tagLoving WivesThe Right Words

The Right Words


All characters participating in sex are at least eighteen years old.


Her hand rubbed slowly across his thigh, gliding towards his crotch.

"Hannah!" Richard snapped.

"Yes?" she asked, her full petal lips forming a seductive smile, while her soft fingers continued their brazen advance, beginning to unbuckle his belt.

"I'm driving!" Richard snapped as his silver Jaguar XJ swept through the moonlit night, rolling though the giant cast-iron gates and toward the stately mansion, "Not now."

"You've been saying that a lot lately." Hannah shot back releasing pent up rage, now sitting back in the leather passenger's seat, turning her head away from her husband's view.

"Tonight is important."

"These things always are," she said bitterly.

"This is the chairman's house: my boss's, boss's, boss's house. Every major player in Denver will be here tonight. This party is more than important."

"This used to be important to you," Hannah said, pulling his right hand off the steering wheel to slide it in between her thighs, down toward her panty-less and smooth-shaven pussy; "Richard, remember when we used to fuck everywhere and every day?"

Obviously ignoring what he thought of as her nagging, he said, "If I get this promotion, I'll be the only Vice President under thirty five. Just behave, do not screw this up for me."

"It's been a year since we've had sex," she announced. "For the five years we've been married I've made all the sacrifices you wanted: I moved to Denver, I gave up on having the kids I wanted, I traded in my dreams for your ambition. I'm twenty nine now, and I have to force you to have sex with me.... What more, really what more Richard?"

"I work, I make the money you spend;" Richard shrugged, "This is the real world. You live in your dreams and I live in reality! What do you want from me? You can't really expect me to fuck you right here?" He asked, pointing at the Benz's and Bentleys now surrounding the Jaguar as it neared the front steps of the mansion.

"You could have at least said something about my dress."

"What about it? I told you to wear the silver one."

"Asshole!" she cursed while slightly loosening her wedding ring. She turned her head away toward her passenger window. The car had pulled up now, facing the limestone mansion they were about to enter.

Richard ignored her outburst as his mind lingered on his potential promotion. Hannah fumed heatedly, her eyes narrowed as she looked into the passenger side window. Her golden blonde reflection stared back her nostrils flaring angrily. Suddenly, without a care or concern for her husband, she hiked up her dress, yanked the car door open, and dashed from the Jaguar before it reached the valets.

"Hannah!" Richard called to her, but she ignored him, walking speedily toward the manor house. Her petite, nimble fingers rubbed together as she felt her loosening ring, briefly reflecting on the covenant she had entered into five years ago.

Amidst her thoughts of regret, an aged couple passed her; the wife pulled her husband along by the arm as his eyes began to linger on Hannah's seductively youthful body.

Shielding her body from perverted eyes, Hannah's hands covered her bare shoulders meekly; as she walked through the doors. Richard was once again by her side. "I'm sorry baby I was being an idiot, I love you," he whispered into her ear his hands rubbing over her shoulders moving down to bond with her fingers. His steely brown eyes attempted to fix what his mouth had broken. A forgiving smile began to form on her small pink lips.

"I'll pick you up something at the Cartier store tomorrow."

"You can buy it and stuff it up your ass," she yelled, pulling her fingers from his just as they entered a ballroom.

"Richard Westfield and his wife, Hannah Westfield," echoed through the room from the mouth of a balding man dressed in tails. Hannah quickly left the side of her husband, storming out of the ballroom.

Ten minutes later the man in tails made a new announcement, "Congressman Warren Booth, Justice Olivia Booth, and their son, Donald."

Donald grumbled, "Why do I need to be here with you guys?"

"Because I'm your father and I goddamn said so."

"Warren!" Objected Olivia.

"Olivia calm down. Donald, tonight isn't about me. It's about you. You're graduating at the top of your class and heading to Yale in September, so you need to start networking."

"I just don't see the point," Donald said to his father as his mother walked away to mingle with the other accomplished guests.

"The point is money. You'll be happier with more of it than you would with less, trust me!" Congressman Booth whispered to his son.

"Wow, that's some world view you have Dad."

"You're eighteen, Donald, and you're too smart to be so bloody naïve-- being nice gets you nowhere! Now go introduce yourself to the money men. I'm not going to do everything for you."

With that Warren was off, leaving his son to his own devices. Angry at his father, Donald awkwardly pulled his tux cuffs out and tried to avoid smiling, embarrassed of the braces he had thought would be off by now. He awkwardly moved his lanky body to a large, but vacant room which he found after walking through the mansion's halls.

Now far away from the party, he soon had his iPhone out, tweeting about his social distress, when a stunning blonde clad in a strapless blue dress walked in. Her hazel eyes glued to her blackberry, her fingers flying nimbly over the tiny keypad texting.

Donald instantly noticed her and then tried to act like he didn't. She was older than him, he thought, but not like the fifty year olds in the other room.

Unable to keep his eyes from wandering about, they swam over her petite fit body and robust assets. Maybe twenty-four or twenty-five he thought, under-guesstimating her true twenty-nine year age.

Her face replied in mild disgust as she caught him checking her out. Embarrassed at being so obvious, Donald put his phone away and began to leave the room, eager to escape yet another awkward social situation. His better nature noticing the striking blue gown overran his pressing need to exit; and the harmless honest thought that ran through his mind soon left his lips.

"That's a beautiful dress," he remarked, briefly looking at her before continuing to walk out.

Just as he neared the exit, he felt soft fingers touch his suit-clad shoulder; startled, he turned to see the once-frowning blonde smiling up at him.

"Really?" she asked.

Donald's eyebrows arched as his heart rate quickened as she continued to stare at him. "Yes," he said, trying to remain calm, "It's really beautiful." Donald said this with the start of a smile before covering up his braces with his lips as he continued walking out.

Her face began to beam with a smile as she offered him her hand, "My name's Hannah."

Although feeling awkward, and confused all at once, he took her tiny hands and covered them with his.

"I'm Donald nice to meet you, Hannah."

"So, where'd you buy the dress? It looks custom made." Donald asked, an innocent look on his face as Hannah's smile widened further.

She directed Donald to a seat; sitting down beside him, she began explaining, "I made it myself."

"Are you a fashion designer?"

Hannah looked at him, wondering if he was that smooth or was he this genuine. His braces and his awkward, youthful appearance gave her the answer in seconds.

"Well, I'm trying to open a boutique, so I appreciate the feedback."

"It really draws the eye, you did an awesome job." He said trying not to stare at her accentuated bust.

The minutes passed with chatter and mutual exchange with Hannah growing more comfortable with the tall, skinny teenager that sat next to her. She smiled and her eyes scanned the room ensuring they were still alone. Donald noticed she'd stopped listening and opened his mouth to ask a question when she leaned in and silenced him with a juicy lip bonding kiss. Immediately after, the clicking and clacking of bespoke shoes had her pulling away, after only a few soft seconds.

Donald sat speechless and Hannah rose to her feet, leaving him in a state of confusion.

She turned toward Donald giving him a knowing smile before she left the room. Bodies filled the once quiet room just as she left it.

"What the fuck just happened?" Donald muttered under his breath, as his father now approached with the owner of the mansion for Donald to chat with, despite Donald's disinterest.

It took an hour for Donald to escape the clutches of corporate networking hell. The kiss still played in his head over and over again, his logical mind constantly telling him how improbable it all was. Confused but also curious he headed out for some badly needed fresh air.

He slipped out of the back of the mansion, walking beyond the grotto and pools on a stone trail towards a forested area. Hannah was standing smoking a cigarette outside, when she spotted Donald, and squashing the dwindling butt under her pointed heel she followed him.

When Donald decided he was hidden well enough amongst the trees, he pulled out a joint and lit it. Inhaling deeply, his eyes quickly widened; his heart beat slowed and his mind quickly loosened. Swallowing his largest hit he began to hear the sounds of approaching feet. Before he could dispose of the joint, he noticed the blue-clad figure in the distance, illuminated by the lights of the not-so-distant mansion.

"Donald?" Hannah called.

"You scared the fuck out of me," Donald said placidly. No longer was he his typical well-kept self.

Hannah smiled, her lips widened and her dimples brightened as her nostrils took in the pungent herbal scent of her own misspent youth. Standing beside him, she took the joint from his lips and took a lung-filling inhale.

"God it's been so long," she sighed, breathing out slowly.

Donald stood there looking at the outline of Hannah the distant lights revealed, while his mind recreated the rest. She reached out and passed him back his joint. He took it and stuck it back between his lips. While he puffed on it, her hand stretched down and began to spread over his crotch. She pulled down his zipper and her cold soft fingers caused him to shiver as she pushed past his boxers. They fondled his hardening cock and tugged it out of his pants.

"Eager, aren't you?" she asked mischievously, causing him to smile as her hand moved along his long thick member, squeezing it firmly.

"Yes," Donald told her simply, with an uncontrollable unseen grin. Hannah reached up and took the joint from his mouth, placing it in hers. The hazy smoke bit into her senses as she breathed in the calming scent.

"Hand me your jacket," she told him, while exhaling and coughing.

Hannah took Donald's suit jacket and placed it on the ground in front of him. She lowered herself to her knees, and then passed the well burnt joint back to Donald as his face looked on blankly through the darkness.

Teasingly she ran her salivating tongue around his cock head. With one last inhale he tossed the joint away. Immediately after that his head arched upwards and his lips opened in pleasure, "Holy shit," he exclaimed, brushing her long blonde strands to the side to look down at what she was doing to him.

Hannah looked up at him teasingly. "You have a beautiful dick," she said simply. Then she took him into her salivating depths, clenching her lips over him and sucking along his length, swallowing his cock entirely with her hot mouth as his legs went weak. Hannah's head moved up and down along his cock slowly, her tongue and mouth making love to his rock hard member.

Donald enthusiastically pulled her to her feet, kissing her soft lips and tasting himself on them. He kissed her neck as his long fingers reached under her skirt and found her smooth panty-less entrance. His fingers rubbed lightly over her pussy, while she peeled down her strapless gown, unfastening her bra and revealing her perky round breasts.

Her tongue brushed along his braces with a haze-induced giggle, slipping deeper as their tongues entangled.

The gripping muscles of her moist hot vagina eased under the inducement of his middle finger as his fingers danced their way past her bald pussy. "I want to fuck you," he announced.

"Please," she begged.

Her fingers gripped the bark of the great oak tree ahead, as she bent over, pushing her fleshy ass towards him. Donald happily gripped her soft cheeks as he stood behind her, quickly dropping his pants to his ankles and lifting up her gown.

His cock rubbed against her wet slit, her smooth folds opening in anticipation as his cockhead knocked at her front door. She was dripping with eager anticipation, wiggling her ass cheeks at him and begging him to begin. With a burst of youthful energy Donald eagerly pushed half of his lengthy cock inside her blissful passageway. Not missing a beat, he slammed the entirety of his package forward driving his cock into her quivering pussy.

"Oh shit," he moaned in uncontained bliss at the sensations her body gave him as he repeatedly moved inside her. Whispered moans escaped her lips as his waist relentlessly rammed into her luscious ass. His cock filled her clutching neglected pussy to its entirety, and even when her senses couldn't take anymore he pressed on; smashing away at her firm ass cheeks, like a rapidly firing machine gun. Meanwhile His hungry hands playfully squeezed her soft breasts.

"God," she moaned her ass backing in to him to receive his manic thrusts.

"Oh...Oh," Donald grunted with one final deep rooted push before beginning to pull out.

"Are you coming soon?"

"... Now!"

"Stay inside."

"What.... Oh.... Oh," he said, and filled her pussy with his seed.

Moments later she sat in his lap protected by his hands and covered by his blazer. Their phones buzzed, with a text for him and a voice message for her. Donald ignored his text as he poured all his attention towards Hannah.

"Who are you ignoring?" asked Hannah, seeing for her an unusual sight; Richard always prioritized calls above her needs.

"My dad says he wants me back at the party.... it's not important," Donald said, staring at a face his mind imagined through the darkness, while his lips and roaming fingers brought her beauty into reality. She snuggled against him and closed her eyes. A few minutes later so did he.

An hour later when he awoke to find that he was now alone, he thought he dreamt up the rendezvous; until while walking on the stone trail he found a discarded gold wedding ring. His mind felt reassured but it wasn't until later in the car ride home when everything became real for Donald. When he turned on his iphone and found a text from Hannah with a date, a time and hotel location.

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