tagGroup SexThe Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 10

The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 10


Max closed the door gently as he left the room. He heard the air conditioning blowing and felt a cool breeze on his naked body as he climbed down the steps to the back of the house. He looked outside and could see naked bodies scattered across the back deck in various postures. He poured a glass of water for himself and chugged it down to quench his dry throat.

When he pushed the door open that led up from the kitchen area to the deck, he heard the hot tub roaring. Sharon was laid back in the tub facing him. Her arms were spread out on the edge of the tub, pressing her thick breasts upward so they floated to the surface, her wide areola and nipples poked out just above the surface. A glass of wine rested on the deck behind her. Her head rested on her right arm with her eyes closed.

Max looked down the stairs into the yard and saw Mikela and Tom tangled on the ground. They were laying on their sides facing the house giving Max a clear view of Mikela's dark curly pubic hair as Tom penetrated her opening. To his left, Tera sat on the edge on the opposite side of the pool, blowing C.J. while she soaked her lower legs in the water.

Max opted to slide into the hot tub. The hot water burned a little on his skin after all of the friction he'd subjected it to over the last couple days. He splashed a little as he entered, drawing Sharon's attention as she opened her eyes.

"Max, come over here," she beckoned with her right hand. He slid over to the seat next to her and she slipped her arm around his neck.

"You have been so brave. Not many men would let their girlfriends fuck a bunch of older guys while they watched."

"To be fair, I wasn't just watching," he corrected.

"I know. It made me so wet to see your cock pressed up against Tom's cock inside Carla's pussy," Sharon told him as she leaned-in close. She seemed a little tipsy and Max wondered all of the activity had hastened whatever wine she'd consumed since he last saw her. Sharon planted her lips on his lips in a wet sloppy kiss and he enthusiastically returned the gesture. In his mind, he saw her, a little younger with a body that was a little more firm, laying topless on the deck chair so many years ago.

He broke away from the kiss and watched as he ran his hand down her left breast. Even if she'd filled out a little since that chance encounter years ago, it had only enhanced the curves of her body. He ran his hand down the curves of her hip and then slid it between her legs and toyed with the triangle of pubic hair. Sharon slid her legs open wider as she pressed her forehead into his shoulder, welcoming his hand with a sigh as it slid across her lower lips.

"Do you want to put your cock inside my pussy, Max?" She whispered.

"Do I ever."

They kissed again and then Sharon moved his fingers away and she climbed up in the tub. She stood there for a moment, water flowing off her big full breasts and down her tan legs. She turned to step out of the hot tub, letting Max watch her round ass cheeks from behind. She grabbed a towel but only held it to one side and extended a finger out to invite Max to follow. He lept out of the tub, trying to keep his composure as he grabbed a condom from the bowel on the top step while he followed her down, leaving a trail of water drops in their wake. Down on the grass, Tom was now on top of Mikela, pounding between her legs while she held her hands against his chest.

Sharon laid the large towel on the ground several yards from Tom and Mikela, who seemed oblivious to their new companions. Sharon sat on her butt on the towel, her knees bent upward and fell open slightly so Max could watch her rub her fingers across her slit. She motioned for him to join her and he ripped the condom wrapper open and stroked his penis to make sure it was ready for its sheath. Max fell slowly into Sharon, burying his head into her breasts.

"I want you to fuck me like you did Mikela," she whispered in his ear as she reached down to guide the head of his penis inside her wet canal. Max slipped easily inside and did his best to obey. He was quickly thrusting with all his might. He could feel her pelvic bone pushing against the base of his penis. Her thick ass had positioned her vagina so it was right at his sweet spot. He pulled back from Sharon so he could watch her breasts tumbling with each push. Sharon grabbed them with her hands and brought one up to her mouth where she licked her nipple seductively before pulling the nipple outward. Sharon lifted her torso up to bring her mouth next to his ear.

"I want you to come in my mouth," she told him.

"I'm so ready," he responded.

Sharon pulled away from Max and stood up on her knees. He stood at full posture and pressed his hips outward as she took hold of his penis with her right hand.

"Come for me," he heard Mikela tell Tom in a loud whisper and looked over to watch the man grunt and shake the way he'd seen him orgasm when he was fucking Carla the previous night.

Max turned his focus back on Sharon. He stared at her lips locked tightly around his shaft. He watched her cheeks draw in as she sucked at the tip of his penis.

"Mmmm. Ahhhh," he heard himself utter in almost a strained voice as he felt a wall of pleasure work its way up his body. Sharon held her mouth still at the tip of his penis and stroked her hand up and down his shaft in hard fast repetitions.

"I want you to come in her mouth so hard that it spills out over her lips and streams down her chin until it falls on her big tits," he suddenly heard Mikela whisper in his left ear. And then he lost it. He felt his kegels pumping and let out a groan that echoed in the trees at the back of the property as he came. Sharon sucked even harder at the tip of his penis and her hand moved even faster. He saw he had fulfilled Mikela's request as Sharon wasn't able to contain all of his milky white seed in her mouth and a stream emerged over her pouty lower lip and rolled down her neck to her breasts.

In a flash, Mikela darted to the blanket. She ran her tongue up Sharon's breast, capturing the cum as it continued to stream out of her mouth. She eventually worked her way up to Sharon's mouth and Max pulled out just in time for Mikela to place her mouth on the head of his penis and suck out the remaining fluid. Sharon turned to Mikela and pulled her hair backward to angle her face upward as she let Max's cum flow out of her lips into Mikela's mouth. Mikela returned the gift, kissing Sharon aggressively as the semen poured out of their mouths and down their necks to their chests. They continued to make out for several moments, sloppily trading his seed back and forth between them.

"Geez, I wish I had waited," Tom said, finally breaking Max from his stare. The women laughed as they reached down to play with the semen on each other's breasts.

"And that's all, folks," Sharon said, standing as she picked up the towel and wiped herself off.

"You sleeping with us tonight?" Mikela asked Max.

"I can just crash on the couch."

"Don't be silly, my bed is huge," Sharon chimed in as she wiped the last of his semen from her chin. "This is yours," she informed Max as she tossed the towel to him. He half dodged the cum soaked fabric as he reached for it with one hand.

The group climbed the steps back up to the deck and Max noticed Tera and C.J. had finished. They were floating on their backs in the pool. The moonlight reflected off the water and seemed to surround their naked bodies as they drifted on the surface.

Sharon had remodeled the master bathroom since Max had last seen it. The shower was now big enough to fit all four of them and outfitted with surround heads that could clean a person off from multiple angles. Max followed the rest of the group into the opening that led into the shower. Sharon pressed some buttons on a wall panel and four of the heads sprang to life, a spout for each of them.

Max stepped into the warm spout of water and couldn't help get a little excited again as Sharon lathered up with her sea sponge. She ran the sponge over the top of her breasts and down her sides and belly before handing it off to Mikela who scrubbed her back. They traded sides and Sharon helped Mikela by scrubbing her back and neck before moving to a new nozzle and rinsing off.

The women stepped out of the shower, it seemed Tom had also been distracted from washing himself by the sight of the women washing each other and as they helped each dry off.

"You trying to go again?" Sharon asked with a smirk as she looked down at Max's growing penis.

"I could," Tom called out over the water.

"Why don't you two jack off for us," Mikela said, playfully pinching at Sharon's nipple.

"Maybe I could just..." Max started but was cut-off by Sharon.

"Come on, Max, I know you can do it."

Max reached down to his erection and started to tug the soft flesh until it became firm in his hand. Tom stepped up next to him and soon they were stroking themselves furiously for the women. Max stared up and down Mikela's dark flesh, taking in the way her breasts started off skinny in her upper chest but then filled out lower on her chest just next to her breast bone. He glanced down lower and looked at how her belly protruded just a little around her belly button and her waist branched out into soft muffin tops on her hips. For some reason, he thought she had the best pubic hair in the house and her bare labia lips sealed the deal. Her outer labia were thick, covering the folds housed underneath it like two curtains.

He swung his eyes horizontally to Sharon's thighs, which were a great deal thicker than Mikela but the skin was firm. He looked up her inner thighs. Her pubic hair was still dripping wet from the shower. He thought of how good it would feel to pump his hot cum inside her vagina..

He continued to furiously pound away at the wet flesh in his hand. He could feel his veins in his shaft throbbing as he stroked. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Tom squirt a shot of semen onto the glass wall of the shower before bending at the knees and milking the last of his cum into the drain. Max knew he was close and he stared into Mikela's eyes as he finished. He felt like he was erupting with the amount of pulsing going on in his hand but just a small trickle flowed out and onto the floor.

"You guys really are spent," Sharon observed as she took a bath robe off a hook on the wall and gracefully climbed into it before wrapping the towel around her hair. Max brushed his semen down the drain with some help from the flowing water and then rinsed one more last time before signaling to Tom to turn the shower heads off.

After they were all dry, they piled into Sharon's giant circular bed. Max slept on one side, spooning up to Sharon's back while Tom and Mikela drifted off to sleep facing each other and exchanging little giggles about some quiet joke.


"So, what next?" Carla asked Grace the following morning as she and Max waited in the house entryway with the pregnant woman while Ken went to retrieve their car.

"We're gonna go home and get ready for this little one," Grace said. "This was probably our last hurrah for the foreseeable future. I'm glad we got to meet you guys." She hugged Carla.

"Oh, me, too," Carla enthusiastically returned the hug. The two women seemed to have bonded when Grace volunteered to stay with Carla overnight.

Grace and Ken were the first to head out, followed by Peter and Erica. Max and Carla had taken the day off work ahead of time, but they still had a several hour drive ahead of them, so they made their goodbyes and got on the road, but not before Carla snuck back into the guest room closet and stole the robe Sharon had assigned to her.

"We might get back here for another retreat, but I earned this souvenir," she told Max. He laughed at her determination as they drove off, back to civilization and back to the mundane world.

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