tagMind ControlThe Ring Ch. 01

The Ring Ch. 01


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.



I frowned. I anticipated a thank you, a smile of gratitude, or hell, even a small nod of appreciation. But that one single word was the last thing I expected from the woman I just saved.

'Why' indeed.

Horns blared around us, people were getting out of their cars, their eyes wide and expressions worried, but only a few came to help; most of them had their cellphones pointed at us.

I was still laying on top of the woman. With a groan, I pushed myself to my feet, my elbows burning with numb pain. I looked at them. The left one was mostly fine, a little bruised, but the right was bleeding, and I knew it would only get worse once the adrenaline died down. I winced.

"Are you okay?" I finally asked, holding out my less messed up hand to the woman. I tried my best not to sound angry, or disappointed, given that I had just risked my life to save hers. I knew I shouldn't have done that; I could have died, throwing myself at her like that. But if I hadn't, I would be staring at a corpse now, not a living breathing human.

The woman didn't say anything. She was still laying on her back, staring at my outstretched palm with wide eyes like she had never seen one before. Finally, she shook her head, seemingly snapping herself out of whatever trance she'd been in and accepted my hand.

I almost let go when I felt a shock, and not the usual static one either. It was a weird, ticklish sensation followed by a jolt of electricity that made me a bit woozy.

I cringed at the feeling and pulled her up to her feet. She was quite pretty, I realised, as she brushed dirt off her tight, red pencil skirt. Mid 20's, slender, blonde, clearly works out, and she has that 'cute nerdy college girl' type look to her. I received the sudden urge to ask her out when she finished brushing herself off and straightened to look at me, her hazel eyes glowing radiantly.

I almost laughed at my intention. Ask her out? I had broken up with Taylor a year ago, and have been desperate for sex ever since; getting stupid impulses in my mind every time I saw an attractive woman. What was I going to do? Ask for her number after saving her from almost getting run down by a car? She owed me, but seeking sex in return was disgusting, something the old me would never even consider.

"Yeah, I am fine," the woman said, twenty seconds too late. She was still staring at me, her gaze searching my face.

Strange. I expected a cute, soft spoken, girlish voice that hot nerdy girls always seemed to have. But instead, she spoke with unnatural authority, deep and firm, not a hint of embarrassment in there. She sounded like she was used to giving orders, and expecting them to be carried out. I was getting weirdly turned on and hoped that she wouldn't look down and see my raging boner.

"So, uhh, yeah... I'll just be on my way," I mumbled, getting really fidgety from all the staring she was giving me. I turned to leave. "You're welcome," I said, even softer, so she wouldn't hear it.

She grabbed my arm. "Logan, wait."

I turned to her, my eyes wide. Had I met her before? How did she know my name?

"How do you know my name?"

"Come," she said firmly, ignoring my question and dragging me through the crowd of onlookers.

I let myself be dragged. Maybe she wants to go somewhere quiet and give me a thank you blowjob or something. If not, the slim chance was worth it anyways.

I found myself standing at the side of a Ferrari Spider, my brow furrowed in confusion. Then the woman went to the driver's side and unlocked the car.

"Well?" she said, sliding in and arching a pretty eyebrow. I forced a sheepish smile and got in. Somehow, if a person was rich (or looked rich) you tended to be more trusting of them.

"So, uhh... where are you taking me?" I asked, as houses and trees whipped by, the sound of the Ferrari beating in my eardrums.

She stayed silent, focused on the road ahead. I shrugged and leaned myself back in the seat, starting to get annoyed at the lack of answers I was receiving. Well, at least I was in a hot car with a hot woman, and if I pushed high enough against the seat, I had a pretty nice view of her cleavage.

Finally, we reached our destination and she stopped the car and hopped out. I was expecting an upscale neighbourhood, but we had stopped in a quiet rural area with a bunch of run down shops.

I climbed out of the Ferrari, admiring the luscious interior once more before following after my strange companion. Of course she had a really sexy walk, I thought, as I watched her hips sway seductively.

We journeyed for a while, breezing through old shophouses, walking past an empty football field, edging through a quiet marketplace. She maintained a good pace, and I was struggling to keep up, already out of breath as we trudged through more shophouses. At least I had a nice view of her ass.

I was getting worried when she turned into an alleyway. Thoughts of getting murdered flashed through my mind. But I followed her, though more wearily now, with my eyes alert and hands clenched into fists. I breathed a sigh of relief when we finally exited the dark, spooky alleyway, and she stopped in front of a musty little shop that looked ancient even when compared to the rest.

She had her arms crossed and her left foot was tapping impatiently on the concrete when I finally reached her.

"Come," was the sharp command before she pushed through the entrance and disappeared inside. I heard a bell ring.

The bell rang again when I opened the door, and a delightful aroma of strawberries and lavender greeted me. It was unexpected, to say the least. Judging by the state of the shop from the outside, I was fully resigned to a sour, foul odour. I stared in wonder at the surprisingly clean, polished interior. On the far right end of the massive room, unusual trinkets and expensive looking jewelry were stacked high on metallic shelves.

I walked through what looked like a hotel reception area, with cool, marble tiles and bright chandeliers before stopping in front of a huge, stylish desk. Behind it was a very, very attractive young receptionist who looked no older than nineteen and belonged to a magazine cover.

The hot receptionist was talking to my strange companion, who was sprawled on the desk like she owned the place.

As I got closer, I could make out the conversation.

"...it is unwise to do that, Mistress," the receptionist was saying, eyes kept low, hands clasped in front of her. "Master would be displeased."

My companion shrugged. "I will speak to Daddy. But this man saved my life. I owe him. I'm sure Daddy won't mind."

The girl bowed. "As you wish, Mistress." Then she withdrew to a room at the far corner, but not before receiving a swat on the ass from the woman.

"She's very pretty, isn't she," my companion said to no one in particular when the girl was out of sight. When she turned to face me with a raised eyebrow, I realised she was talking to me.

"Uh, yeah," I said, startled, not knowing how to reply to that.

My companion gestured in the direction the receptionist had just left, a smile on her face. "Just got her last month. I knew I wanted her from the moment I set my eyes on the pretty little thing sitting alone in the bar." She laughed, a short, harsh laugh. "Crazy in bed. Really surprised me, and now she is all mine."

I shifted uncomfortably. "Uhh..."

She turned to face me once again. "I owe you, Logan, for saving my life. I was surprised, really. Still am. For what I have done, I deserve far worse than death." She paused, pursing her lips, and staring intently at me. "It was fate, no doubt about it. Especially when I learnt of your true desires. We are quite similar in that regard."

True desires... so I was getting laid. But somehow, I wasn't looking forward to it now. I felt fidgety and uncomfortable, and gave a quick glance toward the exit.

The woman caught the shift in my eyes. "Don't be afraid, Logan. I am here to offer you help. If you wish to leave, you are free to do so. But don't you at least want to hear what I have to say first?"

"How do you know my name?"

I was surprised when she finally answered that, but it was not the answer I expected. "I knew as soon as I touched you. I know pretty much everything about you now." Her voice went lower. "Even about Emily."

I stilled at the mention of my younger sister. "What are you talking about?"

She laughed. "No need to play games with me, Logan."

I inched towards the exit. "I am going now." I didn't even know why I told her that; I should have bolted straight away.

I eyed her suspiciously, and when she gave me nothing but a wry smile, I turned, striding towards the door.

"I guess you don't want to fuck Mrs Jones either then."

I stopped dead in my tracks. I heard her whistling innocently behind me. "Smoking hot teacher, isn't she?"

I turned back towards her. She must have been stalking me, or something. It was the only explanation for her knowing so much about me.

Her smile widened, showing perfect white teeth. "Like I said, you can leave anytime you want. No one's going to stop you. But I can give you the power to have any woman you desire. Including the psychology professor you jack off to three times a day." She paused, gazing upwards and chewing a polished fingernail. "Actually only twice a day for the past week. You've been slacking recently."

My growing curiosity kept me glued to the floor, forcing me to not act on the increasing — and logical — urge to run. "How do you know all of this?"

She ignored me, staring deep into my eyes. "I can give you a power that will allow you to own any woman," she repeated. "But you can only choose one. I am giving you a single ring, and you certainly cannot afford another. I am just curious who you would choose. The lecturer you have been lusting for over a year now... or your sister."

I started to say something, but she held up a hand. "You don't need to say anything. Your secret is safe with me." She studied my expression and blew out a breath. "My sweet, innocent child, your dirty little secret isn't as horrific as you think. I've done worse, and I can't count the number of clients I've served who made even me shiver." She gave me a small smile, the first genuine one. "You don't need to be scared of your impulses. Incest is legal in some parts of the world, and lusting for an attractive young woman is perfectly normal, even if she's your sister."

She pointed to where the receptionist had disappeared a few minutes ago. "That was Linda, my newest slave. She was free and living her own life just last month. But I wanted her so I made her my slave. She was unwilling at first of course, but look at her now. Completely mine. I can give you that power."

The word jumped out of my throat before I could hold it back. "How?"

My companion hopped off the desk, then gestured for me to follow her. "Come. I will show you."

With one last glance back at the exit, I sighed, then followed the strange woman.

"My name is Clara, by the way," she said, without looking back. "But sometimes I forget my own name; so used to women calling me Mistress." She giggled at that, but I just frowned, still uneasy around her and unsure of the situation I had gotten myself into.

We walked towards a shelf that was filled with silver rings. They looked plain and cheap, the kind people who couldn't afford expensive diamond wedding rings would get. But as we got closer, I realised they all had strange symbols and words engraved on them.

Clara took one and held it out for me. She dropped it in my open palms and I immediately examined the ring, running my fingers over the engravings. It wasn't the cheap kind like I had initially thought — it felt expensive, heavy, and there was a small ruby in the middle that I hadn't noticed before.

"It's a ring of power," Clara said quietly as if sharing a secret with me. "It has the power to enslave the mind of anyone who wears it."

I looked at the ring, to her, and back to the ring. Was she crazy? A lunatic? She sure sounded like one.

"You may think I am crazy," she said, either having some magical power to read my mind, or lunatics are just always paranoid. I was betting on the latter. "But action speaks louder than words. I want you to take it. Use it on anyone you desire."

Clara held out one hand and I reluctantly gave the ring back.

"Of course it's just a normal ring now. I need to activate it first." She walked away. "Come."

I did, confident now that she was one of those lunatics selling snake oil, — 'magical' trinkets in this case — claiming big words and trying to scam people. Judging by the interior of this place, she was doing well. She probably knows that she is selling bullshit, but there are always plenty of dumb people in the world to scam out of.

We went back to the extensive lobby, and past through multiple hallways. The place was huge, way larger than I had initially thought.

Finally, Clara stopped in front of a door and opened it for me. I went inside.

It was a small room with a table and a single chair. I looked back at Clara and was relieved when she followed me in. For a moment, I had the wild thought that she would lock the door behind me, trapping me here forever.

She pointed at the chair. "Sit."

I did, and she pulled the ring out of her pocket, and in another hand was... a knife.

"God, Logan. It's alright," Clara said softly, when I bolted up from the chair.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I just need a small drop of your blood," Clara said simply. "To activate the ring."

She is crazy. I need to get out.

"Get away," I shouted, as she stepped closer, her beautiful hazel eyes shining with an evil gleam... or at least I imagined they were.

She made a sound of annoyance but stopped. "Look, I am doing you a huge favour here. I just need a drop of your blood to activate the ring. Do you have any idea how much this service would normally cost?"

"Nevermind," she said before I could reply. "But one of these rings costs five million dollars, and they always sold out. We only just restocked, and most of them are already reserved. You are lucky that I am able to snag you one."

Five million? What kind of rich asshole would pay five million for a stupid ring?

"Look." She held out her right hand. It was then I noticed the midnight black ring on her index finger. "I have four slaves, the newest is Jenny, the girl you just saw. This black one is a knowledge ring. Whomever I touch, I can will knowledge out of them. That's how I know so much about you. I know you think I am some crazy woman, but I also know all your deepest, darkest secrets." — she crossed her arms — "I can prove it. Ask me anything about yourself."

I stayed silent. If she had been stalking me for months, maybe years... then she would know everything. Except...

"What's the deepest regret in my life?" I asked her, almost smug. She couldn't possibly know this. No one-

"That you didn't kiss Charlotte when you were in high school," she said almost immediately. "She's a model now, is she not? You could have had a shot with her, a stunning supermodel. Instead, you missed your chance."

I froze. "How-"

"I told you, I know everything."

"That doesn't prove anything," I muttered, still refusing to believe her.

"It doesn't," she agreed. "So use the ring. I know that you won't believe anything I say unless you see it with your own eyes." She showed the pocket knife again. "I still need a drop of your blood."

I hesitated, eyeing the door out of the corner of my eye. If I could outrun her...

"I will give you a handjob after I take your blood," Clara said, eyeing me. "Or I could have Linda do it, your choice. Because I also need a drop of your semen to mix with the blood. Normally I have Daddy's slaves do it, but for you, I will make an exception, because I kind of like you, and knowing what I know about you," — she licked her lips— "you are just my type."


A handjob... Aside from masturbation, I hadn't had any sexual release for almost a year. I was desperate, but was I desperate enough to let crazy handle my dick?

Yes. Yes, I was.

"Okay," I finally said. "You are just going to nick me, right?"

"Yes. Just a small cut."

"Then you are going to give me a handjob?"

"Yes, or Linda will, if you prefer. Now, hold out your hand before I change my mind."

I held out my arm to her. She was quick. Before I could have second thoughts, she cut the skin of my forearm, near the elbow. It was a small, light cut, but droplets of blood were already beginning to form around the wound.

Clara titled my arm sideways, and a few drops of blood began rolling down the side, her hazel eyes focused. She immediately positioned the ring where the droplets would fall directly on the ruby, and quickly withdrew the trinket once a single drop splashed onto the gem, the rest splattering on the ground..

She carefully laid the ring on the table. I was shocked to see that the inscriptions around it were glowing a dim red. Was she telling the truth? No, it couldn't be. Maybe there were lights inside it or something.

"Okay, pull down your pants and underwear."

I did so without hesitation, but my face turned bright red when she giggled at my Spongebob underwear.

"A gift from your sister on your eighteenth birthday, right?" She was still giggling as she pulled down the garment for me, causing my arousal to spring out.

"Yeah," I mumbled, trying not to sound too weirded out that she knew that.

Clara didn't waste time. She tongued the head of my cock with slow, savouring licks and I moaned my approval. Holy fuck, this was happening. It was like a dream. Crazy or not, none of my exes were as hot as her.

"I've changed my mind," she whispered from between my legs. "For being such a good boy, I am going to give you the best blowjob of your life."

I could moan out another approval as her warm, wet tongue ran along the underside of my cock, dragging gently against my sensitive skin. Then her mouth enveloped me in one smooth motion, pushing her tongue down to guide the firm tip onto her mouth, sliding up and down my cock, her cheeks hollowing while her gorgeous hazel eyes held my gaze with a scorchingly hot look.

My groans were filling the room, and I grabbed the back of her head, pulling on her hair when she started bobbing on my dick. Both of her hands were down low, kneading and squeezing my balls, drawing me dangerously close to release.

Sensing that I was close to orgasm, she pulled out and began jerking me off with one hand, the other still working on my balls, racing me to a fever pitch. Her tongue was still goading me on, licking my crown with delicate grace, brushing the very tip of her tongue ever so lightly, then changing rhythm and swirling her soft organ around my cock like one would to an icecream cone.

I came, and she quickly tried to swerve her head sideways, but it was too late. I splurted on her face, and she started coughing. But her hands didn't stop. Both of them were now on my cock, one still jerking me hard at the base, and the other pumping the rest of my cock, forcing more come out of me, and giving me, by far, the best orgasm of my life.

"Holy shit," I said when I was done.

Clara was not paying attention, she scooped globs of semen off her face and shook them above the ring until one drop finally slid off her finger and onto the ruby.

The inscriptions glowed a darker shade of red.

"It is done," she said, turning and handing me the ring.

I was still breathing hard. "So what I do with it?"

"Just put it on anybody," she said simply. "Once you do, they are yours, the ring cannot be taken off. The change will happen either gradually or quickly, depending on the subject."

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