tagBDSMThe Reunion

The Reunion


She picked him up at the airport wearing the white choker he got her like a good little girl. That was their sign—while she wore it, she was his "slave", and would do whatever he asked without argument. She knew it would turn him on terribly to see it, and she hadn't teased him with it in a while. She enjoyed it as much as him. Although she was nervous when she wore her collar thinking he might take it too far, he never really did, and she was never disappointed in the royal screwing she got.

He ran over from the gate and picked her up. "Hi baby, I'm so happy to see you!" was his first reaction. Then he realized what she was wearing around her neck, and he whispered in her ear "What a good girl you are!" She had also dressed a little sluttier than she normally would have. She was always very body conscious and age conscious, but he tried to get her to show off her beautiful body a little more than she was used to. So to pick him up, she found the shortest skirt and the lowest cut blouse that she owned, and paired them with big hoop earrings, lots of eye makeup and bright coral lipstick.

He looked her up and down with a ravenous appetite. "You look good enough to eat my dear" he grinned, and she blushed knowing that he meant that quite literally. They made small talk about the events while he was away while they waited for his baggage coming off the carousel. His erection was getting hard to hide; he couldn't stop thinking that she was wearing her collar out in public. To the casual passer-by, it looked like an avant-garde fashion statement, but it was their little secret what it really meant.

They walked out to her car, and as soon as they had put the baggage inside, he sat in the driver's seat while she sat in the passenger's. They closed the door, and as soon as they were in their own little world, he grabbed her roughly and kissed her full on the lips. His hand tangled itself in her hair as he pulled her head close to him. She gasped for air, and put up a brief little struggle that soon melted into his strong embrace. After several long searching seconds, he pulled away, and he said "Now it's been a while; does my slave remember the rules?"

"Yes master," was her soft reply.

"Good girl. What are they?"

"I should always address you as master, I shouldn't speak unless spoken to, and I should obey your every command, Master."

"Very good. Spread your legs."

She hesitated a moment, surprised by the immediacy of his demand, which prompted him to say "Shall I spank your naked ass in public outside this car, slave?"

"No master!" and she spread her legs as wide as they could go in the confines of the passenger bucket seat. His hand reached down and pulled her skirt up over her waist, and her bare pussy was exposed to whomever might walk by. She hadn't worn panties, which he was expecting. In reality, she had anticipated something embarrassing like this, and so had parked the car away from almost anyone else, but the thought of her baring herself in a public place like this anyway made her heart race. He slowly ran his hand up and down her thighs, avoiding her pussy, which she had been careful to trim neatly for the occasion.

"I see you kept your fur nice and neat for me."

"Yes master, I know you like it."

"That's right, I do." He lowered his head down to her spread legs, and brushed his lips against her fur. She shivered as he used his lips and mouth to brush her pussy fur from side to side, and stroked his mustache up and down her lips. He raised his head up, and looked around the car to make sure they were still alone. They were.

"Spread yourself with your fingers."

"Yes master," as she reached down with both hands, taking one lip in each hand and spreading herself wide.

"You know that I love the honey you make. I want you to finger-fuck yourself until you're wet enough to eat. I haven't eaten your sweet pussy for a week now, and I'm starving!"

She took her right hand and extended her middle finger, placing at her opening. She slowly worked around in circles at her vagina until it slid in. It was less work than she expected—the arousal of meeting him with the collar on had already started to moisten her pussy, and so it was only a couple seconds before she had her finger buried deep into her cunt. He looked on approvingly as she started to slowly and rhythmically slide her finger in and out of herself. She closed her eyes and tilted back her head after she started really getting going, knowing that he was enjoying the performance as much as she was.

"Enough," he said, and grasped her hand softly but firmly. He took her finger out of herself, and placed it into his mouth, making loud pleasurable sucking sounds as he cleaned her finger off.

"That's good for an appetizer, but I want the main course." He looked around again to see who might be watching, and after he determined the coast was clear, he replaced her finger with his, extending his middle finger deep inside her, and using his other fingers on that hand to spread her open. He then slowly but surely drew her clitoris into his mouth, very gently at first, but then sucking her fully into his mouth. He started working her cunt as only he knew how, and she started to involuntarily thrust her hips against his mouth to meet his demanding tongue. He sucked her in and out, moved his lips open and closed, and darted his tongue all over her clit like a drunken butterfly, all the while he was pumping his finger against her G-spot.

After a couple of minutes of this, she was beginning to have trouble holding out, but she didn't want to come in the middle of the airport parking structure. However his insistently sucking mouth, licking tongue, and thrusting finger soon had their reward as she felt her orgasm rising within her, and finally she grabbed his head pulling it against her pussy as she cried out.

After a few moments with her eyes closed and his head softly resting in her lap, she opened her eyes and saw about four cars down an older couple looking in their direction.

"Shit, I think they saw us!" she whispered.

"Did I ask you to speak?" he said as he lifted his mouth off of her.

"No master," she said bashfully.

"That's right. I'll punish you when we get home." He sat up fully, and the older couple definitely were looking in their direction. He raised his finger, so very recently buried in his lover's cunt, and gave them the bird. Then, he started the car and pulled away from the nosey couple.

They drove home, and they reverted back into normal speech, talking about his trip and what she had done while he was away. As they pulled into the driveway he said, "I'm hungry for ice cream. D'ya want some?"

"Sure, why not?" she said.

"You are still wearing that collar, aren't you?"

"Yes master."

"Well, that's now two transgressions that you've earned. Stay right here—I'll be back in a moment." He took his bags inside, and after what was about ten minutes, he returned to the car. In his hand was a bottle of lubricant and some sex balls. They had bought them years ago during their experimental phase, but they hadn't played with them in years. They originally had little nubs all over them, but to make them more comfortable for her, he had clipped the nubs off so that they were relatively smooth.

"Spread again, please."

"Yes master," as she again opened her legs for him. He squeezed a little lubricant in his hand and made sure the balls were nice and slippery. He then pressed one against her opening and slid it in. It had almost no resistance as it squirted into her. Then he did the same with the other ball. He wiped off his hand.

"I'm not really finished, but you can close your legs. Now I want you to raise your shirt."

She wasn't wearing a bra either, and she lifted her shirt up high enough so that her breasts were fully exposed, but low enough so that passersby couldn't really notice her breasts.

He pulled a long chain out of his pocket. It was a pair of nipple clamps that they also had bought a long time ago. She slightly winced when she saw them.

"Now I know that you never found these comfortable, but I've adjusted them. They should be tight enough to stay on your nipples, but not so tight that they are painful. They should be like my hand squeezing your nipples during sex—tight enough to notice and to be enjoyable, and not so hard that you want to avoid it."

"Thank you master."

He adjusted each clamp, rolled each of her nipples in-between his fingers until they were hard, and placed it into the clamp. He was right—they were tight, but much more comfortable than before. She could probably wear them for extended periods without having to beg to have them removed. She adjusted herself to their feel, and he pulled back down her shirt.

"Now you're ready for the public!" he exclaimed. They pulled out of the driveway, and drove just a mile or two up the street to their local ice-cream parlor. He turned off the car in the parking lot, and gave her the ground rules.

"You're to keep your hands locked around my elbow, and not to speak to anyone. You should keep your eyes averted—don't look anyone directly in the face, especially not me. Understand?"

"Yes master." He got out of his side, and went around to her door, perfectly gentlemanly and opened it. She got out, and put her hand into the crook of his elbow as they walked inside the place.

The chain between her nipples swayed slightly when she moved and it made her very aware of it tugging on her breasts. And the balls inside her vagina had small weights inside, which when her hips moved she could feel rolling around inside her. With his restrictions on her behavior, she had to concentrate, but she felt very much aware of her sexuality in a way that she normally wasn't. She felt her body almost involuntarily move in a catlike feminine manner, slightly swaying her hips from side to side in the prototypically female stride. They walked up to the counter, and the teenage kid behind the counter croaked, "what can I get you?"

He spoke for them both when he said "I'll have a medium vanilla cone, and the lady will have a kiddie-size chocolate and vanilla twist." She kept her eyes down as she was told, but she didn't realize that this really accentuated the beautiful makeup job she had done with her eye shadow. Her hard nipples could be seen through the fabric of her top, and although the chain wasn't visible to the uninitiated, you could tell it was there if you knew what to look for. She couldn't see that the teenage boy behind the counter was obviously staring at her, stealing glances while he prepared their order.

The boy handed them each the cones, but he took both of them, and handed hers directly to her instead of allowing the boy to hand it to her.

"And don't you ever stare at my wife again," he loudly hissed to the boy as they turned, the threat not veiled at all. She blushed, and held her cone with one hand and his arm with the other as they walked out.

They quickly ate their cones in the car, and drove home. He again came around to her side and let her out, picked her up in his arms, and carried her inside. From there, it was a short carry up the stairs where he dropped her on the bed. He quickly pulled up her top, and she wasn't too slow in helping him. He pulled off her skirt, and asked her to kneel on the bed. She did so, and he quickly pulled off his pants, and started to press his hard cock against the outside of her lips.

"Master, those balls are still inside!" she cried.

"I know very well slave; I would never harm you! You'll have to be more trusting—now I've got to find yet another way to punish you for talking again!"

She was wet: from both the lubricant he'd used to push in the balls, and her excitement. He slid in easily, but he was very slow—he moved only a millimeter at a time. Her ass rose in the air, eager to get fucked, but he was very slow. She could feel him enter her, and push aside the balls. She felt full—very full—much more than she normally would. His cock slowly went deeper and deeper. A string connected the two balls for easy removal, and she felt his cock initially catch on the string, and then slip off, like plucking a banjo inside her. Once he was fully in her to the hilt, he stopped. She was still wearing her collar, and still wearing the nipple clamps, and she concentrated on all the feelings of her "subjugation," feeling more sexy, risky, lusted after, and feminine than she had in a long time. And she felt really loved.

He held her tight to him, and didn't move for a very long time. Finally, he began to slowly slide in and out, his movement against the balls inside her felt strange but exciting, as if she were being fucked by two men at the same time.

He continued at this pace for some time, slowly thrusting in and out, and kneading her ass and hips at the same time. The gentle pounding made her body swing, and the chain attached to her nipples arced back and forth, exerting its constant pull against her tits. She had already come from his eating her, but he had not, and he was almost bursting at the seams, ready to fill her. But he continued at a slowly building pace, and soon she was right there with him. He could sense that she was close, and he paced himself so that she would hover at the edge for as long as he could hold out before he finally started vigorously thrusting. They both came, shouting out in cries of passion.

He grabbed her tight, and held her as he fell to the bed, and they lay there for what seemed like hours. They fell asleep for a while, and when they awoke simultaneously, they were still attached to each other. She had kept the collar and the nipple clamps on the whole time they had slept, and he hurried to relieve her. He removed her clamps, and she sighed as her nipples enjoyed the release of pressure. Then he slid his finger inside her and fished around for the string. Once he found it, he pulled out the balls, and out with the balls came a rush of come and lubricant as she felt suddenly empty. Finally, he gingerly reached around her neck, and removed the collar.

"Welcome home," she purred.

"Welcome home, indeed!" He wrapped her up in his arms as they spooned and fell asleep for the night.

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