The Ring


It didn't make much sense to me, what the old Gypsy woman had said. I went to her because I heard she knew about weird things, magic and stuff so to speak. I thought that maybe she might be able to explain what this ring was or how it was even possible. You see a man came up to me a few nights ago, said his name was Gabe. He reached into his long black trench coat and pulled out a small gold box. He told me to take the box and guard it with my life. Of course I said to him that he was crazy and began to walk away. He grabbed my arm and began to ramble on about being a holder. A holder of a magic ring, that could give me the power to enter a story and play it out anyway that I wanted. Didn't make much sense but I figured that I would listen anyway. "What I mean by story," he said is, "you read a book then you can enter that book."

"Watch TV and you can become part of the show. "I know it sounds crazy, but you have to believe me." The ring has been around for a long time and there are some people who would use the kind of power it possesses for evil. There has always been a holder. Someone that the ring itself chooses to keep it safe and you're the one. "So why don't you keep it," I asked. "Because they already know that I have it. I can't hide the ring anymore, but you can." Please, just take it. Run, and keep it out of sight. Don't ever show anyone what it can do or they will be after you too. "I'll take it," I said. But only because I think you are crazy and I want you to go away." Gabe shoved the box into my hand and began to turn away. Then I thought that I better ask. Hey, who are they? With a look of fear in his eyes he said, "Anyone with an agenda to dominate. Some a lot worse then others. Be careful, and then he was gone.

So, as weird as that was, I went back to my dorm room, stuck the box in a drawer and began reading up for my mid term. A few hours went by and I started getting tired trying to figure out the whole chemistry thing. So I decided to take a TV break. I flipped through the channels for a while until I saw that Dark Angel was on. I'd been so into the books that I'd almost forgot. God Max is so hot I thought to myself. Her hard little body. I couldn't even begin to imagine how many times I thought about ravaging her sexy frame. Then almost as if someone had slapped me in the face I thought of the ring. Gabe had mentioned something about TV. Something about being able to be a part of the story. OK, this was basically a teenage fantasy floating but hey, the worst thing that could happen is that I would look really stupid in front of myself. I went to the drawer puled out the box.

It was solid gold, no markings of any kind. You'd think something so special would have some writing. I opened it and there was a small spark. Must have been my imagination I thought. The ring, was lodged in a smooth velvet slit, it too was made of gold with a small purple jewel in the center and several tiny markings. Maybe a language I thought. So I thought which finger should it gone on. Gabe didn't give me much information so the ring finger made as much sense as any. Then I though that I saw another spark. If I did it was to small to even consider. With the ring on my finger I looked up and saw Max on the screen wearing tight jeans and a little tank top. She was lying on Logan' couch with her voice over pondering something about Manticore. So with the ring on my finger I start to think about how in the hell something like this would work. My first thought is that it would all be in the head. With barely a thought I reach out to the TV and began to imagine being with Max. Suddenly everything went dark and I realize that my eyes were closed. With little hesitation I slowly open my eyelids and my focus was off at first but then there was a slight blur of brown and black. A figure rose and a voice spoke in front of me. "Who the hell are you"? It said. A soft, hard females voice. Still not sure what was happening, I managed to slur out my name, "I'm Sean."

"Well Sean, you'd better tell me where you came from or I'm going to began kicking your sorry ass," the voice said. Then I realized, almost as if I had forgotten. I looked down at the ring, which seem to instantly bring me back into focus and I began to remember who I was and how I got there. Just pass the ring I could see a pair of naked feet standing semi tip-e-toe on the hard wood floor. I slowly worked my way up until I was gazing eye to eye with Max. My jaw dropped and in the back of my mind all I could think is what a god Gabe must have been. "OK Sean, three seconds then you and your gaw-gaw eyes are going out that window," Max said, this time grabbing me by my collar.

"Wait," I screamed out. I'm here for you Max. "For me," What the fuck do you want with me," she said grabbing me by my throat and slamming me onto the kitchen counter. Well, that's just it Max, I want to fuck your brains out. I couldn't believe it, without even thinking I had said something that I would never say to any woman. She looked at me with the sexiest grin, and said, "finally, a hot boy that knows what he wants."

Heaven, that's where I thought that I had gone. I died and an angel gave me a ring that was the key to the gates. Max in a swift jump, mounted me on top of the counter, put her hands on either side of my head and kissed me long and hard. Her tongue lapping around mine as mine lapped hers. Our hands darted up down each other bodies as we fondled to remove each our clothes. She began to rip the buttons off my shirt with her teeth kissing my chest after each one. Finally down to nothing but my boxers and her skimpy, lacey blacë panties and matching bra she sat on my lap and rubbed my stomach. Max obviously knew that I was rock hard because she began to grind against my lap. I reached up and grabbed the back of neck and pulled her close to me.

I teased her a little acting like I was going to kiss her, then pull away. Which must have been a little too much for her since she grabbed me by my hair and parted my lips with her tongue. She had my left arm pinned down by my side. I could barley move except for my right hand that had been groping Max' sweet soft ass was free and I moved it up back so that I could unhook her bra. Her ample breast seem to almost rejoice at being free and smile came across Max' face as I cupped her right tit in my palm. "That feels good Sean," she said. You like that Max? "Hell yes."

"What about this?" I asked as I firmly pinched her hard nipple between two of my fingers. She gasped out and bit my ear. "Fuck!!!" I screamed out as my left arm got free. I grabbed a tit in either hand, pulling them up to my face. Pinching her nipples as hard as I could squeeze and jerking. With every new sensation Max' heavy panting seem to grow and then I took her left breast into my mouth sucking for all it was worth. She held the back of my head up so that I could have better access. "Sean, I've got two of those you know," she said her right tit in her hand as if to offer it to me. I smiled and complied, nibbling on the right while still fondling the left. "That's enough," she said, "It's my turn." Taking her breast away. I sad look came across my face. I was having so much fun with them. "Don't worry baby, I've got something you're going to enjoy a hell of a lot more. Then she kissed my neck and began working her way down my chest, slowly kissing and licking every inch of me. Then a strange thought came across my mind. "Max, what if Logan comes in." She looks up at me with a grim look and says, "I'm getting ready to milk your fat dick and you're worried about Logan."

"Besides, what's he going to do, report it."

"But aren't the two of you… He had his chance, and now you do, keep talking and you'll be walking out with blue balls." Of course I shut up and just put my hand on the back of her head to let her know that I was done thinking. She gave me that sexy smile with those pouty lips and began rubbing my dick through my cotton boxers. "You like that" she asked, yeah take it. She grabbed either side of my shorts and pulled them down. My cock sprang out, slapping the bottom of my chin. Her mouth fell open and she gasped. "Damn boy, now that's a fucking dick." Obviously about now I was real pleased with myself.

She grabbed the bottom of my shaft, spit on the head and gave it a little lick. "Ooooh you taste good," she said then puckered up and kissed the head of my ten-inch cock. I thought I would melt as she cupped my balls and slowly slid the tip of her tongue down my shaft and back up. She must have done that about ten times and I thought I would shoot my load off from her sensual touch until she grabbed my dick and gave it a few hard jerks and said, "you cum now, and I'll break it off."

"You get what I'm saying."

"Yes Max. Good." She smiled again, and then slowly jerked me off with her right hand while she used the left to get better access to my nuts. Slowly she took one into her mouth then the other. Soon she had my entire sack was engulfed, her tongue swirling around, and she was using her right thumb to apply pressure to the underside of head. She finally freed my balls, parted her lips slightly and ran up the side of my dick. Up and down she went, her left hand now at the base of my shaft while her right was rubbing my stomach. Max took her lips off long enough to give me another smile and ask, "you ready?"

"Yes," I said and darted her tongue out and into the slit on my head followed by her open lips slamming down on the first five inches. My propped up elbows collapsed and my head slammed back against the counter. Max worked up and down my shaft and I could feel her tongue pressing against my vein. Each time she took in a little more until her mouth was filled with eight inches. I could feel my dick hitting the back of her throat and I knew it was too much for her. Max gagged a little and tried to pull all the way off. I grabbed a fist full of her long dark hair and pushed back down. She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and managed a smile with most of my cock hanging out of her mouth. I couldn't believe how sexy she was on her knees with her tits swaying back and forth. I sat up and got a firmer grip on her hair so that I could force-feed her more of my dick.

It was getting to be too much cause she tried to pull away and I pinched her nipple causing her mouth to open wider, a slammed my dick into her throat. Her face was buried against my stomach and I pulled her off a few inches. I continued to face fuck my sweet young beauty jerking her nipples harder and harder seeing how the pain made her more receptive to taking my whole ten inches. I could hear my nuts slapping against her chin with each thrust. I mixture of slobber, spit, and pre cum was drooling out of her mouth. She would tell me later that the assault on her mouth was too much for even a flawless genetically engineered teen like her to take. Which is why she grabbed my balls in one hand and my dick in the other, and began to squeeze and jerk me off. I loved how she just took control, staring me in the eyes with I look of total love and lust. I knew what she wanted. I let everything go and began to explode down her throat. With each jerk Max milked me into her hot little trash talking mouth. When I was finally done my angel sprung my still rock hard cock from her mouth. Dripping with juices, she lovingly licked it clean inch by inch with a dazzling grin on her face. Then looked up and said, "that was the most amazing face fuck I've ever had." And I said, "yeah, that was the best damn blow job I've ever had, you are the hottest little teen slut I have ever been with."

"You think I'm a slut?" she asked, of course her chin was dripping with cum. And I just laughed and kissed her full lips. Then she puled back gave me that hypnotic smile and said, "If you were anybody else and called me a slut I'd have to break your arm."

"What makes me different?" I asked. "This big fucking prick of yours and what it's going to do for me next." she said. Then she smiled and gently began stroking me. I let out a soft moan, smiled and wiped the cum from her cute young face with my fingers and then slid them into her mouth. She gladly licked them clean.

"OK hot boy, get over to the couch," She jumped off the counter and began walking across the room. I almost slipped off the counter sense it was drenched in juices. I leaped off and watched Max' sexy little frame slide her black panties down those perfect legs. Then she stood tall, arms out and up, she posed. Next she slid her hand over her left tit, gave her nipple a squeeze and motioned for me to come over. A walked up and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist, kissed her again, and then slid my hands over her soft round ass. She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and then I lifted her up and laid her down on the couch. I inched my way in between her thighs, put my hands on her flat stomach and rubbed my way up to her tits. Max grabbed my arms and pulled me down on top of her. We made out for a while, exploring each other's bodies. Then she bit down on my bottom lip, wiped away the tiny burst of blood and slid the finger into my mouth. I couldn't believe how sexy she was. With a look of total desire, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in.

A lustful moan came from her parted lips and then she began pleading to me to stuff my cock into her. Her little body was squirming beneath me and I reached in and found she was dripping wet. My touch made her back arch. Max' rapid breathing caused her firm breast to rise and fall. The site of it all was too much and I grabbed my dick with my right hand, guided the head just inside of her and she let out a sigh. She tried to force more in by sliding down the couch but I put my left thumb on her clit and the rest of my hand on her body, forcing her to stay were she was. She wiggled trying to get more. "Please Sean, fuck me" she said. "Ravage my little cunt." I slid a little more into her and her hands darted to her tits. She looked so sexy playing with herself, licking her on nipples. I continued sliding a few inches of my meat in and out of her. Max was moaning out for more and I couldn't stand the teasing anymore. I put an arm around her waist lifted her of the sofa. She put her hand on the back of my head, grabbing a fist full of hair; the other grabbed the back of the couch.

Max obviously new what was coming. I put my free hand behind her, grabbed her smooth shoulder, and began to pull her down onto me. With each inch we both let out sighs of pain and relief until more then half my dick was in her. She kissed my lips and said, "More!!!" I slid out then took a firm grip with everything I had and rammed up her shaft. Max yelled out a plea of relief and pushed on me so hard that I fell against the arm of the couch. Still deep inside her, she put her arms around my shoulders, her tits in my face and began riding my hard prick for all it was worth. She had so much stamina, she goes up and down a few times, then would grind on my lap, forward to back. It was wild. Making a point to keep her soft tits in my face I did my best to lick, suck , and fondle while she had her way with me. "Damn baby, you've got the best dick, don't ever change" she said. I just agreed as she continued to ride me. I grabbed her by the waist and helped to guide her down each time on my fuck ride.

Max just smiled and liked her panting lips. She looked so, firm little body dripping wet. Her hair was messy and wild; some of it even stuck to her face from the sweat. Her eyes seemed to grow deeper and lustier by the second. Her screams where getting louder. I knew anyone in the neighboring apartments could here us. Then she slammed her body against mine, bit my and began shouting out, "I'm cumming!!!, Yes Yes, I'm cumming!!!, Fuck Yess!!! She leaned all the way back putting her hands on my legs behind her still slowly working up and down my dick. "You're the fucking best baby," she said. I just grunted, this new position was hurting like hell but felt to good to stop. "You like that," Max asked still shaking from her orgasm. "Yes love" I answered. She started bouncing hard, her tits were flaring every which way and I reached out to grab one and she bit my hand.

"You like it rough," I asked. "As rough as you can give it you sexy fuck toy you." I slid my prick out of her, stood up and grabbed her by the hair. I guided my dick into her mouth once again and started fucking her full pouty lips. She just squirmed beneath me smiling. This time it was much easier getting into her throat. I pounded away at her face a few more times and then let it drop out. She smiled and said, "is that as rough as you can get" and gave me a little laugh. I smiled back, grabbed her tits and wrapped them around my dick. I spit on them a few times and she followed suit giving her tits a mouth full of spit and pre cum to help lube her breast up and I began tit fucking her. Every time I thrust forward Max' tongue was waiting there to lick my head. She was the perfect little fuck, always seemed to know exactly what I wanted.

Next I told her to lay face down on the couch. She told me to make her. So I slapped her in the face a few times with my prick, and she darted her tongue out trying to get a taste. I laughed again and said, "You are such a sexy slut."

"Are we back to that slut thing again." She asked and I said, "yes, you're my favorite slut." She finally complied and lay face down into the couch with her arms out in front of her. I mounted her from behind. She stuck her ass into air, welcoming me in. I gently rubbed her firm backside and massaged my way up her back. I gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. Told her that I loved her and then pressed hard on the back of her neck with my left hand and grabbed a fist full of her long hair with my right hand. Pushing and pulling as hard as I could I shove my dick into her cunt. Max screamed out trying to move. I knew she could if she wanted to but she was barely trying. She seemed to like being dominated. I fucked harder and harder. She continued yelling, pleading for more.

I pulled harder on her hair, forcing her face to look straight. I shouted out, "you like it rough don't you," she grunted out a moan and I repeated myself. "You like it rough don't you, you slut bitch." She screamed yes and then began convulsing under me. I continued vigorously pounding into her until she stopped. Max, without effort freed herself from my hold, flipped over and grabbed my head, pulled me close and stuck her tongue into my mouth. "You are fucking heaven sent," she said "no one has ever made me cum like that. She looks down and grabs my dick, "shit, you're still hard," she said. "I'm going to take care of that for you, ok baby."

"Lean back, relax, and let me milk this fat prick of yours bone dry." She smiled, and licked my shaft up and down just like before. Sucked on my balls, jerked me off and began to literally make out with my cock. I had never had someone pay so much attention to my dick. Max really was perfect in every way. She parted her lips, swirled her tongue around the head, and then went down hard. It was so much better then before. She kept going completely to the base and back to the head. Hard, fast, and messy. There was so much slobbeò. I couldn't tell the difference between her mouth and her pussy. She pulled back a few times and a strand of spit and pre cum ran from the head of my dick to her bottom lip. She used her fingers and tongue to lap it back into waiting mouth and then would spit it back onto my dick. Then she was back to using my cock to fuck her own face. The entire time she had a sexy, seductive smile on her face. Moaning and flirting with me so that I would know that she was enjoying every minute. After about twenty more minutes of sucking and teasing Max sits back on her feet, chin dripping onto her breast and tells me to stand up.

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