The Ring


It was just another weekend night. Barbara my wife and I had taken a taxi to town for dinner and drinks. We drank a couple of bottles of wine at dinner and then went dancing.

Barb and I weren't swingers or anything like that, although I did like showing off my beautiful wife. You see Barb was 31 years old and very attractive, in fact she's a stunner. Barb has long brown hair and beautiful brown eye's. Athletic, Barb works out hard, she loves to run and bike. We had been married seven years and were actually celebrating our anniversary that night.

Looking back, everything we did seemed so harmless that night. It was on the way home that we made the fateful decision to stop at an adult book store. Telling the driver to wait for us we walked in giggling like kids. Neither Barb nor I had ever been in the store, but we both wondered about it and often spoke of going in to check it out. We both had watched and enjoyed soft porn on cable but that was the extent of it. So when I saw the XXX sign and suggested we stop, Barb was all for it.

Walking in I remember Barb kept giggling like a school girl, which is something she does when she has had too much to drink. Truth be told I was just as drunk. When we walked in I noticed a skinny tattooed guy behind the counter giving Barb the eye. That night Barb had on a simple black dress that showed off her great legs. Form fitting it accentuated her slim built and perfect breasts. We were both in the process of pulling video titles and reading about the movie subjects when this tall black man approached me.

"Hi, your first time here?" he asked. I looked up at him. He was about 6'3" about 220 pounds, trim looking, with long dreadlocks.

"Ah yes." I stammered.

"You might like to check out the video booths in the back, it will let you preview some of the movies, maybe help you decide. They are private." He said to Barb as she walked up.

"I don't know we have a cab waiting."I said.

"It won't take long, here take these tokens to room number three, the videos are on me." He said as he extended his hand towards Barb. I remember how his eye's never left hers. Without a word Barb took the coins from him and followed him. I caught a glimpse of a tall black man watching us from a distance.

"Room three, have fun." He said as he pointed to the door and walked away.

"I don't believe this."Barb said giggling again. "here goes." she said as she deposited the coins. the room brightened when the video came on. On the screen it showed an attractive blonde sitting on the bed by a man who appeared to be her husband. then a black man walked in and she began to unfasten his pants exposing a huge black cock. Holding in in both hands she adoringly admired it before gently licking at the pre-cum which was already oozing from the massive cock head.

"My god look at the size of that cock." Barb said as she reached back and grabbed my hardening dick. Instinctively I reached around and grabbed both her tit's. I could feel her thick hard nipples beneath the material of her dress. Barb gasped with pleasure and squeezed my dick harder. Things got fuzzy for me at that point, I remember reaching down between her legs and feeling how wet she was. Then Barb sat down on the single chair in the dark room. Barb continued watching the video mesmerized by the action. I had taken off her panties and went down on her. I started sucking on her clit and was working two finger in and out of her pussy when she began to cum.

I felt Barb's body shutter with an orgasm and I looked up to see her reaction. Barb was looking at the video monitor and squeezing both her tits when suddenly from a whole to her right appeared a huge black cock every bit as big as the one on the screen.

"Oh my god what should we do." Barb whispered.

"Go on touch it." We heard in a deep voice. There I was on my knees, between my wife's legs, paralyzed. I didn't say a word as Barb reached out and touched the black cock. Semi hard it twitched at Barb's touch, provoking her to do more. Barb wrapped her fingers around the base of the cock and slowly began stroking it. I couldn't believe my eye's, I unzipped my pants and began jerking off as I watched my wife stoking the black monster.

Then Barb leaned over and began pumping on his cock with both hands. Barb's face was inches away from the cock head when from over head a big black hand caressed the back of her head and urged her face forward. I stared in disbelief as Barbara with out hesitation leaned over and began sucking the huge black shaft. I continued working my two fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Barb was thrusting her hips forward and up each time I plunged my fingers into her slit. My wife was more excited than I had seen her in a long time.

Barbara moaned as she licked at the black cock head. Then the deep voice on the other side of the wall began coaching her.

"Oh that's right girl, just like that. You like that black cock don't you girl." The voice growled, his hand pumping her head with each stroke of her two hands. That's when I noticed the big diamond ring on the black man's hand. I fumbled with my pant's letting them fall to my knees. My dick was so hard it seemed to ache. Pulling down my shorts I continued playing with myself. At the same time I continued fingering Barb. I watched the black stud feed his cock to my wife. Barb kept pulling on his cock with both hands as he fucked her mouth. Occasionally she would gag with the ever deepening penetrations.

"That's good, you ready baby, you ready." the black man bellowed from the other side of the thin wall. It was all too much for me as cum started spurting out of my penis. On and on he kept pumping his cock in and out of Barbara's mouth. Drunkenly and weak I tried to stand up and almost fell. My pants at my ankles, there was simply no room for me to lean over and pick them up with Barb leaning over sucking the guys cock. Then he groaned again and Barb began pumping his cock harder.

"Here it comes baby, aaaahhh." He roared as Barb stopped stroking him and squeezed the base of his cock. Barb took the first two blasts of hot cum in her mouth. Then with the massive cock still twitching she backed away, when with her face just inches away his cock pulsed again. The blast of cum shot on to Barb's upper lip and nose. She opened her mouth and licked the cum that was dripping off his cock then off her lip.

I had never seen this side of Barbara, she was wild and completely uninhibited. Barbara had never done anything like that for me in the seven years of our marriage. I sat there staring as Barb licked the studs cock clean. When Barb finished he pulled his cock back through the hole. Speechless, it was Barb who spoke first.

"I can't believe that just happened, you okay." Leaning on the wall, pants down all I could do was nodded affirmatively. Barb glanced at my shriveled penis and told me to pull my pants up. I remember as we left seeing the white guy with the tattoo's, he had this knowing grin on his face. I half expected to run into the black man who had showed us to the room, but he was no where in sight. We climbed into the cab and as we rode home Barb asked if the black cock belonged to the black man with dreadlocks. I told her I didn't know. About half way home I heard Barbara begin to sob

At home we spoke about what happened. Barbara was very upset and was still crying. guilt had apparently set in and she asked if I could ever forgive her.

"There is nothing to forgive. It just happened, I know I should have stopped it but I was just as excited as you were." I admitted trying to make her feel better.


"Really?" I answered with a half smile.

Exhausted we went to sleep, the next morning I woke up with a raging hard on thinking about the night before. I spooned up behind Barb and began nudging my dick against her slit. Then I felt her part her legs and her hand guide my penis into place. Barb was wet, very wet, and I wondered if it wasn't because she was thinking about the night before. I was so excited I came just after several strokes. I came very hard though, shooting my sperm into her fertile pussy. Rolling on to my back I apologized for coming so quickly.

"That was fast even for you." Barb said without thinking. Realizing what she said, she added.

"I didn't mean it like that honey," then as an after thought, "god I'm soaked if that doesn't make me pregnant nothing will."

I turned to look at Barbara as she brought her knees up to help my sperm on it's way. Glancing toward me she smiled and I smiled back, everything that happened the night before forgotten. We had been trying for about three months to start a family maybe this morning was a beginning.

Later that morning I discovered my wallet was lost. I called several places from the night before but to know avail. I called the video place but it was closed. So I went to work and late that morning I received a call. The deep voice sounded familiar.

"Hello Steve, this is Marcus from last night, you remember me, crazy night huh?"

"Yes." Then I knew it was the black man from the hole.

"Yes you remember me or it was a crazy night." he answer with a deep laugh.

"Both." I said not knowing were the conversation was going.

"What's your e-mail, that way I can send you the address were your wallet is located."

"Is it at the store?"

"No that's the problem, it's not there and I'm not sure of the address were it will be, so when I get there I'll just shoot you the address." I gave him the address and was about to hang up when he continued.

"Was that your first time."


"Don't tell me this is going to be twenty question's Steve. Come on man, you know, watching that lovely wife of yours suck black cock." I didn't know how to respond. I guess I should of hung up, instead I answered.

"We never did that before."

"Would you like to do it again."

"I don't think so." I answered nervously.

"Now you know you want to do it again, I saw you jerking off last night, dude you were so excited, shit, I though you were going to pass out."

"Hey thanks for the wallet, but I have to run." I answered hoping to end the conversation.

"Steve don't hang up." He said firmly. "Look you enjoyed last night didn't you, now tell me the truth."

"It dosen't matter what I like, my wife would never do that again."

"Yes she would Steve, if you want it to happen I can make it happen. All you have to do is exactlly what I tell you to do. Just think about what I'm telling you and I will talk to you later."

Marcus hung up as I sat there thinking about what he had just said to me. Why had I had I listened to him. He sounded so sure of himself, sure that my wife Barbara would do it again. Later that day I received an e-mail from Marcus. The address in the e-mail as it turned out was for a small office complex. There was also a short note from Marcus which read:

"In your heart you know what will make her happy, it's what makes every white woman happy and it's something you can't give her"

There was an attachment, which I opened. It was a series of pictures, mostly of white women having sex with black men. Others showed average white men like me standing nude by well hung black men.

My dick got hard as I looked over the still photo's. All the pictures of the women had one thing in common they were either in the throws of a powerful orgasm or about to have one. All of the black studs were hung and a lot bigger than me. In fact I couldn't help thinking about how large Marcus's cock was, since he was probably larger than many of the black studs in the photo. the rest of the day I was nervous with anticipation.

The office was small, just a reception area with a male receptionist, who led me back to Marcus's office. Marcus stood up and offered me his hand. The man was huge, 6'6" and at least 240 pounds. Marcus was very dark and in very good shape.

"Have a seat, Steve. What did you think of my e-mail?" I eyed my wallet sitting on his desk.

"Well." I responded looking down at my feet.

"Look at me Steve, you liked what happened the other night, I bet you can't stop thinking about it. Frankly neither can I, so why don't we do it again." His eye's held mine. I knew he was right. I wanted it to happen again.

"I don't know, like I said my wife would never go for it."

"Now we are getting somewhere. So we can agree you want to do something like that again, right.'

Glancing down I nodded yes. Then I looked up and asked Marcus a question. "Why, what's your motivation."

Marcus smiled. "Come here look." Next to Marcus was a TV monitor. Marcus pressed a button and a video tape from inside the store began to run. There on the screen was Barbara walking in the store browsing over DVDs with me right behind her. I watched as the black man with the dreadlocks approached us.

"I was in the back office when you came in, I noticed her on camera immediately. Barbara that's her name right, she is very beautiful. Now you know my reason. I would like a chance to make love to her. So you see, you would get what you want and I would get what I want. Do we have a deal?"

"I don't know let me think about it." I said as I reached for my wallet. Marcus covered it with his hand, the ring sparkling.

"I'll be in touch," he said as he slid the wallet forward. I picked up the wallet and turned to the door.

"One more thing, don't tell her you got the wallet from the man in the booth."

I nodded as I walked out. Driving home I wondered why I even bothered listening to Marcus. The whole idea was crazy, there was no way Barbara would ever agree to swing. That night in the booth was just an aberration and it would never happen again.

When I got home Barb asked if I had a luck finding my wallet. I almost told her about Marcus finding it at the store but changed my mind at the last moment. I said that a guy found the wallet in the parking lot of the club we had gone to earlier in the evening.

"At least you didn't have to go to that x-rated place and run into that man. that would have been so embarassing." I decided to play around with her and told her that I did stop at the store on my way to work. I told her the guy with the dreadlocks was behind the counter.

"Oh my god, did he recognize you."

"Yes," I said looking for her reaction.

"What did he say to you."

"Actually he asked me if you were my girl friend."

"And you said, wait your kidding right."

"No, I told him we just met that night, that I picked you up at a club."

"You picked me up?"

"Well what did you want me to tell him, that the woman I was with was my wife, I thought he had my wallet Barb." I could see the wheels turning in Barbara head.

"Oh that's true, did he say anything else."

"Well, I asked about the wallet and he said they didn't find anything. Then when I was walking out he asked me if I didn't mind could I please give him your phone number. It seems you made a lasting impression on him." I really didn't know why, but just talking about that night made my dick hard.

"Did he say anything else."

"I better not say," I baited.

"Tell me Steve."

"Well I told him I didn't have your number and he said too bad. he said you gave him the best head job he had ever had."


"No seriously, it was strange hearing another man tell me how much he like the way you sucked his cock."

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry." Barb was visually upset and I realized I had gone to far.

"No don't be sorry. I'm not angry in the least, in fact it was a bit of a turn on listening to the guy. I mean I could tell he really found you attractive. He said you were really hot and that I was lucky to have snagged you. " I said.

"Your not angry, really?"

"No baby." I said, giving her a hug.

Over the next couple of weeks I couldn't get the image of Barb sucking Marcus's big black cock out of my mind. Every time I thought about it I ended up with a raging hard on. Marcus didn't help matters. Everyday he would send over pictures or movies of white women having fantastic sex with black men. I thought about deleting his e-mails without looking at them, but I couldn't help myself.

I guess about three weeks had passed when I received an e-mail from Marcus asking what Barb and I were doing over the weekend. I wrote back that we were going out to eat and then hit a couple of clubs in Austin. A few minutes later he called.

"Hello Steve. I knew it was only a matter of time. Listen, lets meet at Nasty's say about 11:00, you can introduce me as a business associate."

"Marcus I didn't say anything about meeting up with you."

"Right, also make sure Barbara is wearing something sexy. Remember Nasty's on Maiden Ln., oh and I will be upstairs." Without letting me respond Marcus hung up. Later that day Marcus sent me several more e-mails, with more pictures of white women being pleasured by well hung black men.

No way I planned on going there, but as Friday approached I found myself wondering what would happen if I took Barb to that club. I was curious as to how Marcus would play it. That evening when Barb was getting dressed I asked her to put on something sexy.

"Only if you promise to do me later, after all it's been over a week," she chided. I hadn't realized till just then it had been that long. I had been masturbating so often to Marcus's e-mails it had left me lacking at home. My dick was stiff as I watched her dress.

"I promise, but lose the bra." Barbara unhooked the bra and laid it on the bed.

"Okay but you know how they show." She said, as she slipped on the dark blue dress. The dress was short, about mid-thigh length. The top was low cut and squared off, showing lots of cleavage. the dark material was thin and when she faced me her nipples clearly protruded. Then Barb picked up two pairs of shoes.

"Your height, or three inches taller." She indicated, showing me the size difference in heels. One pair had 2 inch heels the other 6. Barb is an inch shorter than me at 5'6" and almost any heel makes her taller than me. I pointed at the 6 inch spikes. Barbara put on her shoes and walked over to me. Almost 6' tall with her long brown hair down her back, she looked magnificent. I remember thinking how I couldn't wait for Marcus to see how beautiful she looked.

"You like." Barb said as she stood before me, my dick was already hard as I brought her hand to my crotch.

"Maybe we should stay home." She said as she squeezed my penis.

"No way, I want to show you off, besides the cab is waiting.

I was so anxious to get over to the club, I had no appetite during dinner. Even Barb noticed and asked why I seemed so preoccupied. I made up some excuse about business and kept her wine glass full. We arrived at the club about 11 and made our way to the second floor. The club was a kind of hip-hop joint. The crowd was made up of young professionals and I noticed that there were a number of interracial couples.

I left Barbara to go order drinks. There was a mirror behind the bar and I could see Barbara standing by the dance floor, when Marcus appeared at her side. He was wearing a dark suit with a white shirt, no tie and even with her heels he towered over Barb. I saw him introduce himself and motion towards the dance floor. Barb nodded no and pointed towards me. About this time I got our drinks and started walking over to were they were standing.

"Steve, hey man how you doing." Marcus said.

"You know each other?" Barb asked taking the drink out of my hand.

"Hi Marcus. Yes Barb this is Marcus, but I see you already met. He's a new client." I said over the music. I could see Marcus was getting an eye full of Barbara's tits as he looked down on her.

"Obviously I didn't know this was your wife, I asked her to dance but she refused. So now that you are here do you mind."

"No, no." I said. Barb shot me a questioning glance. I smiled and took the drink out of her hand. I couldn't believe how fast Marcus had struck. Marcus led her out on to the dance floor. Right between two other interracial couples. I knew Barb was buzzed and it didn't her long to get into dancing with Marcus, he was very good. The floor was crowded and they danced fairly close. From time to time he would lean over and say something to her. I saw her laugh a few times to what ever he was saying. Then a slow dance came on.

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