tagAnalThe Reunion Pt. 01b - Kayla & Issac

The Reunion Pt. 01b - Kayla & Issac


Authors Note: This is an idea I've been turning over in my head for a little while but was unsure how to actually go about it. This documents a single night amongst a group of friends. Chapter A outlines some background on the group that Chapters B & C do not. There are portions that are the same between all 3 stories to keep track of the timeline between the three, but depending on which pairing that chapter focuses on, there will be additional details thrown in while also having entirely new segments of the story per each chapter. I hope you enjoy them all, as a second portion will be coming eventually outlining the following day. Thanks for reading!

The Reunion: Part 1b -- Kayla & Issac

Kayla twirled her bleach blonde hair around her finger idly as she stared off into space.

Issac's laugh broke her trance as she realized she'd been staring directly at him as he waved his muscular arms back and forth trying to get her attention. In reality she had been fantasizing about him and felt her face flush with embarrassment. She had always had a thing for black guys, but Issac was on another level when it came to her fantasies.

"Did we lose ya for a minute?" Issac asked.

"Not entirely, but a little bit. I'm getting a little stir crazy just sitting here all day." She confessed.

"Well, Madame Matriarch, you've got the pull, make somethin happen then." Issac coaxed.

"I'm bored, lets do something." Kayla demanded from the group.

"Like what?" Answered Ashley.

"I don't know. Anything." She replied, slumping further down into the sofa to emphasize her boredom.

"We could go out?" Ben suggested, "By the time we all shower, get ready, and all that it'll be like 8-8:30. That's at least a respectable time to go out for a bunch of people over 30 right?"

"There's that new brewery down on 6th annnnd Washington? Somewhere around there. We could try that out. I hear it's pretty good." Chris mentioned.

"I'm game! Everyone go shower and meet back here in a bit?" Kayla polled the group.

There was a murmuring of agreement as people got up from their chairs and started gathering their things to head home for a short while.

"I'm ganna run home, shower and grab clothes but then I'll be back to get dressed and get ready with you guys if that's cool?" Emma asked.

"Sounds good!" Kayla agreed.

"See, and you sat there bored for how long when all you had to do was ask." Issac said, walking by Kayla on his way out the door, his 6' 3" frame towering over her.

"Well what can I say, I didn't know I had that much sway!" Kayla laughed.

"Ha! Since when DON'T you have sway?"

"I dunno...I didn't realize I EVER did."

"Well you always had some sway over me!"

"Yeah, yeah, that was just cuz you wanted in my pants. Every girl had sway over you in high school."

"You probably don't need the 'high school' caveat. That pretty much still holds true." Issac admitted.

"Dear god, you're such a horn dog."

"Look who's talking. I've heard your stories lady, you're no saint!"

"Exactly! Which is why you and I would be a problem together. We'd never get anything done!"

"Except each other...and really, who are we hurting?"

"Fair point. But still, we're not lighting that can of gasoline."

Issac laughed, "Of course we aren't. See ya in a bit!" he said as he closed the door to the apartment behind him and headed down to where Grant was waiting to take him home.

Issac climbed in the passenger seat of Grant's Parent's Ford Focus in the parking lot, pushing the seat back as far as it would go to make room for his long legs.

"So, think you could pick me up again on your way back to their place?" Issac asked.

"Sure man, no problem. What time you think you'll be ready?" Grant responded.

"Oh, it won't take me but like 20 minutes to shower and get dressed, so whenever you're ready to roll just head my way."

"Sounds good."

"Actually, the better question might be when do you think the girls will be ready for us to be back? Cuz we both know they'll still be getting ready when we get there."

"Good point. Don't want to get yelled at for seeing them without their faces on." Grant laughed.

"Wouldn't mind seeing them without some other stuff on though!" Issac joked.

"No shit. When did Emma become drop dead gorgeous? She's fuckin smokin. If I wasn't living halfway across the country I'd totally make a move."

"Emma? Man you can have her, she's beautiful and all, but she's not my type, too much of a goody two shoes. Kayla on the other hand...."

"Kayla? Really? Never would have thought you'd still be interested in her. I know you had a thing for her in high school, but still? She just seems too high maintenance compared to what you've always dated. And aren't black guys supposed to like a little junk in the trunk? Kayla's ass is way too small to have anything called 'junk.'"

Issac laughed, "I think I've hung out with too many of you white guys, it's like our periods have synced up except it's ass preference. And yeah, she seems high maintenance, but, I don't know, if you've ever spent one on one time with her you can kind of see that, yes, she tries really hard, but she's got a relaxed, chill side too."

"Yeah, see I've hung out with her a ton obviously with the whole gang, but I can't say I've spent a ton of time talking to her just one on one. You ganna make a move tonight?" Grant asked as he pulled onto Issac's street.

"Nah, she's made it abundantly clear over the years that she's not interested. She thinks we'd be like fire and gasoline, burn real hot but flame out real quick. It's fun to flirt with her though. Plus she's way out of my league. She's like a hard 9."

"Yeah, with you being a flaccid 3 that really puts you at a disadvantage. And let's be real, you don't have the personality to make up a 6 point gap." Grant mocked.

Issac laughed, "A flaccid 3?! Said the guy with the perm."

"Shhhhh.....we don't talk about those days. They were dark times. Although I must say, I've never had more women stop and look at me than when I had that perm."

"I'm sure, but the key is how many of them threw up in their mouth immediately afterwards?"

"Ehh...40%? Is that too high? That's probably too high right?" Grant laughed as he pulled into Issac's Parent's driveway.

"40% isn't bad at all! Maybe you should bring it back! Ok, I'll see ya in a bit. Later man." Issac said, climbing out of the car.



Ashley trotted down the hall wrapped in a towel to answer the knock on the door. Before she could reach it, the door opened and Emma walked in carrying a small bag of clothes and makeup.

"Oh hey! You need the bathroom?" Ashley asked, readjusting the towel that had slipped a little during her jog down the hall.

"If you have a hand mirror I can use that if you guys are still busy with the bathroom." Emma replied, following Ashley back down the hall.

"I'm done in there. It's all yours unless Ash needs it." Kayla called from her room.

"We all know I don't do makeup. All yours then!" Ashley chimed to Emma.

As they all got ready they shouted back and forth between rooms, catching up on all the things they hadn't had a chance to talk about when the guys were around. Eventually the topic turned to dating and Emma mentioned how the online dating game was plentiful in prospects, but low on results for her thus far.

"I dunno, nobody has really gotten me super excited to see them again. Maybe I'm just comparing them all to our guys too much. All our guys are cute and smart and fun. I can find 2 of the 3 but not all 3. Maybe I'm just being too picky." Emma confessed.

"Then what's stopping you from going after one of the guys?" Ashley asked, peeking her head out of her room.

"What's stopping YOU?" Emma retorted.

"I dunno, I'm a homebody that likes to sleep like a starfish, which isn't really conducive to having company I guess." Ashley laughed, ducking back into her room to keep getting dressed.

Kayla stood in her room lost in a day dream about Issac. She'd refused his advances time and time again, but that wasn't because she had no interest. In fact, she had wanted Issac since they'd met, she just knew if she went for it and failed she'd never have the 'what if' that she clung to. She was also convinced it would never live up to all the hype she'd built in her head over the years. Issac was everything she'd ever fantasized about even before she'd met him; tall, dark, handsome, incredibly smart, funny, and kind of a jerk, but in a way that let you know he didn't really mean it, but it gave him just enough of an edge to push him out of that zone of being so safe it's boring.

She had never confessed any feelings about Issac to anyone, but since they'd all been back together her feelings had only intensified. There was a small break in Ashley and Emma's conversation that provided Kayla an opportunity.

"So...confession time." She called to the other two.

Ashley and Emma both stopped what they were doing and went to Kayla's door, both with looks of excitement on their face.

"Confession? Oh, boy...another one of those famous Kayla stories?" Ashley asked.

"No, more of a...I don't know, just a confession mixed with a plea for advice."

"Oh man! My favorite." Emma said, her smile broadening.

"Do you guys think I'd be crazy to try something with Issac? He's made passes at me since high school and I've always said no, but I really wanted to always say yes, I was just worried it'd ruin everything. He's been driving me crazy all week. Every time he looks at me I just get nervous and jittery and I just.....please help."

"Yes, do it. 100 times over, do it. You guys would be perfect together." Emma said, "I honestly always wondered why you said no. I just assumed you didn't think he was hot or something."

"Ugh, definitely hot, he gets my juices flowing every time he looks at me." Kayla moaned.

"Then go for it! You find him hot, you obviously get along, he's smart, has a great job, what else could you want?" Ashley agreed.

"I don't know, what if I ruin it?" Kayla asked

"And what if you never actually try, you blink, and suddenly you're a spinster with 18 cats when you could have been happy?" Emma replied.

"I hate cats so that's definitely not happening."

"Yup, heard that before, then you turn 45 and baby fever is replaced with the kitten craze and suddenly you're a regular down at the local shelter." Ashley chuckled.

"Tonight then?" Kayla asked.

"If not now, then when? We're all here together and we've only got 2 more days. If you were going to make a move this is as good a time as any!" Ashley said.

"Ok...I'm doing it. But this outfit isn't going to work anymore."

"What? Why? You look cute!" Emma said, looking Kayla up and down.

"I don't want cute anymore. I want...mouthwatering." Kayla said with a smirk as she walked over to her closet and pulled out a strapless, tight fitting, white dress and held it up to herself, "Wadaya think?"

"Yeah....Yeah I think that'd do the trick. But wait, I thought you wanted like...a relationship with him?" Ashley asked.

"I do! But I also really, really want to fuck his brains out. Or him fuck my brains out. Either one works for me." Kayla laughed, pulling the navy blue dress up over her head and tossing it on the bed before starting to undo her black bra.

"Whatever you say!" Emma said, starting to walk back to the bathroom to finish her makeup.

"Wait! Hold on a sec, I still need your input!" Kayla called to Emma, drawing her back to the door.

"For what?"

"Hold on....," Kayla said, rummaging around in her dresser until she found what she was looking for. "A or B?" she asked, laying out two different matching bra and underwear sets on the bed.

"Oh for fuck sake. It won't matter. He's not getting your dress off and then saying no regardless of what you have on. Go with whichever one is more comfortable." Ashley said as she turned and headed back to her room.

"That's not the point!" Kayla called after her, "Mouthwatering! Remember?! Ok Em, wadaya think? A or B?"

Emma surveyed the two sets. One was a pushup bra and set of cheeky underwear, all white, lacy, and sheer in all the places Emma would have wanted hidden. The other was a bra and thong, light blue with white trim, overall simpler in look, but still very sexy.

"As much as I love lace, personally, I'd go with the blue. Those cheeky things always end up becoming thongs on me and then it just rides up and bugs me all night." Emma said, before adding, "And it's sexy as can be." after seeing Kayla's exasperated look for not picking based solely on aesthetic.

"That's better. Ok, blue it is! You're dismissed." Kayla replied, shooing Emma away so she could finish her makeup.

Kayla finished getting dressed, a new churning of nerves developing in her stomach as the reality of what she'd decided to do sunk in. She babbled nervously to the girls about anything she could think of to take her mind off the rest of the night, but no matter what, she still felt the tightness in her stomach.


A little while later they had all showered and changed and were all gathering at the apartment. Kayla made sure to make an entrance when Issac arrived, and much to her enjoyment he had ogled her quite openly.

"Damn, is this place THAT nice?" He had commented, looking Kayla up and down.

"Dress to impress no matter the occasion." Kayla had flippantly commented as if she hadn't put much thought or effort into the outfit while smirking at Emma and Ashley.

They all sat around bantering back and forth, the guys complimenting the girls on how nice they looked as they waited for everyone to arrive. Eventually Ben, the last of them to arrive, joined the group.

"Hey, hey! So are we all getting cars down to the brewery then?" Ben asked.

"Seems like the best option to me." Chris agreed.

"We're going to need 2 cars with all 8 of us. Who wants to order them?" Emma said.

"Nah, I've got a guy that gave me his number last time I was in town and said to call him whenever I needed a ride. He's got a car that seats 6. He'd let us sit 2 people on laps or on the floor if we wanted to all ride together." Grant chimed.

"Ehhh I don't know how safe that would be." Emma rebutted.

"It'll be fine. You can sit on my lap. I won't let ya bash your head in." Ben said smiling at Emma.

"Who's going to prevent everyone else from bashing their heads in?" She asked.

"I don't know, but there's not a lot worth saving there." Ben laughed, gesturing around the room at everyone else.

"Hey! My head works perfectly fine thank you very much." Kayla responded.

"Of course it does beautiful. Don't you worry, I'll protect that pretty little head of yours," Issac mocked Kayla as he stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. Kayla quickly pulled back and playfully chomped her teeth in his direction before falling silent again, lost in the thought of being able to sit on Issac's lap on the way to the bar. She tried to distract herself with other thoughts, realizing if she was actually going to sit on Issac's lap she couldn't be soaking her panties through by fantasizing about him before they'd even left.

Emma sighed, "Ok fine, I guess we aren't going that far."

"Perfect. I'll call him." Grant said as he stepped outside the apartment to make the call.

They all struck up random conversations with the people around them, breaking up into small groups. Kayla had strategically placed herself next to Issac who quickly engaged her as soon as Grant left to call the driver.

"So, you think you can take care of your head on this clearly fraught journey?" He joked

I'd love to take care of YOUR head Kayla thought before replying, "Probably not. I'll need some sort of helmet to make it through the night. Either that or someone to save me from myself." She said, hoping he would offer to be that person.

"I'm sure someone will take good care of you." He laughed, putting his arm around her and hugging her to his side

A couple minutes later, a black SUV pulled up outside the apartment complex. "He's here! Let's go!" Grant called inside.

Grant climbed into the passenger seat greeting the driver, while Adam, Ashley, and Chris climbed into the back bench seat. Issac climbed into one of the bucket seats and patted his lap for Kayla to sit on.

"This is going to be awkward in this dress." Kayla said gesturing to the tight form fitting white dress that ended just above her knee. With the SUV being so much taller than her 5'4" frame, Kayla tried hopping back onto Issac's lap while facing away from the door. Her butt bumped against the side of Issac's thigh, falling woefully short of her goal, and sending her stumbling out away from the car as she tried to regain her balance in her wedge heels.

After a few more failed attempts, Issac laughed, "While this is thoroughly entertaining by itself, everyone else would appreciate it if you'd just climb in."

"A little help would be appreciated!" Kayla said as she tried to hop onto his lap again.

"Fiiiiine, come here." Issac said motioning her over closer to the car.

Kayla backed up to the edge of the car, putting her hands on the door frame, preparing to jump again when Issac grabbed her waist and, with what seemed to be very little effort, hoisted her into the car and onto his lap.

"There. Better?" He said, smiling at her surprised face that was now inches from his.

"Uh, yeah...thanks!" Kayla sputtered, swinging her legs into the car and draping her arm around Issac's shoulders. As Kayla swung her legs into the car, her dress hiked up further on her firm toned legs, revealing most of her tanned thighs.

Issac smiled, and tugged the dress back down, "Damn Kayla, you can't show that much skin when you're sober. You won't have anything left to show when you're drunk."

"Don't act like you don't like it. I'm sitting on you remember, I can feel how much you enjoy it." Kayla teased.

Meanwhile, Ben had climbed into the other bucket seat and offered his hand to Emma, helping her climb onto his own lap.

With everyone finally settled in their seats, they headed towards the brewery.


They all crowded a standing high top table, looking around and taking in the large warehouse turned brewery. The large timber beams and columns along with the acid wash concrete floors gave the space an old rustic vibe that contrasted the large stainless steel brewing equipment nicely.

"This is pretty sweet!" Chris commented.

"Yeah this is actually a lot nicer than I was thinking it'd be." Ashley mentioned.

"Yeah, yeah, it all looks lovely, but the real question is how's the beer. What's everyone want? I'll get first round." Issac offered.

They all perused the large board hanging over the bar listing their beer selections and gave Issac their order.

As she finished her 3rd beer of the night, Kayla realised how intoxicated she suddenly was. She hadn't noticed the tingly numbness washing over her body until the moment she threw back the last gulp from her glass and stumbled back a step. Issac had caught her before she could stumble further, his arm circling around her waist and quickly pulling her back to the table.

"You ok? Might wanna switch to water for the next round." He suggested.

"I'm good." Kayla said, letting out a big drunken sigh ending with a hiccup, "Aww dammit. I hate the hiccups."

"I'll get you a water. Stay right here." Issac said, letting go of her waist, much to Kayla's dismay, and heading towards the bar.

A short while later he returned with a large glass of water that he sat in front of her, his arm naturally returning to her waist to make sure she didn't stumble again.

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