tagMind ControlThe Ring Ch. 06

The Ring Ch. 06


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I swear I am not a sadist.

But there was no denying the irresistible urge to come as Emily cried and groaned, twisting her body and arching her sweat-soaked back, the pain of having her virginity taken proving too much for her.

I cannot orgasm yet — not until I get at least a few dozen strokes in.

Gritting my teeth, I rolled my hips and pushed in deeper, feeling the heavenly bliss as her extremely tight, extremely wet cunt enveloped my cock in ravenous greed. The mere fact of being the first to enter my sister already made this the best moment in my entire life.

Finally, Emily's cries of pain died out and desire took over. I watched as her eyes became focused again, staring intently at me. My dear sister wrapped her legs around my hips and began pushing against me, taking more of my cock into her, both of us moaning loudly as her walls seemed to close in even tighter, milking me for everything I was worth.

I was fully inside her now. An unobtainable fantasy that became a reality.

"Don't come until I tell you to," I told her, breathing in her fresh strawberry scent. She nodded as the ring glowed bright at my command.

I leaned forward and fused my lips to hers again. Emily arched her back again as I rolled my hips backwards, exposing half my slick cock to the night air, then with a sharp exhale, I pushed back in, prompting my sister to sigh happily and giving me the opportunity to slip my tongue into her. I made love to her like I had never made love to any other woman, not even Clara — I was not in love with her.

Was love even the right word? I had been completely obsessed with my sister forever. That must be it — a love that was sick and twisted, but love nonetheless.

And from the way she moaned my name softly, barely a whisper, like saying the word was somehow forbidden, I swore she loved me too. Even if she snapped out of this spell I put her under and didn't feel the same way, well, I now had a ring that could force her to.

We will be together forever. One happy family.

She will be happy as my servant. I would treat her well. After all, she was kind to me throughout the years — it was the least I could do for her.

Emily broke the seal of our mouth this time. But only because she couldn't hold back any longer. I watched as she threw her head back, a cry escaping her lungs, her hips increasing their rhythm, pounding against me with unrestrained abandon. She sounded wild. It was like I had awakened an animalistic part of her that the world never saw.

The sight of it sent me over the edge. I came hard, my entire load erupting into my sister.

"Now!" I screamed, a second too late. I felt her walls tighten up again, milking my spurting cock in welcoming squeezes. For the first time ever, my room was thick with the scent of sweat and sex and filled with the delightful sound of a woman's moan.

I was almost sad to feel my orgasm ebb away, rolling down slowly in long waves. Emily was already done with her's, laying completely still now, her heavy breathing audible, still taking more of me in like the cum slut I was going to transform her into. Finally, I went dry.

We lay in complete silence. I was still balls deep inside her. What was my sister going to do now that she had achieved the goal I implanted in her mind? Would the spell break? Would she still be horny?

I never really got my answer though, because Emily gently pushed me off and rolled onto her side. I was now staring at her sweaty, toned, and oh so curvy back. I shifted forward until my arm was around her and pressed my still hard cock into the seam of her ass, just enough so that a quarter of me was poking in. I had no energy left to take her there.

Tomorrow, then.

Emily didn't complain, and soon after, sleep overtook both of us.


Was it all a dream?

That was my first thought as I woke up alone in my room, just like every other morning.

But no. The smell of my sweet sister's perfume was on the spot beside me, lingering there like dreamy haze. But best of all, I could smell the fresh scent of strawberries on me.

I licked across my lips just to verify and grinned like an idiot when I tasted the dying hint of goodness.

It wasn't a dream. I kissed my sister last night. I fucked my sister last night. But where was she now? It was Sunday, so neither of us had classes. She should be in bed with me, so I could use the ring to fuck her again, and again, and again. Probably only allowing her to crawl out of my room when Monday came.

Was I an evil person for doing this?

It didn't matter. In truth, I really believed every person with a set of balls and raging hormones would do the same, given the chance.

I groggily got out of bed and wandered into the living room to look for my sister. Not there. Into her room. Not there. Everywhere in the house. Nowhere.

I called her phone but it went directly to voicemail. Finally, I just sent a text asking her if she was okay, and where she was.

I had a bunch of texts from Mrs Jones, some of them nude pictures. I smiled. I was sure Emily was okay, probably going for the weekly grocery haul or something. Now I just needed to take a shower, get dressed and go to a certain teacher's house.


It was a familiar sight by now to see my sexy psychology teacher on her knees in front of me, taking my cock into the back of her throat. But I was not used to it — not yet.

The vibrations that were emanating from her throat, the way her tongue expertly glided around my entire length, licking across every single pulsing vein... I came quickly, sending a burst of hot liquid jetting into her mouth, across her tongue and down her throat, which she swallowed enthusiastically.

When I was done, Alex gave my throbbing cock a once-over with her warm tongue — lapping the excess cum that was pooling at my tip and slowly licking along my entire length once more. Out of the two women that have given me head recently, there was no contest as to who was better. I gave myself a mental reminder for her to give blowjob lessons to my sister. She was a teacher, after all.

I was in heaven... I wondered what it would be like once Emily became a master at pleasuring me? My sister, on her knees, servicing my cock with her cute little mouth, all the while looking up at me with those warm brown eyes filled with utter worship. There was no doubt she would be my favourite slave. I was going to keep her very close for the rest of her life.

God, I almost came again just visualising that. And I would do whatever it took to make that a reality very soon.

"You taste so good, Master," my slave said, lifting her chin and smiling brightly at me.

I smiled back. Her husband wasn't home. Maybe I should stay until he returned — it would be so much easier filing the divorce papers if you knew your wife was in love with someone else, rather than doing it for no other reason than 'I just want a divorce'. I imagined it would be less heartbreaking.

I think.

Mrs Jones stayed on her knees in front of me, an expectant expression on her pretty features. Unlike my sister, I didn't need to implant commands in her. Maybe it was because the ring acted favourably towards her or that my sexy teacher was a submissive at the start. All I did was treat her like a slave, and she naturally became one.

I laid back on her couch, my hands in an open, relaxed position at the back of my head. I looked sideways at her, still kneeling on the ground. "Ride me, bitch."

Mrs Jones' grin widened, and she was on top of me before she could even complete her 'Yes, Master'.

With our eyes still locked, her emerald ones full of desire and lust, my slave took my cock in one hand and positioned it just below her dripping sex. She looked at me again for confirmation (as if I would change my mind), and I gave her a quick nod.

Slowly, sensually, Mrs Jones lowered herself, my cock disappearing inside her inch by inch. We both moaned as her tight, need pussy enveloped me instantly, coating me warmer than any comforter ever could and sending shivers of delight racing throughout my entire body.

My gaze raked over her entire body as she rode my cock. Her breasts were larger than Clara or Emily's, and they were bouncing delightfully in front of my face. Very tempting to grab, but my arms went to her hips, steadying her, trying to gain some semblance of control over her speeding rhythm since speech seemed to have left me already.

My slave arched her back and lifted her head, moaning when one of my hands glided up and down her back, feeling up all those lush curves. She was still speeding up, riding my cock like there was no tomorrow, grunting between every thrust.

Everything seemed to get blurry as pleasure overtook me. The next thing I knew, I was squeezing one of her breasts with one hand, the other feeling up her firm ass cheeks. She gasped, her green eyes going wide.

I came, harder this time, but Mrs Jones didn't stop. Instead, she met my gaze as I exploded into her, her lips parting to breath the three words I never thought I would hear from a woman.

"I love you."

That made me orgasm even harder, and soon enough it was all over, with her laying in a breathless heap on top of me, both of us in a sweaty, tangled mess, gasping for breath.

My head was spinning. She loves me? Obviously, she didn't really. The ring had forced her to have feelings for me in the first place. It was all artificial. Did it bother me?

The answer was clear when I felt her lips on mine, her tongue gliding in quickly and slowly sparing with mine, the taste of her filling up my mouth.

Something animalistic snapped inside me. I broke our loving kiss and rolled her over so that I was on top of her.

Still inside her, I slowly withdrew. Mrs Jones gasped, arching her back against me, breasts pressed hard against my chest as I dragged through all those sensitive nerves, then moaned loudly when I thrust back in, hard.

It was going to be a long morning.


Emily didn't open the door for me as I fumbled for my keys, so I just assumed she wasn't home yet. But as I entered our shared apartment, I could hear noises coming from her room.

I was surprised at what I saw when I peeked inside my sister's room. It was as if a hurricane had swept through — clothes were scattered everywhere, furniture was overturned, and Emily was pacing mindlessly around the mess, dressed up sexily, a pink bra in one hand and an empty suitcase in another. She looked confused.


She started, then turned to face me, dropping all her items. Her face was a mess and her eyes were red from crying.

I took a tentative step forward. "What are you doing?"

She parted her lips but no sound came out. I took another step forward and she took a step back. The ring was still on her finger and it was glowing dimly.

Why was she so scared? Had she found out what I was doing to her?

Finally, she spoke, but it was choked up and barely audible. "What did you do to me?"

I played dumb. "What?"

She pointed her trembling ring finger at me. "You— you gave me this ring."

I nodded, taking another slow step forward. "I did."

Tears began rolling down cheeks. "The voices... they all started when I first wore this. And now I can't take it off. I— she told me to fuck you and..." The rest of her words got choked up.

I was so close to her now, and I slowly reached out to grab her arm. "It's okay, Em. It's okay."

She didn't stop me when I pulled her into an embrace. I had never seen my sister break down like this before, and I felt bad. She trembled against my shoulder while repeating a sentence over and over. I had to strain to realise she was begging for mercy.

I stroked the back of her head. Now was not the best time to get a boner, but having a hot girl begging in your arms was not helping. "You will be okay," I said, trying to keep my voice as calm as possible.

"Make it stop," she sobbed.

"Make what stop?"

"The voices. They are saying—" My sister broke down again, going to her knees.

"Em." I squatted down with her, running my knuckles over her cheeks, wiping away tears. "What do the voices say?"

She looked at me, the warmth of her eyes nowhere to be seen. My sister looked completely broken. "To submit to you."


A minute later, I was inside my sister again.

I had tried to calm her again, but midway through, Emily shoved her lips against mine, backing me up to the wall and making fierce love to me, tasting me in wild, heavy strokes of her tongue. Seconds later, we were naked on the ground amongst her various clothing.

I didn't waste any more time. She was already dripping wet so it was an easy process to slide inside her, producing a startled gasp from her and a low moan from me in the process. She churned her hips, goading my cock in deeper.

I was in heaven again. Fuck, she was tight.

Emily was still sobbing. She had a weird look on her face. It was as if wanted this, yet she also didn't want to — like she had no choice but to do this. I had completely broken my sister. Did I feel bad? Yes, a little bit. But all thoughts soon subsided as I rolled my hips and thrust back and forth against her trembling frame. I leaned forward to claim her sweet lips, swallowing her sobs.

Soon pleasure overtook both of us, and my sister stopped crying. She was moaning softly now, and it was clear she was trying to hold back her own release — she was biting my lower lip which turned me on even more and digging her fingernails on my back.

I pulled back to look at her gorgeous face and she arched her back, curving her toned body against mine, her breasts feeling so damn good. Emily closed her eyes, a cry escaping those beautiful lips as I gave a hard thrust forward.

"Don't come until I say you can," I growled. The ring glowed and I knew my command was accepted.

I increased my rhythm, putting my full weight behind every wild thrust now, fucking my sister harder than I ever fucked any other woman. At this point, I didn't care if I was hurting her — I was having the best fuck of my entire life and that was all that mattered.

But Emily was enjoying it, more so than I expected. She met every single thrust with her own, her breathing rampant and her inner muscles clenching and gripping onto me so impossibly tightly. Her eyes were still snapped shut, and she started moaning my name over and over.

I couldn't last a second longer. I tried to make eye contact with her but my sister still had her eyes closed. There was nothing to say anyway except for the single command.

"Come!" I yelled, then leaned forward, wrapping my lips around hers, her exotic taste exploding in my taste buds.

Her cunt tightened, then trembled around my cock as I finished inside her, both of us moaning into each other's mouths. Emily was biting my lips again, so hard this time that I swore she was biting through it. She was moaning something unintelligible, but I was certain it was my name.

I reached over her and grabbed her ass as I shivered and pounded the last remnants of my orgasm into my moaning sister. Unbelievably, she took it all, her cunt rippling frantically. I was sure she milked more from me than Mrs Jones had over our whole morning together. Emily was insane at this, and she wasn't even experienced yet.

I finally broke the kiss, and sure enough, my lower lip was bleeding slightly. "We aren't done yet. On all fours," I ordered, sizing up her curvy, toned ass. I didn't need any lube — her slick juices still coating my cock was more than enough.

Emily smiled at me, then obeyed.

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