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The Ride


Jennifer stepped through a wooden doorway, leaving behind the bright sunlight of a weekday lunchtime and entering the closed, almost conspiratorial atmosphere of a typical suburban joint. She stood motionless for a moment, disoriented by the sudden change of her surroundings. It was almost like stepping through a secret door into another world.

The thought occurred to her that she was experiencing the opposite of blinking in sudden sunlight. An old cliché sprang to her mind, the wife secretly coming to check up on the husband's lunchtime assignation, concerned he was with some scarlet woman. He'd arranged to meet her here, but her imagined watchers wouldn't know that. Jennifer decided that the quickest way to stop these half-remembered, low-rent plot-lines from hampering her behavior was to simply find her husband; and so she headed forward randomly.

Quickly acclimatizing, Jennifer heard the familiar sound of her husband's laugh and turned to find him watching TV with some other guys at the bar. She mischievously traced her red painted fingernails lightly down the back of his denim shirt, moving to the side so that he immediately caught her face as he turned around. He grinned: exactly his wife's usual style of announcing her presence to him.

"Not often we get to hook up in a bar these days, eh babe?" he muttered to her, looping his arm around her curvy waist and casting a rather obvious look down at her assets. Jennifer was dressed fairly conservatively, given that she had business to attend to; but the weather was hot, and he was rewarded with the first glimpse of her full cleavage in several hours. "Nice. What's for dinner?"

Jennifer laughed, never growing tired of her handsome husband's style of compliments. His shirt was almost as revealing as her tank top, and she slipped a hand onto his chest, humming gently. "You. No, me. Whatever!" They laughed together and Jennifer thought they would retire to a table to order; but Adam surprised her by first telling her the food order was placed, and then immediately leading her over to a group of men by the pool tables.

"Ben, this is my wife Jen," he introduced a little casually, then started to correct himself.

"Jennifer," the light-bearded man corrected without missing a beat. "It's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am, we've been hearing about you." She supposed that her look of mild consternation must have been marked, as three or four of the men chuckled. It was friendly laughter however, and she felt included. "I mean to say, Adam has been telling us about your shared interests... and before you get the wrong idea again..." one of his friends chuckled filthily: "I'm talking about the bike thing."

Jennifer knew something like this had been coming, of course; Ben was too casual to be winding her up. "Oh, yes!" she actually clapped her hands. "I'm getting really into it now, and Adam has been a really great teacher."

Ben was tall and well-built, with a light stubble and a fairly calloused face. Jennifer's instinctive reaction was to back off: something about him felt a little threatening. But his body language and his friendly smile told an entirely different story. He flashed that smile at her husband now. "I always figured he would be, so when he mentioned you were planning to get your own bike, I knew he'd have you up to speed quickly."

Jennifer launched into an enthusiastic history of her interest in motorbikes and engines, referring to her tomboy streak when she was younger, and her first proper encounters with engines. For some reason she wanted these men to see her as an enthusiast in her own right; she supposed because she felt challenged by the situation. She didn't know what this was all about, but she was happy to talk about herself, and she was genuinely enthusiastic on the subject. She concluded her personal history. "And then this year I spent a whole day riding out with Adam and some friends, though we didn't stay overnight."

"Aw, you gotta do an overnight trip, especially in the summer. You can get to some great places from here." Some of Ben's friends chimed in, and she found herself in the middle of a discussion about the best way to spend a summer biking excursion.

It was a few moments later when their food arrived, and the couple withdrew to the service area. "Maybe we can join you sometime! Anyway it was great getting to know you!" Jennifer withdrew, followed by several pairs of eyes.

Once they were seated, Adam confided in his wife. "That was a good thing to say. You remember the bunch of guys I rode out with for that afternoon, back in May?"

"I assumed you were having an affair," Jennifer winked.

"Well I did use that as an excuse. But hey... turns out it was that lot over there, not the blonde heiress I was telling you about."

Jennifer giggled. She knew she could totally trust Adam, and so the idea of some skinny society rat bag turning his head made her chuckle. "Ben and his boys."

"Right. After we've eaten, I'll join them for a game of pool. It's worth a shot... you know we've got that weekend to ourselves coming right up?" Their daughter would be staying with friends, leaving the couple alone. "Well it falls right on that Saturday. They don't seem that keen on having girls along, but I'll try."

"I wish you'd told me, I wouldn't have put so many clothes on this morning! Adam, that is a great idea!" Jennifer beamed over her burger. "That's why I married you... I love a man with initiative."

"Just doin' my best for you, babe."


Jennifer spent the rest of the afternoon trying to concentrate on her work, but always returning in her mind to the thought of a full day out riding with her husband and the guys from the bar. The thought of her being one biker among many somehow made the prospect more exciting, and less daunting. She knew she felt confident enough to take the next step to this kind of ride, and just hoped that Adam would have persuaded Ben to see her interest in such a light.

She wasn't even disturbed when Adam failed to return home, taking his absence as a sign that things had been going well at the bar. She didn't dare to call him, for fear that she would come across as a nagging or dependent wife - just the sort of image she needed to avoid in the eyes of a bunch of testosterone-fuelled guys. By the time Adam finally rolled in toward the end of the evening, she was bursting for news.

"Well?" she quizzed him immediately, a hopeful smile lighting up her face. "Good news for Jen?"

Adam caressed her face a little clumsily before kissing her upturned lips. He had clearly been drinking and Jennifer quickly realized that he had been in the bar the whole time. "You're so hot," he told her, sliding a hand down her figure.

Jennifer giggled. "Come ON!" she urged. "You've got to tell me! Did you manage to..."

"I'm getting to that honey! You shouldn't interrupt your man." Jennifer knew he was playing with her, and decided to play along. She waited for him to continue. "Yeah, you're hot, and those guys back at the bar..." - he gestured with his thumb and stifled a hiccough - "they think so too. So I bargained you into the ride!"

Jennifer bounced excitedly, but had to ask: "What.... deal, Adam?"

Adam let out a dirty belly-laugh at her concern. "Nothing too bad, babe! Don't worry." He steadied himself for the explanation, then held up two fingers to illustrate. "Two things," he told her. "First, they don't have passengers along, so you actually have to ride the bike... up-front... and of course I told them we're sharing, so we'll be doing half a ride each, and that's cool with them. But that's the deal - you do have to drive!"

Jennifer clapped her hands with glee. "Well, that's what I wanted!"

Adam put one finger down. "And second, well, when they take girls along they like them to be.... Oh, hot girls, like you are, yeah? They just like a bit of eye-candy."

"Eye-candy?" Jennifer giggled.

"You know... it's just a matter of giving them..." He glanced down at his wife's ample chest: "Something to look at."

Jennifer giggled again, and ran a hand through her brunette locks. "They really liked me?" She twirled a strand of hair flirtatiously across her face.


"So... I just need to show myself off a bit? And I get to ride with you and the guys?" she winked at him, then traced a hand across her husband's chest. With the alcohol inside him, he was easily distracted.

"Yeah..." Adam grinned, enjoying her tracing her fingers down his body.

"Well honey," she lilted in her sexy southern accent. "I think I can manage that darling. You have done so well!" Jennifer reached the growing bulge in her husband's jeans.

"Yeah? You're happy with that?" he asked.

"Baby, I'll show you just how happy I am!" Jennifer traced her fingers across the outline of Adam's erection and expertly unfastened his belt before sinking to her knees on the kitchen floor. As she tugged his jeans open, she glanced mischievously up at him. "I'll show myself off all right. But you're the one who gets the real perks, baby." She freed him from the jeans before kissing him again from where she was kneeling. Judging from Adam's excitement, this wouldn't take long.


On the morning of the ride, Jennifer woke feeling buoyant. Parting from their daughter, even for a short period, was always difficult; but after the goodbyes and the promises to be good, she began to focus her attention on the excitement of the day ahead.

Jennifer's thoughts drifted back to the conversation with Adam earlier in the week. The idea that she would be driving the bike herself for at least half the distance filled her with girlish enthusiasm. Her husband would just be her passenger, and she'd get to show this bunch of guys that she was as good a rider as any man. "Awesome!" she chuckled to herself melodically, picturing herself as the only biker chick in a group of men, riding with the wind in her hair.

The mental picture turned her thoughts to the other "condition" which Ben had set for her inclusion on the ride. No passenger chicks, he'd said, riders only... and she'd have to be accept her role as the eye candy for the men. Jennifer threw herself onto the bed and stretched out as she contemplated that thought. So Adam would get to show off his sexy wife, and she'd have to put up with being constantly checked out. Some of those men were actually quite handsome, and what girl didn't like being eyed up when she was feeling good? Well, she sighed to herself with an ironic grin, I suppose I can force myself...

Jennifer knew she had over an hour till Adam got back, so she took a luxurious shower and contemplated her clothes while her hair quickly in the day's rising temperature. She hoped that she and Adam would have some privacy at the end of the day, because riding often left her feeling aroused. How could a woman not be affected by the power of a big engine between her thighs? Jennifer settled on a pair of sheer black panties, shiny and sexy yet plenty comfortable for the ride. Nobody would see these until Adam undressed her at the end of the day. She was sure that if they were left alone, she could coax him to use the remainder of his energy up on her!

Being endowed with mouthwatering 38D breasts, Jennifer had a good selection of hold-up bras to choose from; it took her only a moment to choose her most overtly sexy. Black to match her panties, and flattering and revealing; she hooked the straps over her shoulders and checked out her cleavage in the mirror. Her tanned breasts were held up like a ripe offering by the thin, sensual material: she knew right away that this was a winning look for the day. Tracing her hand down the front of her bra she checked for comfort, feeling her fingertip brush her own nipple. A delicious spasm of excitement flowed from her breast, right down her curvy figure. She may be planning to spend the day in a testosterone-filled environment, but she felt all woman today!

Checking her classic lingerie in the mirror, Jennifer was pretty happy with how she looked. Her tanned body was well-defined after all the work she'd been putting in at the gym; yet her tanned skin retained its soft appearance. Curvy in the right places, she grinned to herself. As usual, she frowned at the freckles which smattered her tanned shoulders, upper arms and breasts. Like many women, she saw this as a weakness; no matter how Adam praised their cuteness. She'd never fully understand mens' professed liking for such blemishes, she mused; but seeing that it often turned her husband on to examine them, she concluded that they might not be all bad.

Such self-contemplation naturally led to further preparations. Jennifer knew that this was no kind of day for modest make-up, and she reveled in her intention of a heavy making-up session.

Bikers were suckers for eye makeup, she knew this from experience; so Jennifer spent a while carefully applying black liner, a hint of mascara, and grey eye shadow. The effect on her face pleased her: pretty obvious, but sexy, she decided. Finishing off with her favorite pink blusher high on her cheeks and a light red lipstick, she playfully pouted in the mirror. Jennifer was naturally pretty, but like any young woman had learned to make the most of herself. She looked smoking hot sitting there in her sheer black panties and thin push-up bra, wearing full make-up and lipstick, her lightly damp, unkempt dark brunette hair tumbling down to her freckled shoulders. She was pleased with the result, and giggled girlishly to herself: they wouldn't see her in this state of undress, but somehow she just knew she was going to pass the "biker" test.

Finally she turned to the question of clothing. Practicality dictated that she wear jeans, of course, and Jennifer chose the tightest pair she owned; if she hadn't been working out regularly, she reckoned it wouldn't have been possible to squeeze herself into the skin-tight blue denim. But today they were a perfect fit, showing off her firm ass deliciously. A smile lit up her eager young face as she looked over her shoulder to check herself out in the mirror. It was a day when everything just seemed to be working for her.

Almost without thinking, Jennifer threw on a favorite tank top. The grey, familiar material was comfortable and it fit snug around her breasts, covering most of her cleavage. She looked and felt great, but she was supposed to be eye candy - she needed to think more out of the comfort zone. What was the point in wearing a sexy bra if it didn't show her off? Searching through her drawers, Jennifer found a light black top which she didn't recall owning. Pulling on the new tank top, she remembered why: the front of the thin-strapped top was daringly low-cut, far more revealing than she normally wore. There weren't many occasions where it was appropriate. The slinky fabric stretched around her breasts lightly, but hardly concealed more than her bra was already covering anyway.

Feeling barely half-dressed, Jennifer stared critically at her reflection. Was this the sort of thing Adam had in mind? Her breasts did look impressively full and soft with so much of them on show. Jennifer realized that the full effect of her tight top and jeans was like glamming herself up for a night on the town, or appearing in some dumb rock video. Yeah, she did look good - though maybe a little available. Well, she was eye-candy for bikers, that was for sure. That's what her husband had instructed, and he was going to be right there with her... Then, right on cue as she considered his opinion, she heard Adam's car pull into the driveway. Jennifer quickly set about arranging her hair as the car engine shut off.

Jennifer heard her husband coming through the house, and a thrill of wicked excitement gripped her as he reached the bedroom. "Babe, you just gotta be in here," he said matter-of-factly just before she saw him enter the room casually and stop dead in his tracks. Jennifer enjoyed seeing her husband's eyes widen when he saw her. "Oh. Wow."

Jennifer giggled at the suddenly boyish expression on her husband's face. "What do you think, Adam? I need to be the eye candy, you said," she chirped. "Is this the sort of thing you had in mind?"

For an answer, Adam approached her and slipped his arm behind her, feeling her through the taut denim, instinctively cupping his hand gently around her ass. "You look so hot," he muttered, pressing his lips against Jennifer's eager soft mouth.

Jennifer kissed him lovingly, and let out a little squeal of delight at his tongue's eagerness to explore her mouth. "I guess that means yes!" she fluttered her dark eyelashes, delighted by Adam's display of attraction. She knew he was impressed: Jennifer always knew when her husband's cock had begun to stiffen, and it did so even before his other hand started to caress her exposed breasts.

The couple enjoyed a moment of passion and for a minute, Jennifer thought that the sexy outfit might be coming right off her again. But as she felt his hard cock through his jeans, she happened to glimpse the clock through the corner of her eye, causing her to halt. "Honey, we've got to go soon," she breathed in her melodic southern accent. "You don't want to be late, they'll assume it was your wife that made you late, and I don't wanna get the blame..."

They laughed together. Adam replied of course, that nobody would blame him; but he knew how much his wife wanted to enjoy this weekend, and so didn't press his ardor. "Later then, babe," he muttered, heading to the bathroom to compose himself. "Damn, you sure do look beautiful. I'll get you on your own tonight."

"You hope!" Jennifer laughed, knowing now that at the least she was going to have fun teasing her husband.


It was only a few blocks out to the outdoor parking lot where they had arranged to meet, and Jennifer was just getting used to being on the bike again when they pulled in. They weren't even the last to arrive, as she had feared, but there was still a contingent of eight or nine men there to see the couple pull up.

They were greeted with whoops and hand-slaps as they circled to find a good place to pull up the bike. Heads were turned, more towards Jennifer than the bike or its owner. Her jeans were stretched tight around her strong, round thighs as she was slanted forward in her riding position, and even clung to the tops of her calves. There the view of leg ended, for she had worn a pair of wide black boots over her jeans, and these stretched right up to her calves. The heels of the boots stretched out behind her from where her feet perched on the bike, drawing glances from the men. A glimpse of cleavage was all that was offered, all but hidden behind her husband as she the bike came to a halt.

"Nice machine," one guy chimed out approvingly as Adam cut the engine.

"Nice lady too," another shot in immediately. Everyone laughed in jovial spirit, nobody more loudly than Jennifer.

"I was going to say that," retorted the first biker, to further amusement.

"Well, thank you all, I'm sure," Jennifer responded graciously, her sexy voice winning favor all round. She swung her legs from the seat and climbed down from the bike. She had tied her hair back to ride and released it now, noticing the way the men's' eyes were drawn to her. She knew she was going to get plenty of attention today, but this moment felt a little awkward: what was she supposed to do now that every man there was gawping at her? She had seen a couple of them unashamedly looking her up and down; some were brazenly staring at her chest, now that she was no longer sheltered behind Adam. She took a deep breath, and felt the low cut of her tank top tighten around her bulging cleavage. For a moment, Jennifer felt like she was just a piece of meat on display for them. She shook her hair loose, drawing yet more approval, when Adam cut into the moment by climbing from the saddle and doing his best to distract them.

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