tagLoving WivesThe Return of the Other Man

The Return of the Other Man


Comments welcome. Please keep your moralizing to yourself. If your wife needs a visit from the other man please contact me.


I often ignore the land line phone in the early evenings as it is usually a salesperson. For some reason I grabbed the phone and heard a familiar voice on the other end. "Hi, it's Sharon."

I hadn't heard her voice in nearly two years and it took me a few seconds to realize who was calling. My mind quickly flashed back to pleasant memories of Sharon. Of all the woman I had ever been with, having Sharon's beautiful body while her husband watched is the hottest sex I had ever had. Her hot body, naive innocence, and unconditional willingness to please made her unforgettable.

"Can I help you?" "How are you and Joel?" I asked.

"I need a favor." Sharon responded in her coy enticing voice.

"I assumed that Joel had either gotten over his fascination with seeing you have sex with other men or recruited some local help?" I responded.

"No, it's not that. I want you to help a friend." Sharon said.

"A friend? Why do you want me to help your friend?" I inquired.

For the next 30 minutes Sharon detailed how a colleague of hers had caught her husband half drunk and cheating with a woman from his office and how she had kicked him out. The woman, Ellen, was torn between filing for divorce or accepting his pleas for forgiveness. She couldn't just let it go and was afraid that if she just reconciled it would happen again. Sharon had nonchalantly suggested she get even with him as a warning that if it ever happened again she would be gone. That's where my name had come up. Sharon said she knew the perfect guy, attractive, from out of town, safe, and good in bed. She told Ellen she would see if I was interested in being her revenge fling.

I told Sharon I wasn't interested in being caught doing the nasty with Ellen and that they shouldn't have any trouble finding some guy locally who wanted to accept that job. Sharon assured me I was the perfect person and that it would be well worth my trip to Atlanta. I reiterated my insistence that I would not be willing to be "caught" with a woman cheating on her husband without his concurrence -- it was too dangerous. Sharon countered with a description of Ellen. She was 28, married 4 years, a long-haired dishwater blond with a nice shape. Girl next door look with a warm smile -- an innocent naïve wife who could use some experience and self confidence. "And," Sharon emphasized, "Nice firm 36C boobs and firm heart shaped ass that I know you would love."

As enticing as it sounded, I remained firm on my unwillingness to be caught. Joel picked up the phone and reiterated how attractive Ellen was and encouraged me to visit Atlanta. After some more encouragement I held firm about not being caught and wished them well and headed off to diner.

I couldn't get the image of Sharon out of my mind all evening after hearing her voice. At about 11:00 I got another call from Sharon. She had been talking with Ellen. They wanted to implement their plan no later than the weekend so they could see how Jim, Ellen's husband reacted and see if the marriage was salvageable. They had a new proposal. Sharon would take Photos. Ellen would give them to Jim with a warning that she too could fool around and if his infidelity ever happened again she would be gone.

It was getting intriguing. I next inquired about Ellen's sexual experience. Would she be willing to go through with it when the time came? Does she enjoy sex and want to have some fun or would this just be a long trip for a quickie with a bitter wife?

I made three demands before giving a final answer. I wanted to have them send a picture of Ellen smiling in sexy lingerie so I could inspect the goods, I wanted a commitment to spend 36 hours with Ellen so I could have some fun to make up for the long trip, and, third, I wanted an assurance from Sharon and Joel that if Ellen backed out that Sharon would be my date for the weekend.

Sharon said they would get back with me within the day after she talked with Ellen. She seemed unsure as to how Ellen would respond. Before calling it a night I checked out flight options for the following Friday night -- only three days away.

The next day I got a sexted cell phone picture of Ellen. While the tiny photo showed little detail, it was clear that Ellen looked nice. She was in cutoffs with the waist snap undone and unzipped showing part of her panties. She had a top tied below her midriff showing nice cleavage and a firm midriff. A note said it was the most revealing photo she was willing to send through cyberspace but she and Sharon accepted the conditions.

Then a plea, "Please help me with this little favor and I'll do my best to make sure it is worth your time."

I quickly forwarded the picture to email so I could enlarge it and get a better look. The enlarged photo was promising. Ellen's body was very nice. She was in good shape with a nice set of boobs and shapely hips and waist. She was cute and very innocent looking.

I sent a note back telling her she looked delicious and I was looking forward to helping her with her problem and making sure we both very much enjoyed it. I told her I would be in touch with some instructions.

I immediately made flight arrangements and begin making plans. I was to arrive Saturday afternoon and leave Monday morning. I arranged a Saturday morning spa visit for Ellen to a high end spa that was owned by a client of mine. He had instructions to give Ellen a hot new look. I told Sharon to make sure Ellen had a few sexy outfits and some hot lingerie for the weekend.

My mind went into fantasy overdrive as I contemplated what I wanted to do with Ellen. Saturday morning I boarded my flight. I had a suite reserved downtown with a view overlooking the skyline. I had sent both Sharon and Ellen flowers and a gift of lingerie. Ellen was to meet me at the airport and take me to my suite.

She looked very attractive. I hardly recognized her from her picture. Her hair had been lightened and highlighted with a new style. She was in a short white linen skirt that nicely showed off her shapely legs. She had a tight knit top that looked painted on. She greeted me with a pleasant smile and a nervous hello. I gave her a polite hug and we headed for her car for the drive to my hotel. She was to drop me off and return later in the evening with Joel and Sharon for diner and entertainment then to my suite for our "photo session".

We made small talk on the way to the hotel and seemed to get along well. She certainly was attractive and very appreciative of my coming and the gifts and spa visit I had provided. As she drove I enjoyed sizing her up. Definitely a nice figure and very stylish look. I lavished her with complements and told her how much I was looking forward to the weekend.

At the hotel I asked Ellen if she wanted to see my suite in the daylight before heading home to get ready for our date. She agreed and accompanied me to my room. It was very nicely furnished and quite large with a nice view of the skyline. I offered Ellen a drink and apologized for starring at her. I told her she looked very sexy and I was particularly horny having been thinking about this weekend since Sharon had called days earlier. She blushed in embarrassment as she noticed the bulge in my pants. She quickly turned to look out the window and changed the subject.

I moved in closer and stood behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. I ran my hands down the length of Ellen's arms and took Ellen's wrists, holding her hands to her sides. My bulge was now pressed against her ass. I nuzzled her neck and commented on how nice she smelled. She was trembling.

I said, "I'm so horny I'm not much of a patient gentleman and you're so nervous you are trembling. She stuttered and said, "I'm not sure I can go through with this weekend."

I told her everything will be fine then nibbled her ear until I got a giggle. I reached around and ran my hands over the front of her blouse. Slowly I felt her midriff and waist but soon moved my hands toward her breasts. Gently at first then more firmly I felt her boobs. They were substantial and soft but retained the firmness one would expect in a woman her age. Her top and thin bra covered them but did little to disguise the warmth and softness of her flesh. I explored, enjoying their heft then centering on her nipples, softly fondling them and taking pleasure in finding them very sensitive and in an aroused state even though her blouse and bra still covered her. My hardening cock pushed against Ellen's ass.

I maneuvered Ellen toward the back of the sofa and pressed her against it pushing my groin tighter into her bottom as I continued massaging her tits and kissing her neck and ears. She squirmed while she was pinned against the couch, but she didn't try to move away.

She was softly muttering, "Maybe I shouldn't be doing this?"

But there was no conviction in her voice and intermittent gasps and moans revealed the physical pleasure she was getting from my attention to her body.

I turned slightly keeping Ellen tight against the couch but quickly undid my belt and slacks letting them slide to the floor. As Ellen realized what was going on I pulled up the back of her skirt and pressed against her with only my briefs and her panties between us. I whispered in her ear that a quickie would take care of her nervousness and my horniness so we could enjoy the evening. Without waiting for a reaction I slid down my briefs and pulled her panties to the side as I bent her over the back of the couch. She was still trembling and muttering. Her ass was beautifully framed in a thong panty. Her flesh felt warm and smooth as I ran my hands over her ass cheeks and she was hot. She whimpered, "But Sharon's not here with the camera."

As she talked I leaned her further over the back of the couch so her hands could grab the couch arm. I pulled the thong to the side and placed my cock, now seven inches hard, in the slit between her legs and gently probed for the source of her heat and wetness. As she mumbled about needing photos I hit pay dirt. My cock found the warm wet entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed in.

God it felt good. She was tight and hot and wet. I sunk in full depth in a few thrusts until those shapely ass cheeks were pressed tight on my groin. Ellen was done talking and moaned as I thrust into her. I placed my hands on her waist and pulled her tight as I thrust. Her wetness revealed her willingness and excitement. She was still fully dressed but had the cock of a man she had met less than an hour ago now invading her womanhood -- which I later found out had been the exclusive domain of her husband.

In just a few minutes I announced that I was about to unload - the first of many loads I planned to give her before leaving Atlanta. I leaned over and reached around to squeeze those big boobs then I erupted with several streams each unloaded deep in her pussy.

Ellen was moaning continuously as I came. When I finished I withdrew and quickly tucked back in. I gave her ass a love pat and put Ellen's panties and skirt back in place. I stood her up and turned her around to face me. I kissed her flush face tenderly but passionately and told her not to worry we would get plenty of pictures the next time. And now she didn't need to be nervous any longer as the issue of her infidelity was already taken care of.

I smiled at her and asked, "How was it?" She smiled back and said, Sharon was right, you are full of surprises and you do know how to fuck."

I walked Ellen to the elevator and escorted her through the lobby. We hadn't been in the room for than 15 minutes. I told her I needed one little favor. I told her not to tell Sharon about our quickie and tonight when we got back to the room I wanted her to chicken out on having sex so that Sharon would think she had to be with me. Then, when I get Sharon undressed you can tell her we were just joking.

Ellen laughed and said, "You naughty man. I think I'm going to enjoy this."

I commented, "I can't wait to see those boobs and eat that pussy that I just fucked. I'll see all of you this evening."

I waved as Ellen drove off and I headed for the shower.

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