tagLoving WivesThe Rewards of Leveling

The Rewards of Leveling


If you haven't liked my previous stories, please pass this one by and take your shitty comments with you. For everyone else.......enjoy!


Throughout our marriage, my wife has always been the 'computer geek' in the family. While I have long used computers at work, using them in the home was never a priority for me. That is until I saw their utility in facilitating some erotic fun for the both of us. Since then, I have always tried to remain modestly computer literate.

I enjoy watching my wife flirt, or anything else that is naughty. Online has the unique advantage of being able to remain safe and anonymous. As such it is something that she has been more willing to try. Over the years there have been a number of things she has done. Some she has done for my pleasure i.e. Voyeurweb postings. Others we have both enjoyed.

There is one particular episode that played out over the course of several months. She looks back on it with some sense of regret. Perhaps she feels she was unfaithful. I have always assured her that we was not. It remains the hottest thing she has ever done in cyberspace.

She started playing Everquest in the beginning. For months she ad fun with it. She made new friends, but everyone was known to each other by their aliases. Various groups of people would form up for certain types of play. Oh, this is getting boring fast.

She formed a fast friendship with one of the players named 'Bagram' (not his real name of course). The two of them would chat with each other while playing the game. While it was always anonymous, a bond started to form between them. Conversations about non-game related topics eventually took place.

Bagram eventually hit a certain 'level' within the game that was of some importance. Everyone offered their congratulations. My wife wanted to do 'something special' for him but wasn't exactly sure. I naturally suggested she should send him naughty pics of herself. She immediately dismissed my suggestion. I shrugged my shoulders and let it go.

As we were going to bed that night she decided she wanted to talk about my suggestion. She would not come right out and say she wanted to do it. Rather she expressed a number of concerns about what could happen. I had some of my own.

Was it anonymous? Yes, she had always taken great care to not disclose any information that could trace things back to her.

Would he like a naughty picture? What guy wouldn't like to see naughty pics of a someone they now......even if just in the cyberworld. Even if he were gay, he would probably still have a good laugh!

Would I be angry at her or think she was cheating? No and no.

What kind of picture should she send? That was entirely dependent on what she was comfortable with. I suggested something tame like boobs in a bra.

She decided to sleep on it. The next morning she hadn't decided. By the time I got back from work she had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to do. She had bought some washable markers. I was to draw a congratulatory message on her breasts then take a picture. She had decided against having a bra on for a few reasons. First, it allowed me more space for a message. Second, she wasn't at all 'tested' by the notion of sending out a picture with her in a bra.

While I am hardly artistic, within about a half hour I had managed to pen a message of congratulations to Bagram. In addition to the text, I managed to include several borders around the text such that my wife's tits were completely covered in ink. Even though her tits were bare, she still felt as if she were somewhat covered.

I took the picture. She took it off of the camera, attached it to the email, and then.......sat on it. She wrangled with the same concerns as the night before. After a few minutes she said, "All I am going to do is try to talk myself out of this". She inhaled deeply and clicked send. She showered off the ink, feeling a little foolish as she did so.

Within an hour, she had her response. Bagram had very much enjoyed the picture and agreed that is was easily the best congrats he had ever received. He wondered if he might not get another picture in the future. Within a few minutes a new picture of her tits (sans ink) was on its way. The appreciative affirmation was mere minutes in coming. That night she went to sleep knowing that someone besides me really dug her tits. She seemed uncertain if Bagram was really telling the truth. I promised her that he enjoyed them.

I thought that would be the end of it. Over the next few weeks, their conversations turned towards the type of visual erotica that he enjoyed. She filed it away into her memory but said or did nothing that would intimate that anything would come of it. We would talk about it sometimes before bed. It definitely spiced things up for us. She worried about some type of emotional intimacy forming. That is what women fear most about their man doing isn't it? I made sure that she had maintained anonymity then told her that I was fine with it. For her, I saw it as nothing but a naughty diversion for an hour or so every day.

As luck would have it Bagram's birthday was not too far off. He made sure she knew. You didn't need a PhD to know what he wanted. She told me the things he liked. I was shocked! Not at one he liked, but at her willingness to do it. This was someone that was anguished over the thought of sending of a titty picture. And now......

When I got home form work that night she didn't make mention of her plans. We ate dinner then started to wind down. She had assembled some items and had planned out all of the shots. Part of me was to be included in Bagram's birthday present.

We started with more picture of her tits. She included some that had her cupping, squeezing, pinching her nipples and the like. Next she leaned over and had me take some pictures of her ass. Next she rolled over and we got some pussy pictures, first with her legs together then spread somewhat for the later pics. I thought that Bagram was a lucky guy. He was going to get some pictures that even I didn't have.

I suggested we take what we have and send them off. She hesitated and took the camera from me. Was she having second thoughts? She explained, "this isn't what he REALLY likes". I asked what he wanted. Rather than telling me, she just had me start taking more pictures. These would be 'close-ups'.

The first were of her inserting various toys into her pussy. She didn't need any lubrication for this, since she was plenty worked up by it. Then she got up, went into the bathroom, and came back with some lube. She lubed up one of her narrower toys, put some on her sphincter, then began to ease it into her ass. That was the first time my wife had done anything via third input. I took some pictures and we continued.

Next she rolled back on her stomach and had me fuck her. We got some good ones. She had shaved her pussy too since that is what Bagram liked.

I thought we had finished as I was getting ready to pound her. She stopped me saying, "just two more shots".

She sat up and staring smearing lube on my cock then inserted a dab into her ass with her forefinger. She lifted her legs and grabbed behind her knees and slowly guided me into her ass. When I was in we got our picture. I thought at this point, that I would try driving home and cumming. That would have to wait for another day though. Instead she had me withdraw, jack off on her pussy, and take the final picture.

She showered up afterwards. After we got out she selected her favorites. She was careful to include on of each type. She cropped them, attached all of them to an email, then sent them off without any hesitation at all. Only afterwards did she feel some qualms about some of the 'nastier' stuff.

Bagram was absolutely over the moon about his birthday present. This is where it had to end though. Not just the pictures, but the game also. Both felt funny about playing with each other after that. She stopped playing. He either stopped playing or formed a new alias.

Over the years I have attempted to contact him through the game links. Bagram has disappeared. I have tried searching fro the pictures online. Perhaps he reposted them somewhere. No luck.

At least her tits are still out there on VW.

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