The Ride


It had been a rather hot and humid summer here in the Western Carolinas. The schools had just started back and football was in full bloom both high school and college, which was fine if you're a football fan. I am not.

It was not fall yet but you could tell it was on its way. The sun was setting earlier everyday and the mornings were cool but not cold yet. Labor Day weekend and Labor Day its self was rainy and the temps in the middle to upper sixties.

Liz and I did not get to do what we wanted to and that's OK we still had a good time. See; she works first shift and I work second, both of us having to put in a lot of over time where we work, so our time off did not go to waste. It was just September for crying out loud; the leaves were not even changing.

There it was, Our Harley Davidson, just sitting they're calling our names.

Liz, Rusty come on what are you waiting for, come on lets go. The sun is out and it is so pretty.

We both felt it at the same time and the race was on to get Jackets, gloves and every thing else we needed. I was so excited I could not stand it.

Finally we were ready and on our way. She was driving and I was behind her on the passenger seat. It was about noon I guess the sun was out and it was as clear as clear could be. I bet you could see for 50 miles, but at 65 miles per hour it was sure nice to have a leather jacket. Liz won by getting to the bike first so she was getting to drive first, I did not mind riding behind her because she was good on the bike and she knew it. She kept teasing me by sliding her ass back against my cock, taunting me, getting me excited. I looked over Liz's shoulder and noticed the gloves she had on were half finger gloves.

"Hey, ain't your fingers cold?"

"Hell yes they are cold and that's not all that's not all that's cold either."

"Oh, really."

"My nose and legs are cold too!"

"Let me feel them and see."

I reached around her large breasts and sure enough her nipples were sticking out like ten-penny nails. When I felt that I knew what was going to get hard on me. My mind started to wonder; I mean just for a split second and she hit the throttle almost throwing me completely off the back seat.

"Are you crazy doing that to me out here on the freeway?" screamed Liz.

"Well get off the freeway and I'll do it again."

I did not get a chance to feel whatever else was cold not then anyway.

It was not long before her hands were to cold to drive the bike. About 5 maybe 6 miles up the road we pulled onto the exit ramp and took a left and pulled into the Waffle House. We had left in such a hurry we did not stop to think about eating and we had not eaten anything since early that morning. We got something to eat and some hot coffee to warm us up. It took us about 45 minutes in the Waffle House before we were ready to ride again.

We had not ridden that far maybe 25 miles but it felt like a lot longer with cool temperature and on the way back she let me drive because I had full finger gloves. They were full fingers but, they were summer gloves anyway we headed toward home. It was not long till I knew what she was talking about when her fingers got cold. Now mine were.

"Fingers get cold yet?" asked Liz.

"You ain't just kidding, we'll stop up here at a place I know and get some different gloves."

"OK, if that's what you want to do."

I shook my head yes and before I knew it she had her hands up the back of my jacket and inside my shirt with her cold fingers against my back. I gasped for air and chill bumps went all over me. Her fingers were like ice cubes. She reached around me to my belly button and started playing the hair on my stomach. I yelled when the cold air went up around and inside my jacket and my shirt, it was like I was riding with nothing on at all. It was so cold even my balls had goose bumps.

Liz reached down to the zipper of my pants and started to unzip them. I could not stand it, my heart was pounding and my mind was getting fuzzy. We had talked about having sex on the bike, but now?

I found the exit and we quickly got off the interstate and got the store. When we got there she just hoped off the back and started inside. When I got off I noticed people glancing at me and quickly turning away with smile on their faces. I looked in the mirror of the bike to find my clothes a mess and my pants still unzipped.

"SHIT!" I screamed.

"What" Liz said as she was turning around then busted out laughing.

The heat in my face let me know I was blushing and badly. Even though the wind was cold. The thought of her unzipping my pants at 60 miles an hour I could not help it if my cock was thick and hard; but now I was standing there with my problem in hand and her laughing. I think it was my bright red face that made her laugh.

As people walked by and saw my red face then giving me the once over a few of them snickered and a few of them got as embarrassed as I did. One woman only smiled and starred the whole time she walked by.

Liz was already inside and all I could do was smile back. Just when I thought I was ready to go inside I looked up threw the glass windows to see where Liz was, several people were watching me. I reached the door and started inside, there was clapping and cheering, whistling.

"He made it! HE finally made it!" Every one in the place was cheering.

The heat in my face returned with a vengeance. With the heat came a lot of emotions; first was dumbfoundness of being caught off guard, second was pure anger and it hit me like a swarm of bees after there nest had just been knocked out of a tree but that did not last long, and last came laughter. I guess it would have been funny if it had happened to somebody else but me.

I saw Liz standing in the corner of the store checking out some skullcaps. Her face was about as red as mine so I took a bow and patted myself on the back with my right hand.

As I walked toward Liz I raised my hands as if accepting the applause and received several high five's and YOU GO Man, YOU GO.

Liz was standing there with her hands over her mouth and shacking her head in disbelieve to all that was happening. Before long everything was back to normal and we made our way around to the counter where the gloves were. The clerk came over to help us and I picked out a pair of insulated gloves for winter riding. The only thing was they did not have any in Liz's size so that meant I would have to drive home.

As we approached the check out counter I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice that said

"Nice ride Rusty and nice riding."

I turned to see who it was; it was Al one of the set up guys at work.

"Hey Al," I said.

"Little cool for riding ain't it," Al said.

"It's a little cooler than I thought."

"You live near by?"

"Not far, about 6 or 7 miles maybe."

"That's good, hate to see you have a wreck or something."

"Don't worry we're on our way home now to get warm and then settle in for a movie."

"Movie sounds like a good idea it's going to get cold tonight."

"Yea, down in the 30's I heard."

"Say you working 2nd shift tomorrow?"

"Always, you?"

"NA, I'll be on 1st for the next month."

As I turned to leave I told Al I would see him when I got there. He told me to count in it but I did not think anything about it.

I just got my gloves and headed out. There were several people gathered at the windows watching. I guess to see whom I left with.

We got back on our bike and headed for the interstate.

As we got off the exit ramp and into the highway I could tell a good difference the temperature and so could she, even though Liz was behind me the air was still cold.

"Your hands cold again yet?" I yelled back.

"Yes; worse than before, how much further until we get home?"

"15 maybe 20 minutes."

I suggested that she put her hands into the pockets of my jacket, I thought that would help her hands stay warm and I told her not to try anything cute either.

"It's to damn cold for that," Liz replied.

She did put her hands in my pockets and stayed as close to my back as she could to shield her from the wind.

We got about a half-mile from home, that's where the road turns to gravel.

She goosed me in both sides and shouted.

"Rusty you better hurry!"


"This god damn gravel, it's doing it again!"

"Doing what again?"

"You know," Liz said in a strained voice.

"Hold on we're almost there, take the keys from my belt."

When she reached and got my keys she reached around and squeezed my shaft a little.

I was hoping to get lucky today.

I was looking forward to what was going to take place that evening with such eagerness you would think I was a child on Christmas Eve.

"If you don't hurry up," Liz said.

"What?" I replied in smurcky voice.

" I'm going to pee on both of us if don't hurry up, this gravel road does it every time!" Liz said almost in tears.

I started laughing as I drove into the driveway and she slapped me on the shoulder.

"Don't laugh, you knew it was coming."

She was right. Every since we moved to our new house that gravel road has done it her without fail. Even when we go to her parents house and they live only 11 miles away and she pees before we leave, when we hit that gravel road she has to go again without fail. It even does it when we're in the car.

As I pulled into the carport and the kill switch and came to a stop, she was off the bike and up the stairs with key in her hand. As she put the key in the lock Liz turned and said,

"This ride is not over yet."

I was not sure what she meant; so I stayed outside in the carport puttering around. About 15 minutes later she came to the door and said.

"It's almost 5:30, what do you want for supper?"

"Doesn't matter; what do you want?"

"How about some B.L.T. sandwiches?"

"Sounds good to me."

"What are you still doing out here anyway?"

"Well; you said this ride wasn't over yet."

"THAT'S, not what I meant!" Liz said in a sarcastic tone.

I went in by the laundry room and removed my jacket and checked my zipper: it was up: and on into the den and took off my boots and put on my bedroom slippers and on to bathroom to wash my hands.

"Beacon smells good," I said.

"Sandwiches will be ready in a minute; why don't you go and uncover the hot tub and check the water temperature and when we finish eating we'll get in and relax and get warm," Liz replied.

"All right!"

When I got the cover off, the steam filled the room and water temperature was 87 degrees.

The room was a sunroom that I had built on the back of the house when we first moved in 2 years ago. It was not a professionally done job but it was fine for what we wanted; just a room were we could relax, or just read a book if that's what we wanted to do.

"Sandwiches are ready, come on in!" Liz shouted out the window.

We each ate 2 sandwiches, some chips and a couple of diet colas to drink.

She had on thick cotton bathrobe that she had gotten; several years ago, she made that worn-out thing look good.

When we finished eating I went to change into something I could get into the hot tub in, but when I returned to the room she was gone.

"LIZ, where are you!" I yelled.

"I'm waiting on you; in the hot tube."

When I got to the sunroom she was already in the hot tub: NAKED.

"Strip out of those shorts and c-o-m-e on in," Liz said with a grin on her face.

Seeing her there in the water n-a-k-e-d with the only light in the room the light in the hot tub itself. It was so beautiful I mean she was so beautiful; it was a picture perfect moment. I mean I almost had an orgasm right there and then.

I striped off as quickly as I could and started up the steps to get in the hot tub, only when I got one foot in the hot tub

She reached and grabbed me by my cock and balls.

Man; I went tumbling in landing on top of her.

"Not bad for an old guy, huh?" I said.

"What is wrong with you?" Liz asked, your going to kill us both before we have any fun.

"I'm sorry, but you started it."

"O-H no I did not!" she screamed with a smile.

"Yes you did!"


"When we were on the way to the bike store."

"Who grabbed whose tits on the way to the Waffle House!" Liz screamed.

"Who was sliding they're cute ass back against my cock?"

"O-H Yeah; I forgot," she said my voice low and soft.

"OK then."

We both sat down and let bubbles do there magic. My cock was so hard, I thought it was going to pop and she got up and started drying off.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Inside: cover up the tub and come on, but be careful the floor is slick."

"All right, be right there."

Well, I did as I was asked to do and put the cover back on the hot tub and just to be safe I turned the water temperature down a little.

Liz was standing at the door when I got there and took me by the hand and led me back to the bedroom where she sat on the edge of the bed.

Her rob was open and hanging so that the edges were hanging just inside the nipples of her large tits as I turned to sit down beside her she pulled me in front of her.

"I've been looking forward to this all day," Liz said as pulled the towel from around my waist.

"Wait a minute; what about you?"

"Don't worry about me, I'll get mine later," Liz replied in a voice that was soft but confident at the same time.

Looking down into her soft aqua marine eyes I cupped her face in my hands and the twinkle in those eyes and her short blonde hair was breath taking. It was no wonder why my heart still skips every time I look at her. I pulled her up to me and kissed her softly and told her that I loved her more today than yesterday.

Liz kissed me back passionately, then started kissing my neck and on down to nipples and on to belly button playing with the hair on my stomach as she continued down and giving me chill bumps.

Rubbing her hands down to my cock and my balls and around to my butt checks. She kissed the head of my cock then slide it all the way into her hot, wet mouth, up and down- up and down she went stopping every so often and just moving her tongue around on the bottom of it. My cock was so hard I feel the pounding of my heart in it.

I gasped for air and started to moan from the pleasure I was feeling. She was pulling and pushing me back and forth sliding my hard cock between her full moist lips. I had to pull back.

"What's the matter?" she asked pulling me back to her placing my cock between her 36DD breasts.

"I'm not ready for that yet."

You're not?

"No, not yet."

I just pushed her back softly on to her back and went straight for her cunt. She gave in easily and spread her legs.

I kissed her clitoris and played with it with my tongue.

"Harder", was the only thing that came from her lips?

"Like this", I replied.

"Yes, oh yes, just like that."

"Now slower."

Liz just crossed her ankles and let them rest across my shoulder blades. I looked up so I could see the expression on her face, only to find her rubbing her nipples with her fingers and her eyes closed.

"Don't stop," she said, "You can do this all night."

That really got me going I licked and sucked even harder. Up and down, up and down across her clitoris with my tongue.

"You've got me burning now," she whimpered, "burning deep down inside."

Her breathing was heavy and short. I slowed down and moved back to her lips.

"Rusty; I want to ride," Liz said.


"Yes, I want you inside me."

She literally rolled me over in the bed and was on top of me before I knew it. Grinding her cunt and clitoris against my cock and me. We both were panting for breath trying not to cum before the other one did. She leaned forward and rubbed her nipples against my lips, so started sucking on them as I raised up on my elbows.

"Deeper," she said.

"That's right, oh yea; that's it."

She grabbed me and pulled me up the rest of the way locking her arms around my shoulders digging her finger nails in a little.

"Oh Rusty, I can't wait."

"I'm ready, too."

MY knees were week and trembling and I think my toes even started curling up. We both climaxed at the same time and our body fluids went everywhere, and the bed was soaking wet.

"I like it when you ride me cowgirl style."

"You do?"

"Yes I do."

"I'll have to remember that."

After we both had rested enough to change the sheets we kissed each other and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Early the nest morning the alarm clock woke us up and we could hardly keep our hands off each other while trying to get dressed, much less eat breakfast. She had to be at work early so we said our good byes and the day had begun.

She called me from work on her lunch break, just to tell me she loved me and to see how I spent the morning.

I told her I had cleaned up the kitchen and washed load of clothes. I could hear the buzzer going off in the background so I knew it was time for her to go back to work. That was one of the subtle things that she did that made me love her the way that I do.

I got to work about 30 minutes early and saw my supervisor coming out of one of the conference rooms and said hello.

"How was your weekend?" I asked.

"Great, how was yours?" He replied.

"Fantastic but it was a little cool."

"Yes it was. Listen I got to go but I'll see you later on."

I said all right as I went on toward the machine shop. I got

into my department and I was never so embarrassed in my entire life. There were signs and posters hanging everywhere saying HE MADE IT. HE FINALLY MADE IT. HE DID IT ---HE FINALLY DID IT. HOORAY FOR ZIPPY ------LETS HEAR IT FOR ZIPPY!

The commotion was so loud it felt like the whole plant was in on it. Everybody came running to see what was going on. It seemed to go on and on, but it finally started to die down when Al came over and said "Rusty, I'm sorry but I had to tell somebody about yesterday, I wasn't going to let this chance slide by."

"I'll get you for this and it's going to be OH-SO-O-O bad you just wait!"

"I just wanted to make sure that, that was one ride you wouldn't forget."

"OH, I won't, you can count on it."

It was the other ride I was thinking about at the time and until this day in the machine shop I am known only as ZIPPY.

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