The Reverend's Family


Happily Beth moved down to his cock and slid down it satisfaction. Looking down at her big brother she smiled.

"You just lie back Jon, let us do all the work. To show you how happy we are with your cock and your love," she said as she started to ride down on his massive prick.

Her eyes fluttered as she picked up the pace. Her cunt aching around his incredibly hard cock as her little tits bounced softly. She fucked him harder and harder as her moans became incoherent.

Mary and Ruth watched in anticipation and jealousy as they each craved for some of that massive hardon. Finally Beth bucked and screamed out in pleasure as she creamed all over his rod. Moving (reluctantly) off his cock she moved up to his face as he started to eat out her hot cunt.

Mary moved down now, her hot tight cunt drooling with want. She needed his cock in her cunt bad she was sore. Sighing as she slid down his shaft she started to hum as she rocked on his cock. Beth yelled out in another orgasm as Jon continued to eat her hot little cunt.

Mary bounced with reckless abandon going harder and harder on her brother's shaft. Her tits bounced wildly as she slammed her young cunt down on him over and over again. She could never get enough. She needed his cock daily. She would die without it. She was glad daddy was gone because she hated to fuck behind peoples back.

Bringing herself back to the situation at hand she moaned as she realized she was cumming as her pussy lubed her brother's big shaft. Beth rolled off of her brother's face and lay back trying to regain her strength. Mary happily slid up to her brother's face as Ruth slid down her son's hot rod.

Her cunt was on the verge of cumming as she watched her daughters fuck the hell out of her son's cock. It was so good with or without the viagra. Her jugs bounced as mightily as her daughters had as she immediately began to fuck the hot cock beneath her. Needing all the cock she could get. She was still not caught up after 7 years of being dormant.

Sighing Mary grinded her cunt down into her brother's tongue. He was so good with his tongue. He gripped her massive tits and squeezed them as her hard nipples pointed into his hands.

Ruth felt her own orgasm building and quickly slid off so she could taste his hot cum as he came with her. She could feel it and as much as she wanted it in her cunt her son would be cumming a lot tonight.

Around midnight the four were still going at it. Taking slower now, party for pleasure, and partly because they were in their fifth hour of it. All the women had been fucked to damn near exhaustion as he cock continued its hardness.

Peter returned home thinking the family would be asleep. He was going to stop his family from committing incest and if not he would go to the police. Walking in the front door he walked into the living room only to find his wife and youngest daughter Beth on the floor heaving, Jon's cum was leaking out of every hole they had.

Looking down he saw Mary as she rode her big brother's cock. Her tits swung mightily as he realized the size of his son's cock. He felt his own groin twitch as he looked at Mary fuck her brother and decided he wanted some of that.

Mary saw her father and smiled sweetly.

"Hi daddy! Like the show? Jon's cock is sooo good in my pussy!"

Peter smiled his own erection hurting now. Mary looked down to her crotch and her smiled faded.

She knew immediately what her father wanted.

"I don't think so daddy. Jon's cock is so big I probably wouldn't feel you. Besides why would I want hamburger when I can have steak?" she said sweetly but with venom dripping from her lips.

Ruth and Beth started to laugh as Peter ran from the living room and went to bed.

Part 10

Peter was given a second chance by the church and was hired back. He had fasted after his night of returning home. Disgusted with himself for lusting for his daughter. That little whore.

He no longer thought about the incest that was committed in his house. He blocked it from his mind. To him his daughters were virginal his son was loyal and his wife was faithful.

It got to the point where Jon would openly fuck his mother and sisters as he watched TV or paid the bills. He would fuck Ruth as Peter tried to sleep at night (even though Ruth no longer slept with her husband). Jon even took Mary to church and fucked her in his office as he leafed through some papers.

One day it all boiled over. They had just finished dinner in which he was the only clothed human being. Mary and Beth had stood up and announced to the family that they were pregnant. Ruth jumped up happily and congratulated her daughters saying she had just missed her period and suspected she was as well.

The reverend could not accept this. They had to be stopped. The lot of them. Standing up from the table he strode out and got in the car. He had been drinking heavily and began to speed towards the police department. He would inform the police and his entire family would be caught.

Unfortunately, rage, alcohol and a car do not mix. Peter's vision blurred and he did arrive at the police station albeit he did so by crashing through the wall.

The police officer that had the unfortunate job of informing the family arrived at the worst possible time. Jon was in the middle of plowing his sisters as he mother lay in a cum covered heap. They were celebrating the babies.

As the doorbell rang the entire family stopped. Jon pulled out of Beth's soaking hole and grabbed for some clothes. The women scattered to the house as Jon answered the door. The family was shocked by the reverend's death. While they did not like him they never wished for him to die.

Part 11

3 months later. The insurance policy had kicked in on Reverend Peter Carlton. His family would be financially set for many years to come. They had sold the house and were now living together with Jon.

Jon had attained a full scholarship and he lived with his family in an off-campus house. The plan was for Jon to reach the pros, sign one significant contract that would leave the family well off for generations to come and then retire. Suddenly football wasn't as important to Jon.

Mary and Beth would finish school and then travel with Jon until he retired. They would be home schooled until they gave birth to their children. Jon was thinking of buying an island in the pacific. There he could fuck his women day and night and never be bothered. How he loved having a place to put his cock whenever and wherever he pleased.

The End

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