tagErotic CouplingsThe Reunion

The Reunion


They had been separated for about four weeks while she was out of the country visiting her family. He had picked her up from the airport but the brief hug and kiss did reveal any of the raging longing in both of them. As they headed home he drove and they held hands while they chatted happily about her trip.

Finally they reached the apartment and let the door close behind them. In a swift move, he dropped the luggage that he was carrying and pulled her into his arms for a passionate kiss that began to express sweet agony of being parted. Her hands first responded in kind pulling him closer to her, and then reached for his waist, searching for a more primal response. Feeling his hardness, she fumbled for his belt and helped his pants drop to the carpet and then pulled his boxers down to release his raging erection. As her soft hands grasped him, he pulled her back to the sofa and sat down making her release her hold. As she stood in front of him, he gently and deliberately unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down over her hips and all the way to her feet while she kicked off her shoes. He repeated the same with her red panties, which now had a dark wet patch at the starting at tip of the triangle and continuing to the back. He could now smell her arousal and he stopped for a moment to press his face close to her shaven pubic triangle as if to pull her very essence inside him.

With his hands on the back of her thighs, he pulled her down on to his lap and as she clasped her ankles behind his back, he gently pulled her t-shirt off and then removed her bra. She was much less gentle when she pulled his shirt off, too impatient to remove more the two of the top buttons. Now there was nothing between them. Her hand went back to his manhood, gently stroking it all the way from the scrotum that filled her hands, to the base of the penis to its wet tip. His hands roamed all over her while his lips started their own exploration. Her eyes - he looked into them deeply. Then his left went to back of her neck and pulled her closer. While she closed her eyes in anticipation, he kissed each of them. He loved the shape of her nose and kissed the tip oh so gently. His lips then followed the line of her jaw to the spot under her earlobe and pressed his lip to it for what seem the longest time. Letting her head fall back to expose her white neck, he showered kisses all over it. His right hand stayed on her bottom, exploring the region from her tailbone and down.

With her on his lap, he turned bringing her over the sofa and then used his hands to guide her down to it. Reluctantly she let go of his erection and stretched herself in luxurious anticipation. With his knees on the sofa, he opened her legs out and bent over to reach her right breast with his mouth, while his right hand stroked her left breast from the base to the erect nipple. She moaned with pleasure as sucked her breast into his mouth and waited as began with to the other one.

His penis was touched her wet vaginal opening and she reached below to grasp it, hoping to pull it in put out the raging fire. This was not to be - he pulled away from her and moved further down her body, dropping kisses and nibbles in a fiery trail - all the way to the core of her womanhood. She moaned and grabbed the hair on the back of his just as his tongue touched her clitoris. As his tongue worked its way slowly in between the lips of her vagina, her hands pushed down on his head in an attempt to make for the missed penetration by his penis. Nothing would however hurry him as he slowly savored what he had longed for all these days. Her hips vainly thrust up at his face trying to rub herself faster on him. Just when it felt that she could not take it any longer, he started flicking her clitoris in the urgency that she wanted all this while. "It's coming, it's coming!" she whispered in desperate urgency, and then it seemed that a volcano burst - hot liquid poured out in spurts. In what seemed like super human strength she pulled him by his arms, grabbed his penis, poised it over her wet center, then grabbed his bottom and pulled him inside. His mouth latched onto her breast and his right hand went under her bottom while his left hand cradled her. As her wetness poured on to his right hand, he pounded in to her, matching the thrusts she made from below. Just as she started screaming to him to stop, he started ejaculating. After the first burst, she pushed him off and used her right hand to milk him and direct the streams towards her waiting mouth and breast. Finally he collapsed on top of her. In the glow of satisfaction, they wrapped their arms around each other and slept like nothing else in the world mattered.

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