tagLesbian SexThe Retrieval... Ch. 02

The Retrieval... Ch. 02


Author's Note: First off, I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who has read, voted, favorited and commented on my stories. It is very much appreciated! In terms of this submission, I had a blast writing and getting to know the characters of Jules and Leah and seeing where their story took me...and from the feedback, I'm glad y'all seemed to enjoy the ride as well. So without further ado, here is Ch.02 - and I'd strongly suggest that you read Ch.01 first if you haven't yet.

This story is a complete work of fiction from my imagination, so if I screwed this up in any way - sorry about that. And of course this story includes sexually explicit material and is intended for adults, so if you are not at least 18 years of age or are offended by sexual material - I'm not really sure why you would be on Lit in the first place, so there's that...for the rest of you, thank you for reading, feel free to give feedback, please remember to vote - and I hope you enjoy!


"What movie?"

"The Princess Bride," Jules replied. "You know, that whole 'as you wish' thing?"

"Mmmm," Leah agreed sleepily. "Me too."

"But, um," Jules continued softly. "You, uh...you know what Wesley meant when he said that, right?"


"Leah?" Jules whispered as she pulled her head back slightly to try and look at the blonde woman's face.

Leah's eyes were closed and she was breathing steadily, asleep.


Jules settled into her pillow and started running her fingers lightly up and down the bare skin of Leah's back. Leah made a small sound in her throat and frowned in her sleep before moving in even closer and nuzzling Jules's breast. Jules liked the way Leah was snuggled up close. This intimate contact felt nice. It was...comforting. No, it was more than that - Jules had to admit that this woman made her feel safe in a way that no one ever had. She was especially thankful for that secure feeling right now because she couldn't help but think about what they had to face in just a few hours.

The afterglow of the amazing sex with Leah continued to rapidly fade away as the minutes ticked by and sleep continued to elude her. As hard as she tried not to let it, the threat of tomorrow kept relentlessly crowding into the redhead's thoughts. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. The rational part of Jules's brain knew that worrying about it wasn't going to make it go away or keep it from happening.

Another heavy sigh escaped her lips. She tried to stop thinking altogether and just be thankful for the fact that she didn't have to face this alone. Jules leaned her head down and kissed the top of Leah's head. It was at this point she came to the conclusion that the problem was that tomorrow wasn't only about going back to DC and dealing with the threat - it also meant facing Leah in the cold light of day and sorting out everything that had happened tonight.

It shouldn't be that big of a deal, should it? Jules felt like they had connected - like really connected...but what did that really mean? Did Leah feel it too? The redheaded Federal Agent tried to imagine the future and what it would be like with Leah. Jules didn't do relationships - or at least she hadn't done one in a really long time. Maybe it had been too long. But shouldn't she at least consider the possibilities? Maybe it could be different this time with Leah...so why was the prospect of that scaring the hell out of her?

Really? The little voice in her head popped up and called her out. You make this amazing connection with the blonde Xena over there and that scares you?

Yes, Jules admitted silently. It scares me.

What exactly is the scary part of this? Is it the great sex? Or the fact that she really seems to like you? Oh, wait, maybe it scares you that she saved your ass and then hung around to protect it and escort you back home. Is that the scary part?

Just shut up, Leah scowled. I don't want to talk about it.

Oh, so now we talk? The little voice shot back. I think the way this usually works is that I tell you how things really are and what you should do and then you tell me to shut up, go into denial and continue to fuck your life up.

Jules slowly eased her arm out from under Leah's head and tried not to wake the blonde as she moved to roll over and face the other way. She had no idea how this whole thing was going to play out. Jules had a strong suspicion that no matter what happened it was not going to be good. Somehow she'd find a way to screw it up. It had never turned out good before, so why should this time be different? Jules stayed awake for a long time, just lying there and staring into the gloom of the darkened room as a few tears rolled down her cheeks.

She didn't remember falling asleep.


Before Leah opened her eyes she smelled strawberries.

She inhaled deeply and knew that it was the shampoo Jules had used on her thick, auburn hair. She could feel some stray hairs tickling her nose. It made her smile. Leah stretched one of her legs out and luxuriated in the cozy warmth of spooning her shorter bedmate. She loved the feel of Jules's rounded ass pressed against her groin and the back of the redhead's leg against her thigh. There was something about the sleepy body heat they were sharing that just felt so damn good against the chill of the room's air conditioning. It made Leah never want to get out of this bed.

Finally Leah allowed herself to totally shift all of her attention to the utterly delicious weight of Jules's large breast. At some point during their sleep-cuddling, Leah had ended up with her arm draped over Jules's waist and bent at the elbow so that her hand was resting on the underside of Jules's near boob. Leah gently moved her hand up a little so that she was fully cupping the large orb of soft, warm flesh. Leah closed her eyes as she gave it a gentle squeeze, trying to let the sensation of exactly how this magnificent tit felt in her hand burn itself into her memory.

Leah had always been a 'breast girl' so to speak, but the redhead's boobs truly fascinated her.

The only time she had ever seen breasts this big and this perfectly shaped was in magazines or some other form of photo-shopped media. She could hardly believe that the almost flawless pair of large, porcelain globes were literally at her fingertips. Leah moved her hand to follow the outside curve of the perfectly rounded breast. The skin felt so smooth under her fingers. They sat high up on Jules's chest and there was surprisingly very little sag considering their size. Contrary to what she suspected most people probably thought upon seeing them hidden behind clothing, Leah now knew first-hand that there wasn't a single fake thing about them. More than just their size and shape, it truly amazed the blonde at just how soft they were, but yet still so firm to the touch.

Leah let her palm drift up and over until she could feel the little nub of Jules's nipple. She thought they were so sexy and cute and along with the redhead's areolas were surprisingly smaller than expected considering the size of Jules's chest. Leah gave the sizable boob in her hand another gentle massage and was rewarded with the feeling of Jules's areola swelling and the redhead's nipple hardening under her touch. Leah adjusted her hand so that the nipple was between her thumb and forefinger.

She softly pulled on it until Jules let out a groan.


Jules had the sensation of floating somewhere in the warm depths of a dark abyss.

She shifted one of her legs and suddenly found herself ascending rapidly towards the surface of consciousness from that deep dive in the sea of slumber. Her approach toward wakefulness started to slow as some part of her brain hit the emergency brake and demanded further sleep. Her breathing evened back out until she started to sink back down, but then she felt some unknown force start to softly slide across her flesh. It felt nice. She gradually became aware that this caressing current seemed to be focusing on her right breast for some reason.

Jules struggled to blink her eyes open and realized that what started out as a fitful night of rest must have ended up as a really deep sleep. From behind her a hand ran smoothly along the outside of her boob. She could feel the strength in that hand. Leah's hand. When Leah moved her palm over to cover Jules's nipple it caused the redhead's breath to catch. Now that's a wake-up call, she thought dreamily and then couldn't do anything but groan at the pleasure Leah's fingers produced when she began gently tugging on Jules's hardening nipple.


The tall blonde wasn't normally this horny first thing in the morning, but what she and Jules had shared last night served to ignite something in her that she hadn't felt in a long time.

Leah started to subtly thrust her hips so that she was gently pushing her groin against Jules's ass as she continued to tenderly massage the redhead's tit. That sexy little groan Jules emitted just turned Leah on that much more, so she used her chin to push the long auburn locks aside and brought her lips to the pale skin of Jules's neckline. She began nuzzling and kissing up and down the warm skin of Jules's neck. It felt so buttery soft against her lips until it immediately pebbled into gooseflesh. That made Leah smile again. She stuck out her tongue and ran it from Jules's earlobe all the way down to the auburn haired beauty's collarbone, savoring the ever so slightly salty taste of her lover's skin.

Leah's kisses against Jules's neck grew longer and wetter as her kneading and stroking of the redhead's breast became firmer. It wasn't enough. Leah's hunger continued to build until she couldn't deny the sense of urgency that was building in her need for the redhead. Leah didn't just want Jules, every fiber of her being was craving to touch and taste the woman in her arms. She started to grind herself harder against Jules's ass.

Jules gasped and arched her back, pressing her large breast even harder into Leah's hand. Jules lifted her arm up and her hand went behind Leah's head, pulling the blonde in closer. Leah managed to snake the arm she was lying on under Jules's body so that she could reach the far boob that was resting against the mattress. With both of her hands now overflowing with glorious tit-flesh, Leah continued to massage and squeeze them. Jules moaned again and then impatiently turned and started to roll over and face Leah, but was intercepted by the taller woman.

Leah moved her body in between the redhead's legs so that she was lying on top of Jules and looked deeply into her eyes.


Jules could feel proof of Leah's excitement on her ass and dripping down the back of her leg.

As soon as Leah's other arm came under her so that the blonde was grasping at and squeezing both of Jules's breasts, the redhead was ready for more. She wanted to feel Leah's lips against her own. She wanted to crush her chest against the woman's smaller breasts so that she could feel those delicious nipples poking into her breasts. She wanted to taste the nectar that was now painted on her backside and most of all, she wanted the chance to visually drink in the absolute perfection of the woman's body that was hidden behind her and giving her such immense pleasure this morning. The redhead's plan of attack to ambush her prey with a sudden change in position was easily thwarted. Almost as soon as she had started to move, Jules found herself flat on her back with Leah on top of her. She found it hard to swallow as she stared up into those sparkling blue eyes.

"Good morning, sunshine," Leah whispered as that familiar half-smile appeared. Leah lowered her head down to plant a kiss in the hollow of Jules's throat.

"Morning," Jules gasped as she shivered.

"Hmmmm," Leah observed. "This position seems familiar to me. You?"

"Uh huh," Jules croaked as Leah kissed her throat again and then gave it a lick.

"Did you sleep well?" Leah murmured as she lightly kissed her way down to the tops of Jules's breasts.

"Mmmhmm," was all Jules could manage.

Ever so softly Leah began to make a trail of tender kisses and little kitten licks across the redhead's chest. She slightly adjusted her long frame as she folded her arms and put her weight on her elbows so she could fill her hands with those breasts. Her path of nibbles, kisses and licks moved to the outside of Jules's right breast, down to the luxuriously soft underside of her boob, up through the woman's deep cleavage and then over to begin repeating this same ritual of worship on the left one. Leah ran her tongue directly across Jules's collarbone to start over again on the right breast, but narrowed her circle so that her mouth came tantalizingly close to the redheads' aching nipple.

"Mmm fuck," Jules groaned as Leah softly blew on the hardened summit of her right tit. "Why do you enjoy teasing me so much?"

Leah grinned and blew on it again. Last night's efforts of teasing these glorious breasts had been nothing but an appetizer.

By the time the blonde was ending her third complete circuit of exploration on Jules's left breast, the redhead was sighing heavily and starting to squirm. As much as she enjoyed teasing Jules, Leah figured she had delayed the gratification long enough although she thought she could have realistically spent hours exploring every inch and curve of the pale flesh. She moved her mouth over and let it hover above Jules's right nipple and then snaked her tongue out to give the nub a firm lick. Jules gasped and arched her back up and Leah rewarded her by drawing the entire tip into her mouth.

The groans and gasps of the redhead were becoming constant as Leah gently suckled her. She would alternate a strong suction with swirls of her tongue and then flutter the tip of her tongue against the very tip of Jules's breast. Jules actually yelped and brought both hands up to grip Leah's hair when the blonde softly bit down and gently tugged on it with her teeth. Leah started rapidly alternating between sucking, flicking with her tongue and pulling on it with her teeth. Jules began tossing her head back and forth as she started to feel the first little sparks of an orgasm building. Unexpectedly, she felt the warmth leave her breast and the cool air of the motel room seemed to zap directly into her aching nipple. She closed her eyes at the pause in pleasure and then moaned even louder when Leah moved her head over to begin working on the redhead's left nipple.

Finally Leah felt it was time to move on to her ultimate destination. She released the nipple from her mouth with a little popping sound and began kissing and licking her way down to the redheads' stomach. She loved the fact that this sent a fresh wave of goosebumps across the porcelain skin like the ripples in a pond. Leah again adjusted her position as she kissed lower until her lips were pressed against the inside of Jules's thigh which was already coated with some of the wetness that was flowing from the woman's sex. Leah inhaled the redhead's musky scent and savored the tangy sweetness of her juice before leaning in to softly kiss the top of the woman's mons.

Jules spread her legs further apart in anticipation and brought her hands to her chest to begin squeezing and kneading her breasts.

Leah gave Jules's pussy another tender kiss and then moved her mouth lower. She extended her tongue and made it flatten against the bottom of Jules's bare outer lips and slowly drew it upwards until it just touched the very tip of Jules's swollen clit that was poking out of its hood. Leah gave Jules's pussy another of these firm licks from just above her cute little rosebud all the way up to the redhead's clit. On her third full bottom-to-top lick, Jules's soft outer lips parted and Leah was rewarded with a stronger taste of the sweet nectar. Leah used her tongue to part the swollen inner lips and began working her tongue into the velvety texture of the redhead's center.

Leah looked up through her eyebrows and grinned to find Jules's had leaned to the side so see around the swell of her breasts and a pair of wide green eyes were watching her intently. The blonde licked her way up to lightly run her tongue in circles around Jules's clit. She swirled and fluttered her tongue much like she had done to the redhead's nipple. Jules was softly moaning as she continued playing with her tits and watching Leah lick her pussy. She pulled and pinched on her nipples as Leah ran her tongue back down to burrow even deeper into Jules's core.

Jules let out a louder moan and began panting rapidly before whispering, "Please, Leah..."

"Please?" Leah paused long enough to ask and then licked Jules's slit again. She paused again. "Please what?"

"Please," Jules moaned as Leah reached up with her hand to put a finger on either side of Jules's clit and gently squeezed. "Please...make me cum."

Leah began making circles around Jules's swollen, throbbing clit with her thumb as she watched the redhead arch her back and play with her breasts. Jules finally opened her eyes and looked pleadingly into Leah's. Leah smiled at her and said, "As you wish."

She put her mouth over Jules's clit and gently took the nub between her lips and swirled her tongue around it. Leah began to hum softly. The redhead moaned her approval of the technique. Leah managed to smile with her mouth full of pussy and did it again. She brought her hands underneath Jules body and cupped a luscious ass cheek in each hand and used them to lift up and leverage the redhead's slick folds even closer to her mouth. Jules was started to grind her hips into Leah's efforts and it was encouraging the blonde to work even harder to bring her auburn haired lover pleasure. She absolutely loved the way she could provoke Jules into writhing and moving under her touch.

Leah withdrew her hands from the redhead's bottom and Jules gasped when Leah brought one of her long fingers up and pushed it into Jules's willing entrance. Leah's finger bent and searched for that elusive bundle of nerves. She felt the spongy surface of what she was looking for and began caressing it with her fingertip. The redhead's legs started shaking. Leah continued humming, sucking, swirling and fluttering her tongue on Jules's clit as she changed tactics and started to pump her finger slowly in and out of the redhead's pussy. The combination sent Jules over the edge.

The redhead's loud moan escalated into a hoarse scream as both of her arms flung out to her sides and she grabbed fistfuls of bedspread and sheets. Jules arched her back and went rigid as her entire body felt like it was being electrified. She bucked her hips and let out another loud gasp as the wave of pleasure grew in size and a second orgasm racked her body, the intense feeling threatening to overload her senses. Leah greedily lapped up the abundance of the woman's release as Jules thrashed about in ecstasy. A few moments later Jules unceremoniously collapsed back onto the bed like a marionette whose strings had been cut.

"Ohhh, stop...stop, stop, stop," Jules pleaded as she ineffectually tried to push Leah's head away from her now overly sensitive pussy.

Leah relented, but not before giving Jules one more wet kiss right in the center of her mound. With a grin that seemed to say she was just as satisfied as Jules, Leah crawled up onto the bed and snaked her arms around the curvy redhead. The blonde's mouth, chin and upper chest glistened with Jules's cum. She beamed at her lover, very proud of the sheer pleasure she had brought Jules. Leah giggled and brought her mouth to Jules's and kissed the redhead deeply so that she could taste for herself.

They couldn't help but smile at each other after breaking the kiss.

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