Uh, no problem," Max said, catching his breath. He tried not to stare as Erica sprayed sunscreen over her breasts and stomach with her right hand and then rubbed the spray in with her left. She turned around and handed the spray can to Peter who dutifully sprayed it along her back and neck and then used his hands to spread the protective moisture across her pale skin.

Peter removed his t-shirt, unsheathing the muscular but soft physique of a middle aged man who kept in shape although not with a religious fanaticism. Erica's husband took his turn being sprayed down with UV protection and then stepped to the side as Erica walked in front of him to the ladder in the corner of the pool and lowered herself in.

Max didn't realize how long he'd been staring at the uninhibited woman he thought looked more like a librarian than an exhibitionist when they'd met in the front entry. He felt Carla's hand grab hold of his jaw and turned his head back to the side to meet her stare. She punched him playfully in the upper abs and he responded by reached his hands up in the air menacingly as she backed away. As Max slowly pursued Carla through the water, he heard the sound of Peter climbing down the ladder and splashing into the water.

"Looking good, old man," Erica said.

"You know, I'm only forty four," Peter replied in a raspy baritone.

"I guess I should trade you in for a couple twenty two year-olds. How old are you, Max?" Max stood straight up in the water and turned slowly toward his interrogator.

"Uh, me? Ah, twenty two."

"See, I'm halfway there," Erica said, never turning her focus from her husband's eyes. The next sound Max heard was the splash of water behind him and then he felt the the grip of Carla's arms wrapping around his neck and her legs wrapping around his chest as she jumped on him from behind.

"You'll have to drag him from my cold dead arms," Carla playfully called out to his solicitor.

"How rude of me. Who is this intimidating minx?" Erica asked as she turned around and leaned her back into Peter's chest. She wrapped her right arm around the back of his neck.

"This is Carla, the love of my life. Carla, this is Erica and Peter," Max said.

"Young love is incredible. I hope you all make the most of it," Peter said.

"Oh, you have no idea," Carla replied. Knowing what they'd already learned about Sharon and her friends, Max thought Peter probably already knew a great deal more than Carla could imagine. He wondered if Peter was thinking about discovering more about Carla right now. A week ago, the thought of his girlfriend getting to know this older man intimately would have disturbed Max to no end but, after what they'd experienced together, Max wondered what it would be like to watch this experienced man work over Carla. He was pretty sure Erica would happily swap, too.

The two couples spent a little while treading water around each other and making small talk. They learned that Peter was a former investment banker and now managed a few funds from his home that was in the area. Erica had children from a former marriage.

"We were young and dumb but part of me is glad we went for it. At the time I thought I was giving up my best years to be a mom and a wife but I think I've realized these are my real prime years. Now they're off to college and I get to enjoy myself," she explained. "Don't get me wrong, I miss having an ass held itself up, but I think I've learned a little more about what to do with what I've got."

"I think you're beautiful," Carla said. "You're like this hot librarian".

"Thank you. Someone taught you some Southern manners. And I can't wait to see what's hiding under that bikini." Max had never seen Carla get shy before. "But that can wait. You are going to play with us later?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," Carla replied. With that, Carla excused herself as she "had been in the sun too much already for her pale skin." Max took it as a cue and followed her exit. Carla headed up to their room to shower but Max peeled off to check on Sharon. She was working at setting out various snack foods for the guests. Max helped himself to a handful of small carrots.

"Save some for the rest of the company," Sharon scolded him. "So. How'd you like meeting Erica and Peter?"

"They're interesting."

"I bet. To be honest with you, they're usually running around naked by now. I guess they didn't want to alienate you off the bat," Sharon explained.

"But they know we're down, right?" Max asked.

"Everyone who comes over for these retreats knows we're all fair game. They go by the same rules I texted you. Clothing optional, stop if anyone says so, and no phones. Now go change. You're dripping on my floor."

Max headed upstairs and changed into a t-shirt that hugged his chest and showed off his arms a little and khaki shorts. Carla was still in the shower when he headed into the hallway that they shared with the room where Erica and Peter were staying. He'd heard their door open and shut a couple minutes earlier, so he was trying to figure out why he could hear a man's voice grunting from what sounded like downstairs.

As Max walked out onto the catwalk that overlooked the first floor, he inhaled sharply at what he saw. Peter was standing on the hardwood floor in the living room with his back to the windows and swimming trunks around his ankles. In front of him, Sharon was kneeling on the floor and going to town on his mammoth erection. Even at this distance, Max could tell he had an impressive piece. Max leaned up against the railing and continued watching the pair.

They couldn't have cared much about privacy if they were doing this in the middle of the house in broad daylight. Sharon had her hands on Peter's hips and her head was bobbing up and down as her mouth pleasured his penis. Max could see her cheeks suck in as she reached the tip each time, giving Peter an extra bit of suction. From the look on Peter's face, Max could tell he was lost in the moment.

Suddenly, someone wrapped an arm around Max's neck from the side. He hadn't even noticed Erica coming out of her room. Her left arm reached up and over the back of his t-shirt as she leaned on the railing with her right hand.

"That's my guy," she told Max with a smirk. Max watched as Erica walked further down the catwalk to the stairs that led to the back of the house. Like the rest of her body, her ass was small but it had just a little bit of fat at the bottom that formed an upside down heart. She was wearing the white collared shirt from when she arrived but it was untucked now and she had rolled the sleeves up to her elbows.

Erica crept down the steps, going unnoticed by Peter whose eyes were focused on Sharon's handy work. As she approached the couple on the floor, she slid in behind Sharon and pulled her hair back, giving her extra room to work with.

"You just couldn't wait for me to start, huh?" Erica asked. Sharon released her mouth from Peter's cock and turned to smile at her friend.

"I missed this handsome cock," Sharon said, as she lifted her right hand to slowly stroke Peter's shaft.

"Well, maybe I should invite Max down here so I have something to do," Erica said, blowing his cover. The three lovers looked up at him.

"I think we need to break him in slowly," Sharon explained. "Next time, my dear." She stood up and kissed Peter lightly on the lips before wiping her mouth off on her wrist. Sharon walked toward the bathroom and Erica reached down to help Peter pull his trunks up over his softening erection.

"I was just getting warmed up," Peter complained.

"You need to save yourself for the rest of the company," Erica told him. Almost on cue, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," Erica called out as she pranced under the catwalk and toward the front door. She swung the door open and a small huddle of people stood on the other side.

"Tara. C.J.!" Erica exclaimed as she hugged a tall modelesque Asian man and the almost equally tall black woman behind him. They moved into the front foyer and out of the way of a second couple, an athletic tall black man and a very pregnant blonde woman. "Oh my goodness, Grace, look at you. You're radiant," Erica said as she reached out to caress her belly. Grace was wearing an otherwise long flowing dress that hugged her bulging belly and, from on top of the stairs, the low cut revealed a good deal of her swollen cleavage to Max.

"Interesting," Max heard Carla say under her breath as she exited the hallway from the bedrooms. "I'm curious to see where this goes."

"Max, Carla, come down and meet everyone," Erica said, waving at them to come down into the foyer.

The sharp dressed Asian man spoke as they descended the last of the steps.

"I'm C.J. and this is my girlfriend, Tara. And these are our friends..."

"Grace and Ken... you all look so lovely. I've missed you," Sharon finished his sentence as she strolled into the foyer from underneath the catwalk. She approached the new arrivals and exchanged hugs and kisses with them all.

"They're sharing already," Max thought to himself, his mind drifting back to the scene in the living room just a few minutes ago.

"I love your voice," Carla said to C.J.

Max had to admit that he was a little intimidated by the other men that had joined them. Peter seemed to have experience and wisdom on his side, not to mention that giant penis. C.J. was a sharp dresser, sporting a tight grey blazer over a checkered shirt and a pair of blue slacks. And Carla was right, he had a golden voice. It was clear Ken spent as much time in the gym as Max. His tight t-shirt stretched over his large pectoral muscles and his arms were like tree trunks extending out from the sleeves.

Max reminded himself this wasn't a competition as he shook hands with the new arrivals. He decided he could at least prove he was well mannered and no slouch physically so he offered to take the bag hanging from Tara's shoulder. He also took hold of the handle of the rolling suitcase C.J. had pulled into the house and offered to lighten Ken's load by taking the bag hanging from his arm.

"Can you put C.J. and Tara in the third bedroom in your hallway and drop Ken's bag by the room on my side?" Sharon asked as Max muscled the three bags up the stairs. He wondered what surprises hid inside the bags as he set them down in front of the requested doors. Carla had already shared more of themselves physically, even emotionally, with Sharon than he'd ever imagined possible and he couldn't imagine what else was in store for them.

When Max returned downstairs, he found the new arrivals seated at stools around the island in the kitchen. Glasses of water sat on coasters on the granite bar top in front of all of the guests and they sipped regularly from them as they chatted.

"We spent the holidays in Costa Rica," Max overheard Tara telling Grace. The two women were turned in toward each other on the far side of the bar but their voices carried into the living room. "That place..." Tara said as she shook her head in disbelief, "They had this pilates instructor who was incredible. She just pushed me to places I didn't were possible. And the beach at night, it's just serene and you can see stars for miles in every direction."

Max spotted Carla seated between C.J. and Ken. They had turned their stools to face her and her back was to Max.

"This place is just incredible. I mean between the session we spent with Mikela and the time with Sharon... I just feel so open, you know," she told the two older men. Max approached Carla from behind and rested his head on her left shoulder and wrapped his arms around her mid-section.

"Is that my boyfriend or is there another strange man joining us?" She asked playfully.

C.J. adjusted slightly to face Max and piped up, "Max, we're all so happy you're here. And you brought us this lovely creature? I think we're going to have an amazing time. I mean I hope we're not too intimidating, we've just heard so many great things about you."

"All true," Max joked.

"The intimidating part or the great things Sharon has said about you?" Ken seemed to ask for clarification.

"Maybe a mix of both," Max retorted.

"Fair enough. We'll see what we can do to loosen you up," Ken told him.

"You leave that to me and the ladies," Erica added from across the bar. Her elbow sat on the countertop, and her chin was propped up in the palm of her hand as she examined the young lovers with her dark brown eyes. "Drink your water Max, we don't want you dropping from exhaustion on us," she said as she pushed a full glass of water in his direction. He looked over to the sink where Sharon appeared to be filling several water bottles from the filtered nozzle.

"Are we all met?" Sharon asked, turning to face the group from her position in front of the sink. "I think it's about time we stopped chatting and started exploring. Why don't the ladies go change for yoga before Mikela arrives. Gentlemen, grab your walking boots."

The group broke away from the bar. Max spotted Tara helping Grace down from her stool.

"Just four more months of this and then I'll be almost an independant person again," Grace commented as she rubbed the bottom of her belly with her right hand.

"Independant with a very dependent new person hanging off your breasts," Sharon clarified from behind.

"I'm sure it'll be wonderful," C.J. said as the group started to meander toward the stairs. Carla, already dressed in athletic gear, stayed seated drinking her water. She extended a hand to Max and gave his hand a squeeze as she looked longingly into his eyes.

"What?" Max asked. Carla hopped down from her seat, and grabbed Max by the mid-section. She stood up on her tiptoes and leaned in to gently kiss him on the lips.

"You're the best. Don't forget it," she told him.

"You too," Max responded.

"I know," she whispered into his ear. Carla extended her hand and grabbed his free hanging scrotum through the material in his shorts. "I just want to make sure you don't get jealous when you see Ken and C.J. spitroasting me later." Max knew he'd moved beyond jealousy in that moment. The thought of watching his girlfriend stuff from both ends by their new friends sent his thoughts swimming.

"Well, then, I guess that settles that." Carla added, feeling the development between his legs.


Max retrieved his running shoes from their bedroom and Peter and Ken were waiting for him when he arrived. The two older men had already grabbed the water bottles from the kitchen and Ken passed one to Max as he exited the house.

"Carla said you two met with Mikela, huh?" Ken asked.

"Yeah, it was interesting. I mean I like the concepts, being mindful of yourself and all the breathing... with some twists. I guess I always thought it was for hippies and... well, not for me. I guess it turns out it was the kind of thing I could have used when I played football," Max explained.

"I knew there had to be an athlete somewhere in there," Peter said. "There's no way you got this old with that frame without some coach beating down your door."

"Thanks, I guess," Max responded.

"Listen, I don't know how many details Sharon gave you," Ken said, changing the subject. "But this isn't just a nature hike. It's our chance to unravel, put the rest of the world out of mind. You don't have to believe you're communing with nature or anything, just try to be mindful, like you said. Focus on where you are, what you're doing, and I think you'll get something out of it. C.J. has been walking this property for years now, and he really finds interesting things everytime he leads these walks."

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