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The Ring


Hey Folks,

Been awhile. But my wife of 30 years has had some health issues and of course, she comes first.

This is a shorty. More of a "scene from marriage" tale.

There are no sex scenes, it's not BTB or RAAC so if you are looking for that, move along.

To the trolls, anons, and all the rest, "It's just a story!" Relax take a few minutes and I hope you enjoy.



I was met with silence as I walked into my favorite bar. Normally I'd get a shout out like the guy from Cheers, but I think the shock of seeing me was too much for them.

You see, just a few weeks ago I was beaten so badly I wasn't expected to live through the day. I was found several hours after my assault stuffed behind some bushes along side the park's running trail. I frequently used the trail at night to calm myself and lately I've used it an awful lot.

An elderly couple found me and called 911. I had multiple internal injuries including a lacerated spleen and bruised kidneys, fractured ribs, severe concussion, bruised femur and a broken arm, just to name a few.

My destination was a table toward the rear of the bar where the three men who beat me sat. The fourth person at the table was my soon to be ex-wife. Needless to say I was none too thrilled to be this close to any of them.

The biggest goon at the table, Reginald (he hated be called Reggie), was a muscled bound Englishman here in the states working for his old man. His old man, Reginald Wallace II, is some kind of big shot corporate lawyer in the United Kingdom. His specialty involved helping American corporations who like to hold their riches off shore and out of the IRS' hands.

Little Reggie holds some made up title in his daddy's firm. He actually was a lawyer in his home country but he was having trouble passing the bar here in the states. Since there wasn't much for him to do for his daddy's company, he instead uses his title, muscles and accent to his advantage and seduce married women.

He's been named in a few divorces when his daddy's money couldn't keep the husband quiet. A couple husband's took the money and ran, leaving his cheating wife behind with no support and alone to suffer the condemnation of our town. After Reggie destroyed the marriage he dropped the wife quicker than she dropped her panties just to suffer another indignity.

This time though things were different. Normally his size, and his two friends, intimidated husbands into submission, but it didn't work against me. I was raised to stand your ground when you are in the right, even if it means you get hurt. And I did get hurt.

The people in the bar were shocked at my appearance. Most heard what had happened to me but seeing it up close is pretty disturbing. The facial swelling wasn't as bad as it was, but it still had an elephant man sense to it. The bruising was mixed with dark and ugly shades of yellow that it does when it starts to heal.

A couple people tried to get me to turn around and go home, but I ignored them even though my body did not. My ribs were wrapped tightly and I was clutching them with my free arm hoping it would help me breath easier. It wasn't helping much. The most painful part was the bruised femur in my left leg. If there was any one injury to stop me tonight, I think this would be it.

There were only ten feet between me and their table when Reggie, Sylvia and his two minions become aware of the room's silence and started to look around. When they noticed me limping their way the shock that registered on their faces was almost comical. It was obvious I was the last person they expected to see tonight.

You see, Reggie promised to end my life the next time we met because I refused to going along with his plan. I was supposed to sit by like a good little wimp and let him take my wife, use for a short period of time and re-embrace the spoil goods she became. Too bad for him, and her, I don't play that way.

I didn't doubt him in the least he meant what he said about killing me, but I was playing the odds he wouldn't do it here in the bar in front of witnesses.

Reggie and his buddies, Eric and Stan, began laughing and making comments about my present physical condition. I showed no emotion as I stopped at their table raising up straight despite the pain from my ribs.

Since I wasn't fazed by their taunts they decided to question my parents heritage. Big fucking deal, they were assholes too.

I had one family member that had loved me unconditionally and that was my grandmother. Grandmother Beverly took me in without question or hesitation after allegations of neglect by my father, her son.

My parents enjoyed the party life a little too much. When a concerned neighbor called the police and I was found left alone, unfed and dirty, I was taken to my grandmother's house and temporarily placed in her custody by the authorities.

It wasn't until years later I found out my grandmother gave my parents a little bit of traveling money, removed them from her Will and sent them on their way just to get me away from them. It ended up being the best thing for me. I had a very good childhood.

Grandma's love and influence has been a guiding force from that day forward. She taught me to do the right thing, even if it hurts and that there were limits to the amount of shit you took from people.

She worked hard to pay the bills and provide us with everything we needed. We lived in the same home she and grandpa did when he was alive. It was located in your typical middle class neighborhood. A strong work ethic was another virtue she instilled into me from the time I could understand the concept.

Grandmother Beverly died in a hospital bed two days after she was in an automobile accident. I was away attending my second year of college, but I was by her side within hours of being notified. It would take me months to recover enough from her death to start acting normal again.

A week after I buried her along side my grandfather, I was called to her lawyer's office. It was there I was told my grandmother was actually a very wealthy woman. Unknown to me my grandfather was a very successful business man throughout the years and was very frugal with his money. Of course, with his passing everything went to his wife.

For a moment I wondered why my grandmother continued to work as she did if she was so well off but quickly remembered that self support was expected of us. We were expected to make our own way through life and not waste any God given talent we may have.

When she died, I was her only heir.

The money was now mine, although it was tied up in a trust. The trust was very specific on what it would or would not do. There were limits on how much I could use and benchmarks that had to be met before I had access to any or all the funds.

I was expected to continue my education and earn a degree or learn a trade capable of earning a decent living.

All school tuition and subsistence would be paid for as long as I kept a three point grade average or above. If I dropped out of school, I would only receive a third of the trust. If I got married before I earned my degree, I only got a third. If I did not obtain gainful employment in my field of study within a year of graduation, I'd only get a third.

You get the idea. No free rides were allowed.

Any money I received from the trust meant nothing compared to the love and guidance my grandmother had given me while I was growing up. In her memory alone, I refused to fail her.

The trust maintained our home while I was away at school and became my only destination on weekends or holidays. The joyful memories of growing up there remains to this day.

Even with that, there is only one material item important to me. It was not part of the trust and it was given to me with no stipulations or restrictions, except for a bit of advice and a wish from a dying woman.

It was my grandmother's wedding engagement ring. She placed the ring in my palm just before she died. She wrapped her hands in mine and told me to find a good woman to love, raise a family with and live the rest of my life in love and happiness.

It was her dying wish.

I had already met all the terms of the trust before I met Sylvia, but there were still protections inherent within it. One of those protections were a requirement for a pre-nuptial agreement for any prospective spouse.

I was smitten from the moment I had first laid eyes on her. We dated for only a few months before she moved in with me and a few months after that I asked her to marry me.

Surprisingly, Sylvia had no qualms in signing on the dotted line. I thought I had a keeper but I was wrong. It turns out she isn't motivated by money. Her inclinations are more aligned with extracurricular carnal activities.

There was one item I added to the pre-nup and that item is the reason why I'm in the bar tonight.

Sylvia new the history of the ring and when I slipped it on her finger she swore to honor the memory of my grandmother and the love it was built on.

It was my fault alone for making such a poor choice in marrying Sylvia. Her pretty face and an athletic body drew me in like a moth to a flame. The physical aspects of Sylvia blinded me to her obvious mental weaknesses. Muscle bound English accented rich pricks seems to be one of those weaknesses.

My left arm was in a cast, suspended in a sling. I held out my free hand toward Sylvia. I said nothing, but she knew what I wanted. She sat motionless staring up at me with pleading eyes asking I not take back what she so easily soiled.

My patience was wearing very fucking thin at this point. The pain in my leg and my ribs were pushing me to my limits of endurance. Everyone of the bastards sitting at this table had put me through hell the last three weeks and everything was coming to an end. More than they could possibly know.

"Now." Still nothing. My hand remained out with the palm facing up. "Now!" Her tears began to fall.

The crowd behind me remain completely silent watching the spectacle in front of them.

By this time Reggie and friends were laughing and insulting me because I couldn't control my woman. To Reggie, and men like him, I stopped being a man because my wife was led astray so easily and completely. If I had been better in bed or maybe smacked her around to keep her compliant, then she wouldn't have been turned into a slut.

"NOW DAMN YOU!" This time Reggie stood up and started to come around towards me. I expected a reaction like this from him, but unlike last time, I was not alone on a darkened running trail.

Now you'd figure a lawyer, even a bad one like him, would know when you were out on bail for felony assault, going after the same guy again was stupid. Doing it in front of witnesses was just plain ignorant. But that's Reggie.

Yes, there was a restraining order against Reggie and friends, but he didn't violate it. I approached them so they were in the clear. But coming after me like he was doing did violate the order and I could protect myself as needed. It was a chancy legal argument, but it was one I was willing to make.

I reached into my sling and pulled out a stun gun. By the time he came within reach I was ready and hit him with the electrodes dropping has ass to the floor making him twitch like a little bitch.

Following his body to the floor I continued to hit him with jolts of electricity until he pissed his pants. There was a short scuffle behind me because Stan and Eric tried jumping me from behind, just like three weeks ago. Fortunately for me a few friends in the bar stopped them. They were still pummeling Stan and Eric with kicks and punches while I raised myself off the floor.

My attention went back to the bitch who was by now terrified. Her lover and his friends were no longer able to support her. "Now Sylvia, give me my grandmother's engagement ring! Right fucking now!"

Tears were running down her face but she held onto the ring clasping her left hand in her right hand. Meekly she replied, "No. This ring means so much to me. I don't want to give it back. We can work things out, I know we can. I love you and you love me. I'm sorry I fell for Reggie. It won't ever happen again, I swear!

"All Reginald wanted to do was talk to you and try to get you to take me back. Instead you wouldn't listen to reason and you jumped them like a mad man. All they did was defend themselves. That's what they told me and I believed them...I'm so sorry. I didn't know they jumped you."

"God you are one dumb bitch. You fuck "Reggie" for weeks and you expect to stay married to me? Give me the fucking ring! You're insulting my grandmother's memory by just wearing it and that I won't stand for.

You signed the pre-nup. It's no longer yours. Now, for the last damn time, GIVE ME MY GRANDMOTHER'S RING!"

My endurance was fading fast. Trying a different tactic, I pointed the stun gun her direction and pushed the button making it spark. From the look in my eyes, she finally understood I was not bluffing and any more hesitation on her part would ensure her joining her lover on the floor.

Suddenly I felt a presence beside me. The Sheriff was standing along my side asking how I was doing. He was an old family friend and I could see his concern for for my well being.

Without looking at him, "I'm just trying to retrieve my stolen property, but my soon to be ex-wife is refusing to hand it over." The sheriff said he could help and took a step forward and whispered something in Sylvia's ear. She suddenly began crying in earnest while pulling the ring off her shaking hand. Handing it over to the Sheriff she collapsed onto the table blubbering like a child.

After he handed me the ring I clutched it tightly in my hand and apologized to my grandmother for giving it to someone so unworthy.

Just before I turned to leave the sheriff handed Sylvia a large envelope telling her she was served. Suddenly, I felt better. The papers were ready a week ago but she had been hiding out with Reggie staying at various hotels for only a day or two before they moved on. Until now he'd been unsuccessful in tracking them down.

Officially, since she was finally served the divorce papers, Sylvia was obligated to hand over the ring anyway. I just happened to beat the Sheriff by a few minutes.

The end was now beginning and I knew I would be better off.

For Sylvia, Reggie and the others, not so much. Reggie and his friends had their bail revoked and they spent four months in jail before they went on trial for felony assault. During that time "daddy" tried his best to get me to drop the charges and let his boy go.

A felony conviction would prevent Reggie from keeping his license as a lawyer in his home country. I think daddy was more worried about the embarrassment the whole situation has caused than anything else.

He figured if you put enough zero's on a line he could get what he wanted. Problem was, I had more zero's in my bank account than he had in his. Besides, after I filed a civil suit against his son, I'd get plenty of his money.

Later on I asked the Sheriff what he said to Sylvia to get her to release the ring so quickly. He smiled and said that he had told her if she didn't hand it over immediately he would make sure she was charged as an accomplice to my assault, which carried two years minimum in state prison. It was a charge that could have easily been proven to the judge considering her actions with Reggie.

In the end it didn't matter that Reggie and his accomplices did years in jail for assault and that Sylvia disgraced herself with adultery and forced to leave a marriage with nothing but her clothes.

What mattered most to me is that I retrieved my grandmother's ring. Although it may have been tarnished for the short time Sylvia had it on her finger, it was impossible to destroy the love within it. The tremendous amount of love in that ring could not be diminished by her actions.

It would eventually find itself on the hand of someone worthy.

I found her a couple years after the night in the bar. Her name is Sandy and for the past thirty years she has honored my Grandmother Beverly's memory by wearing her ring. She knew that Sylvia wore it first, but took no offense of my being taken in by a first spouse. It had also happened to her.

Some day it will be given to our grandson so he, hopefully, can feel the same joy that it had brought me and his great great grandmother.

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by Anonymous

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by Spencerfiction09/08/18

Good stuff

He was made of the right stuff. Great story, 5*

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by betrayedbylove06/02/18


What bothered him the most was the disrespect the cunt gave to the grandmother's ring. This is a man who was raised right. Excellent tale of consequences.

Five Stars

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Responding to stupid comment by Anonymous 04/30/18

Go back and READ the story, blockhead. He was simply STANDING IN PLACE DEMANDING THAT SHE RETURN HIS GRANDMOTHER'S RING. That DID NOT require the big fucking ape to charge a guy who'd just limped acrossmore...

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by anonymousinblue05/31/18

Well, I have to disagree with whole thing if she wasn't obligated to give the ring back until being served. Then, ask for the ring. And what the sheriff said was weak, it should have played on emotionsmore...

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by Anonymous04/30/18

Very dramatic, and really liked the focus of the plot, but . . .

it doesn't work. You can't hit someone with a stun gun for running at you or approaching you aggressively. With Reggie's daddy's money it would be easy to demonstrate that despite the charges againstmore...

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