tagRomanceThe Right Woman?

The Right Woman?

byDG Hear©

I want to thank my editors, LadyCibelle and Techsan, for making my stories a much better read. As with many of my stories, this could go under a number of different categories. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: How it all began.

I hardly know where to begin. My life's a mess and I might have lost the only woman I have ever loved. My name's Jerrod and I'm a thirty-four year old man whose mind is in a turmoil. I come from a wealthy family and I am a manager in my dad's manufacturing business.

Life for me has almost always been rather easy and good. I didn't have to fight to get the things I wanted. Money made a lot of things come easier to me. I was a smart student in school and even got a scholarship to our state college. Life was good. I dated a lot in school and had a lot of girlfriends. My dating continued right on through college and into my professional life.

I guess I was fairly liberal when it came to sex. I was kind of a party animal and never took it seriously. I've done a lot of the sexual things you read about in stories. Not the really kinky stuff like golden showers, or like to be beaten; stuff like that wasn't my game.

Regular sex, threesomes, group sex, it was all good. I could never get into loving only one woman. There was just too much sex out there to be monogamous. I didn't use my girlfriends. Every woman I dated knew where I stood on the sexual issues. Granted a lot of women thought they could change me after dating me a while, but it didn't happen. I wouldn't let it, not after the one time.

I should mention that I did fall for one woman while in college. We even lived together for about two months. I thought I loved her and she loved me but it was all anticipation about the type girl I always wanted. Jenny O'Brien was her name. On the tall side, carried herself well and she was built like the proverbial brick shit house.

Fiery red hair and soft white skin that had little freckles on it. I remember the most erotic part of her body - and I would now say a lot of women's bodies - was the lower region of her anatomy below her belly button and down to just above her fiery red mound. I remember the first time kissing her there. The light touch of my lips to the little fuzz like hairs below her navel.

I could feel her intake of breath when my lips touched that sensitive area. I loved to gently rub my lips and tongue over that most erotic area. The more I kissed her there, the more she would moan. Man, I could get hard just kissing my way down her body from her navel to her mound.

One day I found her taking money out of my wallet and she admitted to charging things on my credit cards. It's when I found out she was there for the money, not for me. I guess I let my guard down too far.

She promised to pay me back but I never expected to see it. It was a couple of thousand dollars but I didn't want to prosecute her. I figured I'd write it up to my learning experience.

I did see her at a few parties and that beautiful red bush I'll probably always remember. I don't think I ever had sex with her after that but I'm not sure. She said we did but I was always too drunk to remember.

I decided marriage wasn't for me and I would play the field and not get serious after that short episode of my life. I learned my lesson to watch and see if women wanted me for myself, or if the money was more important. I should have realized it when my dad warned me when I was younger that once women found out I was financially secure it might be the reason they dated me.

I remember saying, "Gee! Thanks, Dad, I'm sure not all girls want guys just for money."

He said, "Jerrod, just be careful. Enjoy life, have fun but remember some women are more interested in your finances than your looks and personality."

After Jenny, I heeded that warning.

I had a few girls - or should I say, lady friends - that liked swap parties. I've swapped partners quite a few times. What was odd in most cases is that it was with married couples. It was something I found exhilarating. I just took a woman friend with me to a friend's house and swapped for the man's wife. I could never understand how a man could do that, swap his wife. I guess that's why I never got interested in just one woman. Giving my wife to another man would be out of the question. Like that one song says, "What's Love Got To Do With It?"

Everything, in my book. We all have a moral calendar; some of us are more lax than others. My calendar seemed to drop if I could have another man's wife or sex with someone new. I guess that's why I was always afraid of commitment.

I know you, the reader, are probably saying that I'm some kind of pervert or some other kind of idiot, but I'm just trying to be honest with you. I like sex with other guys' wives. It's probably some kind of ego trip. I just don't understand any man, other than in a fantasy, willing to give up his wife. I guess that's why I found it so fascinating.

Most of this swapping went on during my college years. There were quite a few couples in our group that hung together. We all partied heavily with a lot of drinking and a little weed. Some of my buddies were into cocaine but I never got into it. I got my kicks from having sex with as many women as I could.

A lot of these couples started out as friends but after they got married a few of them still swapped. I guess since this is an erotic web site I should explain at least one of the swap parties.

About eight of us couples would get together and put on some music. We would all be sitting around smoking some weed and drinking. A few hard liners would do a few lines. My friend Tony, one of the black guys, was on a sports scholarship. He was almost a shoo-in for the pros except for his grades. He came up to me and asked me if I could help him out. If he received a failing grade, he would lose his scholarship and of course he could say goodbye to the pros.

As I mentioned earlier, I was a wiz when it came to learning. I never had to study, so when Tony asked me for help, I agreed to help him. He offered to pay me but I told him I really didn't have financial issues and would help him because he was my friend.

Tony was able to get all his grades up to a B- average and kept his scholarships and eventually made it to the pros. His girlfriend was a model. She was definitely calendar material. She was of mixed blood but that's unimportant except to say green eyes on a caramel colored woman made for one beautiful lady. She and Tony were dating and he brought her to our party.

God, she was beautiful. Tony was getting a little high on weed and was watching me watching his woman, Chanel.

"What do you think, Bro? One pretty lady, isn't she?" asked Tony.

"I'm sorry for staring, Tony. She is gorgeous; she should be a Chanel number ten. You are one lucky black bastard. What I wouldn't give to have sex with a woman like that." I could jest with Tony like this, because we were really close friends. Before he started dating Chanel, we shared a few ladies.

Chanel really cared for him. I also figured she knew he would become a pro and between the money and the limelight she would have the right pull to be noticed in a modeling field of beautiful women.

Tony kept looking at me. "Jerrod, I owe you for all the help you've given me. You've been a good friend and helped me make it to the NFL draft. I know you've always had eyes on Chanel but never hit on her because of our friendship. She's the only woman I've never shared, but for you I'm going to make an exception. Bring that big tit white gal you brought to the party and let's go up to our room."

What did I just hear? I couldn't believe Tony was going to do this. Chanel is just one of those gals that you always say, "I'd like to fuck her one time, just one time." I actually wondered if Chanel would go along with Tony. I guess I would just have to wait and see.

Tony called Chanel over and whispered in her ear. She looked over at me and I couldn't make out the look she was giving me. I took Marty, my lady friend for the evening, and we followed Tony and Chanel up to a room. Tony had a mini-bar in his room and we all poured a drink while Tony started undressing Chanel. That girl had a nearly perfect body. She was down to her panties when Tony asked her to lie on the bed. She was staring at me and Marty; other than looking as sensual as hell, she just stared at us.

Marty and I were getting a little hot and I had her skirt up squeezing her mound through her panties. Tony came up to Marty and started to unbutton her blouse. I could see Marty smiling at Tony.

"Bro, I think Chanel is waiting for you. I wouldn't make her wait too long," advised Tony.

I went over to the bed and sat next to Chanel. "I hear you want to fuck me, Jerrod. Is that right?"

"I've always wanted to fuck you and so much more. Are you okay with this? I mean you and me, Tony and Marty?"

"Tony said he owes you for all you did for him. He said this is the only payment you would accept. If you did it for Tony, you also did it for me. We're getting married in about six months, so you better get your payment while you can. As far as Marty goes, she's a nice person but I think she just likes sex and wants to be fucked by a future star. As for Tony, he likes big boobs and she has plenty to suck on."

I pulled off her thin panties and slipped between her legs. She had this remarkable caramel colored skin that looked like a permanent tan. When I spread her pussy lips the pink gave the perfect color balance. I started sucking all over her pink pussy. It was moist and so soft to the touch. I even nibbled on her labia making her squirm. I started stroking her with two fingers and, as she rode my fingers, I slid a third into her.

I glanced over and Marty was sucking Tony's black dick. He smiled at me and said he was going to titty fuck her next. I got back to business and put my cock at the pussy opening of my brown bombshell. I pushed just the head in and watched her squirm, then pulled it back out.

"No teasing me, Jerrod. Just take your cock and push it in."

I teased her two more times when she finally yelled out, "Jerrod, stick your damn cock in me and fuck me!" She caught herself and we both started laughing.

We looked over at Tony and Marty to see their reaction. It was one of surprise but Tony was busy with his cock between Marty's breasts. I knew what he was doing felt good since I've done it with her a few times. I doubt if he was happy hearing Chanel asking me to fuck her; he liked to be in control. Chanel told me later that he mentioned it but let it drop since we were laughing about it.

I finally pushed forward and let my cock go balls deep into Chanel. A nice, hot, wet, fuck would be the best way to explain it. When I started to come, her gyrating stopped. I could feel the pulsating of her pussy squeezing the cum out of my cock. Damn, did she ever have control of her pussy! I knew she came hard by the gripping of her pussy around my cock but she didn't want to scream out.

She later told me when we were back downstairs dancing that it was the hardest she ever came but didn't want Tony to know it. She stifled it as best she could. I have to say she was one great sex partner. One of those that you don't forget. As for Marty, she screamed out to high heaven when Tony shot his load into her. I know it made him feel like a stud. I never told him that Marty always lets herself go like that.

That was what most of the parties were like while I was in college. You always hear about groups of students going to college to have sex and for a lot of women to find husbands. It was what our group was like. We were part of that twenty percent of all college students.

Most of my college friends found wives. There were a lot to choose from. I guess I just didn't want a woman that I shared with my friends. Was I wrong? I know everyone has an opinion about it. My friends told me I lived in the dark ages. I guess once you find a gal you like and she is great in the sack it's hard to say goodbye to her. There was a lot of compatibility between my male friends and their wives.

It was just the way I felt about marriage. I didn't want to know that my wife slept around, especially with my friends. I know it makes me a male chauvinist, but how do I change my mind set? I guess that's why I'm thirty-four and unmarried.


Now at this stage of my life I have put sex in another category. Since I've done it all, in a sexual sense, I've grown up. Sex is no longer my number one priority. I still have sex but I'm looking for the right woman. Most of the women I've dated in the past wouldn't be on that list, because of the sharing, swapping, and so on. It's not really a double standard; at least I don't think so. I just don't want to marry a woman whom I shared with other men that I knew.

I know one of my friends' wives told me one time. "What? And you call that not a double standard? What you do call it then? Your can fuck everything in sight but you want a pure and nice girl who never or seldom fucked¼..talk about bullshit!"

She was probably right but it would just be too uncomfortable. I would have to wonder what she was thinking every time she saw one of my friends that she had sex with. I guess I'm insecure but I'm not afraid to admit it.

I know every time I see a woman I have been intimate with those thoughts were in my mind. I had to figure that women thought the same. I wanted to be first in my woman's eyes.

I do have to understand that any woman I met now would have had sex during her life, unless it was some teenager and that wasn't going to happen. I was respected in my position and someday would probably inherit the business. I worked hard and still dated. I finally grew up enough to know that the swap parties and threesomes weren't for me anymore. It was great while I was growing up but hopefully I was beyond that now. I did have problems with a few of my friends' wives wanting to have sex with me behind their husbands' backs.

Since graduating from college most of my friends who married their college sweethearts and shared them with me and other men are divorced now. I want you to know that I didn't boff my friends' wives behind their backs. A piece of ass wasn't as important as friendship to me and I let my friends' wives know this. Even my red headed Jenny called me one day. She wanted to have dinner with me since her husband was away on business. I have to admit, picturing that red fuzz on her lower belly was hard to resist but I did it.

She married a friend of mine named Larry. He was from money too and went to a different college. Somehow or another he and Jenny hooked up and eventually got married. I didn't go to the wedding.

I realize it takes so much more than sex to have a happy marriage. My mom and dad are after me all the time about finding a wife. They've met many of my dates and always ask if she's the one. There were a couple that came close but never materialized for whatever reason.

I guess I had resigned myself to the life of an eligible bachelor. Life was still good but the right partner would have been nice.

I had to go up to Michigan for a month and help one of our new plants get started. Dad always liked for me to see to new plant openings. We had four distribution centers by then. As I said, the money and life were good.

When I returned, my dad told me that he had hired in a firm to completely update the computer system. He put out a bid a few months earlier and he said he found one that he thought he could trust. We have our own computer people who are good at what they do, but dad wanted an outsider to oversee the program to keep our employees honest.

As I walked down the hall to my office, I noticed a beautiful woman sitting in the reception area. I had no idea who she was but she was one gorgeous looking woman. I was going to go over to speak to her but I had my hands full and needed to drop this stuff off in my office first. I quickly went through a few of my messages and decided to go introduce myself to the woman. When I went back out to the reception area she was gone. Damn it! It would have at least been nice to meet her.

I thought about asking the receptionist about her but that wouldn't have looked right, so I said hi to Janet and told her good morning. She was as nice a woman as you could want to meet. Smart, funny, articulate, if she wasn't fifty-four years old, I would have married her. She was a great cook and always brought us stuff to snack on. She was also married to Henry for over thirty years. She was the kind of woman I was looking for and often told her so. Of course it always made her smile.

I walked back to my dad's office when I heard him talking. His door was open and he saw me and invited me in.

"Jerrod, this is A.J. Styles. She's the one who's in charge of doing our computer updating."

"A.J., this is my son and second in command here at Brice Manufacturing. If you have any questions and I'm not here, just locate Jerrod; he's always here."

I couldn't believe it was the woman in the lobby. She looked even better, up close and personal. There was just something special about her. I didn't know anything at all about this woman but, man, did I ever want to know everything about her.

"Glad to meet you, Mr. Brice. Your father has told me so much about you."

"What? About me? Dad, I hope you only told her the good stuff," I laughed. "It's really nice to meet you and I hope we will be working close together. Wait, that didn't sound right. I'm happy to know you will be working with us. What's the name of your company?" I asked.

"The name of my firm is AJ Computer Updating. We have updated a number of manufacturing facilities. I've given your father a list of our satisfied customers. If you need to know anything about my company, just let me know. We aim to please. It's corny but it's kind of our motto." She smiled with the most beautiful smile.

I knew then and there I needed to know more about this woman. "A.J., are you free for dinner tonight?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Brice, but I don't date my superiors or clients. It's not a steadfast rule but it is a safe one," she answered.

"Oh, this is strictly business; I just have a few papers for you to fill out and a few questions I need to know and we all have to eat and the company will pay for it. By the way, call me Jerrod. My dad is Mr. Brice," I laughed and she laughed with me.

"Okay, I'll try to answer your questions. What time do you want to meet and where?"

"Our parking lot garage. We'll just take my car and I promise to bring you back unscathed."

She smiled before leaving the room, after saying goodbye to my dad. We watched her walk out of the office. Damn, she carried herself well.

My dad was looking at me. "She's a beauty, isn't she, son? Looks and brains. She graduated with honors from MIT. She must be one smart cookie, according to her resume and referrals. According to her paperwork, she's twenty-eight and single. I wonder why someone hasn't caught her yet. She seems like a total package; not many of them around anymore."

"Dad, why did you pick her firm instead of another to do this computer overhaul? Did you get a look at her before choosing her company?"

"Jerrod, I have always taken care of the business by picking the right people for the right job. AJ Computer Upgrading put in a bid the same as every other company. They were the best for the price, meaning lowest bidder. We got them for less than twenty thousand a month. I checked her company's record on similar jobs and they are top notch. I never met A.J. until it was time to award the contract. I guess I could say that seeing her sealed the deal, but only after her company was approved."

"She sure isn't hard on the eyes. Dad, do you have any papers she hasn't signed yet? I'm taking her to dinner and I need to make it official."

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