tagRomanceThe Right Way to Resolve it

The Right Way to Resolve it


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Jenny and Tom were away on vacation. It was an ideal Saturday afternoon spent shopping, visiting museums, and eating out at different locations. The walk back to the hotel however was a stark difference from the rest of the day. A simple conversation turned into a heated debate, and bordered on an argument. Such is a normal and healthy part of any relationship, but with Tom and Jenny, it was different. Both are extremely bright and stubborn, married with aggressive and out to prove their points. While they both might acquiesce a point here or there, neither one of them was going down for the count. This stirred up a passionate disagreement which ended in tears and upset.

The two of them entered to hotel room and needed to bring this to a head. The dog needed to be walked, and there was no reason to waste the evening with such a frivolous exchange. Both Tom and Jenny presented their final statements, and fell into a deep hug. In fact, Jenny had even made the statement that there would be no sex tonight, half jokingly. Tom knew better, but wasn't going to push the point. He figured it be better to let this pass, and work the rest out later. Before he could even finish that thought is in mind, Jenny laid on top of him. Certainly any two people can cuddle, but Tom and Jenny are special. Her petite body seems like it was custom made to fit into Toms. Jenny folds perfectly into his arms with her head leaning on his chest, at the perfect position to both kiss and caress.

Jenny climbed on top of Tom and gave him a deep and passionate kiss. The kind that starts with lips pressing against each other, but rather than pull away and remain abstinent for the evening, the two literally inhaled each other. The sound of taking each others' breath away filled the quiet hotel room with a sexy and passionate presence. Before she could come up for air, Tom took her lower lip and gently bit it with his teeth. Jenny, paralyzed with romance and arousal gasped for air as she struggled to let out a high pitch moan with the little bit of remaining air she could conjure up from her lungs. Her reaction was to pull away and bite down on Tom's chin, resulting in him releasing a throaty and deep moan from the bottom of his broad chest. He quickly grabbed Jenny and laid her on her back, grabbing both her wrists with a forceful but loving hold. He pressed her hands above her head rendering her unable to fight back, though she'd never even consider such a thing. The extreme transition from upset to passionate submission caused her pussy to instantly flood. Here she was pressed down against the soft bed no match for Tom's strength.

Seizing the moment, Tom pressed his lips against hers with a lustful and seductive kiss. Their tongues met and intertwined for the better duration of five minutes. Unable to breath and gasping for precious breath, Tom broke off the kiss and let go of Jenny's wrists. Rather than move or fight back she stayed put as Tom reached down to her extra small cotton panties. He yanked them off revealing a smooth pussy that was swollen and begging to be touched. Jenny's clit had swollen beyond the confines of the soft skin that protect it. It stood up so erect just begging to be played with. Her external lips were white with a pink flush look from the blood that quickly rushed to the area and was unable to escape. Her labia parted and the flick of his index finger revealing a dripping wet tight hole. It too was red and pink and squirming under his touch. Tom thought that if Jenny is this aroused from their kissing and undressing, the love that they are about to make is going to be something special.

As Jenny removed her bra and let her aroused nipples hit the cool air, they tightened and hardened. Tom needed no invitation to inhale them between his lips, bite them gently, and aggressively suck them. Tom sucked and licked them so hard that they made a popping sound as they escaped from his lips. Unable to wait any longer, he pushed Jenny back down and lined his cock up against her wet opening. By now, his circumcised cock was standing erect in all it's glory. The thick red tip was dripping with precum, perched proudly above a long straight shaft that Jenny was craving. Underneath his smooth balls sat so tight filled with fluid and aching for a release. Rubbing the tip of his cock against her perfectly thick and engorged labia produced a sound that only sexy wet skin can.

The sound was so arousing and the superficial touching caused them both to moan and cry out in ecstasy. Tom lined his swollen cock head against jenny's tight wet red pussy and with little resistance parted her extremely tight and wet pussy. With gentle slow movements he began to make love to her. Inch by inch Jenny felt her pussy being spread by his sexy cock. The sounds become louder as their juices mixed deep inside her pussy. With each stroke out, her tight juicy lips held on to his cock leaving a wet trail and begging his cock to stay inside. Just before he could fully escape Tom slammed his cock as hard as he could into the depths of her pussy causing her to feel his erect cock pound her pussy. The sound was indescribable as the two made passionate love. The wet smacking sound was only muffled by the intense moaning and whispers and affirmation of love the two shared.

Jenny got up and got on top. She removed his cock from her pussy, and Tom asked her to taste their juices together. Knowing how much of a turn on this was for both of them, she eagerly complied and sucked his cock dry. After both their delicious juices coated her mouth, she planted the sexiest and tastiest kiss on his face. Tasting the product of their love making sent shivers down Tom's body, and stiffened his cock even further.

Jenny grabbed Tom's sock and put it in her pussy laying on top of him and brought her face back to his. She whispered for him to fuck her as hard as he can. From underneath, tom worked his body to give Jenny the hard intense and long strokes her pussy craved. Gravity did it's job and with each pump her pussy leaked the sexiest of fluids down his cock and covered his balls in her warm love juice. Jenny screamed out and squirted all over his cock and balls. Her fluids had now soaked his body and left him on the brink of the most intense orgasm he had ever felt.

Not a few minutes passed before Jenny had squirt multiple times, and felt the familiar pull of an orgasm forming from deep within the folds of her tight sweet pussy. Tom pumped hard and fast and strong, causing jenny to stare into his eyes as she had an orgasm that rocked her soul. This was more than Tom could take and pulled his cock out of her pussy. He put two fingers inside and moved them around until she squirt all over them. He tasted her juices which brought him back to the point of no return. He stroked his cock and had an amazing orgasm, cumming all over jenny's back and tight little sexy ass. The two fell onto each other and cuddled in exhaustion, trying to hard to catch their breath. The two had personified the meaning of making love. Love was never lost. It was a simple disagreement, but making love was the ultimate solution. The two fell asleep in each others arms and realized how lucky and compatible they truly were. While disagreements are far and few in between, it's nice to know that when words fail, love can save the day for the two of them.

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