tagLesbian SexThe Return of Carolyn Lord Ch. 02

The Return of Carolyn Lord Ch. 02


Upon their return to the office, a strangely satisfied Carolyn was left alone to happily settle into her new job. She occupied the anteroom to Mrs. Stevens' much larger office, but, small as it was, it was all hers to organize and decorate as she liked. It was her first office and she resolved to do it and her new employer justice.

She found that Mrs. Stevens had obtained all new furniture, the latest in office equipment, and even some appliances and decorations. Carolyn checked the invoices for everything, and was surprised to find them with the same date Carolyn had returned Mrs. Stevens' call to indicate her interest in the position of the woman's executive secretary.

"This is interesting," Carolyn said. She wasn't even an employee yet, but Mrs. Stevens had placed an order for all of this equipment for her to use anyway. Carolyn was a little surprised at the timing of the order, but decided that the woman must truly value her services, to be putting her company through such trouble expense just for her own secretary.

"Wow! What an employer!" Carolyn thought happily.

Carolyn soon became completely immersed in the process of sorting and organizing the many files, ordering consumable supplies for her desk, reviewing company phone directories, getting her own on-line account for the company's computer network, and all the innumerable other things now required of her, so that she would be able to start functioning as soon as possible.

The company, she discovered in the employee handbook, was extremely computer-oriented, and tried to keep the use of paper down to a minimum. She looked for a moment at the stacks of files and folders she had yet to sort piled in front of the large file cabinet.

"Right," she said.

It seemed to her that everything (forms, messages, notes, memos, conferences) but everything was electronic, with an extensive back-up program to prevent the loss of any data. She found it most impressive, provided of course, that it all worked as advertised.

What she didn't like was that, starting tomorrow, she had to attend four days of mandatory evening classes for computer orientation. "Phooey," she said as she looked through the company's software user's guide. "I could pick this stuff up on my own in no time at all. What a waste!" But, as she was still the new girl in the neighborhood, she decided it would be for the best if she kept everyone happy and just did what was required of her. For now, anyway.

In spite of a busy schedule, Mrs. Stevens would never leave her alone for very long. She would casually drop in on her from time to time, to see how she was getting along. Carolyn still wondered why she had felt so strongly against this kind and considerate woman, when they had first briefly met at her old law firm.

Today Mrs. Stevens seemed to be deliberately going out of her way to help her, which made Carolyn like her all the more. In her isolated life, she was not used to the kindness of strangers.

Once, when she was standing on a chair in her stocking feet, trying to hang a planter from the ceiling, Mrs. Stevens was kind enough to hold her by the hips so that she wouldn't fall. Of course, in the excitement of the installation her boss' hands kept slipping, and more than once moved completely over the tight material covering an embarrassed Carolyn's jutting buttocks. She had her hands full with the planter and there wasn't anything she could do about it anyway without making a scene. Besides, Carolyn knew it was just an accident which could have happened to anyone.

Another time, Carolyn was putting up a status board and her employer came right up behind her, and without even having to be asked, helped her hold the large frame. Carolyn was impressed that she did this selfless act without even minding she had to press her body fully against her secretary's in order to help her.

Carolyn knew that employers like that didn't come along every day.

It was 3:30pm, and Miss Carolyn Lord surveyed her new domain with satisfaction. It had taken her all afternoon, but she finally felt moved in and ready for business.

There was only one thing left to do, find a plug for her new instant coffee maker and mug warmer. She couldn't use her desk outlets for them, because such heavy users of electrical current had a habit of causing all sorts of computer problems when used on the same power strip as a PC. No, they needed an outlet of their own. The trouble was, there didn't seem to be one.

Carolyn carefully inspected the room, trying to think of all the most inconvenient places an electrical outlet might be located. Her gaze finally came to rest on the file cabinet located across the room. It was four wide drawers across and six drawers tall. It was huge.

"Perfect!" she said to herself. "Where else would it be, but behind there?"

Gathering up her appliances, Carolyn took them over to the cabinet. "We must get a table for these," she muttered as she stretched to place everything on top of the cabinet, as close to the wall as possible. She walked around to the side and, sure enough, in the darkness behind the metal cabinet, she could just make out the faint shape of a wall outlet right there in the center.

"Got you," she said to the outlet.

Now, all she had to do was reach it. It was a very narrow space between the wall and the cabinet, but Carolyn was sure she could do it. She went around to the front again and made sure the plugs to her appliances were hanging over the top, where she could get to them from the back. She then took off her suit jacket and hung it carefully on the back of a near-by chair. No point it getting it dirty and loosing even more buttons. Who knew what was behind there? After going around to the side again, she inspected where her plugs were hanging and where she had to go for the outlet one last time.

"This should take about one minute," she thought.

Carolyn took a deep breath, then let it out. She was ready! Carolyn slowly slid her head and shoulders into the confined area behind the cabinet. She found immediately that it was much more narrow then she had at first thought. Her breasts were pressed against the cold metal back of the cabinet. She found she could still move though, and so she continued to slide toward the hanging plugs. She was almost within reach of the plugs when she felt the front of her blouse catch on something. In was far too narrow for her to use her hands to find out what the trouble was.

"Damn," she muttered. "Can't anything go right?"

No matter which way she tried to move, she couldn't free it. Well, she was too close to quit now, so she kept moving towards the plugs, while her blouse grew tighter and tighter. "Why won't those damn buttons open now?" she thought bitterly.

Finally a button popped off, then two more. Her blouse loosened a bit and she was finally able to reach the plugs, but she knew that those buttons were lost forever in the darkness, and she had no spares with her for later repairs.

Carolyn wondered briefly if she should just give up caffeine at this point in her life and get the Hell out of there.

Making sure she had a good grip on the two plugs, she started sliding down towards where she knew the electrical outlet should be located. As she slid slowly down the back of the cabinet, more of her blouse buttons kept popping. Finally, Carolyn could feel her that blouse had been pulled out of her skirt's waistband and was now completely opened. It was still caught on something above her, but with the blouse now almost off her she was just able to reach the floor. Her thin bra was now the only thing between her sensitive breasts and the cold metal of the cabinet.

Thankfully, after some frantic searching Carolyn's left hand finally came into contact with the smooth plastic outlet covering, but it was much, much lower than she had imagined it.

She transferred the plugs carefully from her right hand, which was above her, to her left hand located below her. Now, all she had to do was fit two plugs single- handed into the outlet and she was done.

It was in an awkward place to begin with, near the baseboard, directly behind the wide, heavy cabinet. Carolyn was bent far over at the waist, but couldn't fit the plugs she was holding into the polarized receptacle the correct way. It was just too dark back there for her to see properly. She had been bent over long enough for the blood to start rushing to her head, but still she persevered. She just couldn't make them fit. The easiest thing would have been to simply back out and move the file cabinet, but she would have to empty it first and she wasn't about to do that. She had just spent most of the afternoon filling the damn thing!

So she stayed at it, trying not to get too angry or too dizzy. She was getting ready for another try when she felt a pair of now-familiar hands on her hips. "Oh! Mrs. Stevens? Is that you?" she called.

"Yes, Carolyn. It's me. What on earth are you doing back there?"

"Trying to get these plugs in and not faint at the same time."

A puzzled Carolyn felt Mrs. Stevens press herself fully against her embarrassingly positioned behind and the backs of her legs. The woman had her arms circled around Carolyn's waist, her hands resting on Carolyn's bare stomach.

"I'm trying to see what's going on, dear, but it's too dark. What's that white thing? Is that your blouse?"

"Yes, it's caught on something. Look, I've already found the outlet, Mrs. Stevens. It's these damn plugs, they keep twisting on me."

"Don't worry, I'll hold you."

"Thank you." Carolyn knew she just wanted to help as she felt Mrs. Stevens' comforting hands moving mysteriously about her waist. "However," she thought, "if she really wants to be of assistance, a flashlight right about now would be much more useful."

"Oops! Sorry, honey. Something just snapped," Mrs. Stevens said, surprised that she had so easily unfastened the preoccupied Carolyn's skirt. "Someone has been busy here," she said, thoughtfully remembering the enlarged button-holes.

"What?" Carolyn asked, relieved with finally getting one of the plugs in correctly. "Phew!" she thought. "Hope I have sense enough never to do this again!" With a triumphant "A-ha!" Carolyn at last was able to insert the second plug as her skirt slipped unaided to the floor.

Feeling an unusual draft on her hips, she looked at her feet upside-down and saw a disturbing pile of cloth around there. It took a moment for the dizzy Carolyn to realize just what it was she was looking at.

"Oh, my God!" she cried.

It was her skirt! It had just fallen off! She frantically tried to back out from behind the cabinet and felt her blouse being pulled over her head. Again she tried to find what it was attached to, but in the narrow darkness, she could not. Finally in disgust, she literally fought with the blouse until she was able to pull it over her head and off her arms.

Free at last, Carolyn again started to slide out from behind the cabinet. Her bra strap, however, had caught on an old cable-run mounting on the wall behind her during her struggle to remove the blouse, and she couldn't move an inch.

"Oh, no!" she cried as she now struggled to free her bra strap. "Not again!" She couldn't get her hands behind her to free it, so she simply used her body to pull on the strap as much as possible. The altered strap broke quickly under the constant pressure and Carolyn finally felt free to move.

She had to be careful now, because the only thing holding her bra cups in place over her breasts was the cabinet.

While Carolyn had been busy with blouse and bra, Mrs. Stevens had not been idle. She had been running her hands lightly over the woman's bucking hips and legs. Her actions were adding greatly to the unaware Carolyn's feelings of nervousness.

"I must see these," Mrs. Stevens thought, looking over the handsome yet still protected buttocks. Choosing a time when Carolyn was particularly busy, she pinched the narrow right side of Carolyn's panties together and looped it and a bit of pantyhose over the rough protruding head of a large machine screw, which was located on the back of the cabinet.

"Now let's see what happens," Mrs. Stevens thought expectantly as she enjoyed her handiwork.

So careful was she with her bra, that Carolyn never even noticed that anything was wrong with her panties. The more Carolyn tried to back out, though, the more the panties were pulled higher and higher over the smooth flesh of her hips, and the tighter the material became. Meanwhile, a hole cut into the top portion of her pantyhose by the rough screwhead caused the delicate material to become caught on the protruding screw as well. It began to rip and tear, the runs rapidly spreading across the panty portion of the garment. Soon the top and right leg of Carolyn's pantyhose resembled the web of a deranged spider.

Worse and worse her situation became, as Carolyn continued to struggle frantically to get from behind the cabinet and refasten her skirt. Her pantyhose rapidly disintegrated until all that remained of it was the left leg and the waistband. The rest of her flesh, except for the tiny bit still covered by the ravaged panties, from her waist down was completely exposed to the delighted gaze of her employer.

As she tried harder and harder to leave the narrow space, Carolyn grew increasingly careless about her bra cups. After one particularly violent (yet fruitless) effort on her part, Carolyn was shocked by the feel of cold metal on her sensitive breast flesh and nipples.

But now she had other, more pressing matters to worry about. The taut material of her strained panties had bunched between her buttocks and dug into soft hyper- sensitive flesh of her vulva. Carolyn kept trying to back out, but realized she wasn't going anywhere. Finally she noticed that something behind her was wrong, but by then it was too late.

Somehow she had become caught on something again. Her panties had become terribly uncomfortable for her, so they were what was probably snared. Soon she could feel the rough cloth of Mrs. Stevens tweed business suit on her sensitive buttocks, and knew with a terrible certainty that not only her panties but her pantyhose as well had been affected. Carolyn realized with horror that the ass cheeks of her raised behind were now completely exposed to her new employer and she was helpless to do anything about it!

"Help me, please! My clothes are caught on something. I'm completely stuck!"

"Let me see here," Mrs. Stevens said. She stood back and slowly ran her hands over each delectable, trembling buttock several times, savoring the feel of the firm, healthy flesh.

"Must you do that?" gulped Carolyn.

"Need to find out where you're attached, honey. Now, you just take it easy and let me work."


Mrs. Stevens brought up Carolyn's skirt from the floor. At first, Carolyn hopefully thought that the woman was going to refasten her skirt for her while she looked for whatever she was caught on.

But, that was not what happened at all. Mrs. Stevens brought the skirt up past Carolyn's exposed hips and, after briefly freeing the caught panties, kept on sliding it down her back. She flipped the skirt inside-out and left it draped over the helpless Carolyn's head!

"Hey!" the surprised Carolyn shouted, her voice muffled by the skirt. "Why did you do that?"

"To get it out of the way, of course. Or would you rather have me step all over it and ruin it?"

"Oh. Well, no. I guess not. But, please hurry! The blood's all rushing to my head and I'm feeling very dizzy right now."

Mrs. Stevens was in ecstasy. She now had the delectable Miss Carolyn Lord all to herself to do with as she pleased, and this on the first day! What had happened earlier at the club was nothing compared to this!

She regretted not having access to Carolyn's fantastic breasts, but it was early yet. You never know!

With Carolyn bent over helpless before her, Mrs. Stevens began at the trapped woman's waist. Making sure to lovingly sample every inch of flesh she could reach, she slowly moved her hands over the beautiful body. She kept up a running commentary for Carolyn's benefit, on the success of her through search for what was snagged on the poor woman's clothes.

By the time she reached the woman's feet (still in their pumps), Carolyn was trembling uncontrollably all over her body. She wasn't really sure what was happening in the world outside of the skirt covering her head. Between the blood roaring in her ears and Mrs. Stevens search, Carolyn was in a state of fine frenzy. The fires within her were practically out of control, and she had no idea why. Rational thought was rapidly becoming a thing of the past. All she could thing about were Mrs. Stevens lovely hands moving over her. Could the woman not realize what she was doing to her, in trying to help her?

All Carolyn knew for sure was that is must end soon, or she would surely go mad!

Mrs. Stevens, having a very good idea of Carolyn's emotional state, knelt behind her legs and began to carefully tease Carolyn's wonderful cunt, so poorly protected by the already soaked material of the caught panties.

Carolyn started gasping for breath. It was all becoming too much for her. The blood was roaring ever loader in her head and she knew she was close to passing out. The tingling between her trembling thighs was driving her mad. Something had to stop soon, it just had too!

Finally, her body had been teased enough. "Aaah!" Carolyn screamed briefly when she climaxed, before blessed unconscious overtook her. When her knees buckled, she hung for a moment by her tortured panties. With a quick "rip" the light material gave way under the strain and the unconscious Carolyn fell naked to the carpeted floor behind the cabinet, her torn panties and remaining bits of pantyhose hanging uselessly on the screw.

Carolyn's eyes flickered open. Disoriented by her ordeal, only slowly did she became aware of her surroundings. She looked around and eventually realized that she was laying naked and alone on the leather couch in Mrs. Stevens office. Of her clothes there was not a sign.

"Oh, no. Not again!"

She got up and began looking around the office for her things. She found what was left of her clothes in a folded pile on the chair behind the desk. After giving the closed door of the office a fast glance, she quickly put on her skirt. Next came the buttonless blouse, which she tucked into her skirt. She padded barefoot into her own office carrying her ripped bra and got five safety pins from her desk. She used one to repair her broken bra strap and the rest of the pins to close the more critical buttons of her blouse.

Carolyn had already put on her bra was just finishing closing her blouse when Mrs. Stevens swept into the room holding a measuring tape.

"You're up! How do you feel?"

"Uh, much better, thank you," Carolyn said sheepishly, not sure how much Mrs. Stevens really knew about what happened to her.

"Okay, let's get you measured."

"Measured for what?" Carolyn said in alarm as Mrs. Stevens came rapidly towards her.

"We need to replace the underwear you lost today, honey. Going to have someone pick it up now, so we can't delay. Can't have you going home like that, now, can we?"

"Thank you," Carolyn said simply, almost over come with emotion. "That's very kind of you."

"Well, you're very special to us here. It's the least we can do. Now, stand still a moment, will you?" Carolyn had to turn so that Mrs. Stevens wouldn't see the tears of gratitude forming in her dark eyes.

"I'm 'very special' here," she thought. "Very special."

Mrs. Stevens began using the tape measure around Carolyn's hips. Carolyn heard her mutter, "Damn skirt!" just before it was once again around her ankles.

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