tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Ride Ch. 05

The Ride Ch. 05


When you awaken Sally and Joyce are no longer in bed with you. For a few moments you wonder if they were ever there or if the events you recall are merely bizarre vivid dreams. Your mind struggles to gain full consciousness and the cobwebs slowly peel away. It could not have all been a dream…you are naked in a clean bed. You feel the stiffness that comes form being used by so many in various ways over the past two days. Suddenly, you realize you are not alone.

Hunter is standing over you. You know he must have been watching you for sometime since you did not see or hear him enter. He reaches down and softly strokes your cheek with the back of his hand. You look into his eyes and are completely disarmed by his charming smiling. He lets his hand trailing down your face and neck to your shoulder. He walks his fingers delicately over your heaving breast. You are no longer embarrassed to be naked and exposed before this magnificent man. His touch sends jolts of electric sensation through your body. You wish he would climb atop you and take you now. You know he has awakened a lust that has been hidden within you by society’s silly mores. Finally, he speaks, and you hear Hunter’s deep sexy baritone again. Your body shivers as the sound of his voice causes your sex to flood.

“My precious rider, your adventure has taken you through many new and wonderful experiences. You will now enter the final phase of your journey of discovery. But first, I wish for you to think about your ride so far. Has your journey been exciting and enjoyable? What will you take away from my ride, sweet lady?”

When you start to answer his questions, Hunter places his finger to your lips. The answers are left to fill your mind. Hunter tells you that he has watched you grow and learn that eroticism should not be limited to the traditional. He says that he has seen you enjoy things that previously you would have found repulsive and now as the ride slows to a finish you will have one last new experience. You realize Hunter has somehow watched as so many have used your body for their pleasure and as you have taken pleasure in being used.

As Hunter begins to slowly undress, the wall behind him slides away. You see seated in a row of chairs all of the people that you have encountered on the ride so far. Sally and Joyce are there once again attired in their fancy harem outfits. The three gentle men who filled your every opening and showed that being used as a slut was an amazing erotic experience are seated together attired in business suits. The four rough men from the hall are there, now dressed in worker’s coveralls. Marcus is also there, seated right in the middle of the row flanked by the two voluptuous women. He looks every inch the Adonis. He is dressed in a splendid toga. It is parted slightly at the chest and thigh, allowing a peak of his gold thong and sculpted chest.

You gaze continues beyond the row of familiar faces to seats that rise above them. It is as if you are on the stage of a small theater. There are perhaps a dozen or so people seated watching intently. The sudden realization that you are naked and exposed causes you to look about for a means to cover yourself.

Hunter, who now stands completely naked before you places his finger to his lips and speaks softly, “Shhhhhhhh sweet lady. You have no need to be embarrassed. You will find being watched as I take you to your final destination will add to the thrill!”

With that Hunter turns to the crowd and speaks in his booming sensual voice. “My friends welcome! Thank you for coming here to witness the arrival of this amazing sexual creature has she returns from her journey or discovery.”

Somehow Hunter’s unabashed display of his nude body to the crowd relaxes you and your unease at being publicly naked begins to subside. Hunter turns back to you. He gently spreads your legs and tells you that such a pretty pussy should be proudly displayed. You feel your face flush and you know you are now blushing in a deep red hue. However, Hunter’s coaxing as caused you to spread your legs widely. A few people clap and others whistle as you lay fully exposed, your gapping pussy offered up as eye candy. Embarrassment gives way to an odd excitement. You feel your juices begin to flow as you feel the eyes of your audience begin to penetrate into your sex.

Hunter tells you to rise up and show off your tits as he walks away. You obey him and move to a sitting position while keeping your legs spread wide.

“Go on play with those tits. Show them off to the nice people!” Hunter barks.

You immediate slide you hands under your breasts, pushing them up, showing them off. Needing no further orders you begin massaging the soft tissue and then running your thumbs over your hard nipples. You hear yourself moan as the excitement of being watched cause your body to come alive. Your head rolls back on your shoulders and your lips part letting your tongue slide out slightly as you roll your nipples seductively. The audience seems to let out a collective gasp causing you to open your eyes. What you see cause you to gasp. Hunter is again standing next to you. He holds a huge dildo. It is much fatter and longer then any you have ever seen before. In addition, it is so realistic looking you wonder if it is not a disembodied cock he holds. You impulsively reach out touch it. Though not real, it feels almost as it is made of human skin. It is even warm.

Hunter drops the massive plastic cock in your lap and snarls,” Go on take, fuck yourself for these people! I know you want t show them what a hot horny creature you are, slut!”

Hunter moves behind you and begins gently massaging your shoulders as you take the dildo in your hand. You slide the head against your clit as you use your wet labia to lube the phallic abomination. You close your eyes again and let your head fall back against Hunter. You feel as if an unknown force is driving you as you take the cock you are holding and begin pushing it into your pussy. Even though your eyes are closed you know everyone is staring intently as your pussy stretches to accommodate the girth of the warm dildo as you are stretched beyond anything you have ever felt before.

“Can you take it all?” Hunter whispers in your ear as his hands move to your neck.

You hear yourself moan, “Oh god, I want it all! I want to be filled to my depths!”

It is as if you are now out of your body watching the seen with the others in the audience. As you push the dildo deeper and deeper, Hunter slides his hands down and takes your hold of your heaving breasts. You cry out, almost pleading for Hunter to fuck you hard. Then you are being fucked hard, but not by Hunter. It is the dildo and you are pistoning it in and out of your steamy pussy while Hunter’s hands are gently massaging your tits. Your eyes spring open as you body is racked by waves of orgasmic pleasure. The audience is closer now, their eyes boring into you. You do not care; all you want is for the dildo to fuck you deeper and harder. You continue pummeling your pussy with the magnificent toy Hunter brought you as he pulls you up onto his lap.

You feel Hunter’s thick hard cock at your anal sphincter. Your flowing juice as lubed your anus and his cock pops into your ass. You scream as an even more powerful orgasm overtakes you. You are faintly aware that the audience is now cheering. Hunter is now fucking you tight ass hard as you continue working the dildo in and out of your quivering pussy. After what seems to you to be your hundredth orgasm, Hunter forces you to your knees and then to all fours. He grabs the dildo and pulls it out of you. The sudden emptiness shocks you and you beg to have it back.

“Shut up, slut!” Hunter yells, “It is my turn to use that hot cunt of yours!”

Suddenly there is nothing you want more then to have Hunter fill your pussy and you beg him to fuck your cunt hard. You are rewarded almost immediately as he shoves his cock ball deep into your wide-open pussy. Hunter grabs your hips and holds tight as he pounds his cock in and out of you. You feel as if you are blacking out as you cum on his powerful cock. You head is spinning. You can hear the collective moans and and exhortations of the audience. Your pussy is afire as Hunter continues to fuck you roughly. You vision is blurred and all you can see are the shapes of the audience that seems to be pressing ever closer. Suddenly your vision clears and in your face is a beautiful hard cock. It is Marcus’s magnificent tool and Sally and Joyce are stroking him. Hunter roars out behind you and slams his cock deep in your wet pussy. You feel searing heat as his warm thick cum flows into you. Just as your own consciousness fades into an orgasmic fog, you feel Marcus’s seamen splash onto your face. You try to stick you tongue out to catch another taste of the Adonis’s delicious cum…………..

The next thing you know you are standing at the curb and your friend is helping you into her car. You have no idea how you got dressed or out to the curb. As you shake the cobwebs away, you wonder was it all a dream. As if reading your mind, your friend whispers that it was no dream. She also tells you that she had enjoyed watching the end of the ride. You are taken aback at the thought people you knew saw you like that and wonder if any other friends were there. However, you decide not to ask. As you take your seat, your friend hands you and bag and tells you that you don’t want to forget your souvenirs. Looking in the bag the first thing you see is the amazing life-like dildo Hunter had given you earlier. You decide that perhaps the ride is not yet over; perhaps it will be a life-long adventure. Your friend squeezes your thigh as she pulls away from the curb.

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