The Reveal


I was pushed roughly through the door into an alley way. A blonde angel pushed me up against a nearby wall and started kissing my neck and rubbing against my body. Her massive double D breasts pushed against me, making my cock stir in my pants. I have had some luck picking up women at bars before but this was incredible. I had only been in the bar for maybe an hour before I met her. Lips collided with mine, and a tongue invaded my mouth. I pushed back hard against her massaging her tongue with mine. Her name was Sabrina, or something like that. She was just a little shorter than I was, maybe 5'4 if I had to guess. Her long golden hair fell down past her shoulders. She was wearing a white dress that showed off her creamy smooth legs nicely. I gave her firm ass a squeeze and it felt amazing. She had the kind of bubble butt that you could lose yourself in.

"My place or yours baby?" I blurted out.

"Why not here? It's kind of exciting isn't it? Right outside knowing anyone could stumble out and see us." She said seductively.

She had a point. I've never had sex in public. The thrill of being seen or caught excited me. Her hands made their way down to my pants.

"mmmhm you are excited, I think you like the idea. Don't you?" She whispered.

She bit my ear a little and kissed my neck as she undid my pants. As soon as she unzipped my pants, my half erect cock flopped out into her hands. It felt a little cool in the breeze but she warmed it in her hand. She teased it slightly with her nails. My hands moved up her thighs and pushed her dress up. She had sexy cheetah print panties. I went to rub her pussy but noticed it didn't feel normal to me. She winked at me and dropped her panties to her ankles. I stood in shock as I gazed at what dangled between her legs. A tiny penis stood where her pussy should have been. My head started to swirl.

"What's wrong baby? Never been with a shemale before?" she asked.

I shook my head speechless. Her hands still playing with my cock to keep it aroused. She kissed me softly on my neck.

"I know you're going to love it. I know exactly how to make you feel good. Your cock still wants to have fun I see." She laughed.

She was right. I had never done this before, but she was sexy. She was a dream head to toe. If she had vagina she would have been a model for Maxim. Her tits were huge and heavenly. Her ass was amazing, and this meant that I'd probably be fucking her there. From behind I wouldn't even notice her cock. I decided I wanted to fuck her.

"Alright get on your knees." I said quietly.

"If I get you off, then you have to get me off. And no hand shit sweetie this isn't junior high. Fair is fair." She said sternly.

I wanted to fuck her. But I did not want a cock in my mouth, or in my ass. Even it was from her. I looked around the alley way. I started to get a little nervous. This girl was stunning. But if someone came out and saw me making out with a chick with a cock, what would they think?

"I've never sucked dick before. I will not put anything in my ass either, so forget it." I said curtly.

"Well I'm not going to cum with you staring at it. How about we make a deal? A contest if you will. I will stroke you until you are fully hard, And you will stroke me until I'm fully hard. Whoever has the bigger cock wins! Loser has to suck the winner off." She giggled.

I had a fair size cock, it wasn't very big but hers looked downright puny. I was only half erect right now but her dick was much smaller. Even if I was fully soft I'd be bigger than her. Part of me wondered if shed make the deal if she thought she could lose. The other part of me was sure I'd come out on top.

"You're on!" I said.

I moved my fingers over her little cock. It twitched in excitement. Her hands worked expertly over mine. My cock hardened quickly in her hands. I continued to tease her member until it grew big enough to fit in my hand. She moaned softly against me as I stroked her to attention. We were both hardening as we masturbated each other in the ally. My cock was harder than ever. Surly she wouldn't be able to match its size. Hers continued to grow in my hands. It was nearly as large as mine.

"It looks like you're at full mast baby." She giggled.

"I'm still bigger though. Are you gonna get on your knees now?" I smiled.

"We'll see. I've got just a little more to go." She whispered.

She smiled as she moved my hand back onto her growing cock. I stroked it more and more, fearing the outcome. My cock stood harder than ever, at maybe 5 inches. But hers was big! Maybe two or even three inches longer, and bigger in girth. Impossible! I thought, at first. Her dick was tiny when she first showed it to me. She smiled at her massive erection in my hands. Then she lifted it up and flopped it on top of mine. Her smooth pale cock completely covered mine. My tip didn't even reach her balls from this distance.

"You have a really cute little cock. It's not as big as mine though. That makes me the winner." She smiled seductively. "Now get on your knees baby, a deal is a deal."

I couldn't believe this was happening. I thought I picked up a girl at a bar to take home, turns out she picked me up to suck her dick. I started to get on my knees, if I had to do this I wanted to do it fast. I really didn't want to be seen with a cock in my mouth. She stood over me and pointed her huge cock right in my face. The tip pressed against my lips and I wasn't sure what to do. I opened my mouth hesitantly and she shoved her cock right in. It forced its way over my tongue and back to my throat. I started to gag and tried to pull back but she held my head in place with her hands.

"Alright cutie, we go at your pace or mine. You have ten seconds to decide." She smiled an evil grin at me.

I started to suck and bob my head on her massive cock. I licked the head up and down and swirled around it. She let out a loud moan. I wanted to hurry up. I didn't want to be found on my knees with a dick in my mouth. So I pumped faster and faster. My throat started to loosen up as her cock kept pushing deeper and deeper. Eventually she started pumping faster and started to face fuck me. She started to get rough with my mouth. I didn't think I could take it any longer it was getting so stretched out. Then she screamed "im cuming!" with that she blew a massive load into my mouth. I swallowed most of it gagging for air as I pulled off her dick. As It popped out of my mouth she let one last shot hit me in the face. I stood there in shock as I had cum in my mouth and on my face dripping onto my shirt.

"That was a lot of fun baby. I bet you want me to play with your little ity bity cock now huh?" she laughed.

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heartwebeso23, Spazmat396 and 24 other people favorited this story! 

by Anonymous

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by Emirus08/14/18

Good pace

I liked the pace of the story. This tale needed to be told bang-bang-bang. But I would have to agree that it was over very quick. As is often the case in real life. 😂. I think it would have beenmore...

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by chapelsknight08/10/18

I gave this story 4* because it seemed really really short. Another person wrote rushed not sure if that is right or not but it does feel that way!

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by TheBlackStallion08/10/18


Brand New Writer, and I have a long way to go. I super Appreciate your Feedback, I am working on a part 2. I will try to even the pacing so it is longer and flows better. I definitely need to work on mymore...

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by trixforeveryone08/09/18

Felt a little rushed at the end.

It was very good, but felt a little rushed at the end. Even the editing feels rushed with "im cuming!".

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by Failedscout08/09/18


This was a great short. I would have enjoyed a longer version of this story but besides the length it was great.

Thank you for writing and posting here.

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