The Revelation


It had been a lousy day at work, twice before lunch I had been in the boss office and we were so overloaded with work. I was tired and since I had some vacation time saved up, I gave up went home for the rest of the day. My fiancee was home and I figured that we would spend some time together alone.

I entered the house and since she wasn't in the living room watching TV I figured that she was in the bedroom laying down and maybe taking a nap. I hoped that maybe she would be naked and I could slip into bed and wake her up with my tongue on her clit. I had only done that a couple times before when she had been asleep, but damn, Lucy loved it when I did it and we both always had a mind blowing orgasm in the end.

Once I got to the bedroom door, though, I heard Lucy's voice saying, "Yeah, I want to fuck that big hard cock of yours."

My hand fell away from the door for the moment and then I heard the unmistakable sound of a vibrator. We often used a vibrator when we have sex, when I get on top and lean back holding her legs in my hands she likes to hold the vibrator on her clit. It sends vibrations through both her clit and the shaft of my cock at the same time.

My mind snapped back as Lucy moaned out, "Oh, yeah, James give me that big hard cock!"

I thought for a second, "Who in the hell is James?" Then I decided I'm going to find out who the hell this James guy is and I'm going to knock him into the next lifetime...fucking my Lucy!

I swung open the door and there was Lucy spread out on the bed naked with a vibrator in her hand working on her clit like she did when we had sex and the phone in her hand. As I was opening the door she spoke again, "Fuck me hard!" Her eyes grew wide in shock as she stared at me in disbelief and put her hand to her lips for me not to say anything. She put her hand over the reciever on her phone and mouthed, "I'll explain in a few minutes." Then started talking dirty to the man on the phone again.

I thought, "Yeah, you're going to explain why you're having phone sex with somebody instead of me? This ought to be good!" The odd thing was as I stood there watching her and listening to her end of the conversation and watching as she picked her vibrator back up and began to run it back and forth over her clit again, I began to get aroused, watching and listening. The more she talked to this stranger on the phone, the harder my cock became. While she was talking, I took off my tie and shirt as she watched me smiling as she watched me strip to the waist. Then I sat down on the end of the bed, she slid down still talking to James and grabbed my cock through my slacks and started to rub it.

That was when she shocked the hell out of me by saying to James, "Oh my God, my fiancee just walked in!"

I jumped back up and turned to look at her, she rose up onto her knees and cocked her head to the side and trapping the phone between her shoulder and her head. She then crooked her finger for me to approach the bed. She smiled at me and spoke into the phone, "Well, I can see that he is hard a rock right now, so I guess he must like what he sees."

As Lucy began to unbuckle my belt she said, "Oh, you naughty boy! You really want to watch on the webcam as I fuck Dale?" With that statement she unzipped my pants and yanked down the front of my underwear and let my cock free. She then stuck her tongue out and slowly licked the head of my cock. "Yeah, it is so hard, it jumps when I lick it." Then she took my hard cock in her mouth and loudly sucked it as she still held the phone and it was obvious that James was enjoying it as he could hear everything that she was doing. "Okay," Lucy said pulling my hard saliva slick cock out of her mouth and gave him her chat name. "I'll get online in a minute for you, James, but you are still going to get charged my usual fee."

She listened a moment longer then hung up the phone and grabbed for her laptop with the built in webcam and started turning it on.

"I think we need to talk for a second," I said.

"What about? You caught me doing what I do for money, either you are upset about it or you aren't. I work my own phone sex line, it is seperate form any other line in the house and I work my own hours when I want to. I figure that this guy James is a real push over and he is one of my regular callers, I figure he is harmless so why not let him watch us," Lucy said taking charge of the situation.

"Um, well, I guess, it's ok," I told her.

"Then get the rest of your clothes off," Lucy said as she pulled up her chat. As she chatted with James for the moment I stripped off the rest of my clothes. She pulled up her webcam and settled back on the bed spreading herself wide for the webcam so whoever was watching could see her shaved pussy for the very first time. She laughed at whatever comment was on the screen. She motioned me over as she was laying on the bed, before she allowed me to mount her she typed something on the computer, I soon found out that she was turning on the microphone for the webcam.

With the webcam postioned like it was to show full penetration that once I got on top of her, it was impossible to see the screen so we couldn't see if James said anything or not. At this point his part of this little game was over and it was now between me and Lucy to put on a show. I really felt like a porn star at that point and Lucy was my porn starlet. Knowing that the webcam was on, was a big turn on and made my cock harder than I had ever imagined it could be. I then slowly worked it into her hot wet pussy, it was so wet from her earlier session with James that once I got the head in the rest of it slid in easily. Loudly she moaned out, "Oh, yeah, Daddy give me that cock!"

I laughed out loud, "Oh, yeah, baby!"

I slid my cock into and out of her pussy faster and faster, then I got up on my knees. I lifted her legs by grasping her thighs tightly and pulling her ass off the bed. I began to speed up my thrusts into her. "Hurt me with that cock, Daddy, hurt me," Lucy moaned out.

"Yeah," I responded slamming my cock into her. I drove as quickly as I could making her moan loudly in pleasure.

It seemed like the harder I fucked her the harder she wanted it. I gave her all I had then I felt my balls tighten up and knew I was about to cum and I pulled out and flipped my body over so that Lucy could climb on top of me. I knew that James was getting one hell of a show as he watched me and Lucy going at it. It wasn't long before she said to me, "Oh, yeah, don't stop, Daddy, don't stop!"

"Cum for me Lucy," I told her as I felt her pussy muscles start to tighten up around my hard cock and I knew she was very close. I looked deeply into her eyes as she cried out, "I'm cumming, Daddy, I'm cumming all over your big hard cock!" At that moment my cock shuddered and I shot a huge load of cum deep into her pussy. I gripped her hips as she kept riding my dick while I kept shooting my cum.

We looked at each other and laughed before we kissed. "I love you," she whispered low enough that James wouldn't hear her.

"I love you, too," I responded before kissing her lips gently.

She then seemed to remember the computer and said, "Let me finish this up." She then got up off me and turned around and began typing on the computer talking to James online. A couple of minutes later she turned around facing me again and said, "I enjoyed that, made me feel like an honest to God porn star!"

"I did too," I responded.

"Let's take this to the Web," Lucy suggested.

After several hours of discussion we decided that if Lucy was making the amount of money she was on the phone then she might be able to triple that on the web, I became her costar and we started our own online business allowing people to watch us having sex. People started paying to watch us fuck online. I was soon able to quit my job as our main source of income was on a website that we set up for Lucy. The only costar that Lucy ever has or ever has wanted besides me is her vibrating silver egg. She performs solo until the last 20 minutes of her one hour show and then I join in and we give the members of the website a full on sex show, that blows away any porn movie I have ever seen.

I figured out where she was making her money at and I thought at first that I might be jealous of it, but then I realized that the guys on the web watching her are only on the web. I'm the one who takes her to bed each and every night. She makes me feel special, we are getting married very soon. If we consummate the marriage online, I will keep you informed.

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